Lots of brainwashed idiots will soon starve

Sadly, the PCR tests do not give true results. No one is sick. No one has the “virus’ or any variant (not that any test has ever been able to tell the difference). So we have all these fools staying at home for something they don’t have and are destroying the economy and society for something that isn’t real. People need to get a grip. Fools that are refusing to work for no good reason can’t see past their own stupidity – they are directly continuing to the starvation of potentially millions of people, including themselves.

Got to admit, fear is one hell of a brainwasher.

– contributed

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. I appreciate your view of how you feel. It might be that you have come across a new or different poison.

    I’m sure this is on the increase..

    There is no isolated identified Sars 2 virus – this is fact.


  2. get some Ivermectin and Liposomal Vitamin C , Vit D and shovel it in. Ed


  3. Ok. I fully support you and this site. You provide fantastic updates.
    I would never get the vax.

    However. I caught covid numerous days ago. I have been in bed ever since. It is real, and it isn’t much fun.
    It is not like the flu or a cold. There is nothing natural about it. It is a bioweapon.
    Millions of people have suffered ongoing side-effects from it.

    What has helped is a bunch of supplements to help my body. I’m still constantly coughing.
    But hopefully I will recover.

    Covid is real. And the suggestion that it isn’t does not help.


  4. Like your description, well explained/written, I would fit the bill, if I was forty years younger.


  5. It’s a tough road – but we just don’t know who might read something and a light turned on.. We at least have to try..


  6. sonja Mary Ford

    It truely is, that’s why God tells us so many times in the Bible not to fear and do not be afraid.


  7. As my community meets around various issues generated by the Covid Regime, I find that I am looking for someone. I am looking for someone who will stand as an independent in my electorate on a platform of representing the constituency and leading the nation to constitutional convention with colleagues of like mind.

    I do not think anything is possible in terms of national recovery until Australia takes out the trash – and by this I mean the Covid Regime at all levels of government. Further to that, principle of law , our 1901 Constitution must be restored as the fundamental.

    So who exactly do I look for at these meetings? (As a woman in my 70s, I don’t exactly want to give anyone the wrong Idea) but frankly, I am looking over the blokes in the prime of life.

    White, Straight, Christian male. Tick.
    Non Mason. Tick. No Jew Connections or Money. Tick.
    Mere presence offends Liberals/Marxists, Climate nutters, Covid believers, Race card players etc. Lots of Ticks.
    Veteran of the ADF. Tick.
    Blooded in the family court (optional – but if yes, then). Major Tick.
    Ute, shed and own business. Tick.
    Recreational sports. Tick.
    And he would rather be out on his boat than sitting at another crisis meeting occasioned by covid and doesn’t mind if people know it. Tick.
    Gives time to the community for the school, a church, community causes. Tick.
    Mentors the young. Tick.
    Inclined to fixing things and impatient with talkers. Tick.
    Kids approach him and try to be around him. Tick [ This is actually better than a Blue Card pass ]
    If he stands to talk – he gets to the point and puts down the time wasters, grand-standers, barrow pushers, attention whores and virtue signallers without apology. Tick.
    Sits with other blokes and gets on well with them. Tick
    Sits with his family. Tick.
    Sits with his girlfriend who behaves respectfully towards him. if not, he will give her ‘the look’. She doesn’t get it? Next time he is with someone else. Tick.
    Hates politicians and the MSM, is disrespectful to the CoVID Regime, makes jokes about Covid-19. Tick. Tick. Tick and Tick.

    I think this will do for starters. Old women who go to meetings that are organising the local resistance and support networks: look over the blokes. I say old women because we are invisible to men so we can ‘get away’ with this socially if we are discrete about it..

    We should be looking for blokes who can fix the plumbing and the wiring, take out the trash, dispatch the rat, confront the carjacker with a good right, get the defib off the wall of the golf club and use it for the injectee who came in from the 19th hole and carcked it in the members bar. We are looking for that bloke. And we are looking for whoever can convince him to stand as an independent at the next election on a platform of Take Out the Trash. Clean Sweep.

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  8. I can think of tons of criticism but where will that get me or you ?
    What have I done today to make this situation better ?
    Have I been understanding enough ?
    Have I tried to console someone who has taken the shot and is suffering ?
    Have I tried to warn anyone?
    Have I tried to learn anything so I just may be able to help someone understand ?
    I have written some thousands of words. Have they made any difference Or just been a waste of my precious time.
    Are all these words making a difference ? You know the saying, ” The pen is mightier than the sword.” I would like to think that is true.


  9. Malevolent Pixie

    Only discovered Cairns News recently, keep up the good work. 2022 is going to be rough.


  10. I found my scan of my printout of the USA CDC announcement of 21 July 2021 that they are withdrawing approval of the PCR test. and I had written on that printout the website location, so here it is at https://www.cdc.gov/csels/dls/locs/2021/07-21-2021-lab-alert-Changes_CDC_RT-PCR_SARS-CoV-2_Testing_1.html

    The problem was, and is, that the PCR test does not adequately differentiate between SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viruses.


  11. The majority of all deaths updated in the last 60 days of 2020 are those ‘vaccinated’ against Covid – 19 : read injected with the spike protein biotech.

    The UK government documents this on its own website. Even as the official narrative circles the drain, these Communist traitors and judas goats will gasbag the people on the blah-blah box and get their CHOs and muppets to make all the ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’ announcements they want. But on their own websites they have to minimize their liability and get the official tuchis covered at least to some extent.

    Click to access Vaccine_surveillance_report_week_1_2022.pdf


  12. Yes Tom Cowan has agreed there is a pandemic – of the unthinking..Everyone would do well to look at his work – in my humble view..


  13. This is only a pandemic of the people who don`t want to think.

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    Inject as many of these snowflakes as possible as they are part of the problem. There is so much information online and still the sheeples follow what their tell-a-version tells them, they made their choice, time for all of them to do a dirt nap and give us pure bloods that aren’t brain dead rona zombies our country back!

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  15. Maybe we, as a race are de-evolving.
    Isolation and competition is suggested as important to human evolution.
    We don’t have that any more only in digital form.


  16. They actually are sick now.
    Some are quite unwell because injecting a toxic spike protein can do that over time.
    Some will struggle to recover and will be labelled as ‘long covid’.
    Or they will get fast growing cancers.
    Or they will struggle with autoimmunity and fatigue, ultimately becoming unproductive in the workplace.

    Now it is becoming real.
    We are starting to see who had the clinical trial placebo and who didn’t.
    The timeframe for these things to hit is right on predicted schedule.

    Many frontline participants took the clinical trial injections more than 6 months ago now.
    They rolled up their sleeves without much thought.
    They did what they have always done.
    They trusted their own system.

    The Scientists warned of the risk of prion disease, the folding of proteins in the brain, aka “mad cow disease”.
    They warned the injections would disable T cells and memory cells in the immune system.
    They warned the spike proteins were the toxin.

    I think we should all take a step back from finger pointing at those who trusted as they have always done, and instead come together and look after each other.
    Like Australians do so well with any crisis, with fires and cyclones.

    If we don’t, then those Globalists who have done this to our friends and to our loved ones, not only win once by selling them a lie, they win again by dividing us.

    Their stain will forever be over this Country.

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  17. So True well said


  18. People have been coerced to stay in the workforce and must have the vaxx – so why wonder when they find any excuse to stay at home?

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  19. F.E.A.R. stands for “False Evidence Appearing Real.”

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  20. Several scientists have told me that the PCR test is unreliable,
    especially if pushed beyond 35 cycles.

    I attach a news article from Health Impact News about the USA Centre of
    Disease Control withdrawing on 21 July 2021 its approval of the PCR test
    as from 31 Dec 2021.

    Knowing that journalists can sometimes wax a bit more eloquent than they
    should, I therefore tracked down t_he actual CDC announcement,_ and
    printed it, in case it vanishes.
    I have a _*printout of the actual website memo of the USA CDC of 21 July
    It mentions the need to have a test that can “/facilitate …
    differentiation of SARS-COV-2 and influenza viruses/” better than the
    PCR test!
    I thought I had a scan of this printout, but cannot now find it on my
    computer; I can scan it again and send it later.

    i.e. the CDC does not endorse the use of the PCR test after 31 December
    I think that on 21 July they should have been a lot quicker than
    specifying 31 Dec.

    Lex Stewart

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  21. Yep – there is no virus as described – the tests are meaningless – asymptomatic spread is just a thought bubble..

    The evil force is very strong..

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  22. No,IGNORANCE is one hell of a brain washer

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  23. Lots of people who got themselves injected with the spike protein under the Politburo mandates in order to keep their jobs will ( after 3 boosters) have vaxx acquired immuno-deficiency VAIDs. (Apart from any adverse reaction to the serum itself), they will be suffering the end stage of their prion disease and all the debilities which go with it. The FDA published these ‘concerns’ on its website Oct 2019. Meanwhile the injected and the un-injected will exchange the spike protein transmission which the vaxxed are now mRNA coded to replicate and shed (if they are infectious).

    Not to be tiresome, but a planned genocide of the Australian people is well underway.

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  24. Ed, the comment you posted is absolutely correct. Sadly there are only two groups that can help us – Pauline’s One Nation and Australia One with Riccardo Bosi ensuring Australia One gets the top number. We must all ensure we vote 1 and 2 for them and the duopoly of the oxygen thieves get numbers after any independent even the Marijuana Party. Make the bastards last.

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  25. Fear is the currency of control. I guarantee the half wits we have in government will be voted in again! Appreciate your emails Brian Sent from my iPad


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    I do not mind getting data from you if it does not have swear words in it. I cannot use data that is offensive to others. I cannot refer your data on nor can I quote you if you swear. I can copy your data and write my own article about it because my articles are not offensive to others. The minute I see swear words I loose a great deal of respect for you and do not find you information credible because of it. If I cannot trust you how can I trust your data. Please stop sending me offensive data. To many people think it is perfectly O.K. to offend others claiming free speech as a justification. I go by the old beliefs, which say “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” “You get way further using honey than you do using vinegar,” etc.


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