My political party might be of interest to you and your readers. I am John Prohm, leader of the Liberty Party, the only federal political party which actually cares about all Australians. The party was established late last year with the intention of becoming a party of government, in response primarily to the nonsense to which Australians have been subjected for the past two years but also to the damage done to Australians over the past five decades in terms of manufacturing, job security and home affordability.

Members of the party hold that all people are created with the obligation to refrain from interfering with other people and a reciprocal right to be reasonably free from interference; they’re created with the obligation to respect the land and hold it in trust; and they are sovereign over the government to which they grant certain powers. These Principles are set out in full at , being section 2 of the party’s Constitution.

From the principles flow the party’s written Objectives. Mainly, these involve improving the political and social culture which have long been deteriorating. Australians would benefit from truth, transparency and accountability in government, corporate media and large organisations; efficiency in tax collection; frugality in public spending; encouragement for manufacturers and growers; elimination of regulations and associated costs which do not benefit the public; actual education for children; neighbourliness; respect for land and indigenous Australian peoples; and the treating of the interests of Australians as the highest priority in decision-making.

These Objectives are set out in full at , being section 3 of the party’s Constitution. Perhaps not surprisingly now, the party’s election policies flow from the Objectives and Principles. Thus the Liberty Party has a coherent philosophical foundation and policy platform. The policies are at and include an introduction you might find interesting should you have a spare moment. I believe there is a fair chance of a hung parliament at this year’s federal election so a coherent party holding several seats could easily hold the balance of power in the House of Representatives.

More importantly, however, a party that wins 6–10 seats would likely *force* a hung parliament. A party in this position would possess considerable leverage and the Liberty Party aims to be that party. Thank you for your time in reading this far. If our mission is of interest to you and your readers, please feel free to publish stories and party material and to contact me whether by email or phone. We are actively recruiting party members and people to stand as quality candidates for the Senate and the House of Representatives in the federal election in May or earlier. I believe it’s time for an end to all the rubbish we’ve been served.

Yours sincerely John Prohm 0421 45 1020