PCR test driving the Covid insanity and they are coming for your kids on Monday

Cairnsnews has been continuously told by government sources the Queensland Premier has been planning a state-wide Covid lockdown to start on Jan 10. In response to a media inquiry the Premier has denied any such lockdown is planned.

If you watch the Health Minister and the Premier’s speech about the large number of alleged infections after PCR testing it seems to be so terribly irresponsible for government Ministers to ignore the inaccurate PCR and RAT Covid results.

We wonder which part of the CDC reports stating PCR tests are not suitable for Covid testing they don’t understand?

The politicians have admitted they have read numerous submissions from qualified people that PCR tests were not designed for diagnosing infections. Read the submissions on this Parliamentary website:

They also refuse to confirm the large number of patients hospitalised because of mRNA inoculations that medical staff keep reporting. The CHO does acknowledge myocarditis which he says is caused by Covid 19 virus (which doesn’t exist), never by the vaxx. These people are such terrible liars.

In Far North Queensland alone medical sources have told us of 12 recent deaths which they said were directly related to vaxx.

The Premier’s bald statement that both Cairns and Mackay populations have reached 95 per cent vaccinations is laughable.

We have been reliably informed it is about 60 per cent. That is why the state government is paying nearly two million dollars a week to advertising agencies to keep promoting vaccinations.

In two days time these monsters want to vaxx your five year olds. If they are not vaxxed the Premier said they cannot go to school.

Cairnsnews is aware of a mass exodus of students from the state education system, particularly those five year olds starting school for the first time.

Teachers who have been sacked for refusing the deadly jab will be operating across a number of regions in a home schooling system. These teachers will be paid by parents.

This is happening across the nation with diverse groups of responsible parents home schooling their kids.

Some parents consider removing their kids from the clutches of the communist state and its socialist, GAIA, BLM-orientated curriculum to be a blessing.

Comrade Premier Annastacia is on the record saying she will not allow the kids to be taken from her clutches. Good luck with that one Comrade.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Good news always welcome – however the evil ones have a big investment in Astana – don’t think they will let it stand..


  2. Hi Seb sorry to disappoint you but one of our contributors phoned Kazakhstan last night and was told the uprising had little to do with Covid, perhaps QR codes being required for banking (unconfirmed) but this trouble is typical of their persona. It had a bit to do with warring factions but Russia is moving in to keep China out we were told. Ed


  3. It’s lucky we’ve had such a major outbreak and crisis otherwise we’d be struggling to provide bioengineering injections to our 5-11 year olds in order to stop transmissions.

    And what a great advertising coup by Scumo and Co nabbing Djokovic just in time and saving us all from a national catastrophe. The MSM shock jocks baying for blood also deserve a hand too. 😉

    Lucky Country indeed!


  4. Geoffrey Kuhn, do you live on the moon? Don’t know what planet you’re on but it ain’t earth. You obviously haven’t been reading ‘Cairns News’, I think you may have got a little mixed up & your post was intended for the ‘soul selling’ main stream media, you know, the paid ones to sell what the duopoly (as Cairns News calls them) want to sell to us, the public , Labour, Liberal, Greens to name a few. They’ve been named & shamed on this platform. Cairns News hasn’t been biased & you’re wrong when you state they don’t ‘stay on the facts of their reports’.


  5. In response to kevmudskipper, this is the word on the street in relation to Kazakhstan (translated for us from Russian telegram sites and those communicating with the people on the ground):

    “On 6th Jan Kazakhstan had it’s internet shut down.
    There was an Uprising.
    A lot of people were tangling with the Military and the police.
    That was happening on 5th Jan.
    A lot has changed in 24 hrs.
    The President has fled the Country.
    The PM has fled the Government and Country.
    The Government has completely collapsed and been disbanded.
    They are trying to flee.
    The President’s son who was meant to take over the secret services (KGB type of service) has fled the Country.
    Soldiers and Military are trying to flee the Country and getting stuck by uprisers and protestors who are arresting them.
    The Police are getting arrested.
    Government buildings are on fire.
    Politicians houses are all on fire.
    Politicians are being grabbed and arrested.
    All their houses are on fire.
    Doctors are getting arrested.
    People were being pulled out of Vaccination Centres and getting arrested.
    The guns have come out.
    They have robbed all the banks.
    They are going all ape.
    Contrary to what they are saying on MSM, it is not because of liquid gas fuel and the prices that have risen there.

    It’s about vaccination, the vaccine pass and the QR codes…

    They are saying that they finally pushed it over the edge.
    People couldn’t go to the bank and withdraw their money without a vaccine pass/digital ID.

    In the space of 24 hrs, they have overthrown the Government”……..

    Given this has been translated from Russian…I guess we will find out the extent of this from non MSM channels….(eventually)


  6. Isnt it amazing slow as it is is coming back to bite these bastards in the arse , all we need now is a KASAKSTAN TYPE UP RISING without the violance thank you to take this lot out BIG TIME I think they know there on the ropes but its been two years and there plan has not worked the way its supposed to and the people are slowly waking up and they know what the end game is going to bring them and it wont be nice and they know it , but the EVIL WITCHES want the kids this is there last stand so come on people you know what happens TO WITCHES and there cohorts .


  7. It’s all pantomime. Ed


  8. Hey Geoffrey the ALP have always been communists and they are ‘in charge’ of the Covid narrative. If you have read anything on this site you would know we always refer to the ALP/LNP duopoly. Suggest you do some reading. And we will continue to call them out with as much bias as we can muster. Editor


  9. The Chief Health Medical Officer for Queensland doesn’t want to preempt the plan that is coming….which he doesn’t appear to even know yet.
    The Premier doesn’t want to give the plan because she hasn’t yet received the plan.

    The plan, the plan…….Whose plan?
    Give us their names.
    Those that plot and plan.
    Those that hide behind their anonymity and treat us like fools.

    What we can gather for Queensland, is that the ‘planners’ in their great superior knowledge and understanding are predicting that Omicron is going to take 6 weeks.

    6 weeks to flatten the curve?

    Until the next part of the plan?

    And tell the truth about the PCR.
    It was thrown out late 2020 after a Legal challenge to WHO because it was faulty.

    Say it. Tell people the truth about that.

    Then prove to us that these rapid antigen tests (RAT) are not just another version of false positives.

    Do they have specificity?
    For what?

    Are you saying that there is a cheap home brand version of a test that specifically identifies Covid?

    Not just some small piece of a gene that could be derived from any infectious virus which the body has already dealt with?
    Not some fragment of virus genome that can stay in the cell for a very long time?
    Does this cheap RAT test have specificity for SarsCov2 alone?

    Not even the PCR test had that.
    The PCR was never able to show infectivity.

    Reference: doctors4covidethics.org (symposium session 1)

    There are thousands of coronaviruses out there.
    They are often called a cold.

    Please stop perpetuating stupid.
    For your own sake.
    It’s becoming cringeworthy.

    I’m actually not against Science.
    But this is Junk.

    Some of us know the difference.


  10. I have to say you are displaying a bias on this platform that I think is wrong by relating to the Qld government as communist when I dont see you referring to the LIB governments both state and federal as Capitalist Pigs.I am no fan of any of them but my concern is for balanced reporting which is in short supply.If you are a front for some party dont be sneaky come out and say it, So please stop the name calling and stay on the facts of your reports.


  11. Oh dear.
    The Chief Health Medical Officer of the State of Queensland forgets to put his mask on.
    So he pulls one out of his dirty pocket.
    Good boy.
    That should protect you now.

    Obviously he hasn’t worked in Infection Control in the recent past.
    Any Medical Professional would know that is not how you handle a mask.

    Unless it is being used as a masquerade.


  12. dear Editor – Could you please tell me what is the black flag on the left ??? and what is the green and blue flag on the right ?? and how do they pertain to Queensland or even Australia ? and I notice the REAL AUSSIE flag is being hidden by the person at the podium ??? how deliberate is all of this ??? thanks.. bara



  13. With regard to teachers, I said early on in this debacle, (when the pollies said that if you didn’t comply you would be ostracized from society at large), that they should be careful of that one because it may very well end up that there is a perfectly stable ALTERNATE society, outside of their control. Now you start to see it’s emergence, with quite possibly an alternate school system privately run by the people, and I’m sure the kids would be better off for it.
    This sort of thing has a propensity to expand. Each one of us has something we do, or can do, when finally we work out to do it for each other, rather than for “them”, they’re finished!

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  14. No one wants to see armed conflict. War is a crime. Period. With a Marxist Leninist state you have two options. The first is civil conflict (if the population is armed) and able to act in defense of life, liberty, necessities of life and oppose the armed aggression of the state / gook crime gangs enabled by the state – controlling the population through chaos and crime – for example, Plaasmorde cadres acting for the SA state don’t always get to murder, rape and torture the White Akrikaaners – often they are killed themselves. Option Number two is standard issue Communist genocide and the population’s endurance of genocide.


  15. Everything points to it. Ed

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  16. I fear that before the end of this we may see armed conflict in this country

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  17. Thank you for the piggy cartoon.I LIKE it. I recall John Howard saying, ” It is no longer legal in this country to own a firearm for your personal and property defence.Which I thought was a little unfair. The crims never pay any attention to that .
    To get to the children and the jab. I really do not understand why anyone would allow their child to have an experimental injection.This one is entirely different . Young people are dying from it . These lying politicians and so-called public servants, aka corporate bullies ,are not stupid. They are following an agenda. Tell me, what is in those injections they insist they WILL put in every person ? Oh yes I have done my homework. How does one convince someone who WILL NOT believe , and WILL NOT research the jab. It looks like one of the mothers in my family will get her two children injected, for their social life. That is causing trouble in the family. I read the family court is full of warring couples .
    The people behind this Great Reset are going to have to pay for the evil they are bring on this world. They deserve justice.

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  18. Comrade Premier Anastasi sits on the Federal Politburo (aka National Cabinet). She will do what she’s told. And that douchebag CHO will follow his script. They are coming for your kids Qld – they are going to get our children injected with a prion disease that will confer immuno-deficiency in 4 shots. Vaxxed acquired immuno-deficiency – VAIDs is where this is going. Parents and teachers of the Big Pineapple – don’t cross this bridge on the 2nd or third booster. Decide now. Get them out of the schools now.

    There is a reason why Priority One for the Communist state is to disarm the population. And that reason is the standard issue Communist genocide – currently underway.

    The Three Little Pigs Learn About Gun Control


  19. I listened to 9 minutes of this psychopath talking I can’t listen anymore, It just makes your blood boil which is a good thing, it certainly keeps you updated on the propaganda narrative and blood boiling kills all viruses especially propaganda.Seriously these people are fighting a losing battle of choice & commitment & soon will face the consequences of their actions, May it be soon and may they find the light before we truly bury them.

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  20. “Teachers who have been sacked for refusing the deadly jab will be operating across a number of regions in a home schooling system. These teachers will be paid by parents.”

    I truly hope so..


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