Russian precision strikes take out NATO military training school in Ukraine

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  1. According to former Soviet Toxicologist, Dr. Igor Shepherd, the Russian invasion of Ukraine is the ‘tail’ of the orchestrated CoVID-19 pandemic dragon which right off the bat (no pun intended) was meant to strip the Western nations down to the bone and hang them from their necks.”

    This tail definitely wags the ZOGs.

    On Oct 13, 2021, the ‘Man on the White Horse’ Vlad / Russia signed a pact with ‘Evil Bad Guy Globalists’ and Ernst Blofeld Cartoon , Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum to open the FIRST Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Moscow.

    Ad victor ire spolia.

    The 4IR is the key to building the world soviet on the ruins of WWIII. The CoVID Hoax is the military operation of a world-wide coup d’etat led by the UN and outsourced to ‘the multi-lateral stakeholders and partners” like the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board, the WEF, Russia, CCP, Deep States of ZOG West in the US / UK / EUSSR, the US Democrat Party – a Communist Revolutionary Party and Front. In the West, the Marxist states and their CoVID Regimes will complete the long work of Communist infiltration and subversion under the pressure of the war.

    Dr. Shepherd cuts right through the corona bologna and CoVID Correctness of these Western ZOG Marxist governments when he says that in this operation, the human race are designated ‘unsustainable beings’ (according to UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals). We have been UNCED. Not only will we own nothing (the least of our problems), we have lost our right to be human. And not being human, we forfeit the birthright of the Adamic race. We lose the birthright and the honour to own as Saviour and King: the Lord Jesus Christ. As 4IR transhumans we forfeit the New Adam and Second Man , the Lord from Heaven, and with this, the capability to belong to His body, the Church – the new Christic race passing through death and pledged to triumph over death in resurrection and live the everlasting life.

    Under 4IR, we forfeit this.

    Dr. Igor Shepherd, a Christian, spells this out.
    “Unsustainable Humanity” by Dr. Igor Shepherd
    March 19, 2022


  2. Mac Do plus Pedowood flicks with Arnie or Sylvester, are the main ingredients for the military men as ‘dumb, stupid animals to be used’ by the Light Upon Nations …


  3. Henry Kissinger’s quote of; “Military Men Are Just Dumb, Stupid Animals To Be Used As Pawns In Foreign Policy” is the real deal, and he really said it. It is fairly rare that the architects of illegal, imperial wars of aggression are caught saying what they REALLY feel, but this is one of those times.

    “In Haig’s presence, Kissinger referred pointedly to military men as ‘dumb, stupid animals to be used’ as pawns for foreign policy.”

    – Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein, The Final Days, p. 208

    You can see the quote yourself in the book, if you like at this link;

    American volunteers used as cannon fodder –


  4. Just heard the latest macabre news on the MSM: The Ukrainians are winning and the Russians are losing!

    Pathetic MSM journos, no sense of the ridiculous. They gave up the public “information” game over covid and now they’re into sci-fi fantasy.


  5. Here’s what one of the surviving American mercenaries has to say about the strike: he also mentions how loads of British were zapped. Well they did want to go and kill people did they not?….html


  6. 2. US Congress – H.R.133 – Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021:

    “Sec. 9015. None <> of the funds made available by this Act may be used to provide arms, training, or other assistance to the Azov Battalion.”


  7. “The Russians Are Losing!”? Really? (Prelude to a False Flag)


  8. Latest military update (2 hours ago): Absolutely stunning news speech from President Putin.


  9. A little ray of sunshine in a storm of lies and manipulation? You won’t hear it in the MSM circus. It can’t handle you handling the “truth”. 🙂

    “American military expert explains ‘slow’ Russian advance in Ukraine
    Propaganda in the West has created false expectations of Ukrainian success, retired US officer says”

    Russia has largely achieved its objective of neutralizing the Ukrainian military, but Western governments mistakenly believe the deliberate progress designed to avoid civilian casualties reflects weakness and are funneling weapons to prolong the fighting, a former top Pentagon adviser has said.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has given strict orders from the outset to avoid civilian casualties and extensive property damage, retired US Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor told the Grayzone in an extensive interview on Tuesday.

    This has slowed the Russians’ advance “to the point where it has given false hope both to the Ukrainians … but seized on by people in the West, to try and convince the world that a defeat is in progress, when in fact the opposite is the case,” Macgregor said.

    “The war, for all intents and purposes, has been decided,” the retired colonel said. “The entire operation from day one was focused on the destruction of Ukrainian forces. That’s largely complete.”

    The Ukrainian units still active “are completely surrounded, cut off and isolated in various towns and cities,” said Macgregor, including as many as 60,000 on the border with Donetsk, whose supplies are likely running out by now.

    Media coverage of the fighting, however, ignores this reality and paints a picture of the Russian military being “inept” – in the words of some US senators – because it didn’t defeat Kiev in mere days. This is then used as an argument by advocates of NATO intervention and a “no-fly zone,” but also those who wish to send more weapons to Kiev.

    “It’s very obvious Washington wants this to continue as long as possible, in hopes Russia would be desperately harmed. I just don’t see that happening,” Macgregor told Grayzone on Tuesday.

    The biggest problem right now is that “in the West, there is no truth. There is wishful thinking and there is this impression of success by the Ukrainians that doesn’t stack up,” the colonel added. “The biggest lie I’ve heard repeated on television is, Russian troops have been told to deliberately murder Ukrainian civilians. That’s absurd, it’s nonsense.”

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky asked the US Congress on Wednesday to send fighter jets, air defense missiles and other weapons to Kiev, as well as establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine, so his army could defeat Russia. He made the same argument to Canadian lawmakers on Tuesday.

    Macgregor, however, believes that such shipments will have no effect and that Zelensky’s refusal to negotiate an armistice is only going to get more Ukrainians killed.


  10. Pat from Vic- never heard of UN “Peace Keeping” Forces? The mercenaries that bash, rape, kill the populations they are supposed to be “protecting”?


  11. AAAH Dont ya just love PUTIN at the moment


  12. The Chechens are a shock troop force, they were born into war, Grozney was their nursery. They are averse to taking prisoners and with Azov’s retreat cut off, – they will now get their just karma.

    Shame the Azov boys never understood the military strategies of the steppes.

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  13. Who is responsible for the Russia Ukraine War? A discussion with Ben Norton

    Ukraine crisis: The West ignores wars & destructions it brings to Middle East w/Richard Medhurst


  14. Good & timely news link, but you got the title wrong – “Russian precision strikes take out UN military training school in Ukraine”.

    Since when does the UN host military training schools in Ukraine?

    NATO facility, methinks, not “UN”.

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  15. See ya later, AZOVs, Putin IS in control.Cleanup on aisle Romney, Kerry, Pelosi, Biden Clinton Foundation, Lindsey Graham they’re all shitting their pants.

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