Truck convoy on their way to Canberra today to move into Parliament House

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  1. ron, I would be interested in the “others” you mentioned – researchers? agree with your comments, however the doctors/experts interviewed on the highwire mostly do not hold back from saying what they truly think & some have already lost their license because of doing just that & often are speaking out on the highwire because they have now lost their license & have nothing to fear in that respect. so i would also expect that if they have lost their license, then they are likely telling the truth & only want to share what they know from their research/experience/practice etc. this issue is too important for them to resist speaking the truth. so much information out there in general & is hard for some to determine the truth. the information presented on the highwire is also very fluid trying to keep up with explaining the narratives presented elsewhere – say MSM… so not everything from anywhere could really be called absolute truth anyway. i think we all have a lot to “learn”/understand…


  2. paul

    Yes have seen some of his info early on in the plandemic. He has some good info.

    I follow others that fit my present knowledge, that I have gained over about 40 years.

    Each to his/her own,
    Because of already gained experience and or knowledge, a person may follow a path that another would not find suitable for what they are looking for – nothing wrong with that.

    Many of my favorite books and articles are from very good researchers, not the so called experts. Often a medical doctor or scientist will assist a researcher with a book or article, why? they are only a researcher.

    Because the doctor or scientist can loose their license or funding if they do not stay within set / accepted boundaries. A researcher can venture outside those boundaries because they are only a researcher.


  3. I respect Del..He has spoken to Tom and Andy – he knows there is NO virus described – he – like many others I would put – has decided it is too hard to argue in his area.

    The trouble with this is if we leave them with the Virus fraud we will never be free.


  4. not sure if anyone on this thread watches Del Bigtree on the highwire, but i have been watching the shows for many years and just because he is not a “doctor” does not mean much at all. i expect that none of the mainstream media are doctors either, right? if you actually watch the show, you will see the interviews with many many very well educated and highly qualified experts, most appear to be in the upper levels of qualified experts within their field. it is not just Del sprouting his own opinion, like most of the other shows or MSM news programs, without any evidence or studies to back up their very biassed “opinions”. they are just that, opinions! it becomes very obvious who has an agenda and are being paid to say what they say. where’s the facts? truth from actual data, not selective and biassed opinions from fake studies and manipulated statistics… do some research and the truth comes out on its own…


  5. denitomkinson

    Thanks for the reply.

    I do not mind a different opinion or argument, as long as both arguments are carried out by open minded and considerate people.

    I agree if a person gives out information that could be questioned the source of the information or further details could be asked for, such as qualifications, experience, etc of the source, or actual personal experience on a subject / matter.

    I may go to a library to find out about brain tumors and how they find them. The diagnosis I would leave up to those who run the machines that could find it..

    lindesymonds has made many comments on Cairns News. I do not believe that there is an intended insult. lindesymonds started the comment with “On a lighter note”……then said “Deni is a hoot and I think you should let he/she/othergenderoption have a say” maybe a bit of dry humour? That may or may not be the case, but, – lindesymonds does want you to have a say.

    I hope you stay on Cairns News.

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  6. I don’t doubt you for a minute Ron when you said “I have found that the vast majority of those who make comments on Cairns News are genuine and want to help others”
    I admire that in a person.

    But people like Del Bigtree who doesn’t even have a medical certificate and admits he learnt all of his medical knowlege from being a producer on Dr. Phils show and the Doctors show..
    With all of the knowledge on this post I can see you all know as much, or maybe more than him.
    But how does he keep telling his ‘truths’ when he’s not qualified too. Would you go to a library to diagnose a brain turmor?
    I don’t have anything against anyone here, but it seems that because I have a different opinion to you all that somehow i’m a Troll!

    I take offense at lindesymonds insults, what he/she said is bordering on high school bullying stuff, I had a lot of that back in my old high school days. That was until I found my voice, and then I come on here, to join a discussion, to give my thoughts, I don’t shove it down your throats, but then someone like Lindesymonds come in and bang, i’m shot down!!
    Do I not deserve an opinion without being abused by the likes of her/him?


  7. denitomkinson

    Many of us are researchers, some with natural health and/or modern medicine qualifications/ training.
    As a researcher all that is needed is the ability to look at both sides of the arguments from the experts or the people passing on knowledge, and come up with the truth. Then if accepted or wanted, help others with that truth.

    I have found that the vast majority of those who make comments on Cairns News are genuine and want to help others.

    Recent info as referenced in above comments indicates that there are three types of batches, placebo, killer, harm. The harm ones will cause harm over months and years, such as cancer, especially tumors.

    I do not wish harm on any person, I hope all of you got the placebo and you keep getting them.

    Might not be so lucky with the boosters, which will keep coming unless this plandemic is stopped. There are plandemic pills on the way you will have to take them as well.

    I hope that you can still say the same in a few years from now – all nice and healthy.

    Good health.


  8. There are, at this time, courageous Australians (ordinary honest patriots) who are putting in their time and money to save the ungrateful sheeple who do nothing but put spanners in the works.

    My suggestion is for the sheeple to just give it a rest for a couple of months. Let the real men and women and the kids do all the work for them.

    When that work is done the sheeple can come out and take the credit as usual, I would not mind, we need the bitchers and complainers to keep us honest – joking!

    The last few days have shown that the real Aussie is alive and well.
    They are those who are proud to be Australian, no matter the communities they come from.
    Those who are prepared for the hard slog of getting back our Commonwealth of Australia, our Constitution.our ANZAC spirit.

    Thank you Aussies, I for one very much appreciate all of your efforts.


  9. lindesymonds, Troll Alcatraz.. brilliant!


  10. To Seb, very well put. Yes the Controlled Opposition are the most insidious, along with the deployed ridiculous fanatical groups, masquerading as being onside. Their sole purpose is to destroy our credibility. They are sheeple in lions clothing.


  11. Do some research on CN for a recent article by Alexandra Bruce and find the batch numbers. Not everybody reacts immediately – as a number of the epidemiologists have said it might take two years. But rest assured it will come. Editor


  12. David Esplin is right. just need to look at even the slightly bigger picture to see what is going on. i don’t understand how so many people are not seeing these obvious connections…part of the mass formation psychosis…the brainwashing has been going on for many years/decades/centuries…time to wake up!


  13. Tristar, you wrote this to me:
    “Deni you need to do some study and like Ed said you got a lucky batch”

    So you’re saying that myself, my partner and a few friends here in Adelaide, my nieces, their partners, their grown children..
    Plus my ex husband, my daughter, her fiance and a few other old friends from Perth got a lucky batch?


  14. In response to D.Johnson, your crap-o-meter may be correct.

    The question to ask is who will be hurt by this?…small business owners.

    The big global Companies have their own trucks and delivery systems.

    Take it a step further and look at some of the symbolism: fr33dom rally.

    If you are someone not into Gematria but want to be awake to their numbers and symbolism then you can see it broken down on
    Gematria could well be the modern day morse code they use.
    Their Numerology make sense only to them.
    They never disclose their real data.

    It’s about time they did.

    There is even a New World Order card game from 1995 “illuminati card game” with a card for ‘truckers on strike’ and ‘long haul strike’.

    Food shortages was on the Globalists ‘to do’ list.

    The enemy of the people continue to be Controlled Opposition.
    They are also the hardest ones to weed out.
    They deceive by making out they are on the people’s side.

    That’s not the truckers fault.
    They just might want to consider who took them away from the job they were meant to be doing.
    At least, in Canada.


  15. On a lighter note ED thanks for letting Deni out of Troll Alcatrez. Deni is a hoot and I think you should let he/she/othergenderoption have a say from time to time.

    Thanks to all the Aussie truckers and the convoy. We were the first convoy into our national capital.

    The ‘old’ Parliament House , now the Democracy Museum, is the real Parliament House of the Commonwealth of Australia – not the current monstrousity for the corporate agents / pretenders. Not Happy that an UNDRIP bunch of Gooks (and probably on the Soros payroll) had a fire ceremony there. And definitely NOT HAPPY that the po-po took a knee to them.

    Great to see the first wave of the Canadian Freedom Convoy in Ottawa just this am. The signage that says ‘this is about our constitutional rights and rule of law’ has got it right. But the ‘fuck Trudeau’ messages on the rear bumpers clearly won the crowd.


  16. Thanks for standing up for so many people who feel they no longer have a voice in what was once a Democratic country! Good luck guys and again – a big THANK YOU!


  17. David Esplin, Thank you. And fully agree with your Occam’s Razor type hypothesis. The crazed expressions are definitely terror induced.

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  18. old kodger, Crack me up why don’tcha!


  19. Lol yes Editor…and something about a certain mansion that hosted a very creepy soiree and which also had very slippery stairs.


  20. In a nutshell Seb!


  21. With you – but I sincerely hope the poster does the work – I respect his view but after 12 years of solid research – disagree.


  22. Linfox is also very much in bed with Dangerous Dan in Victoria – strange bedmates? Ed


  23. Deni, I hear what you’re saying, that it sounds ludicrous. Consider that every single measure our governments have taken in lockstep around the world just happened to be counterproductive, like the exact opposite of what they should have done. Consider the fact that they’ve lied from the beginning and just keep inventing new lies, never pausing to admit they stuffed up. Consider how they classed every death as a Covid death to boost the numbers initially. Consider how the PCR test is an inappropriate test that can be manipulated to find anything in anybody. Consider how the WHO gave it pandemic status based on a 3.5% fatality rate, when it turns out to be only 0.002% (a typical flu season). Consider how hospitals were encouraged to place people on ventilators and Remdesivir, killing them. Consider how we were told the hospitals were packed when they had time to make Tic Tok videos. Consider the financial incentives for hospitals to treat patients as covid patients and deaths. Consider how they outlawed all the effective existing treatments so that they could justify calling for emergency use authorisation to rush through a vaccine. Consider how for the first time in history they quarantined the healthy instead of just the vulnerable, shutting down the economy of the world, yet managed to kill off the vulnerable en masse in nursing homes. Consider how they falsely claimed that asymptomatic people could spread the virus. Consider how they’ve made it impossible for people to give informed consent by preventing doctors from saying anything that would jeopardise the vaccine rollout. Consider how they’re hiding the fact that most of the hospitalised, injured and dead are those who’ve been jabbed by classing anyone who was vaccinated or boosted within the last 14 to 21 days as unjabbed. Consider how they’ve giving tax breaks to media companies to ensure they spread fear porn 24/7 and don’t ask the pollies and bureaucrats any tough questions. Consider how we’re being asked to trust politicians and bureaucrats on health matters when tens of thousands of highly credentialed overseas doctors give information to the contrary. Consider that there was a few days ago a 5 hr US Senate hearing in which the world’s leading doctors testified that the vaccines have negative efficacy and should be withdrawn, that this is deliberate genocide, yet Australia carries on regardless. Mate, either our governments are gaslighting us or the Internet is. I’m open minded as to which it is but I’d trust the science that makes sense that these overseas doctors are spouting over the science that the politicians are relying on any day which defies logic. It hasn’t made sense to me either that a conservative government would willingly be involved in a genocidal agenda. But what if they, like many ordinary Australians figured there truly was a pandemic at the start. And now, after it has finally dawned on them that they’ve been had, they see no way out other than to act as if they genuinely believe that there is a pandemic. It could help explain the look of desperation on the faces of some of our state premiers, esp Dan Andrews and Michael Gunner. It’s dawned on them what they’ve done. Some of the others are either better actors or living in denial.

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  24. Beni says if it’s this i call it that and if it;s that I call it something else.
    Well, if it’s Beni, I call it troll.

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  25. Dr. Michael Yeadon former Vice President of Pfizer warned not to take the mRNA vaccines. He said you would end up in hospital or much worse within 3 years time. So depending on what is in your particular dose of the experimental ‘vaccine’ there could be nanoparticles present (commercial in confidence using patented technology) which cause chronic inflammation throughout the body, including the vital organs particularly the heart muscle and clotting in the capillaries of the vital organs.


  26. I agree Betty mac. Lindsay Fox has always ‘been in bed’ with Morrison… wonder if he’s a fellow Hillsong cultist. Not to mention Allied, who are the largest corporation. I subscribed to Big Rigs Australia during our last truckies protest. But they seem to have been silenced. Canadian truckers are mostly autonomous owner/drivers from what I understand, and thereby have much, much more power.


  27. Thousands and thousands dead around the world , millions injured we will all be shocked when the truth comes out . Deni you need to do some study and like Ed said you got a lucky batch .


  28. Hear Hear! pcwwp. It’s come to my attention recently (and most likely other fellow readerrs’ attention), that there are a few contributors who appear to be on the wrong platform here. Of course we should all be able to disagree (respectfully) with one another, because it stimulates discussion and debate, thus challenging and expanding our perceptions. That is the whole point of free speech. It would be pretty boring and stilting otherwise. However, displays of omniscience and condescension are base, counter productive forms of self-expression, indicative of deep-seated insecurity.


  29. if you want to see & hear some truth & facts about all the BS flying around, then I strongly suggest you take a look at “The Highwire”, who also provide all the actual data, the actual studies & actual science from the actual scientists presented in each show for transparency to look it up for yourself. so is not just accepted as someones typically wrong & biassed opinion who has an agenda or ignorant to the facts. also check out “vaccine secrets” series for much more information. if people can’t see what is happening, then am sorry to say how ignorant they must be & still pretending to be asleep – time to wake up! this is how this situation has come about in the first place, people asleep at the wheel, being endlessly entertained with literally brainwashing garbage, to keep them distracted & from understanding anything that is going on…


  30. In response to denitomkinson, at 62 years of age, I think you might have got lost on your way to MSM.
    I do agree however that there is truth, lies and everything in between out there.
    Censorship is the holy grail.

    Presently the world is going through a Clinical trial.
    That’s a fact.
    Even Greg Hunt has acknowledged that fact.
    It was him, who invited Australians to participate in the worldwide clinical trial.

    These are his exact words on April 9th, 2021 on ‘The Insiders’ program:

    “…the world is engaged in the largest Clinical trial ever, and we will have enormous amounts of data. What’s the message for the public? It’s safe, it’s effective, it will help to protect you but it will also help protect your Mum and Dad, your Grandparents, your Nonna…all of Australia”…

    So fortunately for you and your family denitomkinson, there was no immediate anaphylaxis from the 2 shots of the Clinical trial injections they you all chose to participate in so far.

    That’s good, because a very large percentage of the world is actually allergic to the adjuvant PEG (Polyethelene Glycol) being injected into them, and it didn’t go well for them.

    I do wonder if you have managed to check out your batch number.
    Did they give that to you?
    Or did you just take a punt on what trial shot you would be given?
    Like you do with Russian Roulette.

    As to any other reactions in relation to what in these Clinical trial injections will do, that will only be known over time.
    The predicted times given by Scientists who warned from the very beginning, were 3 to 5 years to see longer term outcomes…like autoimmune diseases, infertility and cancers.
    Perhaps 10 years for a young previously healthy adult.

    Either way, denitomkinson, good luck with the boosters coming to a Pharmacy near you.
    In Israel they are now up to their 4th and also their 5th booster.

    Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
    They say pride comes before a fall.

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  31. Have you been through VAERS – yellow ticket or TGA systems?

    There are billions of these poisons administered – the breakup in VAERS shows 5% doing 95% of the damage. This is all well known- please do the work!


  32. “I’m not saying it’s necessarily a cull ” – It’s a set up for a cull..


  33. Deni, you are not looking hard enough into what the government is censoring via the media and big tech. Why would they need to do that?

    Why can’t we discuss there so called science when it was never science at all…A mask will fill with over 8000ppm of co2 in less than a minute with just a 12 year old, now look into what that level of breathing carbon dioxide does to a person, let alone a child…

    After that, come back and tell me the government is not trying to kill you! It suppresses your immune system. It breeds pathogens in the warm moist mask you normally breathe out, breathing them back in! Yeah the government is really looking after your health on one hand they say but doing all these sneaky things to kill you…Why don’t they ever mentioning supplementing your immune system with vitamin D??? You are not to be healthy is why!

    Proudly pureblooded…not a sheep…baa! Genocide is here.


  34. D.Johnston, the last track rally sort of failed because so many trucks are now owned by large corporations, who are in bed with the govt.for what they can get out of this hoax/ fraud.These corporations refused to allow their trucks to take part.
    Don’t know how this one will go…better, I hope.I feel the tide is turning in our favour.


  35. Deni..”.if all corrupt politicians are stood down, who is going to run the country?”
    All the good candidates waiting in the wings for the election, plus a few great ones we already have working for us in govt. are going to re-organise our once great country back to its former glory and decency.We will clean out the swamp!


  36. Deni, I became concerned about all this nearly two years ago and since then have spent countless hours researching away from MSM. Almost none of my friends had problems with the jabs except for mild blood clots. There is strong thought now that some AZ ones are placebos but there is so much evidence now of the severely under reported deaths and injuries worldwide that if you don’t know,your not looking. I’m not saying it’s necessarily a cull but it’s definitely about the money and a great reset agenda. Once somebody mentions conspiracy theory,they lose me. The CIA were very clever coining that phrase. Good luck and dig deeper, our hope of future happiness demands it..


  37. Ed, so I got two placebos, my ex in Perth got two, along with our daughter and her fiance, my partner got two, my neice here in Adelaide where I am got two along with her partner and kids, plus quite a few more…
    Bit of a coincidence that we all got placebos from different parts of the country LOL

    As for getting hundreds of photos of dead people, I bet that most of them are from years ago, way before 2020..
    I used to be a member of one of the groups and the deaths were shocking, hundreds of them, that was back when I was into goulish stuff.
    If there is no reference to each photo you have then I call bullshit, or if there is a reference, I call doctored to make it look like there are Covid deaths!!


  38. Thanks Ron, but as soon as I read this line:
    “If something is not done soon, we will end up slaves to the NWO”

    I quietly backed away!!
    Good luck to you all here, but I don’t like your chances..
    I used to watch the sovereign citizens on Youtube and I laughed and laughed at some of their antics, I never ever would have thought this would come to Australia..
    I’ll stand corrected if you get anything out of this, but I don’t hold much hope for you all!!


  39. kaiwanshou, until it fizzled out like a wet firecracker and they rolled over to the snake in the grass, duplicitous ‘please explain’ Hanson; who incidentally was deployed by Morrison. You are aware of the numerous alternate, independent news sources (other than Cairns News) operating for many years, not only in Australia but globally….right?


  40. Hmm.. You have agreed to participate in a experiment – As happens in stage 3 trails a large percentage of the doses are placebo. Russian Roulette – good luck with that.

    You seem oblivious to the tens of thousands dead and millions injured. This is a fact of record. Yellow card – VAERS etc

    I would encourage you to read more – independent material.

    BTW – there is NO virus as described..


  41. You got a placebo like a lot of others. We get photos of hundreds of dead people in morgues from arounf the world.
    But they had headaches. Ed

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  42. Oh I think I am Boomboom. I used to be a raging conspiricy theorist, then I grew up..
    I read everything, good and bad, on your side or not…
    And at 62 years of age i’m pretty educated on most things.

    You really do think that this virus has been sent to cull the worlds population?
    If they wanted to do that I can think of better ways to go about it..
    You all act like you’re doctors and you know better, well in MY opinion, you’re not and you don’t…
    All of these ridiculous claims about the vaccine murdering children, where on earth did you get those facts?
    It’s plain old scare mongering to get likes etc, i’m not talking about the members or admin here, I’m talking about the ones spreading this propaganda..
    Myself, my partner, my ex husband, my daughter and her fiance, my niece, her partner, my nephews etc etc are all double vaxxed and are just waiting for our boosters…None of us got sick, and especially me, I have health problems to start with, a dicky heart among a few things.. The only side effect we got was a sore arm for a few days, which we get anyway with any vaccine.
    So yes, I think i’m up to speed mate, maybe you need to look further into the yay side instead of the nay side!!

    And admin, can I please have my moderation lifted, I already have a post in from yesterday which is still in moderation, I thought this forum had free speech!


  43. Yes- sack them – all new representation minus the criminals..

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  44. You need 44 on the end of the telegram address I tried EDs but no go , with 44 on the end works , got that from Simon Parkes CC site . I am on the site now . Please check


  45. Don’t think your up to speed on this Deni

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  46. Stand up fuck these globalist 💪💪💪💪👍👍👍

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  47. Until the politicians realise
    A) There is more of us than them.
    B) There is no Australia without hard working small businesses.
    C) When people are fed up and have nothing left they change tak

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  48. D Johnston The truckies blockade did happen but wasn’t covered by the MSM nor alt media. You know, if it’s not on TV it isn’t true, right?


  49. Thanks Dirk. Can do Sunday or Monday for mill. Wayne says he cannot do Saturday – That leaves me free to go to rally in Murwillumbah. Speak soon. C Christopher F. McIlrath Whatsapp (when available) +67077323351


  50. How are they going to hold an immediate election if every politician, including local I guess. have been stood down…
    You say without any unlawful parties, but if they have all stood down there is no lawful or unlawful parties!!


  51. Deni

    “who is going to run the country??? You lot??”

    I have not had any indications from any comments in Cairns News that there are individuals aspiring to get to the dizzy heights of a politician. The system would / should be run as per the 1901 constitution and have representatives voted in from local communities, that is, chosen by the people not by a party.

    So there would not be any “you lot”

    I spent most of my working life in government departments, I can assure you that there would be plenty of honest serving and ex government workers suitable for employed in the system – after the crooks are thrown out. And there are plenty of Australians that would jump at the chance to apply for a job in a fair system.

    I can also assure you that there are some brilliant people who would run this country way better that anybody has run it during the last 60 years. They are the ones who are not members of not so secret societies or members of certain political parties, etc.

    If something is not done soon, we will end up slaves to the NWO,
    They will keep harming and killing us.

    I am prepared to support those having a go to stop the tyrants and to save our next generation of Australians, the kids.

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  52. Occupy (our) old parliament house that would be a very good step, then crank back up our 1901 constitution and apply common law in the peoples common law court in our parliament house,

    Would it be appropriate for someone from the first nation to be the first in the door, a courtesy? I would hold the door open for them.

    Occupy and never again leave our parliament house. Then tear down the private corporation fake parliament house that is occupied by a fake government.

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  53. “Terra Australis” – Shouldn’t that be Terror Australis? 😉


  54. Hi Everyone, Telegram use . That will get you on need the 44 at the end . Good luck everyone Wish I had a truck .


  55. Yeah a few were charged and have been to court. Not finished yet. Ed


  56. Hold an immediate election without any unlawful parties. Ed

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  57. You have our full support! We are proud of you for standing up to the tyrrany that is happening in Australia now. May many more brave Truckies join with the Convoy in this fight for democracy, the law of our Constitution and a return to freedom.

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  58. Personally I’m a bit once bitten twice shy about this. Went too far down the rabbit hole with the #Stand with Truckies protest which never even came close to fruition. Would sincerely love to be proven wrong this time around.

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  59. So if you want all politicians to stand down, who is going to run the country???
    You lot??


  60. “Every Australian politician in every state & territory must stand down immediately. You are all unfit for duty.” Well that is something! It is simply the truth.

    Very unfit though for political correctness & fake democracies but far enough away from conspiracy theories. Smells like a new name for a future Australian public holiday is coming up soon unless the truckies and the other “regime critics & terrorists” are send to wellness camps for “political education”.


  61. Good one Truckies.
    We know this is bigger than just Australia because it’s happening lockstep around the world.
    An obvious attempt to stop the supply of our goods including our food.

    If everyone does their part, then that’s what matters.
    Those who do nothing really are the useless eaters.

    Watch out for the 5G towers though.
    Already more than 30 x 5G mobile towers in Canberra alone.
    Closer to 40 actually.
    One near the RSL memorial on Capital Hill, one on National Circuit near Bourke St and one on the corner of National Circuit and Franklin Street for starters.

    Sure, they are pretty harmless (for now).
    They say.
    But the rollout that has occurred while people have been locked up around the world has been quite incredible.

    Nothing to do with why people feel unwell.
    That timing had nothing to do with it….


  62. Just curious, did anyone get charged over burning the entry to old parliament house? Never heard any follow -up on this.


    Eon Radley


  63. Sorry boys, ya gotta get your third jab before going to Arrebnac, HA HA Police and military in some European countries siding with public AT LAST

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  64. All my best wished and support..

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