Social credit system coming to NZ and Australia then you will own nothing and be happy

Letter to the Editor

If we go into lockdowns again you may not be able to get home. Its true the Drs & Chemists up here (Northland) are on high alert – I checked. Sharing this. Brace Yourselves Remembering Ardern announced at the World Economic Forum she wanted NZ to be the for first to fully implement the new order. How much more proof do people need to wake up to this concocted scam. It has to be stopped.

Mr Jacinda Ardern, NZ Prime Minister wants NZ to be the first to implement the NWO

Lockdown already planned for January 2022. The fiat banking system of which everyone uses is going to be collapsed from mid 2022 onward therefore all mortgages will be ended and the NWO digital currency introduced. Titles will be handed over to the State Government and lease agreements will be introduced for the property’s people once owned.

This will bring in the social credit system whereby you have to fully comply or you lose points and the privlage to continue the lease on your property or business. Failing to fully comply means they can simply cut everything off from you by the push of a few buttons leaving you with no access to any money to feed yourself.

This is how they have planned to remove people from there property’s especially the rural areas. Remember Ardern saying the days of dairy farming are over? Well this is what she meant by it. All assets will be owned by the State. Welcome to the first time the western world was ever pushed into Communism and we are the generations that allowed it by not standing up to fight against it. Ardern,

Helen Clark, and all the commies of the party’s must be laughing there heads off at how stupid the people have been to totally get sucked in and comply their way to full Communism and just handed their freedoms away because of the common flu. All is done and dusted in the next few months unless all the people stand up and fight back. Everything you ever worked for is about to be all taken from you. Anyone silly enough not to believe it then tell us all how they took three water assets from us when most councils said no.(because they had already made the sale to multi corporations)

Explain how legislation got put through to remove titles and why they would do so. Explain SNA land grabbing and tell us what can’t be classed as significant area. Explain why a health Minister can now order the destruction of buildings on your property just by saying so. (Covid Response bill) Either rise up now or we might as well just hand over everything we have. Once the banks are collapsed try proving you are the rightful tittle holder. Because unless you hold the original copy with proof you owe nothing on it they will be seizing the titles and only offer a lease agreement back.

That’s if you are taking your 3 monthly booster shots of which will probably be monthly or weekly by then. Refuse and lose, that’s how China control the people by the social credit system. Anyone who applied or applies for a jab passport has entered themselves into the social credit system. Now do we understand why the push to jab everyone including the children? Because they need everyone done to be coded for the new system.

Remember the push for digital ID of all animal stock and how they used a so called deadly disease to encourage all the farmers to enter into it at a cost paid by the farmers and after compliance just what happened to that fatal disease that they had to slaughter whole herds for of which no cows had died only were slaughtered and killed instead because of so called positives. Funny that, because the PCR test also gives close to 100 percent false positives. Sars-Cov-2 which is covid 19 was patented in 2005 and in 2012 recorded in medical journals as the common flu. That’s why we all never died of a deadly virus people. Yet while they had people locked down fearing for their lives they rushed new laws through to remove our freedoms and rights.

Forwarded from Heinos Hypotheses (Bobbie22) NZ

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. I like your comment, bit of black humor. However the Cabal has progressed because,
    Washington State legalized “flesh goo” liquefaction of human corpses one year before activating COVID concentration camps that will target unvaxxed conservatives with “strike team” operations… efficient, stealth disposal of bodies now perfected.
    Then if you still at home: Jan 13th, 2022 – Cannabis blocks SPIKE PROTEIN; Unvaxxed Americans declared PRISONERS in their own homes.

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  2. Very, very, good summation!


  3. The meek shall inherit the earth… to the tune of 8ft x 2.5ft x 6 ft each.

    So will many of the brave but for much greater and more noble reasons.

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  4. Sounds about right. One could reasonably say that the Divine Right of Kings in Britain was laid to rest when the “Merchant Class” overthrew the Monarchy and put it in its pocket.

    There’s quite a bit of evidence that the heavy duty Merchant Class today take their inspiration from their allegiance to and the Divine Right of Mammon rather than any of the historically established ecclesiastical power brokers.

    It matters little as the power trip remains the same. 🙂


  5. Wow! Excellent! It’s certainly is ‘sorting the wheat from the chaff’..maybe that’s their TRUE NWO agenda? Many have quipped that covid was simply an IQ test. Truth spoken in jest.

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  6. If a lot of sheep would like/need to be slaughtered, well so be it. It is already happening with many dying from the Jab effects and the boosters, world wide. Remember most people are not leaders and are “Ignorant” because they cannot comprehend and have the Guts for what they know is the hard core truth. They keep going with the flock. This is just not happening in Australia, this is in 193 countries. Like to finish of,

    Ignorance is lack of knowledge, lack of wisdom.
    He that knows not and knows not that he knows not,
    he is a FOOL, SHUN HIM, WALK AWAY from him!!!!
    He that knows not and KNOWS that he knows NOT,
    he is teachable, TEACH HIM.
    He that knows and knows that he KNOWS,
    he is WISE, FOLLOW HIM!!!!

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  7. Yes in Australia I know we still have citizen with Guts, “One of the most dangerous persons you can meet are people that have very little to loose.” And we have more then you realize…

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  8. @daviddd2. The Magna Carta (which had several issues) established the basis for the House of Commons. The Glorious Revolution 1688 created the legal fiction of the UK, placed three nations under Admiralty Law and with the Charter of the Bank of England 1694 established the ownership of three nations as assets of the Bank and began the issue of the nations credit as a debt to The Owners of the consols and the basis of the economy.

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  9. Watching the Djokovic directions hearing last night it transpired that the Immigration Minister Hawke has cancelled Djokovic’s international “social credit” because Minister Hawke is of the view that Djokovic’s existence, not to mention presence in Australia, could excite the anti-vaxxers.

    Otherwise, Minister Hawke, it appears, finds no other basis for cancellation.

    A more careful observation of reality and Morrison’s comments suggest that Djokovic is exciting the vaxxer brigade much more than the non vaxxers. 🙂

    The message of course is that if political incorrectness can cancel prominent figures and their livelihood and freedoms, imagine what chance the little guys have.

    This NWO show in Australia is going to take more than just smarts, it’s going to need guts too! Anybody in Australia still have some?

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  10. NESARA / GESARA – I have noticed in the past 40 years various mind blowing promises are going to be implemented, however they tend to be hijacked just before the date of release. Last one stopped yes just shortly before 9/11 — GESARA has been signed off by all countries at The Hague (International Court of Justice) 2019 & 2020. International Court of Justice: –|– But many if not most judges in the this court are part of the Cabal, I’m sorry I have to write. Yes they signed off but converting this in to practice – I know it happens when I can judge the results. I really followed this NESARA / GESARA for years. Will see, and maintain an eye on any progress. “Yes I also speak/write Dutch apart from an few other languages…”


  11. its not JUST Owning nothing…

    it not having freedom to even think for yourself….not having children….
    .Not even having LIFE….THEY will even take that….
    …………………and most SHEEP will be HAPPY

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  12. Load of crap, Gesara on the way very soon.


  13. I am just lost for words


  14. @lindesymonds:

    The theory of Divine Right was abandoned in England during the Glorious Revolution of 1688–89.

    The original 1215 Magna Carta concerned an agreement regarding the medieval relationship between the monarch and the barons, rather than the rights of ordinary people.

    Apart from that, feudalism and the divine right of kings existed much further afield temporally and geographically than just in England.

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  15. We believe a big shock is coming soon Ron. Ed

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  16. Step O'Rafferty

    I am Australian and I lived in New Zealand for many years. (1976-1992) I absolutely loved my time there and loved the New Zealand people. One difference I did notice between Australia and New Zealand was that the mind control was far more effective in New Zealand. Australia was more of a pluralist society while NZ was far more insular as D Johnston wrote. The media and the government in NZ had already applied ‘lockstep’ even before the appearance of the infamous Rockefeller Foundation document. TVNZ, RNZ and the major newspapers were simply echoing each other and I did find that a bit frightening, especially when people were expressing the elite imposed ‘opinions’ as though they were their own.
    Now we have the same situation in Australia but we must realise that not everyone has been brainwashed. There are millions who believe the fairy tale as told by Bill Gates and his underlings or sycophants but there are also a few million of us who have seen through the smokescreen from the beginning. We must continue to help our normie friends wake up.

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  17. D Johnston
    Good and realistic comment.

    NZ Jacinda (or is it Jack) Ardern, and our very own Australian Scummo – don’t get me started about his history.

    What can we do to stop them? At present, very little.

    It appears as though NZ has done the Haka packed up their gear and gone home to just wait and hope that someone will save them. This is upsetting for me, I have great respect for the Kiwi people. What happened to all of the staunch men?

    No real difference in Australia, we march on ANZAC day (if they let us) and go home and wait and hope for the best. Accepting for those brave protestors – mainly families who I greatly respect.
    What happened to the tough and staunch Aussie men? Sitting at home watching sports?

    We Aussie men who have failed to put ourselves at risk to protect our country, families and mates. When I say Aussie men I include the police and military, they have not only failed to protect us, they have gladly helped the traitors to harm and kill us.

    Before you ask, I am prepared to give up my life to protect Australia, my family and mates.
    Not by taking the jabs and dying for the NWO, that would not be of any value.

    What sort of shock will be needed to get Aussie men off their knees?
    Maybe we should just do nothing and get it over with, sad we will be taking the kids with us.

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  18. Daviddd2 – when England was feudal there was no ‘divine right of kings’. Magna Carta does not not recognize that. Magna Carta does not define ‘divine right of kings’ it sets limits on Royal Perogative and holds the monarch to the Coronation Oath. The foundation of Westminster laid ‘ora et laboura’ by St Edward the Confessor, King of England does not recognize any ‘divine right of kings’. From the time of the Dooms, England had Writ of Mandamus , Habeus Corpus , trial by jury from the Saxon Witenagomot.

    The Act of Royal Supremacy was shamefully legislated by Parliament 1534 and then demanded as an Oath by King Henry VIII. The Parliamentarians fought the Union of the Two Crowns for ‘the supremacy’ 1642. How did that go?


  19. I sincerely like your short explanation, credit to you. “You must know your history and some.”

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  20. NZ was the first testing ground in the global reset rollout. Ardern had been well groomed by her handlers Helen Clark and Klaus Schwab way before she even came to power..from out of left field. As an ‘ex-pat’ with first nation descent, I escaped the ‘Hermit Kingdom’ back in the late ’80’s; fortunate in making Australia my true home. Nothing could ever induce me to set foot there again, especially now. It has always been a two teir class system society. And because most of the population have remained either so insular, priveleged and/or complicit for decades, that to start waking up now to what they’ve literally helped create, is I reckon, simply too little too late.

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  21. Re: True Hope, indeed. They are running full Bore and they know, that everything is not going as planned. Here just in case if people have mist that article.
    Reiner Füllmich & 50 lawyers: ”The vaccines are designed to kill and depopulate the planet” Intend to kill has now been proven.
    You can also read most of the discussion from the video (56min), all in English…


  22. “Explain how legislation got put through to remove titles and why they would do so.”

    Divine right of kings… Thou shalt not covet thy ruler’s land except as a tenant. 🙂

    Why bother with fascism, communism or other totalitarian nonsense when you can simply be reverted to feudalism and be happy serving the sovereign class.


  23. Hi Mitch. Fee Simple has gone. Ed

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  24. When Prince Charles, Klaus Schwab, and Bill Gates own nothing and can look me in the eye and tell me that they are happy then I might re-consider owning nothing to be happy just like them.

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  25. Make sure you own your property in FEE SIMPLE they cannot touch it. If its under Torrens title get it changed.


  26. It is a numbers game…the more that wake up to what is going on the more that can say ‘no, I will not comply to my own enslavement and the dispossession of that in which I have worked for’. The power resides with the people, it is us that gives them their power for without us, they have no power. ‘No, I am not doing it! I am not complying to idiotic demands from psychopaths!’

    We have had Klaus Schwab, leader of the Bilderberg Group and WEF (as well as the grandson of a Rothschild) , with his ‘capturing of democratic institutions’ (See his Wikipedia page of all things) place psychopaths in power…this is why these monsters have had no empathy or compassion for the people in enacting their treasonous and diabolical plans.

    Simple, they must be removed and soon..

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  27. Terrifying. I’m sharing it with as many as I can.

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  28. Another one with funny eyes and sticky out ears. Maybe they were al cloned from the same idiot.
    Do they REALLY think that this is going to fly? If they do, then they’ve never heard of severe opposition. To quote the pundit “You aint seen nuthin’ yet”!

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  29. I do not consider that we will be happy; people since Egypt and Babylon have been under the heel of a hybrid bred bloodline that, with the assistance of todays technology are able to fulfil their dreams of Lucifer as God.
    Throughout this history the put down human race have always rebelled against this control.
    It is not about God or religion it is about the human spirit to survive.
    They will never conquer that spirit, it will keep rising as it has no master or time limits.
    They fear this energy.

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  30. It is probably time we re-armed civilians to remove the total stupidity of our evil ‘masters’.

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  31. Only months away? Seems to me they’re trying to beat the clock, because they know Fuellmich and his friends are about to pull down the whole show in court.

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  32. I already own basically nothing and I’m happy! Difference is, its MY choice! Those elitist chumps can kiss my!

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  33. I already own nothing and am happy😆


  34. This was told in the book The Hope of The Wicked -The Master Plan to rule the World”By Ted Flynn back in 2000.So it has all been planned! You can get this book on Amazon


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  35. I wonder how many in NZ even realise the NZ Parliamentary ‘Beehive’ building is Freemasonic symbolism.
    A very old symbol from England and Wales.
    Reference: dr-david-harrison .com

    NZ is so entrenched with this at every
    Public service level that it will be nigh impossible to peel their hand shaking, back patting grasp off now.
    They almost have it in the bag.

    Much of the land is also alledgedly owned by the Rothschilds.
    They were obviously playing Monopoly while people were tending their sheep.
    So they bought Mayfair.

    If the real core issue is a coming digital monetary system and full control of one’s lives through the internet and mobile technology, 5 G then 6 G…then maybe the actual core needs to be cut out.
    Like you do with a rotten apple.

    Even the Indians in India worked that one out.
    Their clarity through the last 2 years of Political overreach has been greater than some of the first world Countries.
    Not that I endorse the burning down of structures.
    In their case they emphatically claimed a direct link between Villagers getting sick with ‘covid’ once the new mobile structures went up nearby in their villages.
    So they tested their hypothesis.

    But I digress.

    The burning question remains, would the people survive if the “core” issue was removed?
    Of course they would.
    They would talk to their neighbours over the fence, share goods and services amongst themselves, and rebuild a different Community.
    Maybe even develop their own hard currency from the resources that belong to them, not a select few.

    Those who choose to live by the “tools” of the NWO will die by them.
    It’s not like they haven’t told the world how they will achieve their goal.

    Yet therein lies another core issue.
    The people are addicted and programmed to believe they can’t survive without it.

    What they have failed to realise is that they won’t survive with it.

    For the rest of us there befalls a sad and regretful resolve to having been born on the foolish side of history.
    Not sure what anyone can do about that.

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  36. Precisely why they want to destroy businesses and send people broke, it achieves their goal. The normies simply won’t believe this. I have know about this for so long, but what do you do with info like this? No one would believe you, another reason why it has to happen at warp speed, so people simply will not believe it.

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  37. So If NZ do this What do they Think they will do for Food, it just dose not appear food on your Table.And Do they think People will just provide Food just for them.HELLO are they Stupid OR what Regards Karen


  38. Lock it up for Crimes Against Humanity, Murder, Fraud, Impersonation (of a horse).


  39. “Titles will be handed over to the State Government “……….THAT ALREADY HAPPENED

    PAPER Title deeds are (what I have read) are WORTHLESS…….

    Qld has Made them in “Cyber” form on PRIVET Computers.

    People are POWERLESS………..As long as they have there Games to play

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  40. I don’t think they will start seizing people’s property (mortgages) – if that were to happen, then there would be total anarchy and people would go wild (just think all those wealthy people with their large blocks of land and luxury homes), not to mention the resources and manpower required for this; for example, NZ with 4million people and only a few thousand personal avaliable, similarly for AU with around ~50000 govt employees, so the logistics calculation does not really work. Everyone is at tenterhooks in a tinderbox at the moment, and any major move would trigger an explosion within the populace unseen in history.

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  41. Nothing says Communist state quite like the arrest of peaceful citizens lawfully and peacefully going about the business of whatever it is they do.

    The ANC Communist government in South Africa has been at this caper for years. The Palachook Communist government in the Big Pineapple is catching on fast. It takes 6 Big Pineapple police to arrest the cafe owner and about the same number to arrest the king and his pot plant.

    SAfrican indigenous king arrested for growing pot at presidency

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  42. Step O'Rafferty

    It seems to me like it’s a done deal because so many people have fallen for the narrative. Those of us outside the system will have to move far away from the cities and build a new economy unless the military, cheered on by the vaxxed and boosted, hunt us down and re-educate us.
    It’s a new way to introduce totalitarianism to a population and so far the mind control techniques have been very thorough.

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