ScoMo and Turnbull endorse attempted theft of US election by Biden crime family

Rudi Giuliani announces the legal challenge to Pennsylvania’s vote rigging on Saturday.

THE heist of the US election by the deep state Biden crime family has gone into overdrive with Biden’s Democratic Party and the global media screaming “Biden won!” after he allegedly passed his 270 Electoral College votes needed to be president.

But Biden has not won. He is merely the apparent president-elect of a now legally disputed election fraught with violations of fair and open voting procedures.

And Australia’s Coalition government has endorsed the coup with PM Scott Morrison and his former boss Malcolm Turnbull congratulating Biden. Morrison took it even further, inviting Biden and his far-left radical running mate Kamala Harris to visit Australia.

President Trump’s closest southern neighbor, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Saturday he would not congratulate a winner in the U.S. presidential election until all legal challenges are decided. “With regard to the U.S. election, we are going to wait until all the legal matters have been resolved,” John Solomon’s Just the News reported the Mexican president as saying. But not PM ScoMo and his former boss Malcolm Turnbull.

Malcolm Turnbull Twitter post praising Joe Biden. ScoMo praised Biden too in a post-election speech.

The PM and his party apparatus could have chosen to hold back on full endorsement of Biden, but instead offered him and Harris a full, warm welcome to office in a detailed speech praising Biden’s alleged “deep understanding … of the national security issues that confront not only the United States but those more broadly across the world and a deep personal understanding, obviously, with his son Beau having served in Iraq.”

“But you may not know,” the PM continued “that president-elect Biden had two uncles that served in New Guinea during the Second World War, one of whom, was killed in New Guinea, and another who was seriously injured. So the relationship goes deep and is personal.”

And as if to drive home his support of “The Big Guy” named in Hunter Biden’s emails between him and his business partners, Morrison went on to invited Biden to next year’s 70th anniversary of the ANZUS treaty celebrations.
Biden’s alleged election meanwhile, is being called by Steve Bannon and others America’s “Colour Revolution”, that is the a highly-sophisticated psychological warfare operations used by the US and its allies to topple unfavourable Eastern European and Middle Eastern leaders.

In the case of America, its Colour Revolution has been combined with outright voting fraud that is being exposed across the nation, like the 5500-vote “glitch” in the Michigan county that flipped 6000 votes away from Donald Trump. The county secretary later tried to explain it away as a human error. But as noted by President Trump, the same software was used across the nation. Attorney Sidney Powell told Lou Dobbs on Fox Business there was a likelihood that 3% of early votes received digitally were through the “Hammer” and “Scorecard” programs used by the intelligence agencies.

“In addition they ran an algorithm to calculate votes they might need to come up with for Mr Biden in specific areas. I think that explains what happened in Michigan where the computer glitch resulted in a change of votes of about 5500 in favour of President Trump just in one of 47 districts. All those districts need to be checked for the quote software glitch end quote, that would change the result in Michigan dramatically.

“The same thing is happening in other states. We’ve had 100s of thousands of ballots mysteriously appear for solely Mr Biden, which is statistically impossible as a matter of mathematics. It can all be documented. We are putting it into materials that we will file in Federal Court and we will need to seek relief in multiple states to enjoin the certification of any election results.”

The screaming, champagne cork popping and dancing, started almost at the very moment that Trump’s personal attorney Rudi Giuliani announced his lawsuit against the state of Pennsylvania for repeatedly denying access to vote counting and scrutiny of ballots by Republican Party delegates. And the media, including Australia’s Nine Network, the ABC and others, continued to repeat the lie that claims of election fraud were “false” or “unfounded”.

Morrison simply played along with this as did Turnbull who posted on Twitter he was “relieved” by the result. Turnbull’s opposition to Trump has barely been hidden, while Morrison has yet to reveal where he actually stands. UK PM Boris Johnson also congratulated Biden on his fake “projected win”.

At Giuliani’s Philadelphia press conference media representatives literally screamed at him claiming the election had already been “called” by all the networks, to which Giuliani offered the obvious response that TV networks don’t decide elections (state officials do) and that courts can set aside elections if they are illegal.

He raised the possibility of courts setting aside the election results in Pennsylvania and other states. “The ballots that were not properly inspected should be thrown out and that number of ballots should be taken out of the count. That could affect the election,” he was reported as saying. “However, there certainly is enough evidence to disqualify a certain number of ballots. The ballots that were not properly inspected should be thrown out and that number of ballots should be taken out of the count. That could affect the election.”

Giuliani said President Trump was not going to concede with at least 600,000 ballots in question and this was confirmed when the president issued an official statement confirming that “this election is far from over. Joe Biden has not been certified as the winner of any states, let alone any of the highly contested states headed for mandatory recounts, or states where our campaign has valid and legitimate legal challenges that could determine the ultimate victor.”

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. You have been removed for 4 years Mr Chapman at your request


  2. It’s plain where Scomo & Turnbull stand & it’s not with integrity.


  3. shows that Malcolm Turnbull is a “piss weak two faced PM” he will sell us all out to the highest bribe money !
    Imagine after a recount Trump Wins ?????????


  4. Why are we surprised by all this? THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT is an American company. NOT the The Commonwealth of Australia Parliament


  5. “WHAT A RELIEF YOU WON”………..what a traitor……….cannot beleive what I just read!
    you are judged by the people you support………Crim’s!…….Communists!.

    ED well put!!!!!!!


  6. Don’t Fall For The Psyop! Biden’s Not Officially The President-Elect, At Least Not Yet…
    8 November 2020

    A massive psyop was launched across the world after the Mainstream Media’s “projection” that Biden will become the President-Elect deceived average folks and foreign governments alike into thinking that the US’ contentious 2020 presidential election has finally concluded, but the existing and forthcoming litigation from the Trump team might change the final tally in key battleground states and in turn influence how the Electoral College votes in the middle of next month since it’s this institution — not the media or the popular vote — which legally decides the presidency as per the Constitution.

    An Unprecedentedly Intense Psyop – Read on

    Who will the president be?

    Biden alone did not allegedly win the presidency. As I understand there were not two tickets – Biden for president and Harris for VP, but a one ticket combo.


  7. Being a lawyer we’d think Malcom Turnbull would have learn’t something in validating his sources before going public after his Gordon Gretch affair .


  8. The New World Order appointees are starting to reveal themselves everywhere. How any sane person would want to be part of the godless robotic digitalized system of control is beyond the comprehension of anyone who has studied history and values their freedom. Trump will not go down to this fraudulent takeover without a fight, and neither will his millions of followers worldwide.


  9. Trump pulling the old electoral fraud card. He needs to get over himself and stop making an international fool of the Country. Biden and his beautiful articulate VP are a credit to the country.


  10. Binden is a gentleman. Such a change from the brash loudmouthed feral Trump. Twitter will be bored without his pathetic ramblings of nonsense. Thank God the people have finally voted in a sensible choice in Binden.


  11. You are a TRUE journalist – never any fake news! Always truth. It disgusts me that these Australian “government” employees outright announce this!
    The people of Australia need to take back our country and rid ourselves of this corporate establishment. Biden has NOT won! Trump will prove the fraudulent doings of these demons.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Malcolm Turnbull is in constant Messiah mode deflecting all criticism of the book “according to Mal”


  13. Legacy Ziomedia declares victory (+ Open Thread) (+UPDATE)
    5652 Views November 07, 2020 83 Comments

    In a closely coordinated move, the Dems and their legacy Ziomedia have declared Biden the victor of the presidential race. Likewise, the main US TV channels have cut off Trump during a White House press conference.

    Before all the votes are counted and before the courts could decide which votes count or not. In simple legal terms, this election is not over.

    But we know that Dems don’t give a hoot about facts or the law. ……. Read on


  14. Censoring Donald Trump is more “dangerous to democracy” than anything he could ever say Oligarchs and social media giants are now claiming a monopoly on “the truth”, that should worry everyone

    “……….But I would argue that empowering billionaires to hold a monopoly on “the truth” is far more dangerous to democracy than anything Trump could ever say.

    To people inclined to disagree, I leave these five questions. Answer them, if you can:

    Who made the decision to censor the elected President of the United States?
    Who granted them this power?
    Whose interests do they serve?
    To whom are they accountable?
    In the future, who gets to decide “the truth”?


  15. Now relax they are both being coached by Penny Wong.
    This shows now all politicians in Australia work for the media
    the media work for the Rockefeller foundation and /or the big banksters


  16. Many people are citing questionable data in regard to the recent election. There are too many videos and articles to read or listen to all of them.

    However, here is an expert computer programmer who comments on the voting anomalies as it relates to computer vote counting. His conclusion is that there was malicious intent in the computer programs that were supposed to give us an accurate count of the ballots.


  17. LOL !!.his son is a Pedophile/Drug taker ……Biden proof he was on the take from Communist……
    LOL cannot wait when you see what will happen in 4 yrs


  18. Honest Government Ad | Q


  19. if Trump had drained the swamp , Biden would be in jail with the rest of the pedofile adreanachrome using satinists.. . kay patricia and kylie. Are your kids safe from these monsters .Or have you already sold your soles.?


  20. Question Scomo, Turnbul, Lbenieesy and the rest of them. How much did they give China Joe for the election? Killery was given $25 mill. Many polys local, State and Federal Gov are members of agenda 21- 2030. Gota Love Forced Vax {,NOT,} or lose Pension or welfare. Last FEDERAL Election in AU all top line MPs left in hoards { knowing NO HOPE IN HELL to win.} Next a Satonic Miracle they WON BIG TIME. The fix was in. We were sold out years ago and now pay dearly. Just wait NEXT BIG lock down before end of year. THEY WILL make sure of being ready for NWO and BIG RESET. May GOD Help us ALL. And why a forced Vax when Oxy works best and is cheap. Big Corps and Banksters Rule this world. Its all about $$$$$$$.
    Lets all grow balls and stop them together.


  21. A lot ore is to come out about this. In the end, it may be seen as the biggest sting operation in US history to break up the Democrat vote fraud in the big cities. Biden even admitted it in his podcast before the election.

    See this YouTube clip:


  22. Hebrew is read from right to left, Kamala –

    SINGLISH – A Language Guide for Foreigners – Aussie Pete

    Alamak Portuguese. Phonetically close to the Chinese term “Oh, my mother!”. It expresses shock or surprise. Possibly imported from Malaysia. Ali Baba Arabic, English. Steal, cheat. Based on the story of Ali Baba and the forty thieves. You don’ act blur, okay! I know you ali baba my fries when I went to the toilet! All Fart and No Shit English. (Possibly pejorative) description of someone who


  23. Andrew Mackinnon

    Irrefutable evidence that the integrity of the vote counts in the 2020 United States Presidential Election in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia was compromised by fraud…

    Sources of data:

    President Donald Trump’s election night remarks, ABC News – News Ticker:


    Vote counts for parties other than the Republican Party and the Democratic Party have been ignored.

    The vote counts for each state on election night have been obtained from their first appearance in the news ticker in the video above of President Donald Trump’s election night remarks, as follows:

    WI 27 sec. mark, MI 3 sec. mark, PA 20 sec. mark, GA 49 sec. mark

    “vc %” stands for “vote count percentage”


    Election night, Tuesday, November 3rd

    Republican vote count and vc % 1,481,434 52.0%
    Democratic vote count and vc % 1,365,286 48.0%

    Present, Monday, November 9th

    Republican vote count and vc % 1,610,030 49.7%
    Democratic vote count and vc % 1,630,570 50.3%

    Difference, Election night to Present

    Republican vote count and vc % 128,596 32.6%
    Democratic vote count and vc % 265,284 67.4%


    Election night, Tuesday, November 3rd

    Republican vote count and vc % 1,989,017 54.0%
    Democratic vote count and vc % 1,694,394 46.0%

    Present, Monday, November 9th

    Republican vote count and vc % 2,644,525 48.7%
    Democratic vote count and vc % 2,790,648 51.3%

    Difference, Election night to Present

    Republican vote count and vc % 655,508 37.4%
    Democratic vote count and vc % 1,096,254 62.6%


    Election night, Tuesday, November 3rd

    Republican vote count and vc % 2,869,907 56.9%
    Democratic vote count and vc % 2,173,327 43.1%

    Present, Monday, November 9th

    Republican vote count and vc % 3,316,291 49.7%
    Democratic vote count and vc % 3,362,018 50.3%

    Difference, Election night to Present

    Republican vote count and vc % 446,384 27.3%
    Democratic vote count and vc % 1,188,691 72.7%


    Election night, Tuesday, November 3rd

    Republican vote count and vc % 2,367,062 51.3%
    Democratic vote count and vc % 2,249,007 48.7%

    Present, Monday, November 9th

    Republican vote count and vc % 2,455,428 49.9%
    Democratic vote count and vc % 2,465,781 50.1%

    Difference, Election night to Present

    Republican vote count and vc % 88,366 29.0%
    Democratic vote count and vc % 216,774 71.0%


  24. Thanks for all that info……..Sure president trump would have that.
    Same as One of his Lawyers has 45,000 votes with ALL Biden on them that 100%.

    To think we are going to rely on them to protect us from China …..


  25. Makow – What’s at Stake

    November 8, 2020

    1. What’s at stake? Despite its flaws, mankind could well be God’s crowning achievement, the highest lifeform in the universe. A frightening responsibility.

    This is why Satanists (Communists) want to degrade and destroy humanity. They hate Love, Goodness, Truth, Beauty, and Justice. They hate mankind. They hate God. They want to own everything and deprive God of his crowning achievement. If Biden succeeds, nothing will stand in their way. Mankind will enter a Dark Age from which it may never emerge. …………………..

    Topic: The Longest Hatred – An Examination of Anti-Gentilism (Read 693 times)

    Quote: Excellent pamphlet on the conpiracy for world jewish domination: “The Longest Hatred: An Examination of Anti-Gentilism”


  26. its time for the Australian people to grow a pair and stand up for themselves and their families not buy in to the propaganda of the mainstream media and all their lies, we must flat out reject this take over and send them packing before we loose it all this is no time to be silent and afraid of you might hurt someone’s feelings or be politically incorrect who cares we are talking about the future of humans on this planet we control the planet not these rich billionaires who wish to depopulate most of the planet and sterilize the rest stand up people say hell no and lets take our country back from these traitors and demons.


  27. Well said


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