Honest government election 2022

The Australian Government has made a final ad before the 2022 federal election and it’s surprisingly honest and informative. Occasional explicit language

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. crisscross767


  2. I like this letter to the AEC Commissioners calling out the fraud of this Federal Election – it is important that they know that the Australian people are aware of their actions.

    I will be sending this letter to other electoral divisions around Australia, and encourage others
    to do the same


  3. Thanks daviddd2


  4. fair idea..


  5. The only thing I would provide for Scott Morrison or any of the major party politicians is a substantial donation towards their prosecution for selling us out and for un-Australian acts. 🙂


  6. yep – when I saw it I wondered – I think you are correct..


  7. Alison: “No excuse for Liberal/National PM Scott Morrison”

    I wasn’t providing him with one. Quite the opposite. BTW, you might note there is no Federal law which is inconsistent with or prohibits the states from imposing mandates. The Constitutional provision regarding no civil conscription only relates to the Commonwealth govt and only in certain circumstances.

    Morrison simply avoided and shifted Commonwealth responsibility to the states to avoid and bypass the Constitutional restriction. Dealt us a hand from the bottom of the deck, essentially. That was the point I was making.


  8. Seb:

    “Head of Australian Medical Association’s SA branch, Dr. Michelle Atchison, ‘shattered’ following the “sudden” death of her daughter, 26…

    “She never woke up. It was so utterly ‘unexpected’…I really don’t know what to do”…

    I would consult some experts such as Drs Malone, McCullogh, Yeadon, Bhakdi, Zelenski, Hoffman, et al for a few hints as to what to look for in an autopsy. Then determine the most probable cause of death based on independent autopsy results.

    And then I would call a press conference and let the world know in case anyone else is in the same predicament and there is anything to be concerned about. Or otherwise, if there is nothing to be concerned about.

    BTW, don’t waste your time doing searches on the case as many hits seem to have been scrubbed.


  9. No excuse for Liberal/National PM Scott Morrison

    The PM’s National Cabinet’s members include himself and the premiers.

    No excuse for Morrison because under the Australian Commonwealth Constitution “When a law of a State is inconsistent with a law of the Commonwealth, the latter shall prevail, and the former shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be invalid.”

    These Parliaments – Federal and State – are all treasonous.

    The PM’s National Cabinet is bringing in the experts, special groups, local councils, through the NFRC three Taskforces and its National Federation Reform Council.
    See how the Major Parties plan to bring Australia under the globalist political framework by looking at the AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL RELATIONS ARCHITECTURE at this link: Australian Federal Relations Architecture (pmc.gov.au)

    The big party players in Australia want national, regional and local governance and this is the way for international governance. We should look at their plans, decide on who respects the way of constitutional democracy, and vote out the treasonous parties.



    DATE: 7 April 2022

    TO: Australian Electoral Commission, Commissioners, and all Staff

    RE: Fraudulent Elections

    RE: “Acts Amendment and Repeal Courts and Legal Practice Act”
    Enacted 1 January 2004 Removed the Crown

    RE: “The Commonwealth”
    The abovementioned Act did include “The Commonwealth”

    RE: Your statutory duty was to call and conduct a referendum in relation to this Act.
    This was a mandatory duty.
    You omitted this referendum.

    Commonwealth Referendums
    Since 1 January 2004, you have conducted Commonwealth elections
    during 2004, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, now 2022

    Void in Law
    All six Federal elections are void in law and as such voidable
    The coming election is fraudulent with the Crown removed.

    These notices are being sent to Electoral Divisions: Aston Ballarat Bendigo Bruce Calwell Casey Chisolm Cooper Corangamite Corio Deakin Dunkley Flinders Fraser Gellibrand Gippsland Goldstein Gorton Hawke Higgins Holt Hotham Indi Isaacs Jagajaga Kooyong Lalor Latrobe Macnamara Mallee Maribyrnong McEwan Melbourne Menzies Monash Nicholls Scullin Wannon Wills


  11. Head of Australian Medical Association’s SA branch, Dr. Michelle Atchison, ‘shattered’ following the “sudden” death of her daughter, 26…

    “She never woke up. It was so utterly ‘unexpected’…I really don’t know what to do”…

    – adelaidenow

    And so it begins.
    Cognitive dissonance.
    Anything else would be too painful to consider.

    Short term: 0-30 days
    Blood clots, thrombosis, myocarditis, strokes, heart attacks, spontaneous abortions, pulmonary embolism, anaphylactic shock.

    Medium term: 1-12 months.
    Vaccine induced immunodeficiency, antibody dependant enhancement (ADE), autoimmune reaction, prion-like neurological destruction, heart failure.

    Long term: 1-10 years.
    Spike protein induced chromosomal damage, cancers, severe immunodeficiency, fatal autoimmune disorders, suppressed DNA repair mechanism NHE3, Infertility/Reproductive disorders.

    Brought to you by the present sitting Australian Government at the behest of an International self imposed WHO-UN Global Corporate alliance to which they have signed the Australian people up.

    Now who do we vote for again?

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  12. Everything we are seeing are “planned milestones towards the Great Reset”

    Reference: Peter Koenig (former senior Economist World Bank)
    www. global research.ca

    Just because the scum has risen to the surface doesn’t mean we know exactly what to do about it.

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  13. Does anybody honestly believe that Australia will not be joining in the Global Agenda by not choosing (in advance) who will take on the next stage of the Great Reset?

    Come on.
    Try as you may, hope as you may…there’s no way.
    Australia is all in.

    All the chatter will therefore make no difference.
    If Australians don’t deal with their own, and soon, we’re going down.

    Since when do you negotiate with vagabonds and thieves?

    Reference: (via search engine swisscows.com)
    www. globalresearch.ca
    “advancing the agenda”

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  14. Oh pity… Well he is still covering up for the 28, which still makes him guilty !!


  15. I looked into that and the person who is on the paperwork is not our “Scotty”. This does not mean I don’t believe he has committed evil acts – he would not be there unless he had.

    70 Wn. App. 593, 855 P.2d 696, STATE v. MORRISON
    July 1993
    [No. 30425-9-I. Division One. July 19, 1993.]
    THE STATE OF WASHINGTON, Respondent, v. SCOTT H. MORRISON, Appellant.


  16. We do not have a De Jure “Government” – we have a corporate Administration offering services by contract.


  17. No worries, diane, voting even for a dog turd is a more useful proposition than voting for the LNP-Labour/Greens duopoly. It’s still a hazard but at least it ain’t flying.

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  18. Just received from a friend….

    Scott Morrison and child trafficking..


  19. Well, whether intentionally or not, Juice Media operates as controlled opposition. They deftly satirise the obvious corruption, graft and hypocrisy of our criminal politicians, but then hide or support the bigger criminality by reinforcing the globalist lies about the scamdemic, the vaccines, the ‘climate crisis’ etc. and by failing to ever address some of the most serious assaults on our sovereignty such as the digital id, security legislation, geo engineering, etc, etc, etc.

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  20. We do not have “an honest government” in Australia


  21. Meant to say daviddd2 and tonyryan43 we might need your very valuable input in this bloody mess to calm things down and there is also some nasty ones there which is not helping the Freedom Cause at all !
    I referring to >
    Oh My God ! Now look what is happening – Just what we don’t need MORE TURMOIL >


  22. Oh My God ! Now look what is happening – Just what we don’t need MORE TURMOIL >


  23. Always good, apart from the fact that they believe in ‘the juice’. 🥕

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  24. Thanks Cairns news for sharing your articles and giving people a voice

    We may not always agree but at least we are on the same page

    I thought I would post this for the Woo Woo people


  25. A few little snippets from my many hundreds of Pages of Notes >

    Work Health and Safety Risk Assessment Dec 2021 by Gideon J. Jacobs Covid Vaccines 22 pages
    Based on the evidence presented in this assessment, we, as an employer, can not require employees to be vaccinated for Covid-19 and no form of discrimination between “vaccinated” and “unvaccinated” people can be justified. Non-vaccinated employees pose no greater risk to other employees, irrespective of vaccine status, or customers and patrons, than vaccinated employees. This brings The Government’s directions and validity thereof into question.

    Information Paper Regarding Non-Consent to Mandatory or Coerced COVID-19 Injections (Including Discussions on the COVID19/SARS-CoV-2 Situation and Vaccines in General)

    Click to access non-consent-paper-rev-03-1.pdf

    Assault – Criminal Code – “applies force” includes the case of applying heat, light, electrical force, gas, odour, or any other substance or thing whatever if applied in such a degree as to cause injury or personal discomfort.
    Global governments corruption massive Big Pharma Corruption

    BMJ Editors Call Out Facebook Fact Checking as “Inaccurate, Incompetent & Irresponsible”

    UK Medical Freedom Alliance
    Open Letter to MPs re C0 VID-19 Vaccine Mandates for Employees

    ​The entire system is totally corrupted with systemic and extensive conflicts of interest.​
    ​If the people representing State and Federal Governments have/want ties, associations, ​partnerships, memberships, sponsorships, revolving doors with any Corporations, Companies, Groups, Government / NG Departments or anyone or any thing whatsoever THEY CANNOT AND MUST NOT PULL THE MANDATE CAPER !
    No Gunpoint Medicine ever! as th​is is a most ​serious crime / corruption/conflicts of interest and the most abhorrent violation of Informed Consent / Nuremberg Principles/ Nuremberg Code on a massive scale and they all must be held responsible and accountable for these atrocious crimes against our populations.

    For Australian Federal Election May, 2022 > Flatten The Curve ? > Flatten The Majors !
    DO NOT vote for Liberal/National, Labor or Greens EVER AGAIN or we are all doomed to absolute State and Federal Governments Tyranny/Totalitarianism forever !


  26. They forgot to say (or were too scared to), banned safe and effective medicine that could have saved most people…then maimed and killed (and continue to do so) even more with the toxic experimental jabs (9 pages of side effects for Pfizer alone).. that no really needed.

    As for climate change, that is biggest rort on the planet, designed to impoverish people and line the pockets of big corporations. They manipulate climate all the time, and who knows what damage they have caused doing this.

    Apart from that it was quite funny.

    Take the time to vote under the line only on the Senate paper and ensure we get some good people in there. You must number a minimum of 12

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  27. We won’t mention that the Commonwealth Govt “delegated” the Commonwealth powers to the individual states VIA Morrison’s “NATIONAL CABINET” for the simple reason that the Australian Constitution forbids the Fed Government from imposing DIRECT VACCINATION MANDATES!

    Next best thing was to pretend THEY respected our democratic rights and to get the LNP and Labour state governments to implement the joint Fed Govt- Corporate partnership deal with the pharma and investment corporations, by forcing mandatory vaccinations at the state level using lockups, bribery, blackmail and deceit.

    Goes to show neither the treacherous LNP nor the treacherous Labour/Greens parties at the state or commonwealth level are on our side.

    A MASSIVE trillion dollar extra debt says we’ve been sold out big time. With the fall out from the experimental injections still to come and to be added to our bill.

    Happy voting, folks! ;-).

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  28. Here’s another way to look at this election…

    Vote out the majors or enjoy a nice civil war.

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  29. The juicy girls are cool and they get lots of stuff right – the they support climate fraud and are soft on inject-able poisons so really – they stand for exactly……. f all!

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  30. Steve Brenneke

    What absolute horse shit & a disgrace this moronic “Final Election Ad’ skit is! If you think the Fed’s screwed this nation and not the State demented Dictators then I don’t want to read your news anymore. Yep, Scomo was a wimp and a coward by allowing the state arseholes to dictate over the Federal Government and trample over their citizens, but they were happy to take the money and now shit can the PM and Fed’s like the deluded miserable little turds that they are. I support Pauline Hanson, the Katters and ‘genuine’ independents and even the Liberal Democrats, but to think that they have the numbers to form Government is living in fantasyland. The best they can do is get enough behind them to have a say (not just talk) in where this nation heads. Vote for Labor, the Greens or those Teal phoneys at your own peril, and god help us if they get up and run this ‘once’ great nation into the abys of socialism, PC wokeness and deep shit!

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