Global Research says no evidence world-wide SARS-CoV-2 has ever been isolated

The central question raised in this study is the following: is there reliable evidence that SARS-CoV-2  has been isolated  from an “unadulterated sample taken from a diseased patient”?

The study provides documentation based on Freedom of Information requests addressed to Health /Science institutions in a large number of countries. 

The responses to these requests confirm that there is no record of isolation/ purification undertaken by the numerous Health /Science institutions which were contacted. 

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  1. Seb @ “So if HIV is a molecular clamp used in vaccines, what is the true story behind those diagnosed with HIV?”

    A good question Seb. This may help…

    As stated by Kary Mullins: “whole genus of retroviruses of which HIV is one”

    As stated by Dr Leonard G. Horowitz “genetic evolution of HIV” (p7) “by iatrogenic mode transmission” (p8).
    ” Earlier observations proved activation of a retrovirus gene by a hepatitis B virus (HBV) protein. This paper proposes a new integrative theory on the origin of AIDS. It advances the possibility of genetic recombinations with oncogene activation by HBV involving SV40, chimpanzee immunodeficiency virus (SIVcpz), and other simian viruses containing reverse transcriptase, that likely infected polio vaccinated blood donors to the initial hepatitis B (HB) vaccine trails conducted on gay men in New York City and other minority groups including Blacks in Uganda in the early to mid-1970s.” (Abstract)


  2. In response to Alison, HIV is a molecular clamp.
    I recall the PM announcing we had our own “molecular clamp” as part of the development of vaccines in this Country.
    Did he know what he meant when he said that?
    I also recall University of Qld (UQ) were possibly using this HIV molecular clamp and they stopped development for fear that people would be diagnosed with a “false positive” HIV.
    (as per Courier Mail report at the time)

    So if HIV is a molecular clamp used in vaccines, what is the true story behind those diagnosed with HIV?
    How did they go from HIV to full blown AIDS? (autoimmune deficiency syndrome).

    The mind boggles.
    Some things we will never be told or hope to understand.

    Getting back to your response, the Indian Scientists when looking at the computer generated information supplied to them noted a splicing with the HIV (molecular clamp), but also claimed they saw other splicing that they could not identify at the time.

    Either way, there has been so much banter about viruses versus exosomes, bioweapons versus computer generated modelling….so much purposeful noise.

    That’s how you hide the truth, you add lots of noise to it.
    Like a needle in a haystack.


  3. SARS Covid 2 is
    *lab crteated
    *engineered with gain of function
    *never been isolated from human tissue

    Dr Michael McDowell states SARS Covid 2 is a tripartite criterion –
    1) original SARS already weaponised
    2) enhanced by gain of function oroperties
    3) genetically combined with HIV virus

    Dr McDowell further states that an Indian scientist found genomic sequencing of HIV element. HIV virus is a ‘retro virus’ – use mRNA to inject their stuff into the cell. When mRNA injected into cell retro intergration takes place – that means mRNA converted back into DNA and then coalesces with chromosome DNA of the host so retro viruses like HIV carry an enzyme called reverse transcriptase which changes mRNA back into DNA to coalesce with the genes in the nucleus.

    Further, Dr McDowell states that it is not true when scientists say that mRNA goes to rhizomes and form proteins. It is true it will be reconverted to DNA and affect your human genome.


  4. In response to David S, remembering that the Pharmaceutical Companies have been given Commercial in Confidence, and according to Bill Gates own words, they don’t have to give us all the details.

    These are some key words they do mention.
    Be wary of the smoke and mirrors out there.

    mRNA injections are developed by a German Biotechnology Company.

    Not a traditional Biologic.
    Has a genetic “code”
    A set of instructions.

    Hence the issue to ask the question why it has never been isolated in a human at the start of the “pandemic”.
    Surely there would have been a human out there somewhere.

    The so called “wet market Chyna bat virus” went missing without a trace.

    There has been no accurate test with the specificity to even identify it.
    The PCR test did not.
    Neither was it designed to do so.

    Yet it was the basis for the worldwide panic and shutdown.

    Remember all those “cases” of PCR positives….or false positives….

    Remember how this Country locked up their elderly and locked out their families.

    Never forget.

    All they had to do was warp speed the roll out of clinical trial injections, shut down alternative media sources and delay their “answers” until the Lawyers came knocking, using a bioweapon reason to take control.

    Such an emotive word: bioweapon.

    By the time this is all proven, they will have achieved their goal.

    Retrospect won’t matter.
    You can’t bring back the dead.


  5. Step O'Rafferty

    Since the beginning this has been the basis of our opposition to the COVID narrative. Such a thing has never been isolated. The current madness sweeping the world, people with the flu are believing they have the omicron variant of COVID, is just ridiculous. Severe respiratory illness has been an issue for centuries. Beginning in 2020 these various respiratory illnesses have (officially) mutated into COVID. There is no need to argue about COVID this and COVID that, it simply does not exist and the sooner people realise it’s a massive deception the sooner we can deal with the scammers.


  6. Everybody read this article –

    It explains in great detail this current situation – what is really going on!


  7. @David S: “If world-wide SARS-CoV-2 has never been isolated, where do the Spike Proteins use in the production the mRNA and other Covid19 “vaccines” come from?”

    Obviously NOT from a non-existent “virus”.

    Try researching the elephants in the room concepts of toxins, EMF and exosomes, e.g. :

    But be prepared to be called a looney! lol


  8. Hi Editor. Some videos for your Archives that might interest your readers.

    Banned from YouTube Lab Analysis at 7 Universities Shows No CoVID
    Feb. 19 2021. Uploaded by Wardo Rants

    Great Victory in Alberta. Man Proves CoVID Does Not Exist in Court. All Restrictions Lifted.
    August 4 2021. Uploaded by Plazma


  9. If world-wide SARS-CoV-2 has never been isolated, where do the Spike Proteins use in the production the mRNA and other Covid19 “vaccines” come from?


  10. Mum’s the word. We don’t want the information falling into the wrong hands.

    They’ll have to start all over again. Another 2 weeks to flatten the curve. 🙂

    The PsychoDan and the Crookchook types will be salivating and shivering with delight.


  11. Thanks Lyndsey. Peter Cunningham wants your reference where the CDC was successfully sued for not being able to provide Covid sample. Ed


  12. It is important to nail this one because the Corona Hoax of 2020 is the moral high ground for the CoVID Regime and its international bio-security state – especially the takedown of all Western nations . If there never was any SARS Cov2 the platform of the entire operation collapses and the cover story : “protecting grandma, flattening the curve, saving lives, keeping us safe” etc can not conceal the Naked Agenda of building a world communist sistema.


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