by D Weldon

As an example, this is a site that US lawyer Sidney Powell set up to track evidence for the stolen US 2020 presidential election. It also has a lot of statistical evidence and now has evidence for Covid. I believe the evidence is submitted to her site and her legal assistants update the database. There may possibly be evidence that has not been made public for privacy reasons or because investigations are still under way and the information could tip off the suspects.

The site is using using airtable to host the data.

The info gathered should not just about who mandated what, but also about evidence to prove that the TGA and the state goverments and CHOs had knowledge of effective treatments but ignored them. Submit FOI requests to garner as much information as possible.

Take snapshots of web sites and download videos using Video DownloadHelper in case they are taken down.

Some questions I would like answered:

Who is doing the full genomic sequencing to detect strains and please FOI the data and let’s get that independently verified/audited and/or even better, have whoever is doing it watched over the shoulder so the process can be verified.
What access does the Govt health authorities have to location data from the Covid Checkin and/or CovidSafe apps? Eg. to determine if they are able to manufacture clusters.
FOI on the protocols being used in hospitals to treat Covid.
FOI on numbers of Covid deaths having a co-morbidity vs not, broken down by hospital.

Here is some evidence from Craig Kelly’s Youtube channel for a start:

(Craig Kelly has warned the TGA about the dangers of vaccinating young men)

The Australian Parliament votes AGAINST debating mandatory injections 1 Dec 2021
Around the 12 minute mark, Kelly calls for a division so it can be made known very clearly who voted against the debate.

The Australian Parliament votes AGAINST free & informed consent for medical interventions.
Kelly called for a division in this one as well.#