Japanese PM could have been assassinated by Chinese agent

by Alexandra Bruce

Canadian podcaster, Josh Sigurdson reports on the possibility that the Chinese government murdered Shinzo Abe, who was known to support Taiwan’s independence from the Mainland.

Chinese human rights activist, Jennifer Zeng tweeted on Friday about Chinese social media accounts prior to the attack referring to Abe’s imminent assassination and payment for same, talking about “getting close” multiple times to both the former and current Prime Minister of Japan, about “completing the task” and about receiving “100,000”:

#AbeShinzo died at about 11: 30 local time. At 18: 07 on the previous day, a Chinese language user called “重装小兔19C” said “Have successfully got close to current and former PM of Japan. I’ll complete the task given by the organization [meaning: the party, the #CCP].

Another user called “泼墨” said, “I am counting on you to get another 100,000” at 20:19 on the previous day. Then “重装小兔19C_” said: “I will not let down the organization [the party, the CCP]’s training on me at 20:24 on July 7.

The user “重装小兔19C_” is also on Twitter. He is following @AbeShinzo #ShinzoAbe and all other major @Japan #Japan accounts…

This is very disturbing. I hope the government of #Japan @japan can investigate into these two users. Who are they? What tasks were they given? Were the tasks related to @AbeShinzo #ShinzoAbe‘s murder? @CIA

Over the weekend, nightclubs all over China celebrated Abe’s death, as seen in videos also posted to social media.

Zeng shared a post from the Henan Communist Youth League referring to the weapon used in the attack, “It works very well” and a video posted by the Hunan armed police on the day of the assassination showcasing the power of the type of shotgun used to kill Abe. 

Zeng was careful to add, “This does NOT prove that the #CCP was involved. This only shows that the CCP is happy about #AbeAssassination and is encouraging the celebration of it.”

Sigurdson breaks down this news, as more information comes out on DHS agents working for the Chinese government, saying, “There’s a world takeover by the Chinese government – and it’s not like the Chinese government’s going out of their way to do this – it’s part of the Great Reset agenda, it’s part of what the United Nations has been pushing, it’s part of what the IMF has been pushing, it’s part of what the WHO, the WEF have all been on.

“The US Government overthrew and attacked Japan in World War II, in defending China, as it was about to be defeated by Japan. Henry Kissinger met with Mao Zedong in the early 1970s to create an artificial alliance with China and create an import-export hub for China during another starvation and made them basically a monopoly for shipping worldwide, which is interesting, because now there’s a supply chain crisis that was a planned collapse.

“Then, on top of that, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was the Defense Secretary under Carter created a thing called the Trilateral Commission in the late 1970s…[to create] a worldwide technocratic superstate based on a Chinese model and to prop-up China as that model for technocracy and a cashless society.

“And now, we see they have social credit, now we see Rome and Bologna also are bringing in social credit. We see the Smart Cities everywhere based on the Chinese social credit model; carbon credit systems, where people can’t drive from point A to point B without a QR code tied to how much they’ve been driving, much like has been done in some places in China.

“And on top of that, the United Nations has been completely taken over by China. BRICS nations, that includes China, Russia, Brazil, etc. are shifting into, with support from the Saudis, are shifting into a new world currency system…

“The US is purposefully trying to collapse. They’re purposefully trying to destroy their own economy, destroy their own supply chain, create desperation, war, poverty, etc., so that the country collapses into the new New World Order, which is a global technocratic state, like the Trilateral Commission wanted, which is why we see Trudeau putting Chinese troops on bases in Canada and saying during his election, ‘I respect China’s basic dictatorship’; why we see Joe Biden and Hunter Biden working with the Chinese. It’s why we see the Chinese buying up land by Air Force bases in North Dakota, alongside Bill Gates and Amazon for the food crisis to come.

“They’re, by consent of the US Empire replacing the US Empire.

“They’re entrenched in the Government. Like I just said, you have DHS agents, you have FBI agents, you have Secret Service agents, you have congressmen, like Swalwell, who are working with Chinese agents from within to overthrow the Government.

“As much as I hate the US Empire, this is all a controlled collapse, so it’s not like you’re winning one way or another. Both ways, you’re gonna get the Great Reset.”

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hi crisscross767, Thanks so much for sharing this excellent discussive video. Hope it is widely viewed. So explicitly illustrates and exposes the continual duplicitous and contradictory MO of the US.


  2. The real reason Pelosi visits Taiwan & US’s strategic ambition|w/ Zhong Xiangyu & Brian Berletic

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  3. Brian Johnston

    D Johnston, interesting analysis. Regan was shot from the 2nd floor. Oswald was not the shooter. Sirhan Sirhan not the shooter. You could be right.


  4. ED, this has nothing to do with the Abe assassination and only concerns SL (and the rest of the Commonwealth world) and its starving “crisis actor citizens”. A recap in case of any interest, so feel free to do what it is you are doing.

    “The COP26 – the UN Climate Change Conference – is a critical moment in the fight against climate change and the conference will be attended by around 25,000 people representing a wide range of fields, including Heads of State, government representatives, scholars and businessmen from 197 countries. It is reported that this is the largest conference ever held in the United Kingdom.

    Foreign Minister Prof G L Peiris, Minister of Environment Mahinda Amaraweera, State Minister of Solar, Wind and Hydro Power Generation Projects Development Duminda Dissanayake, Principal Advisor to the President Mr. Lalith Weeratunga, Foreign Secretary Admiral (Prof.) Jayanath Colombage and Secretary to the Ministry of Environment Dr Anil Jasinghe accompanied the President.”


    “It was an honour to meet with the President of Sri Lanka, @GotabayaR.
    During our meeting, we discussed #SriLanka’s response to COVID-19, health care, green and blue economies and where the @commonwealthsec can provide assistance. #CommonwealthForClimate | #Commonwealth | #COP26 – Patricia Scotland QC October 31, 2021”
    Another “green” version/part of the Sri Lankan collapse and the “honorable green torch-bearer for developing nations” – SL President Gotabaya Rajapaksa – by Mark Almond for Daily (F/M)ail (link below):

    “The anarchic scenes in Sri Lanka are enough to make the blood of any world leader run cold.

    President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s residence overrun by furious protesters. Crowds cavorting on his four-poster bed and in his swimming pool and gym. Sections of the Prime Minister’s home in flames.
    This burning building not only serves as a symbolic funeral pyre for Rajapaksa’s government. It is a smouldering lesson for all governments in pursuing an economically illiterate green agenda at the expense of common sense.

    Make no mistake: The roots of this chaos can be traced to Rajapaksa’s wrong-headed thinking on farming. In his 2019 manifesto, he pledged to transform Sri Lanka into an ‘organic’ nation within a decade – reducing and eventually banning chemical fertilisers, herbicides and insecticides.
    It’s a pledge that would probably win votes here, too. Who wouldn’t, in principle, want a greener future, free of nasty chemicals? But the trade-off, as Sri Lanka learnt the hard way, is food production tumbling over a cliff. For them, going green meant going hungry.
    In 2020, Covid struck, hollowing out Sri Lanka’s finances and causing its vital tourism industry to grind to a halt.

    Any rational government would have abandoned the pledge to hobble agriculture with eco-strictures. But Rajapaksa doubled down, announcing in April last year a total and immediate ban on fertiliser, to the outrage of Sri Lanka’s two million farmers. He was lauded by the world’s pampered eco-dignitaries at Glasgow’s Cop26 conference that November, feted as a green torch-bearer for developing nations, receiving warm praise and Covid-friendly elbow bumps in every corridor.

    But what was spun as Rajapaksa’s green revolution was, in fact, cynical cost-cutting. With fewer tourists, Sri Lanka’s foreign cash reserves dried up. The government wasn’t prepared to use what little it had importing fertiliser. So it must have looked to Rajapaksa as a win-win: eco-credentials burnished and the treasury saving money.

    There was only one problem: farmers couldn’t produce the yields they needed.
    Sri Lanka feeds itself with rice. In the six months following the fertiliser ban, domestic production collapsed by 20 per cent, while prices rose 50 per cent. The tea crop was also devastated: the country’s most important export, and from which the lost revenue outweighed any savings made by not importing fertilisers.”


    Anyone anywhere not seeing any patterns? Wilderness between ears but pockets full of cash equals political correctness taking down the world by storm.


  5. Dandy, buy yourself a ticket, fly to colombo, go for a walk through the tin sheds where the lower class “resides”, check out the “first class of political superiors”, take a round trip through the countryside, visit the Tamil North, the Chinese part of the South West coast and you will find that not much food or fuel can be bought ANYWHERE. So try walking or a bicycle. Though one will find that the “Chinese enclave’ in Hambantota might be a little better stocked with rations. People are desperate. Hospitals have rationed power, there is no medicine. There is just plain chaos and people are starving anywhere and it seems there is no way out this time, all is at a stand still and you mighty Dandy, sits in front of a computer screen knowing that “a specific targeted area in Colombo” was staged by manipulated crisis actors.

    “It underscores deep concerns, particularly in rival India, that China is trying to gain control of the region. In particular, it’s feared that China plans for the port are to use it as a military base. In a bid to fend off these concerns, Sri Lanka last week announced it is moving its southern naval headquarters to the Hambantota port. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said he had made it clear in talks with Chinese leaders that the port will not be allowed to be used by them militarily, and that the facility will remain under the control of the Sri Lankan Navy.”

    Dandy, in your desperate search for crisis actors, here they are as suggested by “Australia’s only brain” the Lowy Institute in 2018.
    A (new) world order always arranges that useful idiots become useless idiots that are expandable. There are at least a dozen new “useful” ones waiting for their opportunity to step up (temporarily). It applies to Japan, Sri Lanka or any other country that will be “buffed” by the ones who own us.


  6. It would also appear, that a U.S. presidential assassination attempt is building up.



  7. To Jo, none of this Country’s Freedom marches have been ‘organic’ either.
    They were pre planned.
    The majority of people do little without a leader to lead them.

    On that particular day in Sri Lanka it was a specific targeted area in Colombo.
    No where else in Sri Lanka was this happening, no matter how hungry they were.


  8. Point taken… But it doesn’t sit right that’s all. I don’t think the Chinese are that stupid, but I think a certain other nation is. He wasn’t even running in the election was he?


  9. Like many to follow: Shinzo Abe — W E F lover, just planned Collateral damage…


  10. Thank you me as well…


  11. Yes Tony Ryan, happened to me as well… And I know 100% not by Cairns News…


  12. He was a hard-core W E F and W H O disciple…


  13. At the risk of screaming into the void inhabited by ideological critical race theorists with ironically little or no critical thought capacity…
    A) China perpetrated assassination? = “Hogwash” (to quote ‘Jen’ who absolutely gets it).
    B) US perpetrated? = YES. Dust for MIC/MK-Ultra/CIA fingerprints.
    C) Yamagami (alleged assassin) = PATSY (as per usual).
    D) NOBODY was hit by the first ‘miss’ alleged to have been fired at point blank range. NO powder residue.
    E) A Memo/warning to none other than PDJT – a staunch ally and close personal friend? = COMPLETELY.

    A Japanese physician points out. (Machine translation)…
    (Beginning of quote): “Uncomfortable gunshot wound position.
    According to the hospital’s description, There were two small gunshot wounds about 5 cm apart on the front right side of the neck.
    However, on social networking sites, you can see a video of the shooting, and former Prime Minister Abe turns to the left and looks back when the first shot is heard from behind him.
    Then he receives the second shot and falls down.
    So, given the location of the shots and the movement of ex-Prime Minister Abe, it would be strange to see a gunshot wound in the right front part of his neck.
    Also, the hospital explained.
    The bullet entered the body through the neck and damaged the large blood vessels in the heart and chest. There was a large hole in the wall of the heart.” He said.
    It seems that the ball entered from the right side of the neck, reached the heart, and damaged the heart, which is also strange.
    It is true that a bullet that enters the body can change its trajectory when it hits a bone or other object. However, since former Prime Minister Abe was giving a speech on a platform, he was hit from below.
    Would a bullet struck from below hit the right neck and change its trajectory toward the heart?
    When the trajectory of the bullet is calculated backwards from the destroyed heart, the best sniper position is on the roof of a large commercial building in front of you.” (End of quote)

    Can’t get more illuminatory than that.

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  14. Abe’s grandfather shown as ‘war criminal’

    China on Thursday threw open to journalists for the first time a museum in this north-eastern city — where the Japanese occupation of China first began in 1931 — that showcases the atrocities committed by invading forces and also describes the grandfather of current Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe – at the time a Japanese leader – as “a Class-A war criminal.”



  15. Shinzo Abe: A Controversial Visionary
    Abe’s reform programme widened the gap between the rich and the poor and fuelled social discontent while Abe’s abandonment of Japan’s ‘pacifism’ did not enjoy a national consensus.
    M.K. Bhadrakumar
    10 Jul 2022

    When politicians die, especially an untimely death in tragic circumstances, obituaries tend to go overboard. A sense of perspectives is lost when obituaries become eulogies. But you can’t falsify history. And in the final analysis, it is the forces of history that write the course of politics rather than individuals, and the fact is Japan has a gory past, a blood-soaked and brutal imperial past.

    Almost all of Japan’s neighbours paid a high price for its hegemonist ambitions and thirst for territorial conquests. Shinzo Abe’s grandfather who founded Japan’s ruling party was himself a war criminal.

    Japan perpetrated unspeakable crimes on conquered peoples even by the standards of colonialism, especially the Korean and Chinese peoples. Therefore, when Abe’s legacy gets evaluated dispassionately some day, as it surely will, what may well stand out as his single most outstanding contribution is that he summarily turned around ‘pacifist’ Japan and dragged it back unwillingly to its ‘militaristic’ past. There is no question about it.

    But how this will pan out in Asian politics and Japan’s political economy in a medium and long term leaves troubling question marks.The point is, Abe did not even ascertain his countrymen’s wishes to change the country’s constitution but was uneasy that the nation might not endorse his agenda.

    What moved the young assassin to commit such an abominable crime we do not know, but his abject surrender owning the crime suggests that he was a man of strong convictions and the murder was far from an impulsive act. What it reminds us is that Abe was a controversial figure within Japan.

    Abe’s reform programme widened the gap between the rich and the poor and fuelled social discontent while Abe’s abandonment of Japan’s ‘pacifism’ did not enjoy a national consensus. Abe’s populism obfuscated his real agenda, and his use of baser instincts such as racial and ethnic prejudices and his manipulation of the media and suppression of free press damaged Japan’s democratic foundations.

    Therefore, a big question mark needs to be put on his ‘vision,’ as his admirers tend to put it. Frankly, Abe has become a polariser in the world opinion — simply put, one-dimensional Sinophobes warm up to him like nobody’s business and in the process overlook his flawed legacy in an outpouring of emotions.

    The Quad’s troika itself used a catching expression in its curious obituary for Abe. It praised Abe as a “transformative leader for Japan” and discreetly left it at that. The Quad’s troika is right in estimating that Abe “played a formative role in the founding of the Quad partnership and worked tirelessly to advance a shared vision for a free and open Indo-Pacific.” He was indeed an ardent votary of the containment strategy against China.

    But Abe was also a master of doublespeak and once made significant contributions to improving Japan’s ties with China and even publicly expressed willingness to cooperate with the Belt and Road Initiative! Quad was almost entirely built on the strength of the relationship Abe worked out with Prime Minister Modi, with whom he shared a deep distrust of China.

    However, Japan’s Indo-Pacific policy has since morphed into robust support for accelerating the pace of NATO’s entry into Asia. That said, the fact remains that throughout its history, Japan always tenaciously sought to maintain its autonomy in the international system. How this contradiction gets resolved remains to be seen. Clearly, Japan finds it difficult to get accustomed to its status behind China in Asia’s power dynamic and needs NATO support to level with China.

    Abe, without doubt, was a close friend of India. His regards for India harks back to the Manmohan Singh government. Yet, how far India subscribes to this new dimension to Japan’s Indo-Pacific strategy in the direction of pioneering an “Asian NATO” is unclear. Traditionally, India never had a bloc mentality. Besides, Quad or Indo-Pacific strategy is not to be equated with India’s Act East policy, either.

    Abe’s place as the longest serving Japanese prime minister (9 years) is largely due to his charisma, the force of his personality, and his formidable political talent. But his legacy for Japan’s future in terms of his ambitious domestic reform agenda — “Abenomics” or the surge in state spending and super-easy monetary policy aimed at kickstarting Japan’s stagnant economy — is rather patchy. Japan’s debt increased dramatically and Abe’s reforms indeed weakened the yen.

    The reforms’ promise to reshape an economy hobbled by low productivity, a rapidly ageing population and a rigid labour market, proved elusive. On top of it, COVID-19 wiped out the short-term benefits brought by Abenomics, such as an inbound tourism boom, reflated growth and rising job availability. Looking ahead, Abe’s death could stimulate the extreme Japanese right wing to promote populist, xenophobic and even extreme political goals.

    Japan’s two giant neighbours China and Russia are increasingly coordinating their security presence in the Far East. These two big powers will counter Japan’s partnership with the NATO, no matter what it takes, and that may become the salience of the geopolitics of Asia-Pacific in the period ahead. Moscow has openly accused Japan of revanchist tendencies vis-a-vis Kuril Islands, which pose threat to regional security and stability.

    If the US and NATO’s prestige suffers a lethal blow in Ukraine, which seems likely, Japan’s political and policy goals would lose traction. But Prime Minister Kishida is firing all cylinders to inject swagger into Japan’s ties with major European powers — especially, with Germany, with which it once had an alliance known as the Anti-Commintern Pact (1936) built on the common concerns of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan over the steady rise of Soviet power under Josef Stalin.

    Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Kishida recently visited each other’s capitals in quick succession to renew the historical bonding in the current circumstances. To be sure, Abe’s departure comes at a time when Japan may find itself at the crossroads of Asian politics and world order.



  16. Ed, is it possible that WP is censoring us? I have to go though many steps each time now just to comment.


  17. Sorry to disappoint you Jen but the author is a highly regarded author and journalist who happens to be our US correspondent.
    She has been deplatformed so many times by the CIA she has had to go to great lengths to keep going. That is a great recommendation she is hitting home. Ed


  18. Dandy, the point you miss here is: There is no food to buy because there is no money. There is no fuel or gas to the average citizens. Families are starving and numerology will not feed anyone, even though you might have a point here in the “big picture”.

    “Manipulation” to riot is done by starvation and fat, rich local politicians (dual citizens or not) that are bribed to the core. The angry people in Colombo’s streets were real and even formerly opposed members of the citizenry stood together as one against the henchmen of Authority. It’s just plain and simply ENOUGH is ENOUGH. No crisis actors. Real hungry human beings trying to survive a life that has become hell. Australia will soon follow. You might like to “work” out a date when same “organic” procedure of RESISTANCE will happen here in the land of OZ. Not that would make any difference at all!


  19. One word about this article and Chinese assassinator… Hogwash!


  20. If the article was credible the dates would be accurate.

    A pivotal moment in globalisation was the creation of the Trilateral Commission, the largest ever by far agency for national espionage through media, military, medicine, trade, and intelligence services, which was created by Zbigniew Brzezinski 1970 to 1973, for David Rockefeller.

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  21. Yes my reply’s have been scrapped..


  22. I didn’t make a copy, Ed. Never mind. This will only get worse. I simply add to my list of censors with whom to advance prosecution once we win our lives back.

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  23. Send it again Tony. Ed


  24. the 2 main things these assholes hav n,t considered is the basic human need to have stuff. If nobody wanted stuff . the world economy would collapse any way. then the maggot elites will lose their income stream . the dumb ass grubs are too stupid to realize they are destroying their own bread and caviar


  25. PS: This is why I always write larger posts in my phone’s notebook, and then ‘copy‘ into the comment. [saves rewriting stuff, or losing ideas – if scrapped].

    If WordPress scraps the original, I can then delete bits, until it’s accepted.

    Self censoring really.

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  26. Join the club Tony: I get this regularly: especially with larger posts consisting of links of necessary supporting evidence.

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  27. Well, WordPress just scrapped my reply, by challenging who I am. It had to happen sooner or later. No bad language or argumentum ad hominoms. Just content that WordPress does not want out there.


  28. To Jo, the point you miss is that it’s all about the timing.
    In the same way every Country has their Freedom Rally ‘Leader’ and their Freedom Rally date.

    Gematria coders have argued that the event was real, it did happen, but it was not organic.
    People who participated were manipulated to riot…. on that specific date.
    Crisis Actors took charge.
    The people who were riled up, then followed.
    As they rightfully wanted to.

    From a Gematria point of view it highlights further that most dates are not random.
    The planning is mostly not random.
    All roads lead back to the same goal.

    For example, the Sri Lankan riot happened exactly 33 weeks and 3 days, as in Freemasonic 33 after his anniversary as the President.
    It also happened in Colombo, Sri Lanka = 33, and so on.

    If you choose not to take note of Gematria decoding (the modern day Luciferian morse code) then that of course, is your prerogative.
    Personally, I think it’s very useful to see the part it may play.


  29. Australians whilst the Corporate Governments distracted you with Russia the Australian Government reveal that 9 IN 10 COVID DEATHS WERE VACCINATED

    The Medical Profession is being bought by the Pharmaceutical Industry, not only in terms of the practice of medicine, but also in terms of teaching and research.
    The Academic Institutions of this country are allowing themselves to be the paid agents of the Pharmaceutical Industry. I think it’s disgraceful.
    Arnold Seymour Relman (1923-2014) Harvard Professor of Medicine and Former Editor in Chief of the NEJM

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  30. “I hope PM Abe was a good guy in this life. He served Japan for a long time”. No, Dandy Abe did not ‘serve’ Japan a long time. He was installed to serve Japan’s occupiers and puppet masters for a long time.

    In regards to Sri Lanka: battered, condemned and by politics starved citizens banding together in order to express their collective anger, collective frustration and collective despair while asking their rulers to go home. It is not an alien concept to history or to failed nations. ‘Crisis actors’ did not burn down the PM’s home! Starving citizens and the lack of everything did while the fat Sri Lankan political elite were having their usual parliamentary ground hog days – on full pay while the Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim world in Sri Lanka evaporated. The Sri Lankan middle class are becoming “the lowest caste” again while their home nation will be exploited and drained of assets to the max by foreign interests.

    “SL revolutionary Pool party” in international news must be the most idiotic headline of all times, but doesn’t the entertainment hungry, numbed Hi IQ West loves their news to spend their day?

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  31. Or the comments of podcaster Josh could all be diversionary.
    I’m just waiting to see if the gematria decoders have anything to say about this.
    Like the ‘crisis actors’ who burnt down the Sri Lankan President’s home.
    It’s not hard to find people who need a buck.

    Out of chaos comes order.
    (((Their))) order.
    They hope.

    You would have to be blind Freddy to believe that worldwide events are anything but a set up.
    Every crisis helps propel the purpose of creating a new Law.
    We are starting to realise that this has been happening for eons.

    To Jo I would agree that this incident will, predictably, draw a long bow in this Country.
    Like every other ‘crisis’ has.

    Nevertheless many know little of who PM Shinzo Abe actually was or who he ‘served’.
    I’m trying not to assume a patsy was involved.

    I hope PM Abe was a good guy in this life. He served Japan for a long time.

    Our biggest focus right now should be to not fall prey to ongoing deceptions, to turn off predictive programming, turn down the fear button, and refuse to go from crisis to crisis.

    I am still hoping ‘they’ will eat themselves alive in the last chapter.
    Anything’s possible.
    The world is a stage after all.


  32. More professional observers are hinting at his former puppet-master, – the WEF.


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  33. I heard rumour that Shinzo Abe choked on a stale Weetbix


  34. Have never heard of Josh Sigurdson but just looking at the crazy idea from a Canadian who dreams up a story for “clicks” there is just one question: What meaning would have this fairy tale have other than showing the world that another idiot is attention grabbing? Abe was not the celebrated PM as it is referred to in the Western sewer called media. Abe was a perfect politician for (and of) the ZOG coalition of East and West that has taken the world for a bumpy ride. Nationalism seems the only way out – for ALL nations that have a little moral and loyalty for sovereignty left in their citizens and that includes CHINA! The seed that Marco Polo planted for his tribe of coin has grown into a huge RED tree that is “more Chinese” today than China itself.

    Interesting are comments from “our political leaders” that float around in the Aussie sewer.

    “I hate to say this, but it is a matter of time until we experience such an assassination attempt in Australia,” Ms Andrews a senior Liberal politician told the Today Show as she raised concerns about the security of Australia’s politicians.

    Must be time to lock up all the disobedient and rebellious subjects in Australia (and Japan) that do not trust political leadership before it will be to late.

    Public servants need more respect from those who mean nothing to them. “Re education and concentration camps” are needed for a worldwide democracy.

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  35. Dear Editor,
    Don’t forget that the Communist Party of China operate under a business agreement with the Vatican, brokered years ago by Opus Dei and some senior Jesuits, with President Deng Xiaoping.
    The head of the snake is in Rome. The world will know no peace until God brings Judgement on the Papal anti Christ as he says He will in Revelation 18.
    Come Lord Jesus come soon.

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  36. Shocking confirmation of what is happening world-wide, including Australia, against the will of the people! This supernatural attack will only be defeated by a greater supernatural intervention, as stated in God’s word, time is short, get your life in order!


  1. Pingback: Japanese PM could have been assassinated by Chinese agent – altnews.org

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