NSW Opens up to unvaccinated – but for how long?

COVID UPDATE 15-12-2021

Dominic Perrottet NSW Premier

The NSW government have not reneged on removing unvaccinated restrictions handing that over to the commercial world for self-administration. They have managed running campaign hysteria driven OMICROM infecting the nation from carriers entering entertainment venues, clubs and pubs. It is difficult to blame unvaccinated transmission when those venues require verification of full vaccination to ENTER?

As the rules stand subject to political agenda intervention at any time

Unvaccinated residents in the NSW now have all the same freedoms as those who are fully vaccinated and density limits in all settings will be removed.

Previously, unvaccinated residents have been limited to essential retail and have been unable to re-enter pubs, cafes and gyms, they may attend all the same places as those who are fully vaccinated.

For many, it marks a return to a pre-COVID way of life with only some rules – such as masks in some settings and occasional COVID-19 check-ins – remaining.

All retail shops will be open to all people – there will be no government requirement to check in and unvaccinated people will be allowed to enter.

There is no requirement to wear a mask in shopping centres.

NSW residents can travel wherever they like in the state, caravan parks and camping grounds will open for people who are not fully vaccinated. Travelling outside of NSW is largely dependent on the rules and restrictions of your destination.

Restricted admission to NSW premises, businesses, pubs or clubs is now the decision of owners or management, it is no longer a government requirement.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. It has ALWAYS been the decision of the businesses as to who they allowed into their premises etc – bearing in mind that if they allow people to come into their premises to browse and purchase, it is discrimination to turn around and say, “hey, you’ve got a moustach, you can’t come in”. Sue time for discrimination. All they had to do was write to the CHO requiring proof of the enacted laws that this was the case. It has always been just a Direction on the part of the illegal sitting government. They KNOW it is illegal (in their world) and Unlawful in ours.


  2. Freedom is getting rid of the treacherous Duopoly which has treacherously taken away our freedom and no doubt has more in store for us.


  3. If the current Governments are corporations following corporate acts and statutes, then can we not set up our own corporation and register it. Complete with police, sheriffs, teachers, treasury, medical, farms. Everything we want and non of the stuff we don’t?

    I know, fanciful thoughts, the stuff of daydreams. At least it’s a non-violent idea though.

    I totally agree with the poster that is saying it has decimated their immune systems, basically giving them A.I.D.S (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome – the stench of Fauci and his missus again), so it’ll be never ending for them, else they can die from minor things. Meanwhile, the un-injected will be blamed just for being healthy.

    Staying away won’t work, as many won’t do that, it’s be a short temporary solution/escape at best. It’ll then be be deemed by the accomplices of this, that in the interests of all, there will be forced compulsory injections.

    NSW is the designated playground where this fairytale will be written and printed. They really must think we’re idiots.



  4. Ron, “We do not have a line to hold. we do not have a strategy to take back our country and to end the mandates – other than to vote them out in the coming elections” – that is exactly how it works that Australia stays in chains and its people are “subjected” forever.
    When driving past huge advertising boards with FREEDOM written on it one has to ask: Freedom from what?
    It definitely will not be FREEDOM from the system/spider web Australia has found itself in since it was “founded” for exploitation. So what kind of a FREEDOM will it be? Exactly the same illusion as it always was. That seems to be the only line there is to hold, otherwise truthful reality will become more than scary and without any hope for change in the resourceful COLONY run by the same foreign management in disguise.
    Australia’s only freedom to grasp for is utter sovereignty but that will be a declaration of war on the human world that is run for profit by a global gang of God and humanity opposing criminals.
    “WE” do not have a line to hold, unless a STRICT NEW line is drawn to oppose ALL that has made up the old line and borders that have fenced Australia and its inhabitants into a AUSSIE paradise that became a gulag. Yes, once there was Gallipoli, were young Aussies died on foreign shores in hope for a better world and FREEDOM. Death did become certain. FREEDOM for mankind was never part of the global design/deal. Not much has changed today! Remember that when those who have destroyed Australia calling Australia’s new “remote controlled generation” to wear uniforms to defend the FREEDOM of this world against THE NEW RISING ENEMY that just wears a different outfit but follows orders of the same hidden global clan, guided by a stone cold and dead humanoid’ heart.
    Draw a new line, but be careful of who will be friend or foe. She’ll NOT be right! “She” never was.


  5. Adenovirus

    Well said, I agree with your realistic comments, including: Keep up the good work Cairns News.

    If anybody gives me just one more comment about just “hold the line” it won’t be long now – I will be asking that person what they mean by “hold the line”. and what is it that won’t be long.

    We do not have a line to hold. we do not have a strategy to take back our country and to end the mandates – other than to vote them out in the coming elections. The sheeple will vote for the main parties, they always have, they always will.

    We should be planning to put in place community groups all over Australia, not more political parties.
    The people have to be responsible for their own health and freedoms and rights – not rely on bent politicians, police, courts, ADF, etc.

    Communities (not communes) where the people have the biggest say – not the politicians.
    There would be no politicians, there would be community reps.
    The Constitution allows it, the bent system would hate it, why? We would not need them.

    Not to worry, just hold the line, it won’t be long now.


  6. And my guess as to ‘how long?’

    I would say from just after New Years day, if not just after Boxing Day and it will be Omicron Lockdowns for all.

    Anyone noticed that Dan Andrews last Friday did use some of his new found powers, Nothing was said about what it is and when it will happen. ABC News said so. I now cant find the link.


  7. Re;
    Adenovirus | December 15, 2021 at 10:05 am

    ‘It no longer makes any difference sadly.
    Already my daughter is not invited to a class organised event by the students themselves because they are worried about Omicron.
    Every one around me this morning is still masked.
    The job is done and the most amazing demonstration of mass hypnotism ever seen.’

    I remember doing something years ago during a cert IV course and it was about stuff like the above.
    It was about not letting barriers get in our way.
    In it was a simple drawing of an Elephant in chains, like at a Circus, looking all sad and lonely
    Next to it was an after drawing of chains removed but the Elephant was none the wiser. Still sitting there all sad and lonely so used to having chains it did not know what to do next.


  8. Leaving aside Victoria where they have the Dan Andrews virus which has destroyed more lives than Covid, and where they’ve had more than 2/3 of ALL Australian “covid” deaths, the rest of Australia has had approximately 676 deaths in 2 YEARS!

    That’s around 350 deaths per year, considerably LESS than the annual flu toll or the Australian annual road toll.

    So sheeple, be afraid, shake in your boots and be deadly afraid. Stay off the roads! You have a greater chance of dying on the road. Then do as you’re told and stand in the queues for your multi booster bio-engineering serum injections.

    Please turn out at the next election and vote for the LNP-Labour/Greens duopoly so we can all get more of the same lies and even worse abuse.

    Total Confirmed Deaths
    Victoria 1,424
    NSW 640
    ACT 15
    QLD 7
    WA 9
    SA 4
    NT 1
    TAS 13

    Australia 2,113


  9. In response to hairybum (the mind boggles) this is how it could all play out:

    In the good old days, Herd immunity was when I caught a cold and I gave it to you.
    We both got better, spread it around a bit….but eventually the Herd carried on and now had a natural immune memory to it.

    The next time there was something going around, it would be a new cold (virus) or flu (there are thousands) and once again the Herd shared the love and then life in the summer got back to normal as we all recovered and got out in the sun.

    The thing is, the World Health Organisation WHO has changed the meaning of “Herd immunity”.
    Now they say that “Herd immunity” is only if you are vaccinated.

    Every thing common sense is now turned on it’s head.
    Worse than that, we can’t go back to the good old days because of what they have done.

    The reason why we can’t go back is because of those who have taken these mRNA shots. They have disabled their natural immune pathways…..forever.
    Their T cells and their memory cells.
    Now if they were to catch a wild type virus (cold)…..they could literally die.
    This is why Scientists and Doctors have been prepared to speak out at risk of their own livelihoods.
    To try to stop the madness.

    That is why you can see how the unvaccinated in the future will be blamed.

    If the unvaccinated catch a cold and come into contact with someone who has had a shot, and this immune deficient person gets that cold….guess whose fault it will be if they die.
    Not the person who took an immune disabling shot.
    It will be the person who didn’t.

    So, what we will see in the future is what is called “Long Covid”.
    That really just means people who have had the shots who can’t get over simple colds and viruses, they feel unwell, they are unwell. They may never recover.
    The flu will hit them like a train.
    They could well die.
    That is coming.
    It is a genuine risk for our loved ones.

    This puts the unvaccinated in a precarious position into the future.
    They are healthy.
    They handle cold and viruses with a robust immune system of their own.
    They don’t need external injections (updates).
    They want to hold onto the true meaning of “Herd immunity” before it was tampered with.

    I think the only way forward as we come into March/April and the winter months in 2022 will be to make a person choice to stay away from the ‘vaccinated’.
    It will be like having contact with an immune compromised person on Cancer treatment that you have to protect from yourself because their immune system has taken a hit.

    The unvaccinated will always be blamed.
    You can’t be blamed though if you didn’t have contact.

    We were warned by Scientists that this was coming.
    Give them 2 to 3 years they said.
    If they live that long, they said.
    We know the animals died in their trials when they came across a wild type virus in nature.

    This is the new paradigm.
    It will be the flu’s fault.
    It will be the fault of the unvaccinated.

    But it will never be their fault.

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  10. Well it is the second day of Freedom and all is well or is it ?
    Today the are spiking the numbers of infections, Whats that ! the largest
    infections yet, oh my goodness what is happening, wait a minute I must
    get the toilet paper before the stampede comes, my mind is swirling
    with anxious thoughts, what can I do. ? Stop watching the TV and
    consider there agenda. My friend in the hospital told me the hospital
    is full with patients here in Sydney and they are all double vac,s.
    My sister is dead after taking the second dose and my wife,s friend
    has had a heart attack after taking the second dose. So wake up people
    and stop following there commands before it,s too late. We are under
    attack and the fools who believed the lies are now dying.
    They know it, the vaccinated will die, that,s why the numbers are always
    going up. Oh yes I have Ai watching my computer through the modem
    and keeps switching my connection off, that,s what happens in this
    New World Order.. Keep smiling, and put your trust in the Heavenly
    Father, Judgement is coming. William


  11. If you are a member of a registered club, you are a shareholder by subscription and if a board of directors choose the discriminate aginst certain members they have a case to answer. Issue a statement of claim and watch their high-speed retreat .. ED2


  12. @Seb Well said mate, totally agree


  13. They are sadly still on schedule as intended.

    This is to increase business profits $$$ for one, especially as we are nearing Christmas.


  14. Ceep, We definitely need a trial by jury…it is the only way to get Andrews.Our Courts have failed us.


  15. Brianconcannon, I totally agree.The new Premier seems a decent sort of man.How long before he gives in under pressure from the elitist cabal?I give it to New Year.
    There would be riots if Christmas was cancelled.


  16. While NSW is “Technically Open” what’s not disclosed is Pubs & Clubs are apparently able to set their own dates to allow unvaccinated people….so nothings changed really. Perrottet & Co. failed to mention this little “factoid”…furthermore they’re “hoping” people will forget their destruction of our Constitutional Rights/Human Rights at the next election as well as the TENS of THOUSANDS of innocent NSW taxpayers who’ve lost their jobs as a result of Little Bradley Hazzard’s Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandates! I will not forget their treachery at any upcoming election moving forward….as well as the 99%+ of the Politicians who stood by and said/did nothing while our freedoms were stripped away from us like common criminals.


  17. I do not trust the bastards, consider, super-spreader events in NSW, all fully vaccinated. The unvaccinated are not transmitting Covid, the fully vaccinated are.

    So, how to move the narrative away from exposing the failure of the vaccinations to stop Covid?

    Simple, include the unvaccinated into the mix, and viola, the scapegoats are created to drive the unvaccinated to be vaccinated or face derision from the MSM, government and the vaccinated.

    Watch as this unfolds.


  18. @Ceep

    “Mr Shaw, who as a newly annointed vexatious litigant, must obtain leave of the Supreme Court before commencing proceedings, may be Victoria’s most unsuccessful litigant.”


    As with all of these sovereign citizen types and others with a misunderstanding of the law based on belief over fact, they are doomed to fail.


  19. There are unfortunately a number of businesses that have decided to continue to enforce the illegal ‘jabbed only’ mandate.
    This is a breach of several Federal laws, the Biosecurity Act of 2015 as well as the Human Rights Cct

    Any that pull that shit on me are going to taste the sharp end of a discrimination complaint from the Human rights commission. The Human Rights act states
    “It is against the law and the human rights act to discriminate against anyone based on race, religion or health reasons”

    Businesses that engage in this form of discrimination will face hefty fines in court, lets see how many of them can weather several – hell, load the pricks up with 20 or 30 of these – of these at once!

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  20. Adenovirus – spot on mate. Unfortunately the most affected are those who can see the damage. Maybe it is now time the old gov’s to laugh and watch the injected AI control the injected ones.
    One needs to keep in mind for a highly shedding/transferring shot, the unvacc’d can now get vax’d by mixing with the vax’d.


  21. Brian Shaws court case coming up.

    I thought this was going to be in some newly founded ‘Court of the People’ kind of thing, but no, it’s to be held in a Victorian Magistrates Court. It’s where Andrews is summoned. Will he acknowledge? Will he be arrested for non attendance?

    Also, I’m unsure if Andrews can simply accept to be judged by the magistrates. I know he can insist to be trialled before a Jury if he chooses (a Crown court in the UK, not sure what that is here).
    Can the prosecutor also insist on a trial by Jury, due to the nature/severity of the alleged crime, that’s what I’m wondering? Thereby using the Magistrates Court as a stepping stone.

    I’m sure Mr Shaw will know to ensure the Magistrates are acting on their sworn oath before commencing, as they are then bound by law. If they’re not and they ‘abandon ship’ ‘I believe’ Shaw can then take control of the Magistrates Court himself and order a trial by jury.
    I’m merely speculating on this, as a semi-interested spectator in these matters over the last few years.

    Perhaps a more lawful/legal minded reader can shed more light on the matter? Can this be a forced trial by Jury via the backdoor (a Magistrates Court)?



  22. Too true! None of this would be going on if the LNP-Labour/Greens duopoly were not orchestrating it in concert with the MSM propaganda.

    Not one of these people has had the guts to stand up and ask why NSW is running PCR procedures at 40-45 CT when the available science says that anything higher than 35 CT provides way too many false positives WHICH SHOULD BE REDONE AT 35 CT IN CONJUNCTION WITH SYMPTOMATIC PRESENTATIONS.

    Not one of them has addressed the fact that people are simply NOT DYING in massive numbers and that, leaving aside the Andrews virus in Victoria, the number of deaths IN THE REST OF AUSTRALIA is SUBSTANTIALLY lower (350) than the Australian annual road toll or previous annual flu deaths.

    Anyone who does nothing to rid us of the Duopoly is not doing themselves or their children any favours.

    The LNP-Labour/Greens duopoly should be put last at the next election unless we want more of the same treachery.


  23. These genocidal criminals posing as ‘politicians’ are giving the appearance of backing off while they work out their next assault on the people. A tactical retreat. For them its also a ‘must win’ situation. My general view of politicians has sunk lower from self-enriching liars and sell outs – to actual murderers. They have destroyed any faith I had in the ‘system’; devoid of basic human compassion and decency. Bastards.

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  24. Thank F… for that. It’s been a frigging long wait.. Goodbye Gladys.. When will Perrotett be pressured to let us all down and reinstate the phoney illegal war on the unvaxxed ??
    These NSW politicians and health dept’s (Hazzard n Chant) have blood on their hands for not taking any notice of the mass amount of data proving the jabs are doing abundantly more harm than the covid flu? Turning a blind eye to the real truth makes these parasites guilty of heinous crimes.
    End the satanic jab campaign Now!


  25. When I read the Editor’s commentary my first reaction was to ask myself what tricks the ‘powers that be’ are up to now.
    It all sounded too good to be true.
    They are probably just moving onto the next stage.

    “Injection Mission Complete”.

    These last 18 months have been the awakening “we had to have”.

    While there have been so many lies I for one have learned:
    who were the sellouts
    who were real friends
    who was selfish
    who were easily conned
    who was afraid
    who wasn’t smart
    who the bullies were
    who to trust.

    I’ve also had plenty of time on my hands to understand Pharmaceutical Industry practices.
    I have had opportunity to listen to Doctors and Scientists from all over the world.
    I’ve clarified the difference between a Clinical trial and an authorised drug.

    I have been confronted with the ideology of Eugenics and a depopulation Agenda through tools such as Abortion and Euthansia (and injections?).
    I came to the realisation that this Country is dictated to by only one type of Doctor, the Allopathic.
    I’ve been stunned that many Professionals have been sidelined and silenced.
    I’ve realised who the Unions work for.

    I’ve had time to revise my understanding of Marxism, Socialism and Communism.
    I’ve made the time to delve into the beliefs of the Lucifarian Cult (just not too deeply).
    I’ve even been humoured by Scwabb (with those Startrek outfits) and his Worldwide plan for a World run by them and for them.

    On that basis, all is not lost.

    So make the most of Christmas, those who think they are free.

    All we can hope is that there are more of us than them.
    Mission is not complete.

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  26. How long will Queenslanders put up with having to live under different rules than their neighbouring state? Pallachook needs to understand she works for Queenslanders, not Big Pharma. What will it take for her to wake up to the fact that the variants are a response to mass vaccination? When will she stop demonising those who choose not to be vaccinated, which is their right?


  27. As far as I can understand from the NSW Government Web Site is up to the place you wish to enter to allow vaccine free people in. It is 11 weeks since I was permitted to visit my husband in Dementia Care and they are still preventing me from this and it is breaking my heart. I’m only hoping with emailing and prayers that I can visit soon and he hasn’t forgotten who I am.


  28. If NSW can hold the line might force the recalcitrant states to follow suit, as an observant layman virus’s expire by themselves like SARS, Omicron will be the end of C19, no matter how many premiers/ politicians/pharma’s, health officers etc. try to keep it on life support to preserve their ridiculous amount of power, agree the polling booth should sort them unless there are more idiots than I thought.


  29. Well said Adenovirus. The time to change is polling day keeping the duopoly and greens last will remove the head of that serpent. Laws, constitution, courts, are not in the equation until the problem LNP/ALP/GREENS are silenced in our parliament. ED2


  30. It no longer makes any difference sadly.
    Already my daughter is not invited to a class organised event by the students themselves because they are worried about Omicron.
    Every one around me this morning is still masked.
    The job is done and the most amazing demonstration of mass hypnotism ever seen.
    They are like a child’s dummy or chew blanket that cannot let go.
    No need for any mandates now the sheep will line up for the 11th booster wearing three masks and a visor shield.

    The only thing to save anyone now is to not rely on government for anything, know the law and stand your ground.

    Keep up the good work Cairns News.

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