ALP Health Minister 40% increase in Heart Attacks, Chest Pains it’s a mystery why this is happening

Yvette D’Ath, Queensland health minister, is amazed at the sudden rise in health issues expressed by hospitals and ambulance staff. She dismisses covid vaccine mentioned in the interview showing total ALP political corrupt denial. Remember stupidity is not hereditary is something she acquired herself, being elected with these attributes by Queensland voters, she did not become a political party puppet and health minister by herself.

If brains were boots she would be barefooted

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Dr. Ryan Cole — What the Vaccine spike protein does to the body while acting like a poison for organs…


  2. great.. it’s hard work education the sheep sadly.. I love Sam.. Great presenter and quality researcher..


  3. @pcwwp

    I called out covid fraud in January 2020 in this article (comments at the bottom):

    Sam Bailey ripping virology and contagion apart:


  4. There is no virus – there is no covid – sars1 – sars2 etc.. We must break free and see this fraud – research AIDS ( listen to Mullis ) – same playbook – same people..


  5. COVID Vaccines Aren’t Working — And No Amount of Boosting Will Change That.
    We’ve gone from “two mRNA jabs will ensure you won’t carry the virus or get sick or die of COVID” to “you need a booster every four months and you can still contract, transmit, get sick and die of COVID.” At this rate, we’re looking at three injections per year, and the fully-jabbed and boosted are still getting sick with COVID.

    Fauci Admits Defeat: COVID Here to Stay, People Need to ‘Calculate Individual Risk’.
    While President Joe Biden campaigned on a promise to “shut down the virus, not the economy,” Dr. Anthony Fauci — the highest-paid employee in the U.S. government — was taking a much more cautious approach — suggesting that COVID might never go away.
    And with Washington, DC, now a superspreader party town for the far-less deadly Omicron strain, Fauci has now explicitly thrown in the towel on trying to rid the world of COVID-19 — telling ABC’s “This Week” that the virus is here to stay, and people will just have to decide what level of risk they’re willing to take.

    “This is not going to be eradicated and it’s not going to be eliminated,” Fauci told host Jonathan Karl. “What’s going to happen is that we’re going to see that each individual is going to have to make their calculation of the amount of risk that they want to take in going to indoor dinners and in going to functions, even within the realm of a green zone map of the country where you see everything looks green but it’s starting to tick up.”
    “We’re going to have to live with some degree of virus in the community,” Fauci continued, adding that “the best way to mitigate that, Jon, is to get vaccinated.” Yes, a vaccine developed for a completely different strain that wanes in protection just six weeks after the receipt of a fourth dose, according to a recent Israeli study.


    Fauci is a student of Hegel and his modern-day no-win guru.

    Meanwhile in Australia news live updates record:
    >There have been more Covid-19 deaths in residential aged care this year than the pandemic’s first two years combined.
    >WA records one death and 7990 new cases 197 people in hospital, four of which are in ICU. today.
    >Queensland has reported two Covid deaths and 7,600 new cases.
    >Victoria has recorded seven deaths and 9,600 new cases.
    >NSW has recorded 16 Covid deaths and more than 15,000 cases.


  6. ‘17,495% increase in heart problems among children following the COVID-19 jabs, according to VAERS data’

    ‘17,495% increase in heart problems among children following the COVID-19 jabs, according to VAERS data’

    ‘17,495% increase in heart problems among children following the COVID-19 jabs, according to VAERS data’

    ‘17,495% increase in heart problems among children following the COVID-19 jabs, according to VAERS data’

    ‘17,495% increase in heart problems among children following the COVID-19 jabs, according to VAERS data’

    ‘17,495% increase in heart problems among children following the COVID-19 jabs, according to VAERS data’

    Politicians, Health Dept, AMA, TGA, doctors and chemists are just tooo busy for such trivial matters as causing no harm to children daviddd2.

    The lice wouldn’t give a shite either, more interested in not offending members at the dirty old boy’s club

    17495% is a figure that needs to go viral.


  7. The Covid show pony lames and is too slow and inefficient as a tool to meet WEF’s final wet dream of humanity. A clue of what is coming and to prepare for is desirable for the last free thinking species before they’ll become extinct with their own mistakes from the past. Understanding and preparation for “survival” or at least any kind of plan to rebel against ones own euthanasia would be desirable. Instead “life” goes on in usual habitual circles.

    “To tireless teach the world its errors of the past” might be heroic in ones own eyes though on a sinking ship it turns into a heartbreaking comedy. Past figures and facts are neither helpful for an empty stomach, a dying body nor as a strategy to fight a monster that is watching and manipulating every thought and move one ever does.

    The majority of the global population needs to be “departed’ to meet “any sustainable targets” for WEF’s owned mankind to survive on a dying planet. Many souls are forced to leave “their” bodies heavily burdened and “grounded”. The natural destination blurred by the consciousness of an unstable and fearful mind that has lost its physical presence as a body and as a projected identity. Where will the soul go influenced by confusion of a separated mind? Back home to return and unite in love with the “father” as the prodigal son or looking back craving for another term in a man made hell?

    The healer that is not healed oneself is of no use for others. Yvette is no healer nor humane, but she is exactly where she needs to be.



    “The number of VAERS reports of heart inflammation among kids post-jab since the COVID shot rollout began was 1,261.”

    “The number of VAERS reports of heart inflammation among kids following ALL OTHER vaccines administered in the past 30 years is just 172.”

    “This is a 17,495% increase in heart problems among children following the COVID-19 jabs, according to VAERS data.”

    “Meanwhile, organizations like Mayo Clinic have quietly added sections about “myocarditis in children” to their informational webpages, informing parents of signs and symptoms of heart inflammation in kids (like rapid breathing, chest pain, breathing problems, fever, and fainting). Of course, it’s not that myocarditis in young people never happened before the pandemic and COVID shot rollout. But as we’ve seen from the VAERS data, there is evidence to suggest that it is happening more and more.”

    “It’s important to note that complications – some lifelong and life-threatening – can and do occur after episodes of myocarditis, including heart attack, stroke, heart failure, and sudden death.”

    “Parents should also note that the standard recommendation for people recovering from heart inflammation is to stop exercising completely for at least three to six months.”

    “All in the name of getting vaxxed against a disease with an exceptionally low risk of serious illness or death – with a shot that doesn’t even effectively stop viral transmission.”



  9. I understand there is a run on nicotine patches.

    Don’t be like Davo Dinkum, (real name JABBA 😂), non smokers please start on the 7 mg strength patches or you might end up fd like the cult.

    4:30 on


  10. Clowns should only perform at the circus.

    Let’s make sure these mongrals find Karma


  11. Actually somewhere in the archives there is some science that debunks the second hand smoke belief – who knows..We certainly don’t.


  12. This fool woman is going to be re-elected to the Queensland parliament?

    Oh, dear! QLD is in a worse state than I imagine.


  13. Sorry I forgot, Does Yvette D’Ath, of the Queensland health/murder minister not realise she is being watched and they will come for her AS WELL…
    “I didn’t know and just followed orders – excuses are not accepted.”
    “Anyone who has kept silent and failed to act against injustice is already guilty of crimes against humanity.” — Those responsible will pay, no more regrets. — Website Available In English/Dutch/French/German/Italian/Portuguese/Spanish, your choice.


  14. To: stephensneddon — Get out of bed, Easy every orifice has been vaxxed and now snake venom, Oh boy she is missing out, she will get one, The Guillotine that is…


  15. Oh, and here is sound health advice to the jabbed… take up smoking.

    I am forced to reveal a conflict of interest here, I have been paid handsomely by Phillip Morris to say this. Also, my lawyer says I have to say I have no medical knowledge or skills whatsoever.

    I am not sure why I have to say this because smoking is not good health advice. Is it? Is it?


  16. And the majority of TV watchers still accept the crap that comes out of that compost verbal crack. Sorry but, still to many people (>50%) walk around in shopping centers and other places with face nappies, meaning they still follow/swallow, the TV narrative.
    Even in the Damn Car…? Are we that Spineless?

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  17. These people think that because there’s a smattering of brain-deads still wandering around wearing masks that we are all bloody stupid. They still actually believe that we will swallow any crap that they wish to push at us. This woman is nothing short of a bare faced liar as even Blind Freddy’s awake as to why this is happening. I hope and pray that there will be a day of reckoning when these grubs are exposed and made to pay for their crimes.

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  18. Mark dickhead McGowan in WA a week or so back had the same problem – can’t work out why hospital admissions are up. And, is Yvette D’Ath a lying cheating member of WEF’s young achievers? Whoops. Is Yvette D’Ath a lying cheating psychopath member of the Dictator of Death Group (DDG) on all things CV 19 and the next SCAMDEMIC.

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  19. This is a satire right? Maybe not. For the last few years we have been going through a ‘could not make this stuff up’ type of experience. CNMTStuffup. Let alone satirize it.

    OK. So Yvette (((D’Ath))) managed to roll out of her lair this morning and read her script. She isn’t the Big Pineapple Comrade CHO for nothing. So we’ll give her (and I think she is a ‘her’) that and another point for being correctly gender identified But that’s about it.

    And Yvette’s story is – she just does not fathom this increase in heart attacks and chest pains (a lot more than 40%). She thinks that if she plays the ‘we are all just completely at a loss and in this together’ card. She will get a pass for being concerned and caring. She won’t.

    Segue over to the biggest sporting code in Australia – the AFL. They get it. McLachlan has just quit and he is clearly emotional over Wines being being subbed out last week. He has to deny on camera that Ollie’s myocarditis is due to the covid injections he himself mandated as CEO of the AFL – but he knows. He is cut up over it. He sees the wreck of the Game and the loss of the players. He isn’t trying to hide it from the players of the fans – everybody knows because these adverse events are being televised live across the world. They are talking openly about it on the Sunday Footy Show.

    The wrath of the fans is an emerging stormfront.

    Just wait till these star players decide they would rather have their health than their Game.I t won’t amount to a hill of beans what CoVID Correct reason the players give. Everyone knows. Does the Communist state think they are going to be able to gag that.

    Game over Yvette. After all the babies that have been murdered for the Big Abortion / Big Bio Tech vaxx industry and all the Australians whose lives have been blighted with these mandatory injections – not to mention all the people who are going to die – you and all the rest of your Racial Collective running this Communist genocide in Australia really should start thinking about making aliyah.

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  20. Clearly she’s a blatant liar – Charges of serious malfeasance coming her way.

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  21. She is one of the broken ones – look at here eyes – damaged goods..


  22. I’m not sur how such an imbecile can even manage to get out of bed in the morning????


  23. Oh but that couldn’t be due to the vaccines aka snake venom? Oh no way!! Happy Easter everyone. Don’t eat too much chocolate. I recommend this site far and wide. It is doing a bottler of a job.


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