Red Union takes on Covid mandates

Red Union Fights for The Right for Risk to be Assessed Rationally and Workers to be Genuinely Consulted on Mandates.

The Red Union team continues to represent and support members who have been stood down or currently facing job loss due to the covid vaccine mandates. 

Members Australia wide have sent over 5000 requests to their employers seeking consultation and, in most cases, have been blatantly ignored or their request dismissed.

Our team of lawyers, industrial advocates and industrial officers are preparing individual claims to the Fair Work Commissions across the country, and we have a QLD Judicial Review case pending.  This decision will impact on many cases. 

You have probably heard that we are anti-vax and support conspiracy theorists – this has never been the case.  The Red Union supports your right to a choice and your workplace rights to consultation and rational risk assessment.

The Red Union team have welcomed the Fair Work Commissions ruling that BHP’s mandatory vaccination policy at its Mt Arthur Hunter Valley coal mine was unlawful and unreasonable.  The claim was filed by the CFMEU after BHP stood down 30 workers who were unable or unwilling to provide evidence of their Covid vaccination status.

The decision made by the full bench at the Fair Work Commission could create a precedent for other businesses that have brought in mandatory vaccination policies across their workforce. The decision affirms the position of the Red Unions.

“It is just decent communication to loyal workers. Other than the CFMMEU & Red Unions, paid members have been abandoned by their unions” Miles Heffernan, Industrial Advocate

We would like to thank our members for following our instructions, for their patience and for holding the line.  It really is a waiting game, but the most important thing is not to resign.  This will reduce your legal rights and Red Unions’ ability to defend you.

The NPAQ has also appealed a decision in the Industrial Relations Commission, where Margaret Gilbert, NPAQ President was given a show-cause by QLD Health for speaking to the media on concerns about nurse training.  

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Our politicians laws are a babble on mass of confusion. I say whatever is in their books use it against them and let them try to sort out the mess.


  2. Hi Kev in every state the Crown has been removed. Police no longer have Crown warrant cards. You might look it up in CN when Senator Culleton forced the AG re-insert the Crown into legal procedures. Courts took cognisance but they still operate under Dicey’s Doctrine of Parliamentary Supremacy. Ed


  3. In response to Shy Ted,
    Red Union has supported thousands of employees who have been stood down without a good enough reason.
    They make no promises.
    At least they have not abandoned them.

    Red is the colour of the Labour movement.
    It’s not the colour of the Labour party.
    The Labour Party is more rainbow coloured on a background of green.
    The Labour party doesn’t own the colour red.


  4. Taking a corrupt government to a corrupt court that is paid for and protected by said corrupt government does not instill in me, a great confidence in a fair and just outcome. I wish you luck, but we all saw the process and results of the Kassam/Hazzard case. It was never cut and dried one way or the other, but wasn’t it interesting that the judge declared he needed time to deliberate and coincidentally, after the hearing, but before the determination, the judiciary no longer had to abide by the depop shot mandate? The salt rubbed into that wound was the hypocrisy: The plaintiff had to abide by the mandate but the judge didn’t – and it was the same law (Australian Constitution etc), being used for both arguments. There is no differentiation in the Constitution between judiciary and ordinary citizens.


  5. Hmm, before we think of them as our saviours it actually reads like an extension of the union movement. So they’ve failed to protect your rights and your job but hey, RedUnion is coming to save you.
    Wouldn’t touch them with the proverbial bargepole. And then there’s that “Red” but, which has no political connotations at all.


  6. Police are corporate policy enforcement officers, as all police are now privatised.
    From my Lawful Notice to Daniel Andrews of 2 August 2020:

    On a separate matter, I would also be grateful if Premier Andrews would confirm the facts of the statement he made on the morning of October 16 2019, in an ABC Classic FM radio news broadcast the, in part:

    “Victoria Police are now independent of the Parliament of Victoria.”
    Failure to reply or rebut within 72 hours will be deemed as acquiescence.
    Best regards

    Andrews did not rebut.


  7. Legal Remedies for all Australians
    (regarding the actions of a totalitarian state)

    Read on –
    As seen in a video with Rob at Flagstaff Gardens, Melbourne Vic on 18th December 2021.
    [The colony called] Australia follows the Westminster system.

    3 Tiers of Government – Parliament (Bills/Law)
    – Judiciary (Judges)
    – Executive (PM, ministers, etc (incl. CHO)

    The Chief Health Officer’s directives are ‘Public Policy’.

    This means they are binding only to the Public Service and not the general population.

    Public Policy is NOT binding on the police, as they are officers of the Crown.

    Public Policy is NOT binding on the judiciary.

    Within a hidden video recording by Marty Focker, interacting with Victoria Police personnel,
    Victoria Police are aware that Covid fines are unlawful where they get dismissed by the courts.

    The Covid fines are withdrawn as they are ‘Public Policy’.

    The remedy (for Covid related charges) within Australia is ‘Human Rights’.

    Victoria’s Public Health and Wellbeing Act is used in response to COVID-19.

    There is no such override within the above mentioned Act.

    The Act MUST contain an override in the preamble that parts of the Act overcome the Charter of
    Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006.20 December 2021
    Legal remedies for all Australians (against a totalitarian state)

    Within Victoria, the SARC (Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee) states:
    “The Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 provides that the Committee must
    consider any Bill introduced into Parliament and must report to the Parliament whether the Bill is
    incompatible with Human Rights.”

    Therefore ALL law MUST be compatible with human rights.

    Even IF the CoHR&R Act 2006 could be overcome there is Commonwealth law that must be dealt
    Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (The Constitution),
    Section 51 (xxix) External affairs.

    ‘External affairs’ is something referred to as the treaty making powers of the Commonwealth.

    From the Australian Government | Attorney-General’s Department on the International human rights
    system, the following is stated:

    1 of 3
    “Human rights are codified in international agreements or treaties between governments, called
    conventions or covenants. International human rights treaties provide an agreed set of human rights
    standards and establish mechanisms to monitor the way that a treaty is implemented. By ratifying a
    treaty, a country voluntarily accepts legal obligations under international law. “

    ‘Obligations’ means duty, that being it MUST be carried out.

    Those in government do not want you to know about your ‘human rights’ and the treaties held.

    Your REMEDY is within:

    – Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment

    NOTE: There is a committee within the federal parliament that MUST examine every single Bill
    presented to see if it conforms to the treaties.

    If the Bill does not conform, then it’s ULTRA VIRES (outside of power)!

    International law overrides The Constitution.

    If the state makes a law that contravenes a treaty, Section 109 (of The Constitution) states:
    – 109. Inconsistency of laws:

    When a law of a State is inconsistent with a law of the Commonwealth, the latter shall prevail, and the
    former shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be invalid.

    Examples of treaties used in law:

    1). With reference to the “Tasmanian Dam Case” Tasmania lost to the Commonwealth, when the
    Commonwealth used a treaty to stop the dam project.

    2). Corinna Horvath was assaulted by Victoria Police in her own home, where after a very lengthy
    legal battle, her claim (against Australia) went to the UN Human Rights Commission, where Australia

    From 2014, Victoria Police personnel are aware of remedies via human rights.

    NOTE: The ‘mandates’ are FALSE.

    If there was any lawful power to (forcibly) vaccinate people, then that would be reflected within the
    Public Health and Wellbeing Act, BUT the authorities know this cannot be done as a result of the
    TREATIES in place.

    So, the alternative is to subterfuge, threaten with fear, force, coercion violence and threats of

    The government of Victoria is responsible for all the above actions against the general population.
    Call their BLUFF!

    Under Section 75 of The Constitution, “In all matters: (i) arising under any treaty”.

    If the state is not co-operating in abusing your rights under the treaty’s protections take your matter to
    the High Court of Australia, with the view to a Human Rights Commission enquiry.
    2 of 3

    NOTE: The authorities do not want you to know about/use human rights in court.

    Addendum: Vic premier Andrews stated: “Seriously, one more comment about human rights …”

    Separation of powers: Parliament, Executive and Judiciary government/separation-of-powers/

    Victoria Police admission on hidden camera, source: Marty Focker:

    Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008, Victoria:

    The Constitution:
    – Section 51 (xxix); external affairs
    – Section 75: Original jurisdiction of the High Court
    – Section 109: Inconsistency of laws.

    Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006

    Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee:

    Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (The Constitution),

    International human rights system – Australian Government | Attorney-General’s Department

    Remedy: Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or

    Treaties Committee:

    ‘Tasmanian Dam Case’


  8. The Red Union should take on the new mandate from Comrade CHO Kerry Chant requiring the double mask in order to shop for groceries. On the level of bizarro mundo this mandate calls to mind the NSW government recommendations on ‘covid sex’.

    Chant’s media announcement is disturbing. The eyes (even behind those glasses) should tell us that her Handlers have her on short rations of adrenochrome. She is losing it.

    Cossack tries to work out the double mask concept


  9. 20 December 2021
    Legal remedies for all Australians (against a totalitarian state)

    Read on –

    Can’t promote the site your recommended. They are wrong on issues regarding the Crown which has disappeared in Australia. Police are no longer officers of the Crown. Ed


  10. If unions have abandoned their members then does that not mean that these unions have misrepresented themselves?
    This has happened in my town, where it is estimated, by health workers themselves, that up to 500 health workers have been terminated by the local health conglomerate.
    One such person known to me has declined to go to the Fair Work Commission because of the prohibitive cost of hiring lawyers.
    With up to five hundred members careers and livelihoods at stake, this abandonment seems like gross neglect.
    Should these members then be suing the union, as this sort of situation seems to be exactly the sort of reason one would join a union for in the first place.
    And if it is the Health Services Union we are talking about, well, that Union has been the subject of a lot of controversy:


  11. dianedraytonbuckland

    HEALTH AND SAFETY RISK ASSESSMENT by Gideon J Jacobs December, 2021

    Conclusion: The company has complied to its obligation under the various Work Health and Safety Acts’ requirements and determined based on a risk assessment that it cannot require any employee to have a Covid-19 vaccination. It can also not discriminate against any employee based on their Covid-19 vaccination status. Any state or federal directive or mandate requiring to do so will be in contradiction to both the Queensland and Australian Work Health and Safety Acts of 2011 as well as the Australian Disability Discrimination Act 1992.”


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