ATO ramps up its aggressive campaign against small and family businesses

Duopoly Government must be removed ELECTION DAY SEND THEM TO THE HIGHWAY

Government shamdemic COVID-19 agenda to shut down the backbone of Australian employers and traders, the family business, has created a conga line to their bankruptcy court with a plethora of family homes foreclosures. With phase two in place, the Taxation Department enforcers are scooping up survivors by executing tax debts for not receiving any income.


It’s not extreme to say that the Australian Taxation Office is conducting a brazen financial bombing campaign against small and family businesses across Australia.

Last week we informed you about the ATO’s taking a position where, at law and in its administration, it can (and is) creating and imposing tax debts where the taxpayer has not received any income. It’s gobsmacking but the High Court has said that this is ‘legal’ even though it also remarked that it’s clearly unfair. This is happening with family businesses using trusts—but watch the ATO expand this agenda.

Now we have more news of the ATO’s small business destruction campaign. In February the ATO released draft rulings that would declare family trust payments to adults to be illegal. What? This throws out decades of accepted, legal, small/family business income distributions. It would be like declaring that dividends from public companies (eg Telstra, BHP, CBA) were illegal. But more! Such declarations were to be backdated to 2015. So distributions that were legal over the last eight years could now be declared illegal. This is small/family business-hating, ATO madness.

Then last week, just before the election was called, the government and the ATO issued a ‘sort of‘ backdown. Well, not really. The statement says they’ll still deny distributions but will not apply them retrospectively. In other words, the attack continues but not as bad ‘sort of’!

There’s more for us to report on this intensifying ATO small/family business tax ‘bombing’ campaign. More pressing at the moment, however, is the need for solutions to fix this destructive ATO behaviour.

Jason Falinski MP has been the greatest friend of small business in the Australian Parliament over the last few years. He’s been doing real stuff. Not simply talking.

Jason chairs the parliamentary committee that keeps watch on the ATO. He’s guided and pushed the review that’s come up with some common-sense, balanced ATO reform recommendations. At the heart of these is a legislated ‘Taxpayer Rights’ Act. We reported on this in October last year.

Taxpayer Rights would: Ensure that the ATO could not collect a debt until all appeals have been finalised. Reverse the onus of proof of fraud or evasion so that it lies with the ATO. Establish the office of Taxpayer Advocate to ensure that the ATO complied with the Taxpayer Rights Act. The ‘Falinski’ Report is a huge step forward for Australian small and family businesses in particular.

As we’re now in the full-blown election campaign period, we need to know from both Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese where they stand on Taxpayer Rights. Frankly, it’s the critical issue for Australian small and family businesses.

If Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese both remain silent on this issue, it really means that they both endorse the current anti-small business behaviour of the ATO.

With best wishes. Ken Phillips and the
Team at Self-Employed Australia

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  2. The Secret Meaning of April Fool’s Day – Including: Bread And Circus, Medication And Conditioning, Omission And Denial

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    How can the food, water and air be deliberately poisoned in public knowledge and in plain sight?

    How can the genetic modification of not just plants and animals but human beings be tolerated, no matter the stated justification?

    How can technocratic electro-surveillance, artificial intelligence, robotic warfare and social and mental manipulation be known and accepted as legitimate human altering science and in full implementation for mass control?

    ….and on and on…why wouldn’t people in such an abused situation not go virtually berserk in protest, or a least speak out on a massive scale?…………………….”


  3. Some truth about securitisation-it is illegal, for the reasons explained in these articles-and these are from one who does actually know!

    Click to access whatisntthere2.pdf

    Click to access bondcompany.pdf

    You will fond that your mortgage contract is not a contract, because there is only one signature on it-yours.
    So there is no offer and acceptance, which are necessary basics of a lawful contract.
    what you have signed, when signing your mortgage “contract” is actually a promissory note, not a contract.
    The value comes out of your Estate-but that is a whole other issue.
    Have a wrestle with those articles.
    This old guy spells it out:

    It is all securitisation, Folks. And it is fraud, and it is illegal.


  4. Actually banks are in the business of selling securities, and they are licensed to convert notes into securities. Check out Professor Werner’s interview:

    The maker of the note is the owner, yet the banks rely on the established pattern that the maker of the note (the one whose signature gives it value) gives it to the bank and then abandons it.


  5. Yes, well conversion and securitisation are illegal and fraudulent, and the Birth Cert involves press-ganging, barratry, fraud, misrepresentation and a host of other dodgy doings.
    The best option might be Dawn Kelly’s process or the Australian State Assemblies method, which has a brief representation here:
    And here:
    I wewill leave you all to your research; but if you wish to proceed with the Assemblies method, Anna von Reitz, on whose work the Assemblies here are based, has told me that you just put all the documents in one and get them notarised, as this will save you a lot in Notary fees.


  6. James, thank you for perfectly explaining the cause for “the fall of man”. Superiority, or the feeling of being chosen and the “god given right” to wipe all other “heretics, fallen ones and other demons” of the face of the earth. You have found your God in books that were written by “Jewish” historians and scribes and I found “mine” in a close and personal life changing encounter as an atheist.
    May peace be upon you!


  7. People (and particularly those trained in Law) don’t appreciate that there are 2 jurisdictions in play, and has been since the Great Reset of the late 1920’s and early 1930’s.
    Throughout the western world this occurred, and what happened essentially is that the world and its people where bankrupted and put into receivership.
    What was the de jure was overlaid by the de facto and the people enticed (by a few dangled benefits) to leave the de jure and register in the de facto. (as an analogy think of the temptation of Jesus by satan)
    That is why the Income Tax Assessment Act was brought in in 1935, so that the consolidated debt could be serviced.
    The people are the source of wealth of this political unit commonly known as Australia (Quick and Garran), and this equitable asset has been securitised, converted into legal value, and pledged to underwrite this debt.
    Who/what creates the Birth Certificate ?
    The state does, and it assigns the identification, and then the people use that as the principle form of identity – pretending to be something that the legal lookalike “government” created.

    This perpetrated confusion is why people are losing their employment or succumbing to taking the jab, and why so far no court cases have got any traction or been able to deliver equitable relief.

    In an employment scenario, the people, acting in the equitable jurisdiction do the work (providing real substance from their equitable estate), and through equitable conversion, they receive their just (sic) compensation in legal tender using their legal fictional counterpart, the entity registered as a taxpayer.

    So when directed to become vaccinated, the head of agency, acting in the legal jurisdiction and only having the capacity to direct the legal fiction, gives a nonspecific direction which the people think refers to them.

    This is why Glen Floyd’s process works, because the people are protected by the original Constitution and the 1947 (?) amendment which prohibited civil conscription of medical treatment. And why it is illegal to force someone to be given medical treatment against their will.


  8. Hi Editor
    Whilst not directly relevant to this article, this story is interesting reading seeing we are coming up to an election. It would seem not much has changed at all according to this ABC article on a newspaper from 1939, Smith’s Weekly.


  9. Seems all the Communist Labor States have been given the order to ease off until they instal federal labor to go berko & do a joe biden on their economy..


  10. I went in and and looked at the various ATO links. I also looked at the IRS Taxpayer Bill of Rights (Oz tax system is exactly the same as the U.S. as that is the one adopted here).
    NOWHERE in this document does it state that the man and woman worker does not have to pay any tax. NOWHERE does it state that paying tax, for the working man and woman is actually VOLUNTARY! It clearly states in our Constitution in Chapter 12 s53: “Proposed laws appropriating revenue or moneys, or imposing taxation, shall not originate in the Senate. But a proposed law shall not be taken to appropriate revenue or moneys, or to impose taxation, by reason only of its containing provisions for the imposition or appropriation of fines or other pecuniary penalties, or for the demand or payment or appropriation of fees for licences, or fees for services under the proposed law. The Senate may not amend proposed laws imposing taxation, or proposed laws appropriating revenue or moneys for the ordinary annual services of the Government. The Senate may not amend any proposed law so as to increase any proposed charge or burden on the people”.
    Tax is for business – but only after all overheads and the owners salary have been deducted i.e from the profits ONLY. It’s in black and white in Your Constitution! Re-read this Section again to ensure you fully comprehend what your government is doing to you!



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    All the full interviews are being released to make the information available for free. Each interview is mirrored several times, can be downloaded in full resolution and via the BitTorrent protocol to make the content censor resistant. By watching all the interviews, you will have the equivalent of a masters degree on current events.

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  12. Obviousbob.
    Easter is indeed the pagan festival of astarte. However the passover festival of Israel was the exact time of Christ’s Sacrificial execution which the people around Constantine’s time co opted to “christianise” the Roman pagans.

    Thus the veneration of “saints” days were based on the pagan days of significance for their multiple dieties. The worship of Mary and her elevation to “the queen of heaven” was the pagan babylonian veneration of Semiramis. The pagan praying the rosary likewise. This act is in direct disobedience to Christs comment to the Pharisees , when praying, not to think The Father will hear your prayer, “for your many words”.

    Just like God directed through St Paul, that Bishops should be the husband of one wife, and raise obedient Godly children. Celibacy was required of the pagan priests of Babylon. The pope is only the bishop of Rome. Where is his wife?

    The significance of the crucifixion happening at Passover, is that the angel of death passed over the houses in Egypt where the Israeli families who obeyed Gods command through Moses had put the blood of a Sacrificial lamb over their doorway.
    This was the last of the plagues God brought upon Pharaoh to force him to free Israel from bondage.Christ is the real Sacrificial Lamb for all of humanity.

    About ties, purple ties which many politicians wear symbolise submission to the Pope. Masonry is run by the Jesuits.

    J Madison


  13. Vote them all last. Lib, lab, rats,.. oh sorry freudian slip, nats and greens! Not worth a pinch of shit to any of us. Part of the “Death Cult” not politicians

    Vote for independents that don’t put these parties first

    Save Australia and save our dear little children

    Ask each one of these bastards supporting the above parties to name the 28 pedophiles on the suppression order, then sit back and watch them squirm!

    Wake up Australia and stop watching cabal owned MSM

    The commonwealth is DEAD


  14. Easter is a pagan fertility right. Nothing more.
    As for Muslims, they have Birth Certificates and carry them around as ID, as told to me by a Muslim doctor I see sometimes.
    I am sure the Muslims would be thrilled to know that the Vatican owns ALL the BCs.
    The relationship between Islam and Masonry-if you see anyone on the world stage wearing a pale blue neck-tie, they are telling you they are a Freemason (ScoMo does it regularly):


  15. Jo.
    News flash. All of humanity which was created in the image of God, but rebelled and fell from that state has not got the “spark of God” but is totally separated from God as a consequence. Catholic and Calvanist theology notwistanding.

    Luther put it this way, “God isnt found inside fallen man or to be found in nature. God is the outer most of the outermost”.
    He isnt in his Creation. But stands outside of it. Just like the maker of a Ford car isnt found in a car. It may reveal the mindset of it’s maker but it isnt him. Nothing of buddist mystical bs at all. Sad news for Greenies and nature worshippers of all types.

    Fallen man isn’t capable of approaching the Godhead. God has said no. That reconciliation is only through the shed blood of His only Son Jesus Christ. That is the significance of Easter. Humanities Sin is what separates it from the real God of Creation.
    Allah isn’t another name for God. God named the real identity of Allah in Revelations. It is Abaddon in Hebrew and Appolion in Greek. He is a fallen cohort of Lucifer (Satan). Daniel Chapter referred to Islam as “the abomination that makes desolate.”
    Panthiesm is demonic.


  16. James, you most certainly know your history! Thank you for sharing.
    Yes, the Japanese threat to invade Australia was real and Aussies sacrificing their life on neighboring shores were as you said heroic, though again back on the “global” chessboard moves of the pawns in WW2 were not made by a British colony but by the same kosher war mongers of money changing that caused conflict and chaos everywhere and anytime in the world and in its history.

    Our Army Generals doing such a thing as defending Australia’s Constitution would also mean that those in positions would swear an oath on their own country while being certain that the political caste in power is aligned 100% to protect the nation and its citizens from ALL enemies, foreign and within. That is obviously not the case in OZ or in any other nation of the world.
    Instead Australia’s citizens have evolved in a tribe of selfish mercenaries in all castes of society that only care about themselves, their pockets of comfort that needs to be filled constantly at all costs while putting the nation last, because everyone else is doing it. At the same time those political pretenders claim that the best country in the world including the best health system the world has ever seen is the best of the best.

    Australia might has to thank Morrison for doing such a great job of such a poor attempt deceiving Aussies that even those who could care less about anything rubbing their eyes now in disbelief.

    The Godless Nations of the entire world unite against Christ? Who is godless James if the divine spark is in every human being? So where is the “opposition” coming from? Greed, lust, envy and the hunger for power to rule over others above all else seems well explained in the scriptures. Evil is within every human being. To cast it out is ones own responsibility (not God’s) if a good heart and a longing soul desires it to be so.

    “God gave us the Prophets and the Revelation so as to prepare us for history”.
    God gave us the “WORD” which can not be translated or explained but is experienced in ones own very heart and soul – if one so dares. False or righteous prophets always lived among humanity, but those who were “endorsed” by a religious body or a secret “sect” claiming to be the only righteous tribe above all else but remained hidden in a “victimized” role.

    “You are with Christ or against him”. NO! To be with God one can be anything or of any religion or even being not a religious person. To judge against different religions or beliefs is the same as if an Australian politician lectures about how to be a good Australian and what to believe.
    If God can be with anyone and even those who “are not with him” why should Jesus Christ think differently and judge ALL that not identify in his name?

    “To be with us or against us”, was the American Patriotic slogan after 9/11. A “Christian” nation’s propaganda for waging a religious war on “terrorists Muslims”, invading their home nations, looting, plundering, the destruction of historical artifacts and ancient cities while killing innocence in faithful citizens that “were not with Christ” but with a God that is called a different name.
    Allahu Akbar (God is great – a phrase that will bring tears of joy to any faithful Muslim’s heart and eyes) was translated and reversed by “Christian propaganda” into a Muslim terrorist war cry.

    We are us! We are one – if not divided by those who hate unity because it is a threat to their very own existence.

    Those who are not (us), is a small minority hidden among us. Those rule through diverted power, manipulate, destroy ALL opposition and bribe and black mail all those who are selected to rule their nations. THEY ARE NOT WITH US and never were, nor are they with God/Christ but against us since millennia and thrive as believer and supporter of sacrifices to the “God of coin”, opposing all the great teachings that the son of God had to offer and the very word of God itself.


  17. Jo.
    Sorry I missed one of your comments about Christians raging against Satan. You need to read your Bible. Scripture does NOT say that Christians rage, but that the Godless Nations of the entire world unite against Christ and any form of lawful, just and Righteous governance and against his people. Just like their tax laws steal from people, their corrupt courts victimise decent people , their health mandates etc.

    We are branded as being extremists and not inclusive and intolerant (of evil). Conspiracy theorists. Excellent. That means we aren’t compromising with Satans new world disorder.
    To love the world is to hate God. Read Daniel chapter 2. The entire history to the end is shown.

    God gave us the Prophets and the Revelation so as to prepare us for how history would be played out, so we wouldnt be like rabbits dazzled in the headlights, by what was unfolding.

    The popular culture of rejecting the supremacy of Scripture or piously repeating the masonic catchphrase ” i am not religious ” to exert our natural fallen opinions against Gods clear statements wont cut it anymore.
    You are with Christ or against him. Good to reflect on this, this Good Friday.

    J. Madison

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  18. Jo, you are basically correct about our war record. World War 1. was a London City finance abomination. We had no business whatsoever being involved.
    World WR 11. and the Japanese army was a different story. The boys who fought in New Guinea and elsewhere saved this Country from certain annihilation.

    I had Cousins and some now dear departed friends fight from Milne Bay and across the Kakoda. I had a cousin die in Changi prisoner camp. Those are the men I respect. They saved our Country.

    As for the Korean and Vietnam war, had not the Freemason scum president Truman of the United States not stopped General
    Mc Arthur from lighting up red China with the four nukes he has ready to deliver onto the Red armies main staging bases, we would not have had 90% of the problems we face today worldwide.

    Jewish communism would have collapsed in Russia at the time because Mao while sending his Army into Korea, was using the Russian military to keep down the Chinese people at home.
    Stalin would have had a serious problem maintaining his “glorious Revolution ” at home with a big piece of his gun toting thugs gone up in ash. Millions of people would have been saved from the socialist slaughter enacted by both Stalin and Mao.

    The so called jew run cold war , behind which they destroyed the freedoms of many Western countries and established the military , police state dictatorships wouldn’t have been possible.
    There wouldn’t have been a excuse for the creation of criminal enterprises like CIA and MI6. Perhaps the world might have had time to look into the real causes and goals of the instigators of World War 11, and bring them to justice. Dream on.

    I spent time with Mc Arthur’s old aid decamp. It was very informative hearing what the jew press hid from the world about that whole sad corrupt time.

    When Truman fired Mc Arthur after the New York, jew press had villified and ridiculed the General, Truman hid out for weeks upon Mc Arthurs return. Mc Arthur intended to have the military arrest him and have him tried for treason, in a military court.

    Can you imagine our Army Generals doing such a thing as defending our Constitution. Might effect their super or more probably their supply of young boys.
    The Lodge wouldn’t approve anyway.

    J. Madison

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  19. In Western industrialised economies, the small businesses equate to the Kulaks of the Eastern agricultural based economies.

    The Communists pointed out this difference in the two economies, and formulated two distinct means for dispossessing these groups in their respective lands.

    The small business owners need to wake up to what’s going on.


  20. For all the Nations to rage against “Satan”, “Christians” in all four corners of the world will need to unite in God/Christ first or at least (try) to live by and follow the “word of god” and not some directive translations that have constructed a world of addictive coin we seem to live in. Where is this unity under the one and only merciful and loving God – in just believers? Where is the christian rage?

    For Nations to rise against tyranny citizens will need to unite. Where is the unity even under strict submission and dictatorial rule? Will a frail and senile Queen that has no power in her own land save Australians or Brits that rather fight and argue within themselves than seek unity in a land that can be freed?

    “I respect those who gave everything to protect us in the past”, Protect “us” from what James? Truth?

    Why did Aussies fight in Gallipoli and WW1? That their lifes and blood was to be traded for “Come on Wealth” debt and the nation being sold out to a free masonic USA, just to be set up as a money spinning Corporation including its Aussie subjects, its slaves.

    To die as an Aussie digger while fighting wars of the global crime family in WW2, in Vietnam, Iraq, or while protecting poppy crops in Afghanistan for the mighty CIA has hardly anything to do to protect any of “us” or our “nation” that is not ours nor ever was.

    To unite in truth is hurtful, as truth conflicts with patriotic projections that combine more “State” propaganda than facts.

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  21. GS is correct. The Tax office and all the other criminal entities which proport to “have power derived from the Parliament ” are fraudulent in existence. There is no Commonwealth Parliament, just a private corporation. We hold no shares in that corporation .
    The problem is they have the guns and the thugs to use them. All payed for by us. They have their fake courts to fine dissenters or jail or otherwise destroy them. Look at the “Court” ruling against Clive Palmer when he tried to break the lunatic WA. Premier ‘s travel ban.
    The solution lies with the Army, but it is so corrupted with leftists and Freemasons and paedophiles in command and otherwise too gutless to restore our Parliament to its lawful position. They failed the Nation at its greatest test. The enemy within.

    I wouldn’t march beside them at Anzac day. I respect those who gave everything to protect us in the past, but this lot have gone over to the enemy. Shame.

    Two things are left. 1/. Elizabeth does her sworn duty and issues orders for the arrest of all members of the fake Parliaments and appoints a Governor to restore our Constitution. Unlikely as she has submitted to the Popes world Government plans long ago.
    2/. Our Lord Jesus Christ will return and smash utterly Satans kingdom and its minions. He told us that before that beautiful day that ” all the Nations would rage against him” the totally evil agenda behind everything decent and lawful thing
    isn’t just a attack on us the people but also against him as the author of all good.

    All these criminal attacks against our right to life and freedom from oppression are Satans hatred of humanity and he wages this attack through proxy “Governments” and entities such as the UN and Socialism and Popery.
    Dont despair in the face of seeming hopelessness of the battle. Trust The Lord and seek from him what he want you to do to contribute to winning this war for the minds and souls of men. He is our Commander in Chief.

    James Madison

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  22. Thanks to Peter W the Bobo clip. This does raise the question about ways and means of how does the population deal with Communist governments run by cannibal paedos who whorship Satan and sacrifice children to Bauphomet. We have a problem.

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  23. Where’s Bobo?


  24. The taxpayer is a creation of the ATO, and those who pretend to be taxpayers (which is a legal fiction) deserve what the ATO dishes up.
    When someone, in ignorance, “applies” for a TFN, they fill out the appropriate form, sign it, and “give” it to the ATO.
    So the ATO is holding your note.
    The maker of a note is the owner of the note.
    Treat that note as trust res, direct the ATO to treat it as the same, and as grantor of the equitable trust, say what the law of that trust is.
    All the power is in the people, but ignorance has us acting as chattels of the ATO.

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  25. I think election 2022 is the time to give the dirty laundry some fresh air and sunshine – the stuff the UN CoVID Regime in Australia, the National Cabinet and its secret proceedings would like to just tuck away into some protected corner of their official webpages.

    Like ATAGI for example. WTF. Another alphabet org servicing the CoVID Regime through the back channels.

    This little politburo is the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation. [Not that the CoVID injections confer any immunity to anything – rather they will tank the entire immune system and give you ‘Vaccine’ Acquired Immuno-Deficiency VAIDs]. Anyway. ATAGI.

    Get a load of their advice: “ATAGI Advice on the use of sedation for CoVID-19 Vaccination”

    Click to access atagi-advice-on-use-of-sedation-for-covid-19-vaccination_1.pdf

    Sounds like they are laying the groundwork for forced vaccination to me. The CoVID Regime will say : ‘Oh No!!. Some people are just soooo vaccination hesitant that when they book their CoVID booster they become overwrought with anxiety in the waiting room. So the best thing for these anxious patients is sedation before their injection.”

    Some folks will believe that, just like politutes who voted for the Defense Force Amendment Enhancement Act 2020 were OK with the bringing foreign security forces onto Australian soil to be deployed against Australians and indemnified for all civil and criminal liabilities. “OH NO!! they said. This Act provides for volunteer firefighters and people who are coming to help us with emergencies.” [ You can’t fix stupid. But you can fix play-acting liars and corruptos in the May election. ]

    But the ATAGI page gets better. Over on page 2 right at the bottom, I draw your attention to : “Risks and benefits of opportunistic vaccination during an unrelated procedure” . Yes. ‘Opportunistic vaccination’? I had no idea that was some kind of medical practice. That’s right, they are advising / authorising the UN CoVID Regime Health Authorities to vaccinate people under sedation for any kind of medical procedure -say to have their tonsils out. It’s OK to be opportunistic and CoVID vaxx them without knowledge or consent. OH No!! says the UN CoVID Regime politutes, It means that the person agrees with an idea like “Well, while I am sedated for my wisdom tooth extraction or my boob job or my colonoscopy, I can conveniently get my CoVID booster.”

    You can’t fix stupid. But you can fix these play acting liars and corruptos on May 21. Sack Them All because they are all in on it.


  26. This ATO strategy must be part of the “Build Back Better” campaign we’ve heard about. Looks like they’re all in it together, but what about us? How come only we mere mortals are copping it in the neck every time?


  27. F–k the ATO….It is every Australians duty to lie and cheat to this criminal organisation….

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  28. I forgot to mention that everyone is welcome to contribute to Ken’s campaign coffers, as his case will be a big one, if he can afford the legal fees.
    See how you go, Folks?


  29. If readers and commentators are interested, Ken Philips is looking to raise a half a million dollars to bring a major case against Worksafe Victoria, who dropped the ball in a big way in the early part of the pandemic in Victoria with the Hotel Quarantine Disaster, which you can read a bit about here:
    Ken has spoken with Ian Cook, who is at the centre of the Slug Gate Affair: (from Sam Newman’s You Cannot Be Serious podcast, which is one of several): .
    And this is what the Tax Man was doing years ago, from the famous Adele Ferguson:
    And another from the ABC:
    The two articles above, and others, were sent to Craig Kelly, by me, after I talked about them with him that day he phoned me, six or so months ago.
    Craig does not seem to have done anything much about either issue, so far.


  30. Everyone who was / is party to the National Cabinet and did not oppose the creation of a UN CoVID Regime in Australia must be sacked come election day. Their ‘vote for me’ card must be rolled up in the week’s budgie papers and binned along with the shower thongs, beer cans, prawn heads and some other things I could mention but think: no It is still Lent.


  31. The ATO, knows (from our health/sorry/sickness department), that today we have changed into a nation of Snitches, (we really have fallen low in the septic tank) and the ATO wants the spare cash from all the small and family businesses. Any Ex military/Anzac’s patriots left over?


  32. As a side note.
    Many many years ago an old bloke said to me ‘The Government will tax the very air we breathe if given half a chance’
    They must of heard him
    The Carbon Tax.

    Liked by 1 person

  33. Who owns the ATO?

    Agency –

    1. a business or organization providing a particular service on behalf of another business, person, or group.

    Senator George Brandis :-

    “It is important to point out that although the ATO is an agency of the Commonwealth it is a different legal personality.”

    “Nevertheless, because a constitutional issue had been raised, a notice under section 78B of the Judiciary Act went to the Commonwealth, as well as to the states and territories, asking if the Commonwealth wished to intervene in the proceedings. It is important to point out that although the ATO is an agency of the Commonwealth it is a different legal personality. It nevertheless represents the interests of the Commonwealth in protecting the revenue. It is not automatic that the Commonwealth intervenes in proceedings every time it receives a section 78B notice. Every section 78B notice is assessed according to its own particular facts.”

    What is a government entity

    Public Service Act 2008 Section 24 Chapter 1 Introduction Part 2 The Queensland Public Service

    1. (a)  a department or part of a department; or
    2. (b)  a public service office or part of a public service office; or
    3. (c)  an agency, authority, commission, corporation, instrumentality, office, or other entity, established under an Act or under State authorisation for a public or State purpose; or
    4. (d)  a part of an entity mentioned in paragraph (c); or
    5. (e)  another entity, or part of another entity, declared under a regulation to be a government entity; or
    6. (f)  a registry or other administrative office of a court of the State of any jurisdiction.

    (2) However, each of the following entities is not a government entity— (a) a local government; etc

    Therefore IMO Local government is like the ATO which has no Commonwealth Constitutional authority and is therefore an agency of the Commonwealth and States. Local Government and ATO Acts are only statutes, and only apply to the employees of that private company (Corporations Act 1990 Sec 8)


  34. Income tax is voluntary!

    Can the ato provide Traceability back to the True Crown to prove they derive their authority lawfully?

    Given the Great Seal has been removed no referendum, Crown removed, fake queen added therefore their made up constitution version invalid, how would that not also make the ATO commissioner invalid and not lawfully sitting as well?

    As there is no power from the fake politicians via the fake queen/removed crown etc, what traceability back to the True Crown to prove they derive their authority lawfully, does the ATO commissioner have, to derive powers from?

    Therefore: How is The ATO not Null and Void, & not acting without authority in All capacities?


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