It is time for the Federal Government to get serious with this half-wit Victorian Premier who is a seriously dangerous person, Kennedy MHR Bob Katter has said.

The KAP Federal MP has called for federal intervention in Victoria following shocking vision of a Ballarat woman being arrested in her own home for a ‘thought crime.’

“The violation of a private home over a promotional matter, over anything at all, is fairly horrific stuff,” Mr Katter said.

Dangerous Dan Andrews gets thought police to  handcuff pregnant mother in her home in front of her young kids 

“To take a pregnant woman away from her family is seriously scary. In Victoria they allowed other demonstrations – I’m not saying whether they were good or bad – to go ahead completely unassailed. Now they are arresting someone for simply talking about a demonstration on Facebook.

“Victoria is a lost state. It doesn’t understand the rule of law. It doesn’t understand basic freedoms and it is driven by foreign ideology. It is a seriously scary state. This bloke, the Premier, is throwing people in jail if he considers that they are not thinking right. The Victorian Police are clearly ‘mad dogs’ driven by a ‘thought police’ government.

“The freedom of speech in Australia has been seriously undermined and we must stand up. I am today calling upon the Prime Minister to intervene in Victoria as implied freedoms under the Australian Constitution are being eroded.

“The Premier is a little kid who is batting completely out of his depth. He has been indulging himself and at the same time imposing his rather weird view of society on the rest of us.”

Mr Katter said the people of Australia had stood up once before in Ballarat, and the Victorian Premier had betrayed every principle that underlines the belief system of this nation.

The Kennedy MP said the latest example of a gross overreach of state powers followed many other concerning incidents in Victoria.

“The people who were stupid enough to vote for him, are the people that many will claim are getting their just desserts,” he said.

How is it possible for Andrews’ thought police to assault a pregnant woman for making a Facebook post then cuff her and drag her off to the caboose?

“Mr Andrews signed up to the Belt and Road initiative with a, totalitarian dictatorship – the communist Chinese Government. He said it was going to bring great trade benefits to Victoria, which is interesting because I don’t know what Victoria produces. The Labor and Liberal free-market policies closed down every industry. The Belt and Road initiative did create a highway though, to bring in Covid-19.

“Under Covid-19 they are the most collapsing economy in Australia. Pre-Covid they were bringing in more than half-a-million people every year, mostly to Melbourne and Sydney, creating a totally artificial, cannibalistic economy – growth at the expense of Australians already living in Victoria.

“Then there is the Pell case which will become infamous in Australian history. The name that should be remembered is Dan Andrews. No disrespect to the Cardinal, he was just another Christian martyr. In Andrew’s persecution of Christianity he has all the zeal that would make Spanish Communists in the 1930’s proud. Trotsky and Stalin would be rejoicing.

“In the Pell case, more than 20 witnesses gave evidence that Pell could not have been were he was alleged to have been; one person gave evidence the other way. They hounded Pell through the media and the Victorian Police.

“We have come to the time where the Federal Government must intervene in the affairs of Victoria.”