Cairns punches above its weight with 4000 marching at Saturday’s Freedom Rally

by staff reporters

Nearly 4000 oppressed Far North Queensland residents marched on the Cairns CBD today protesting against Labor Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and her vaccine mandates which have created medical apartheid within the state.

Being graced by clear skies and Cairns’ famous climate, protesters from Bamaga to Tully met near Muddys café on the Esplanade where organisers set up a podium for speakers.

Although invited to attend, no local Labor Party politicians dared show themselves with Member for Cairns Michael Healy claiming it would be “inappropriate” to attend.

It was pleasing, observers said, to see a contingent from the nearby, much-maligned Yarrabah Aboriginal community and others from communities throughout Cape York and the Torres Strait.

Aborigines are used to being besieged by apartheid in Queensland and because of their total objection to being forcibly jabbed, have been raked over the campfires by a patronising ABC and the Labor government.

The perennial federal member for Kennedy, Bob Katter and state member for Hill, Shane Knuth were wildly applauded for being the only political representatives in attendance.

Although no uniformed police were evident, undercover cops from Cairns and Mareeba were spread throughout the milling crown according to Freedom Movement observers.

Freedom group security reported an observation post set up in a high-rise apartment across the Esplanade taking shots of individuals in the crowd as were the undercover cops in the procession and the myriad static security cameras in situ along the walkways.

Not to be outdone while MSM was being lambasted by the crowd, Cairns News stood out above the rest

These supposedly covert antics reminded some older observers of the Queensland Police special branch era of the Joh Bjelke Petersen government running around with 35mm and box Brownie cameras taking black and white mug shots of political dissidents.

These days the electronic images will be stored in a huge data bank held in Roma Street police HQ in Brisbane to be added to the already bulging facial recognition files taken surreptitiously by roadside traffic cameras and passing highway patrol cars to be eventually matched with car registration numbers and drivers licences.

With reports of more than 100,000 taking to the streets in Brisbane and nearly half a million stressed-out Melbournians marching against the corrupt Dictator Dan, the Queensland Premier is creating a quite an unpalatable reputation for herself as an ogre of the party.

In reality the socialist Palaszczuk is simply doing the bidding of the Medical Mafia and Deep State in a similar fashion to disgraced former NSW Liberal Premier Gladys Berejiklian with an inoculation that does not prevent any viral infection.

Both Premiers share a European heritage, both are single, albeit supposedly having secret lovers but only one so far has been accused by Queensland philanthropist and billionaire Clive Palmer of taking bribes from big pharma’s Pfizer for pushing their poisonous jab.

Reportedly it was revealed in evidence at the recent NSW Supreme Court case against Liberal Health Minister and fascist Brad Hazzard that leading vaccine researchers driving government policy in Australia received an unprecedented $65.33 million in government grants.

Now that is a great incentive for all politicians to hold the pharmaceutical line and oppress the entire population into submission while introducing the World Economic Forum’s New World Order.

Except of course the one and a half million agitated taxpayers who took to the streets of Australia today in defiance of the Liberal and Labor duopoly’s previous and threatened, future lock down events.

What will they do with them?

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. We are being ignored by TV channel 7-9-10 and the newly renamed SkyBC


  2. Gympie was pathetic, maybe 300 people waited 2 hours in 40 degree heat. Zero action tho’ it was within 200 metres of the bustling Bruce Highway that we could have caused mayhem on. The organisers, IMOP, didn’t start anything until 2pm and they had a large shady gazebo.
    All they do is talk, sing a song or two and sell books.
    The numbers attending have dropped each time by 50%. By 3pm half had gone else where. There’s a large tree shaded area right next to where it was held, but no thought of the willing sweltering and jostling for very limited shade.
    Gympie is well known for activists but IMOP didn’t put up posters any where nor ask locals to do so.
    The Gympie Council Corporation is a subsidiary of an American Gold Mining Corp “Gympie Gold” that reported an income last year of USD$74.5 Million.
    Always go to and Dun & Bradstreet Business Look Up for the detail of our foes. The CEO of Gympie Council Corp got paid last year $2.5 Million. Look up NSW Police who brought in AU$19.4 Billion last year. Look up your local Magistrates Court.
    There’s looming water crisis coming for the Mary River. Maybe the end of the Mary!


  3. Re Queensland Hospital NURSES and ADMIN…PARAMEDICS….


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  4. Lachlan Murdoch has told all of his major dailies to ignore anything against the Covid narrative. Ed

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  5. Clearly, the MSM is nothing more than a propaganda rag for the government. I was unable to find one word in today’s Sunday Mail concerning yesterday’s Australia wide demonstrations.

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  6. I have always wondered how a single person can represent the people. How does an unmarried person understand how a husband and father feels when he takes his responsibility to provide for his family seriously enough to have to take a jab that he knows might kill or maim him but he does it because he has to pay the mortgage, utilities,food etc. Or a mother who is desperate to protect her children from mental issues because they’ve been locked in their home and mum has had to give up her job to home school, they can’t go to friend’s birthdays or play dates..How does a single person understand how a couple work together to build a safe secure environment for the family, they don’t and in this current environment how do they understand all the components they are having to deal with while the single premier earns, what, $5000 a week, free travel, free this and that. Oh and by the way she is our employee, the whole government is, it is time as employers, we sack them all and find people who will truly represent us, who ask us what we want and don’t just go with what they think is best for their pocket. Anyone who has shares in any companies, pharmaceutical or other will be compromised. For to long we have allowed ourselves to be led by the nose. I sincerely hope all these people will be made accountable for the actions they have taken over the last two years but with all the money they have made they’ll probably disappear to some island where they can enjoy life while the rest of us put our lives back together.

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  7. Election day….. Yes you can vote the buggers out right ? Wrong ! why ?
    You can not vote unless you accept the system… Q R code and digital ID
    Local elections have just mandated this and federal elections is considering it.
    Don’t vote then you get the fine, and lose the election. From N.S.W


  8. theoneandonlynostradamus

    Ed so you’re saying a cook book writer and bar fly can count better than you, why doesn’t that surprise me!


  9. Way to Go Cairns. The pointy end of the Big Pineapple sticks it to the Premier Palace-chook and the entire passel of gov’t chooks. They are still squawking over on George St.

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  10. What will they do with them? Pick them off one at a time, starting with the high profile ones so as to deter the rest.
    Unless we succeed in quelling this juggernaut soon,expect EVERY one of us to be defending ourselves ,maybe to the death, against military opponents, quite likely not of Australian origin

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  11. Well done all Aussies , proud of every single one of you. Stand tall , stand proud, we will beat these evil bottomfeeders.

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  12. The myopic Cairns Post is edited by a cook book writer and bar fly

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  13. Cairns was AWESOME!!!

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  14. You can’t even count Ed Hahahahahha, › news › cairns › news-story
    20 hours ago — Hundreds of Far North Queensland residents attended the Freedom Rally held north of Muddy’s Playground


  15. To Micheal Healy… explain how it would be “inappropriate” to attend the march. To ALL those who now have PERMANENT heart damage, to ALL those who have perished after the Injection, to ALL those who have PERMANENT disabilities as a direct result from the Injection….explain how it is “inappropriate” to front up alongside your fellow man and woman as a show of acknowledgement of these devastating outcomes.

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  16. Well done Cairns, God bless and stay strong.

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    Published on 20 Nov 2021


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  18. Yesterday marches were very fruitful especially for government and police!! When people were existing Hyde Park for street march were recorded by face recognition camera to enrich police data base. Evil never sleeps!!
    Sydney Hyde Park 20 November 2021

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  19. Thanks to all of the many wonderful people fighting for our civil rights and our medical rights and human rights and the gutsy who shames the corrupted msm scum

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  20. For ALL people of Queensland, including all of Australia.Please see this video showing ….


    Speaking out ……Face’s covered out of Fear…….

    Exposing all the DEATHS they are seeing in QUEENSLAND HOSPITALS AFTER THE JAB!!

    All the Pro Vax should also see this………….its shocking !!

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  21. The forced vax of aboriginals is no less serious a crime than rape and is as abhorrent and paternalistic as the stolen generations fiasco and many other examples of institutional crimes against aborigines. Anyone that tries to justify such outrages on the pretext that ‘we had good intentions’ should be severely dealt with

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