Labor Health Minister D’Ath warned by senior doctor to look for another job

The other huge worry is that the medical profession is not allowed to question any of your decisions for fear of being deregistered by AHPRA. You have produced 0% herd immunity and 100% herd insanity” – Dr Simon Stilgoe, Brisbane

The Minister of Health
State Government
Queensland, Australia

Dear Ms D’Ath,

I retired from clinical practice on 15 December 2021.

My family and some of my colleagues have commented “Well, it’s time you took a break! After all you have three university degrees, two fellowships and three licentiates and have been in full-time practice for 41 years – working as a rural generalist on 4 continents, predominantly in remote locations in third-world countries, with the last 13 years serving the rural communities in Australia, latterly as a locum Senior Medical Officer in southeast Queensland, always putting your patients and community ahead of your family and your social life. It’s about time you had a rest.”

This exceptionally honest and forthright Doctor Simon Stilgoe has seen it all and has called out the Queensland Health Minister for disastrous management of the Covid scamdemic by administering a “gene therapy”

Perhaps they are right, but the question is – am I ready to retire? After all, I am only 63, and feel I probably have a few years left in me to effectively serve the people of Queensland.

So, why am I retiring, then? Because of your non-evidence-based vaccine mandate for health workers. Apparently, at midnight on the 14 December 2021, I was meant to turn into a mutant blob of super-spreading coronavirus slime that would be a terrible threat to my colleagues and patients. You may be relieved to hear that that did not happen. In fact, I have never felt healthier.
It has been interesting to see the rise of evidence-based medicine during my career, something we have all embraced and accepted as the correct and safest way to manage healthcare issues, whether in the individual patient, or at the population level. But many of us have stood mouths-agape to see the principles of evidence-base being thrown into the garbage as politicians have disastrously taken on the role of managing health care during the current coronavirus problem.
But I would like to thank you for the opportunity to retire a little earlier than planned. It will give me the opportunity to spend more time with my wife and my family, and to catch up on my long-neglected hobbies of cycling, bushwalking, bird watching and photography – unless you plan to slap a QR code on the tail feathers of every rainbow lorikeet in the state? Oops, shouldn’t have given you the idea.

And as I sit quietly on one of Queensland’s many beautiful beaches, I will smile to myself knowing with certainty that you too will soon be forced to retire.

How do I know this? Well, Queenslanders may have been scared, bullied, coerced and, yes, forced into lining up to receive their COVID shots, but they are not stupid. As the news of the rapid crumbling of the pillars of coronavirus control that your policies have forced onto them continue to seep past the firewall of our local media and into the general population, they will realise that they have been seriously duped. I can only pray that their reaction will be one of peaceful protest, but this protest will ultimately be voiced at the polling stations. I don’t know what you did before you went into politics, but I hope you were better at it than you have been at “ministering” our health.

Socialist left Queensland Health Minister Yvette D’Ath has no ability to understand the makers’ recommendations for the PCR test. It is not to be used for Covid testing yet she and her devious cohorts have just about killed the state in one foul edict. She will get President Xi’s annual award for social destruction. and a hundred points of social credit. The sheeples of the SE corner have fallen right in.

Those “pillars of coronavirus control”? Masking, social distancing, mass screening of asymptomatic people with a PCR test run at a cycle threshold that is way too high, QR codes, hand sanitisers, lockdowns, Perspex partitions, not to mention the alleged “vaccine,” have long been known to not stop the spread of a coronavirus, and the evidence continues to accumulate daily, both through proper journal-published studies, but also just by looking at world experience as the virus continues to thrive. And all we hear is the same on-repeat demands from you and your experts – more masks, more lockdowns, more social distancing, and why not have another dose of our “vaccine” – surely it will work this time? I don’t think so – coronaviruses are experts at adapting to their environment, and they don’t even have a frontal lobe.

The “Vaccine.” Surely by now you are getting embarrassed trying to spin this narrative? No doubt you have heard the old joke that you can always tell when a politician is lying because their lips move? Well, the too-oft repeated Anna/Yvette/Steve/Jeanette-then-Peter-now-John mantra of “Get the vaccine – it’s safe, effective and free!” must be a candidate for the Guinness Book for the most lies contained in one short sentence! Let’s dissect it:
1. “Vaccine” – time to call it what it really is – an experimental gene-based therapy that had to be labelled as a “vaccine” in order to receive emergency use authorisation.
2. “Safe” – a quick look at our own TGA website should be enough to convince you otherwise. But if it isn’t enough, try the US VAERS, The UK’s Yellow Card system and their Office of National Statistics, or the EUs EUDRAVigilance and EuroMOMO. Not to mention the surge of unexplained deaths being reported world-wide amongst vaccinated people.
I have read the “Vaccination Consent” form that people are given to read and sign at your vaccination centres. The fact that the not-insignificant risk of death, myocarditis, cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and other neurological damage are not mentioned is nothing short of criminal. What happened to “informed consent”?
1. “Effective” – Seriously? Do you believe that Queensland’s experience of the lack of real benefit of this “vaccine” will be any different to the experiences of the rest of the world, where reports come in on a daily basis of the failure of the “vaccine” to deliver what was promised. I know Australia is known as “the lucky country” but I think it will take more than luck for us to experience any more efficacious a result from this “vaccine” than the rest of the world has.
2. “Free” – yeah, right – the taxpayer will be paying for this for decades to come.
No, the only thing that has kept Queensland relatively COVID-free has been the strict border closures. But at what cost? Businesses destroyed, families torn asunder, and the human psyche stretched beyond its limits.

The above policies have indeed resulted in a two-tier society: 1) the vaccinated who have been led to believe they are “protected” (I have had multiple vaccinated patients tell me this) but are actually not, and 2) those who have exercised their freedom of choice not to be vaccinated, but who have been deprived of the chance to achieve natural immunity due to your attempts to quash a coronavirus.

Congratulations! As you and your colleagues pat yourselves on your collective backs and brag about a “world-leading” approach to the coronavirus problem, what you have actually produced is a community with 0% herd immunity and 100% herd insanity. We are like a fresh agar plate in a laboratory waiting to be infected. But anyone with a firm understanding of virology, immunology, epidemiology, sociology and human psychology could have told you this would happen. I presume you have a panel of experts that advise you? They would have known this would happen. So, they have either not advised you correctly, or you have chosen to ignore them – I don’t know which scenario frightens me more.

One of the basic tenets we get taught at medical school is what’s called the biopsychosocial model – each and every person is a unique mix of biology, psyche and their social environment. Everyone on the planet – that is 7+ billion very individual people. So, it’s no wonder that your carpet-bombing of every individual with “vaccines,” lockdowns, masks etc has failed. As has oft been said, we have moved from “one size fits all, to one size fits none.” And as history has shown, carpet-bombing always has the same result – death, despair, destruction, desolation and, eventually, public dissent and outrage.

The other huge worry is that the medical profession is not allowed to question any of your decisions for fear of being deregistered by AHPRA. What happened to the scientific norm of open debate? Must be hidden somewhere behind the façade of your emergency powers. Nobel prize-winning quantum physicist Richard Feynman once said “I would rather have questions that can’t be answered, than answers that can’t be questioned.” And General George Patton is reputed to have said “If everyone is thinking alike, then someone is not thinking.” So why are the medical profession not allowed to openly debate the way the COVID problem has been handled and the efficacy of the “vaccines”? And believe me, there are a growing number who are questioning. There is a large percentage of my colleagues and the nursing profession in your health service who have told me they would not have received the “vaccine” if it wasn’t for the fear of losing their livelihood. This is a tragic betrayal of their trust and vulnerability. Shame on you.

I was delighted to receive a letter in my post-box a couple of days ago, co-signed by the Prime Minister, the federal Minister of Health and the federal Chief Health Officer. It was an invite to step forward and get a booster dose of “vaccine.” It was reassuring to note that the letter stated that only one booster dose will be needed. That’s great to hear, especially as no-one on the planet really has any idea how effective or enduring boosters might be. If the experience of the results of the first two doses is anything to go on, please forgive me if I’m not convinced. Enclosed in that letter was another information sheet again reassuring Australia that the government had secured 150 million further doses of “vaccine.” Hmmm – only one booster dose needed, 150 million doses available…? 150 million divided by the eligible population of Australia equals…… silly me, one dose each of course! After all, why wouldn’t the politicians play as recklessly with the laws of mathematics as they have with the laws of our Constitution and Human Rights.

I noted with interest the comment you made in the notification you sent out to health staff when you announced the December 15 deadline for full vaccination – toward the end of the letter, you stated something along the lines that exceptions could be made in case of workforce shortage. Now, in a health service that is notoriously understaffed (except perhaps at the administrative level), where do you draw the line between “a little understaffed” and “severely understaffed”? Just yesterday I received an email from a recruiting company advertising locum Senior Medical Officer vacancies across the small rural government hospitals in Queensland – there were 67 such vacancies (I guess it’s 68 now). I just wanted you to know that I would be very happy to keep working – not so much for you, but for the under-serviced people of rural Queensland. In order to return to work, I wouldn’t expect an apology from yourself because I realise that politicians never apologise – they merely spin the facts and pass the blame onto someone, or something, else.

I realise that you are highly unlikely to ever read this letter – I suspect you have the junk filters set very high on your email account. Maybe it will be read by one of your underlings who is also likely to hit the “delete” button. I will send a copy to your boss, for what that’s worth. But I will also send copies to other politicians and interested parties who I know will read it and who do genuinely care for the citizens of Queensland and their basic human rights. Please note I have stated my full name, phone number, physical and email addresses at the top of the letter in the name of transparency and openness, concepts you may not be familiar with.

As I enjoy my enforced retirement, I wish you luck with what remains of your career – you are going to need it.

Yours truly,

Dr Simon Stilgoe

Qualifications Bachelor of Medicine / Bachelor of SurgeryUniversity of Rhodesia 1980 FRACGP 2009 Occupation General Practitioner (GP) Gender Medical Specialties General Practice Links

Dr Simon was born in England and immigrated to Rhodesia with his parents at a young age. He graduated Medicine in 1980, the year Rhodesia became Zimbabwe. He left Zimbabwe in 2002 and went to Abu Dhabi in the Middle East, before permanently moving to Australia in 2008.

He has worked in a rural General Practice in South Australia for the past eleven years, before making a final move to live and work on the Gold Coast in 2019. Having lived and worked on three continents, Dr Stilgoe brings a wide range of experience to 188 Medical in all aspects of General Practice. Dr Stilgoe is Accredited Skin Cancer Doctor, he holds Master of Medicine Degree in Skin Cancer Management, which was awarded in 2013. (Wikipedia)

Editor: Dr Stilgoe deserves a medal.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Dear Editor,

    Can you please point me towards the Australia Act 1987 so that I can digest its contents. My ‘google’ search did enlighten me.

    Kind regards,
    David Nore

    DAVID from The Editor:
    The Bob Hawk – Labor Party removal of the Queen to DICTATE without any referendum of the people they circumnavigated the peoples constitution by utilising the STATES

    AUSTRALIA ACT 1986 No. 142 of 1985 – SECT 10
    Termination of responsibility of United Kingdom Government in relation to State matters

    10. After the commencement of this Act Her Majesty’s Government in the United
    Kingdom shall have no responsibility for the government of any State.



  2. Valid story , thank you Doctor


  3. The arrogance of our politicians throughout this politically driven pandemic! As they increased their power to control us they became as tyrannical as the worst leaders in history anywhere in the world.
    The excess deaths, not only in Australia but worldwide are due to nonsensical “health rules” and the vaccine itself – not the virus.
    Everyone is talking about mass psychosis – it’s also mass murder because the politicians were given the data showing the vaccine “injuries”. Still they continued – doubled-down even!
    We have jailed politicians for corruption – this lot should be on trial for homicide.
    None of this tyranny and total madness would have been possible without the lies, bias, and fear mongering by MSM.
    The truth is far more newsworthy than the propaganda they’ve spewed out for two years – their job now is to reveal it.

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  4. Steven Goldberg

    Thank you

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  5. Come back to Britain, we really could use Doctors of your quality and honesty…..hold the line and we thank you for speaking out 🇬🇧


  6. Nice words Kerrie let’s hope the good doctor is reading cairnsnews. Ed


  7. I cried with tears of relief and joy when I read Dr Stilgoe’s letter, that there are SOME doctors who haven’t been carried away with the lying narrative forced on us by our politicians and the 6 o’clock news of whatever persuasion. You gave it to Yvette D’ath with both barrels and she so richly deserves it, along with the rest of her cohorts. We have steadfastly refused to be inoculated ( they don’t qualify to be called vaccines) with the experimental gene therapy. It isn’t rocket science to figure out that the agenda was actually the innoculations and not the health and well being of the Australian public. The objective of the agenda is rooted in pure evil, that being the culling of the human race. It doesn’t take a whole lot of homework and due diligence, listening to the likes of Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and other oligarchs to ascertain this. The biggest question is; why do our politicians comply with this agenda? Are we to assume that they are complete ignoramuses or that they complied because there was something in it for them? Why do they think their mandates were above and in complete violation of the Constitutional guarantee, the Bio-Security Act, the Privacy Act and Fair Work laws? Why did they exempt themselves from having the innoculations while forcing it on everyone else? When it comes to politics in Australia, like America, we need to drain the swamp and get rid of the lying, deceiving low life that inhabits there. Now there’s a mandate! My own skin doctor went back to SA to attend to personal/family issues there. The lockdowns began and so far he has not come back to Queensland and now I read that Dr Stilgoe is retiring but that he has qualifications and experience with skin health. I would have happily driven to the Gold Coast for consultations as the replacement doctor that I have now isn’t as capable as the one who left. What a shame we are losing such a good and clearly intelligent doctor to retirement. A sad loss for us all. Thank you for your courage to write the letter to Ms D’ath and God bless and protect you in the future.

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  8. We believe he has done that. Ed

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  9. What an enlightened gentleman Dr Stilgoe is with his astute analytical prowess blended with a wealth of sound medical experience coupled with the courage of his convictions to speak out. Congratulations on hitting the proverbial nail on the proverbial head – and, not just once, but multiple times in the course of this letter. On behalf of those Kiwis here in NZ, who too oppose the global narrative, and who reel under the pressure of insane government officials which mislead us and the biased media which tow the party line thus reinforcing mass indoctrination, please would you forward a copy of your letter to our PM and our Minister of Health. Please!

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  10. Simon Stilgoe really does deserve a medal. What an enormous difference there is between his quiet, enlightened and compassionate approach and the screeching cacophany of lies and animal excreta put out by D’ath and her ilk – may they be consigned to perdition before we take our next breath. ROGER HARCOURT. TOOWONG.

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  11. So glad some one Dr has finally stood up to these so called health experts They really need to listen to real experts Dr Peter Mculloch Luc Montagnier Nobel prize winner scientist Dr Mike Yeardon ex Pfizer medical chief officer whose data says they are comfortable with death rate The children who are dying of massive heart attacks after first dose of poison for what ??? MONEY ?? 💰
    THANK YOU Louise Cotton

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  12. Elizabeth Eadon

    Thank you Cairns News for another great article, and huge thanks to Dr Simon for his frankness and honesty, both of which are ‘as scarce as hen’s teeth’ in our current distopia… Your courage in speaking the truth is much appreciated. Wonderful letter..

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  13. Re: Seb, Well most Dr, (and academics) are told by the houses of learning “What to think” — “Not how to think”, above all you have to follow the/our narrative. The powers that are responsible for most people being spell-bound today have been going at this for many years and are well organised.
    To break this spell “we have to stay United”. This divide and Rule has been used for the past 2000 years. Husband against Wife, brother against sister, one culture against another. Mind you we have had many precursors as wars in the past, one of the latest was, 9/11 then now about 2 years ago the Covid-19 (we cannot find).
    Again we have to stay united, “Their are more of us then of them”, and ONE thing they cannot handle, if you laugh at them. They are Pathetic and insecure, Just look at Albert Bourla CEO of Pfizer…

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  14. Thankyou Dr Stilgoe for keeping your medical oath and personal integrity by joining many medical professionals in serving your patients and fellow human beings to the best of your capacity.

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  15. I suggest this is the most important diagnosis you have ever given.

    Thank you Dr Stilgoe, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your service to humankind.

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  16. Email his office in Brisbane and ask we don’t have time unfortunately. Ed


  17. Where’s your golden handshake? Ed


  18. Thank you for your service to humankind and for standing up and telling it how it is! Praying that the tide changes before our youngsters are subjected to this unnecessary medical intervention. It is a criminal operation no less.
    Best wishes for your well deserved break.

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  19. All like sheep have gone astray. Broad is the road that leads to destruction and narrow the way of the Lord and few will find it. I’m glad our Prime minister has acknowledged the minorities (out there that do not wish to vaccinate and that is ok) who are not ignorant to side effects and not made the vaccination compulsory. It is our human body. Not a car a house or shop. Blood clotting is very scary. Lazy people will just go along with advertising and get the jab without ever reading an article about the vaccine and side effects. I’m glad there has been big rallies protesting in Brisbane and other states because the numbers were huge. 100s of people. Uncensored magazine is a good find too. I wish we didn’t print so much paper in the office. If only hand writing some emails and delivery by person could be implemented. Less loss of trees

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  20. Brilliant, should be read by all Australians

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  21. Regarding my earlier post. Schwab’s book sums up their intentions as follows.

    ‘History shows that epidemics have been the great resetter of countries’ economy and social fabric. Why should it be different with COVID-19?’ (p. 31).

    How convenient that God has sent them a plague to absolve them of trillions of dollars of debt repayment!

    Hence the book’s title no doubt

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  22. In response to kaiwanshou, the good Dr did not need to retire.
    He is only 63 and could have worked for much longer under normal circumstances.
    He has taken retirement early because he will not comply with a system that is broken.

    It is a big step to speak out given the Medical Registration Body APHRA warns of disciplinary action if they do.
    They literally have been gagged.
    To speak against this Clinical trial will likely cost them their Registration.
    This Dr obviously accepts that farewell.

    Even that is hard for those not in the system to understand.
    No fanfare.
    No thanks a lot.
    No acknowledgements.
    No awards for years of service.

    Quite the bitter pill.

    In the early days of the “Pandemic”, an Australian Anaesthetist did speak out, and had to go before the Board for discipline (and possibly loss of his licence).
    Very few were listening.

    A trusting public need to understand this important point.

    A practising Doctor cannot tell you what they truly believe.
    They cannot tell you not to participate in this Clinical trial.
    They cannot tell you not to inject your children.
    They cannot give you an exemption.

    Ask them to look you in the eye.
    Many cannot.

    While there are some Doctors that have not done their homework and believe that vaccines are all good, having never studied what is actually in them, how effective they really are, or not, and refuse to acknowledge any vaccine injuries in the past, there are other Doctors who know better.

    Right now we have some other big name Doctors speaking out.

    Dr Peter McCullough is one warning about mRNA vaccines like Pfizer, but supporting the new Novavax moth and saponin Matrix M adjuvant. He is pro vaccine.
    Then there is Dr Yeadon who has strong warnings against the mRNA injections due to their action in the body.
    There is Dr Robert Malone who is pro vaccine, and has his own mRNA vaccine in the works.
    Dr Richard Fleming is sending alarm bells, even about Novavax.
    Dr Bhakdi from Germany has been brought close to tears over it.

    There are Dr’s who have extensively studied the action of vaccines long before this ‘pandemic’ like Dr Suzanne Humphries, a kidney Specialist or the Naturopathic Doctor Sherri TenPenny.
    If any Doctor bothered to look at their research they would have to reevaluate their own thinking.

    There are Surgeons like Dr Lee Merritt who raises concerns in relation to her on the ground experience in her own patients and their side effects.
    There are many others not mentioned.

    In Australia however, the silence has been deafening.

    Silence is not consent.

    It’s your job to find out the truth for yourself.
    Start here:
    doctors4covidethics. org

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  23. Editor:
    “But I would like to thank you for the opportunity to retire a little earlier than planned. It will give me the opportunity to spend more time with my wife and my family, and to catch up on my long-neglected hobbies of cycling, bushwalking, bird watching and photography – unless you plan to slap a QR code on the tail feathers of every rainbow lorikeet in the state? Oops, shouldn’t have given you the idea.

    And as I sit quietly on one of Queensland’s many beautiful beaches, I will smile to myself knowing with certainty that you too will soon be forced to retire.”

    You read it again.

    No one is forcing him to retire. “I would like to thank you for the opportunity to retire a little earlier than planned.”

    He sells his practice, on the Gold Coast or leases it out as my doctor did; she bought herself a farm on King Island. Now the area I live in hasn’t a wholistic GP. She didn’t grandfather in a replacement! Dumped 100s of patients!

    “Dr Stilgoe brings a wide range of experience to 188 Medical in all aspects of General Practice. Dr Stilgoe is Accredited Skin Cancer Doctor, he holds Master of Medicine Degree in Skin Cancer Management, which was awarded in 2013.”


  24. Diane Drayton Buckland
    Medical terrorists like this monster should be near the top of the list for severe punishment for committing crimes against innocent populations aka crimes against humanity!
    Dr monster Perry Go back and look at the medical professionals sacred oath. ” First do no harm”
    You are an obscene excuse for a doctor !!! Bring on Nuremberg 2.0 !!


  25. One of today’s UK front page headlines, says ‘An exodus of doctors is currently underway.’

    Here is a must read, i.e. ‘Covid-19: The Great Reset’ [free download below], written by the Devil himself, Klaus Shwab.

    Click to access covid-19_-the-great-reset-klaus-schwab.pdf


  26. Laurie Eastwood

    Hi Editor , I enjoy your work – Dr Stilgoe’s letter should form a full page advert in every newspaper in Australia ! – expensive , I know – wonder if Clive Palmer would fund it ? Regards , Laurie Eastwood South Perth

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  27. We don’t agree however he has opened the gates now and hopefully others will follow. We hear many doctors are giving similar advice to patients. Dr Stilgoe has a private practice so where is the golden handshake coming from? Read it again. Ed

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  28. I find that such letters and statements are usually made at the point of retirement, like the QANTAS whistle blower. They make sure that there retirement benefits will not be put at risk. These people are cowards! They saw all going south but waited until they got their Golden Handshake before “coming out”!
    Then to ad insult to injury he states,”I can only pray that their reaction will be one of peaceful protest, but this protest will ultimately be voiced at the polling stations.” Likely still believes there’s a tooth fair too.


  29. Right Brian they are communists pure and simple. They call each other comrade except in parliament. They are part and parcel of the communist unions and share a lot with Dangerous Dan in Victoria. Ed

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  30. So very grateful to you Dr Simon stilgoe for this incredible truth missile to the Queensland government covid crazed totalitarian politicians! No like many others believe these arrogant political and medical terrorists are on borrowed time!
    Enormous gratitude to you and all the other wonderful doctors nurses paramedics Ambos firies. Teachers. Police officers. Miners. Truckies band so many others and other members of the population who are screaming stop stop stop this covid insanity and immediately abolish all mandates and all other government tyrannical actions! We also thank so many wonderful countries mentioned in reignite democracy australia website who in great friendship stood with us against this heinous tyranny!
    Thank you Dr stilgoe you are another of our heroes against government tyranny!

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  31. absolutely brilliant. you can’t tell me that other doctors and health professionals just go along with the narrative for a pay packet????
    i have a lot of respect to those that have stood by the science(101).
    saddened that they have all been intimidated by AHPRA????? over those they are meant to serve.
    “Do no Harm”
    enjoy your retirement and the fact you haven’t been led by a political joke

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  32. And this is how Australia practises health apartheid – Djokovic Canceled Down Under

    For if the MTAs (MTA, a.k.a. vaccines) actually work, why should the “vaccinated” worry about the “unvaccinated”?

    And if they don’t work, why should anyone worry about the “unvaccinated” more than the “vaccinated”?

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  33. Dr Stilgoe deserves a medal from every Australia.
    Wonderful letter.
    Bringing the chickens home to roost!

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  34. Brian Johnston

    Norm, D’Ath is not a fascist. We need a good dose of fascism to overthrow this corrupt and insidious democracy, a democracy which contrived and manipulated.


  35. More posts like this are needed from doctors in their region, people sitting on the fence need some answers.

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  36. This is an excellent article written By Dr Simon Stilgoe, my sincere respect to you in writing from the heart, “Indeed” you are a True human and Dr of humanity. Do not know what else to say apart from following the Cairns Editor, Yes you deserve a medal for “services towards Humanity”…

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  37. After assisting in the destruction of small business in Old. D’Ath may not find a waitress job.
    There are other skills she must have used to climb the political ladder with no management, scientific or medical qualifications to her credit?.

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  38. Blessings Dr Simon Stilgoe .You have developed and used your God given talents to an amazing degree. I am sure you have many more years of service you could serve humanity.There must be thousands of people who thank you for what you have done.

    The one thing that stands out in this Plandemic, is that lack of concern for people ”s health It is all about The Great Reset ,The control of the Monetary System and the control of the world population.

    Klaus Schwab calls it The Third Industrial Revolution. He says,and he should know, it is about trans-humanism , population control , control of our movement , absolute control of the environment , total weather control , control of water, air ,all fuels,where you can go, when you can go,who you can see and who you cannot.
    It seems their lust for power knows no bounds.

    People this is precisely where we are headed if we comply with their mandates. The mandate must be agrred upon by two parties.

    I was looking at the lines of cars with people lined up for tests.What on earth is the matter with this thinking ? If you are sick , stay home out of everybody’s way.If you are well go about you business in your normal way.. You must have a boring useless life if you have nothing better to do than stand or sit in line for a test that LIES. See what the developer of the test said it was useless for. Exactly what it is used for .

    I thought we lived in a country of well educated people. I am sadly mistaken . Indoctrinated seems more like it.

    People , f we comply with every wish the NWO people demand , we are done for. I believe that, Everything around me points to it. It has reached a point, where if you want freedom , you must demand it and stand for it. If necessary fight for it. I hope it never comes to that.

    Stand up now. Do not comply . Did you give the politicians permission to lock you up at their will ?

    For your sake, for your children;s sake .For people like Dr Simon. all the other doctors and nurses. All the workers no longer able to work.

    Do NOT let your children be poisoned or sterilized by the shot.Please check how many kids have died.

    God Save Australia.

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  39. “After working as a waitress, D’Ath was appointed an associate to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission, serving between 1992 and 1994. She then became a senior industrial advocate for the Australian Workers’ Union in Queensland” (Wikipedia)

    A Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the Australian National University must surely helped D’Ath beside work experiences as a waitress to become the Minister for Health and Ambulance Services and Leader of the House in Qld during this terrible “deadly pandemic”.

    When comparing the “skills and deeds of life time experiences” between Ms D’Ath and Simon Stilgoe one must see clearly who belongs into “AUSTRALIAN POLITICS” and who into the world of a healthy and HUMANE society which unfortunately has no place in “political correctness” nor in Australian politics. It is a long tradition bred and raised by the Commonwealth after all!

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  40. At last!! Someone with a backbone stating what should have been said from the get go.

    I have come to realise the medical clinic I have attended for the past 20 years is basically a

    dispensary for big pharma and that their continued employment is all that matters to the

    doctors working there, a very sad realisation. I just hope more people like this dr., start

    speaking up with the truth.

    Liked by 2 people

  41. Thank you, Dr Stilgoe, for saying what the majority of us are thinking.
    The total corruption of our political, judicial medical , electoral, media…(and others,) sections of our society is very noticeable, and has to be stopped.
    I openly say that the WEF and its offshoot. the Great Reset have been planning this take-over….and that is what it is…for decades, even before these two organisations were formed.

    It is the wealthy elite of this world who want complete power.They use tactics straight from Stalin’s, and Mao’s little black books to carry it out.
    If it wasn’t so dangerous and serious, it would be laughable…classed as a farce, as holes can be shot in everything our illustrious government and medical fraternity have said and done.
    Now we need more of our honest doctors and nurses to speak out, and help us in the fight to stop the rot!

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  42. Fantastic letter. Unfortunately, letters to ministers are not seen by ministers (at least in Qld) so not only will ‘Daff’ not read it, the content would be beyond her comprehension! I have no doubt that those at the top were paid off to ensure they would “enforce the program”. Just wish there was a way to prove it ….

    Liked by 2 people

  43. ABSOLUTELY wonderfully written.. yes all of these sad and evil nobodies will fall. & I certainly agree that I hope the final blow is peaceful. This ‘person’ D’ath and its complicitness in the eugenics agenda of PileAShit will get what’s coming ..

    Liked by 3 people

  44. Excellent letter Dr Stilgoe. I have done a great deal of research on the lying ‘experts’ like Dr Fauci and what he has done about what he has been pushing. You just have to follow the money. It can be difficult to find what Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, Johnson and Johnson etc. have been doing with the experimental ‘vaccine’, but it can be found with a great deal of searching. The Safety Summary Report for DMID Protocol 20-0003 dated 20 June 2020 looks at the experiment carried out and section 5 is a very interesting read. 193 people volunteered to be guinea pigs for the ‘vaccine’ however 56% were not healthy enough to get the said vaccine because they had heart, blood, lung and breathing issues among other things. I would suggest 56% would be about the same figure of all the populations over the world that have medical issues so it is no wonder there are a huge number of ‘injuries’ from the vaccine being used on everyone – it has never been tested properly. Again, excellent letter Dr Stilgoe and every politician and public servant responsible for pushing the fake vaccine during the past 2 years should be locked up.

    Liked by 3 people

  45. addendum,
    She may not need luck with her next job, it might be to simply weigh down the end of a rope

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  46. And once more I say, how many disillusioned professionals does it take to set up an ALTERNATE service, we might be seeing the start of another, after teachers Who owns the hospitals? the people paid for them, so it sure as hell is not palace-chook.
    The alternate society is coming into view.

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  47. Step O'Rafferty

    She won’t read it, she is just too busy carrying out Bill Gates’ orders.

    Liked by 1 person

  48. D’Ath is a Fascist ,not a Socialist Boot lace.
    The Old time for the people of the people by the people Socialist who built this Country fought for Decent wages and condition would have expelled her from the Party

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  49. Wow!! So encouraging to know that Doctor Stilgoe has sent his letter to other politicians, some of whom, apparently, have the best interests of people at their heart. There’s hope in that.
    May the Lord protect and bless him and his family, in the Almighty Name of Jesus.


  50. WOW. Now that is the best breakdown of the ‘breakdown’ of our society, I have read so far. Will be spreading it far and wide. Thank you, Doctor. Thank you from every Australian, including those who can’t thank you, because they are suffering such severe mental illness now that they cannot even understand what has happened to them as they blindly stand in queue’s for days on end to be tested to see if they have been possessed by a ghostly Klaus Swarb apparition. They will be rewarded of course for their zombie patience. The test kits are designed to confirm their fears of course. Oh boy, what a wicked web they have woven.

    By the way, for the readers here, I found hope in listening to two of Maria Zee’s recent interviews with Reiner Fuellmich and Martin Armstrong (who as a forecaster says they will fail).

    Liked by 1 person

  51. D’Ath is one of the Three Wicked Vampire Witches of the George St Cabal responsible for Trad’s monster abortion law and practice in the Big Q. Big Abortion is part of the Big Bio-Tech, Big Pharma, Big Organ Harvesting Combine of the CCP. This industry requires a steady supply of fetal tissue, stem cells and human organs.

    Since their Euthanasia law came into effect Jan 2022, the Cabal and the Flying Monkeys are moving in fast on the Qld population itself – not just the most vulnerable at the beginning and end of life.

    The good doctor’s questions are civilized, informed, compassionate and irrelevant. All we need to know about D’Ath is whether or not she has sacrificed the required number of children to Baphomet that will enable her to move decisively against the children of Qld. Maybe not. From her photo-ops of late she looks to me like she is now on short rations of Adrenochrome. This is a good sign.

    Liked by 2 people

  52. Patrick Donnelly

    Copied to FB…

    Liked by 1 person

  53. As I read on to come to the end and find you were born a Brit. Made my day.

    Doctor Simon Stilgoe I salute you sir.

    Also thanks to Cairn News for getting this out.

    Here is a link to another ‘expose’.

    Stand Firm cousins.

    Liked by 2 people

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