Ukraine update

Kyiv, Ukraine, May 23, 2022


Cairns News military correspondent Colonel Yuri Komiyenko of Russian forces said yesterday approximately 1970 Ukrainian military personnel and foreign troops hiding below ground at Azovstal in Mariupol, have surrendered to the Russians. They are being processed for a war tribunal. The Ukrainian government is referring to the surrender as an evacuation.  

Cossack Colonel Yuri Komiyenko displays a Russian PPSh-41 sub-machine gun near the front line in Ukraine

He said of the large number of NATO personnel captured, 54 were high-ranking, that is above officer status, colonels and generals. Another 12 of the captured personnel are high ranking NATO Generals, they are from a variety of NATO countries such as Canada, the United States and numerous other countries including one Israeli General. 

Through an interpreter Colonel Komiyenko said: 

“The Russian Forces were surprised to find a Chinese national within the group, as well as an African who was unable to speak any of the local dialects or English. An interpreter studying foreign languages was located.

“Seems the man spent his life savings to get to the Ukraine to fight as he was under the impression that he could earn USD $1000 per day.” 

The Chechen forces have vowed to stay until the last is caught. Some of the tunnels are heavily mined and it is the opinion of Russian Forces that other military personnel are hidden deeper underground.

“President Putin’s phone has been running hot with offers of large cash payments if he releases some of the captured military personnel, but he no longer answers his phone,” Colonel Komivenko said. 

“We have learned that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky since becoming president is now worth $850M USD, and he recently bought a house in Florida for $37M.” 

As Russia continues to gather evidence of bioweapons labs, the colonel stated that the proof is indisputable and points directly at the US and its partners.

Attempts were made to remove note books and paperwork from the Azovstal bioweapons lab by civilian cars. These activities were filmed and the data retrieved.  

The Russia forces continue their offensive against the fascists within the Ukrainian army and politburo, determined to remove all bio-security labs near its border with Ukraine. 

“Roughly one week ago Russians were able to film the Ukrainian forces making an example of a Ukrainian Captain. It would appear that he had a differing opinion to his command so the Ukrainian military chained him to machines and then used the machines to pull the man apart.” he said.

“In a earlier event the Ukrainians were removing their wounded from tunnels to the surface, then they shot the wounded and dumped their bodies. The Russian Forces were able to video this crime prior to taking down the criminals.” 

He further added that of the consignment of Bushmaster armoured cars sent to Ukraine by the Australian Government, only two survived when a train carrying them to the front line was destroyed by a Russian air strike.  # 

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. The Vovan & Lexus prank with George W. Bush. May 22, 2022

    If you can follow this entire thread on the Vovan & Lexus prank with George W. Bush, George W. Bush got pranked and confirmed everything the Russians are saying about the biolabs, the US-backed color revolution in Georgia through Mikheil Saakashvili and more. Neat.



  2. Hi H, Yes, we couldn’t possibly wish for anything more glorious than for Putin to finally play this card.


  3. After WWII, when the West was scripting it’s holocaust-centric narrative of the war, they decided to locate all of the ‘death camps’ in the Russian zone due to the beneficial contemporary situation, where any examination of these sites was strictly inaccessible.

    This was designed to make their story unassailable to Western historians.

    However; the perpetrators of this narrative were incapable of projecting their minds into the future, hence, failing to take into consideration the possibility for a future change in the situation, ie., the dismantling of the Iron Curtain and the accompanying exposition of the fraud.

    As the Russians captured these camps, the camp documents were shipped to Russian archives, where they currently remain, alongside the associated military reports.

    Russia knows these are major bargaining chips, as the post-WWII West has been reconstructed according to this fabricated narrative.

    The release of these files and documents will utterly destroy the Western propaganda machine, – and Russia knows this. The repercussions will be of World shattering magnitude, due to the magnitude which has been allocated to this untouchable ‘sacred cow.’

    When people realise this lie, – the other lies will fall into place.

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  4. crisscross767

    Ukraine Fires Incendiary(Phosphorus) shells On Civilian Homes says Residents
    89,831 views May 23, 2022 Ukraine Use Incendiary(Possibly Phosphorus) shells On Civilian


  5. Carol Horrigan

    Great news that we don’t get from the lying MSM.Keep up the good work. Putin!!!

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  6. Captured documents out of the Auschwitz archives, (wonder who knows what* and when the first concentration camps were built and by Whom) well indeed from what I know that is a very good card to hold in one hand. And yes it will blow the West’s hypocrisy Apart. *Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil, Do no evil…

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  7. Need numbers, the more the better.

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  8. Damn it, good one… I’m going to be a Mouse whisperer, a Beautiful idea.

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  9. Hi H, Yes, nice to hear Irving mentioned. Have always been a follower of his works. My parents were also, which is pretty rare amongst that generation, although they were rebels…as is the daughter they produced!
    A remarkably talented and brave man, totally witch-hunted and put through the wringer for decades but still going strong.
    Wouldn’t it be great to have a conversation with him?!

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  10. Hi D. Johnston,

    Following the collapse of the Iron Curtain, David Irving was the first Western historian to access and research the ‘publicly accessible’ Russian archives.

    Even at this level, Irving was hunted down, forced to endure an ongoing smear campaign, banned from every archival institute in Germany, criminalised, prosecuted and eventually imprisoned: all for presenting documented historical facts based upon original WWII documents.

    The non-public Russian documents and photographs remain inaccessible for a very good reason.

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  11. This was earlier news from 7 May –
    Apparently, someone in the West really does not want their military leaders to be captured by the Russian army. After all, officers of this level “know too much” and can tell the world completely different information that the West officially distributes through its propaganda channels. In this regard, the order of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to cancel the assault on the cellars of Azovstal acquires additional meaning. In addition to saving the lives of our soldiers, hostages, we have the opportunity to capture top-level foreign officers and show the world the real position of the West in relation to the Ukrainian conflict.
    Link: “Advisor to the head of the DPR: Azovstal may have foreign senior officers (”


  12. Because it mysteriously? vanished?Am re-posting this pic titled “Meaningful Cultural Understanding” of Canadian Cree Ojibwe and Māori Sidney Nahua Jackson…


  13. Hi roland13021954, You’re not alone. This entire thing has been a massive eye-opener, especially in terms of how people have ultimately revealed themselves to us.

    Personally, (maybe as you have), I’ve had to kick many people to the kerb, including those previously perceived as friends.
    I say ‘perceived’, because they obviously weren’t true friends ie…in keeping with who I’d believed they were) and/or kindred spirits in the first place.
    The connection has been irreparably broken.

    It’s emotionally painful to do this. But it is essential in order to preserve your own wellbeing.
    And it’s not ‘loss’ in the true sense of the word.
    Realistically, you haven’t really ‘lost’ anything.
    They simply have their own paths to travel and you wish them well in doing that so you can continue on true to your own path.

    Without going all evangelical here!..I deeply believe that this is only one of the many lessons we are being taught during all this.
    Chiefly, finding our inner strength and truth for acension to a higher consciousness.


  14. I think I am much smarter than both of you. Ed


  15. An update from the Ukraine-once again, from The Saker:
    The best source, no doubt!!!

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  16. *Addendum to previous post/pic*
    Neglected to mention it was titled “Meaningful Cultural Understanding”.


  17. roland13021954

    I can,t believe the gullibility of most Australian,s . people I thought were reasonably intelligent . they refuse to believe anything other than main stream media.

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  18. Meanwhile closer to home, across the ditch…
    How much more can the people possibly suffer and endure?
    My heart breaks for my once beautiful now broken native land.
    Whilst Jumpin Jack Flash is off schmoozing with her cohorts, her tortured and abandoned ‘subjects’ are meanwhile left in a continued, stringent holding pattern.


  19. Putin is certainly no angel but even blind Freddy can see that the U.S & NATO HAVE INSTIGATED THIS WAR AND MOST OTHER WARS AS THEY HAVE DONE FOR THE LAST HUNDRED YEAR,S.All in the name of profit.

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  20. Hi Editor, “campdrafting” very clever. We could therefore possibly employ aapkoning’s mouse to ‘cut out’ the sheeple.


  21. Hi H, An absolutely outstanding comment. Thank you.

    Yes, Putin and his forces have from day one, conducted a profoundly moral and surgically precise operation with expertise and stoic professionalism the West could never dream of acquiring let alone mastering enough to execute.
    Imbecilic arrogance.

    And oh yeah Russia’s “trump card” re: “The captured documents and archives of Auschwitz, etc, where since early 1945, have been sitting safely in the Kremlin records office: – this is an unexploded paper nuclear bomb.”
    Damn straight.
    I can not wait to see them play that. “Let’s go Brandon!”

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  22. Hi Salza how very perceptive. You have it worked out. Ed

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  23. Hi kevmudskipper, LOVE it!!


  24. They Bushmasters might be good for parts, or scrap, maybe.
    One thing is certain though: they WERE good for target practice!!!

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  25. Hi tonyryan43 and aapkoning, re: >Yes mRNA mandate-free state.<

    I wholeheartedly agree as sure many others do.
    How can we as individuals and/or as a collective contribute towards bringing this about? (Other than oiling up our shooty sticks that is).

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  26. From what I can determine, since day one,
    President Putin has been fighting a disciplined moral campaign, that extends down to his front line troops.

    Russia has been extremely quiet about the enemy’s numerous atrocities and subversive acts of aggression, etc.

    Hence, it is my firm belief, that like WWII, Russia’s ultimate end goal involves the implementation of a new version of the Nuremberg war trials, through which to present to the World, in a calm and collected manner, who the conspirators are, and how they are going about their global business [resulting with the routine destruction of one peace loving country after another].

    This will be unprecedented, insofar as being the first time ever, – that the criminal West has actually found itself in the dock and publicly accused of war crimes. Any reading of the Nuremberg Criminal Code, reveals that the World can finally throw the book at these international criminals. They will be prosecuted by the laws of their own making!

    This anticipated show-trial will expose to the World, the true nature of this criminal entity, and their brain-washed populations of liberal supporters.

    This in itself, will create an explosion of cognitive dissonance in the liberal West, whom ironically, perceive themselves as some kind of morally superior race (lol!), where in reality, they display nothing more than advanced unconscious thinking mechanisms and the associated mental illness that goes with this.

    If this comes to pass, this will be the World’s long awaited turning point against the West and it’s moral hypocrisy.

    One can guarantee that the Western legal defence will dig out it’s usual lying Blarney, but if needed, the Kremlin can resort to it’s well guarded trump card: ie., the captured documents and archives of Auschwitz, etc, where since early 1945, have been sitting safely in the Kremlin records office: – this is an unexploded paper nuclear bomb.

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  27. kevmudskipper


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  28. Hi aapkoning, WOW a jumping mouse!
    Let me know if you’d like someone to teach it dressage. Hahahaha.

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  29. Hi aapkoning, re: “Sorry not for you: D Johnston. Should have gone to: Pat Margoc… SORRY…”

    Lol. NO apology needed. Amazingly I did read between the lines, thus stopping me from launching into some more mental gymnastics hahaha.

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  30. For what it is worth, Tony you have Spoken the Truth…100%
    “NOT MUCH TIME LEFT” 1973 – Indeed… >Yes mRNA mandate-free state.<

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  31. Pat Please read – note my comment to D Johnston, sorry for that,
    my mouse jumped to quick. LOL

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  32. Sorry not for you: D Johnston. Should have gone to: Pat Margoc… SORRY…

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  33. Hi lindesymonds, Precisely.
    Re: “I can’t imagine that anyone would believe Soviet Union atrocity propaganda.”

    Yes well, as they say; ‘There’s one born every minute’, or ‘There are none so blind as those who will not see’ etc etc.

    Although incredibly frustrating and immensely infuriating, the ignorance of some is too entrenched to ever be dispelled. No matter how much we try to enlighten them.

    Tis therefore better to concentrate our much needed energy and focus on our own survival in combating and conquering this evil. Without the albatrosses.

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  34. Money in Brown paper bags… Cash speaks very loud… No cards here… LOL…

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  35. I heard that some time ago on the Saker’s blog.
    They get top notch intel, so follow them:
    They put up some great stuff-Putin told them “no deal” on a humanitarian evacuation that was supposed to disguise the fact that French and NATO top brass were in the steel works, ages ago.
    Putin told them they were all going to military tribunals.
    I hope I can hear the firing squad from here.

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  36. Hey Lindesy I interviewed Yuri for the third time and it is interesting indeed to find his dialogue from the first interview and off handed discussions has been published in some of MSM such as the ABC and Reuters. Now are they liars too? Rob

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  37. lindesymonds

    I can’t imagine that anyone would believe Soviet Union atrocity propaganda. The stuff they are describing here is a replay of the Bolshevik [ Yiddish ] atrocities they committed during their war on Spain – the ‘Spanish’ atrocities and their war on the ethnic European Russians (upwards of 60 million which they genocided) – those were supposedly ‘Russian’ atrocities.

    The Ukrainians must be studying the same atrocity manual.

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  38. Hi brucebrod, Don’t worry, you are far more likely to see the “proof” than you ever will to see any “proof” depicting the contrary.
    Here’s an appetiser, filmed shortly after the Ukrainian forces were ferreted out from the Azovstal plant…

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  39. Would like to see those videos as proof.


  40. Hi tonyryan43, Veracious yet again on all counts.

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  41. I don’t want to piss on anyone’s parade, and I enjoy hearing about the Russian successes against the Nazis as much as anyone, but time is running out.

    While we are chatting happily about the progress of WWIII, we have taken our eye off the ball and the game’s final whistle will sound before three months have passed.

    When the US dollar collapses, and the gridlock on container ships is complete, and China requests that Singapore cease shipments of fuel to Australia, it will take one week for fuel to run out and even rolls of paper for printing presses will no longer be available, and then rolling electricity blackouts will commence.

    How then will we be able to organise resistance to the totalitarian globalists? Use multiple-use pigeons for mail, and shitting on Albanese’s head?

    I have heard one good idea in two years and that was the declaration of an mRNA mandate-free state, but not a word since. Did that narrative cease when the bar closed down?

    We should be moving swiftly to establish such a state because as it expands to accommodate the millions of refugees from the south, it will pose a serious threat to Albanese and his commo thugs.

    In fact, it may well grow to dwarf the totalitarian stolen nation and eventually eclipse it. If there is an answer to Australia’s crisis, this is undoubtedly it. And yet I hear nary a peep from anyone.

    I guess this is what Donald Horne was thinking when he wrote his 1964 classic, “The Lucky Country”. By the way, pilgrims, he was being SARCASTIC. He compared the amount of genuine people power around Australia prior to 1960, and derided the decline of democracy. In fact, he noted that only the Building Societies, the RSL, the trade unions, and the major denominations were holding the nation together. I hope he didn’t live to see what happened after 1973.

    Well, it’s about to get 100 times worse and yet, here we are, twiddling our thumbs, engaging in peaceful protest as a prelude to our children dying. Maybe Australia deserves to go under.

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  42. I hope zelensky never gets to spend one restful night…. if ever he gets to spend any time at all in his new Florida mansion.

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  43. Hi Pat Margoc, Trust me, there are not nearly as many moronic supporters of Ukraine as *they* would like to lead us to believe.

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  44. Pertaining to my previous comment…


  45. Yes the evil Ukraine that everyone is crying over ! – absolute criminals and guilty of the worst atrocities. Everyone needs to read this..

    Interesting about the numbers of foreign high ranking fighters… lol Hope they all stand trial – a very public trial.

    Well done Russia and glad that are documenting absolutely everything !

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  46. And if anyone has a shred of doubt about the Russians compassion and purity of heart demonstrated throughout this ‘housekeeping’…they have also been sending in food and veterinary supplies for all the helpless animals – especially those trapped in Ukrainian zoos.
    Won’t find that on the fake news.

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  47. And still the masses of morons worldwide support Ukraine! How is this possible?

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