Will NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons comment on this strange beam in the sky at a fire

These photos compliments of ‘State of the Nation’

Just like Operation Torch California, hard evidence of DEWs appearing throughout Australian bushfires (Video + Photo Proof)

NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said he was offended he wasn’t told the army was coming to help with logistics for the bush fires emergency. What a shame he didn’t get on his knees and thank them for coming or better still thank the Prime Minister for arranging the deployment.

Can the NSW Fire Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons explain what this beam of light might be which was photographed at a NSW fire by a volunteer?


Maybe the army reservists might have a better idea of fighting bush fires by dropping off some of military’s numerous bulldozers and graders to build proper firebreaks just as the rural brigades did in the past.

Defence Force Chief of the reservists Major General Justin Ellwood offered the Army’s vast array of heavy machinery to Victoria, NSW and South Australia. It is not known if the states accepted his offer.

The hundreds of thousands of people affected by these fires should be angry, bloody angry, and take their wrath out on the ALP/Liberal duopoly, the Greens the Wilderness Society and the Australian Conservation Foundation.

Political correctness and dangerous regulations have prevented volunteers from using proper fire controls

Don’t blame the volunteers who have been hamstrung in their valiant efforts by political correctness in fire management and control strategies which by the countless television footage seen across the world is just patently wrong and ineffective.

Dropping a few thousand litres of water onto flames from aircraft is ineffective and at $15,000 per plane, per hour, a waste of money. The only solution is to let the huge fire mass burn out on a wide break after back burning from the break.

Have the rural crews in place to extinguish spot fires with water, dozers and a helicopter.

Building a break naturally requires trees to be pushed over and even in the face of such massive destruction was not permitted by ALP/Liberal policies.

The RFS had sufficient time to build breaks in southern NSW and East Gippsland before the conflagration arrived. They could have started 6 months ago.

Have a Royal Commission? Another ALP sick joke from an Opposition leader so far out of his depth an oxygen tank can’t save him.

After the duplicitous Royal Commission into the financial industry few are interested in another show trial.

Drain the socialist, bureaucratic swamp, clean out the universities, get rid of UN Agenda 21/30 and a host of other, similar treaties various governments have signed us into, repeal the thousands of dangerous environmental regulations imposed by states and the Commonwealth and start again after input from rural farm land managers and Forestry Departments.

Can we get Donald Trump here on a three month contract?


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. There we go again, talking about POLICY.You have to realise and ,make the fact known-to your readership, that POLICY always automatically denotes LIABILITY for any loss, harm, or injury caused by that POLICY, or raft of policies.This is obvious in the case of the environment laws and accompanying POLICIES, as those POLICIES have cause immeasurable harm to the people of Australia so affected. No better example (if you really need one, given what has happened all over the country recently!) is that of Andrew Clarke, whom I phoned a few days after his place went up: ‘I warned this would happen, and now I’ve lost everything’

    ‘I warned this would happen, and now I’ve lost everything’

    In 2008, Andrew Clarke spoke to Tom Steinfort after fire came perilously close to destroying his family home.
    Victorian winemaker Andrew Clarke lost his orchard and home and everything else to wildfire last year.Editor
    First thing Andrew said to me was: “I’m glad someone cares!” Andrew’s place was torched because, after many years of pleading for back-burns, etc-the usual fire mitigation techniques-Parks Victoria,  after many years of prevarication, and having finally consented to a back burn, changed their minds, because they were concerned about a little bird nesting in the bush near Andrew’s property.Rather than shoo the bird away, by conducting the burn anyway-and the bird might have got to nest another time-no burn was conducted, and Andrew’s, and a lot of other people’s properties went up in flames, just a few days after Parks Victoria said no, we’re not going to do the back burn. I told Andrew he should sue the government, Parks Victoria, and all other responsible parties, for at least $30+ million, as twenty years of his life’s work had gone up in flames, not to mention $2.5 million of beer brewing equipment he had just purchased from Germany! The precedent for compensation has been set, via the McDonald’s compensation claim for their lost store in Melbourne, due to the Victorian State Government’s tunnel-building program: Fast food franchisee makes $21m compo claim for Maccas lost to Metro

    Fast food franchisee makes $21m compo claim for Maccas lost to Metro

    Clay Lucas, David Estcourt

    Operators of Swanston Street outlet follows burger chains claim of $70m for lost business with their own massive … |

    $21 million for one store-albeit it had a huge annual turnover. McDonald’s was also considering a claim for loss of future earnings, too, which is a do-able thing,as precedents exist for such things, as you will know. There is no reason why people affected by the “authorities” refusal to back burn, and cut fir breaks-which are the tried and proven methods-too sue in a similar manner.And the upshot is-and especially in light of the Operation Torch Australia document, and what Max Igan has presented-to openly state that our governments-bogus as they are-have lost any right or pretense to govern, as they do not govern for us.

    That is about it, and that is the absolute truth.No pulling punches anymore. I am glad you guys are so full-on at the moment, Robert.It has to happen, otherwise, as Max Igan says, we may all die, especially given the massive stock losses reported.Is food production in trouble? I think it may be!

    Best regs (again!)  Gary


  2. I saw what they did in Paradice.. Never did I think they would do it here..no words really..


  3. I keep an eye on the national weather – barely a typical high fire danger day at all, conditions still on the green side in a relative sense, yet we are supposed to accept that all these fires are what we get.


  4. It’s interesting to note, how the source is conveniently hidden of where it’s originating from.

    Likely being perpetrated/originated from a high flying altitude military airplane or drone(s), using the dense smoke as a cover.


  5. I have raised this question a few times lately with mixed responses.
    When, as a DIRECT consequence of government legislation, people lose their lives trying to correct the stupidity enshrined in that legislation, is that not grounds for filing against the government (state or federal) for criminal negligence occasioning loss of life.


  6. I can only hope that for the government’s sake they never let me win powerball, because I’d be a permanent pain in somebody’s powerballs


  7. The conspiracy theory nut cases are out in force proving once again someone is playing with the weather and starting fires.


  8. Robert, have you compared the images from Paradice to ours? Have read the history and documents supporting Agenda 2030 and looked at the current implementions in Australia? Are you aware of HAARP in Australia? Do you follow the weather real time maps and notice the electromagnetic projections we have been experienced during the fires? Do you undertsand the world wide use of air fuel to seed the atmosphere? Are you aware of the currect weather modificaton projects including the Harvard ones? Hmm..


  9. Hello Troll/Shill 😛

    CIA Coined and Weaponized The Label “Conspiracy Theory”

    Ever been called a “conspiracy theorist”? Ever wonder where that term came from?

    In 1976 the New York Times obtained a document they requested via the Freedom of Information Act.

    This document was a C.I.A. Dispatch labeled “psych” for “psychological operations” that was distributed in 1967, indicating they coined the phrase “conspiracy theory” and “conspiracy theorists” to attack anyone who challenged the official narrative from the Warren Commission. It also has a CS indicated on it, which stands for “clandestine services” unit.

    These labels have continued ever since they coined the phrase in the 1960’s, with the intention of stifling any truths from getting out. Pay close attention to those using the labels and the information they are referring to. This will be your first clue that truth lies within and they are trying to deflect it. The bottom line is there are hundreds if not thousands of conspiracies taking place all around us – legitimate ones. While they are busy misdirecting with their “conspiracy theorist” labels, evidence is being dug up, they are being exposed, and what they claim to be theory is TRUTH.

    –> https://www.coreysdigs.com/c-i-a-3-letter-agencies/cia-coined-weaponized-the-label-conspiracy-theory/


  10. Danny you are a legend.Editor


  11. And I see that the blinkered ignorant are out in force again denying that “our” government could possibly be executing agenda 2030.


  12. A couple of points Robert,
    Whilst I deplore your level of ignorance, I quite comprehend that you are the product of the “education system”, and it is therefore to be expected that you cannot conceive that “your” government would execute agenda 2030. I don’t know how old you are Robert, but please make an effort to wake up before you die.
    The next point, aside from Danny’s post about the article on “conspiracy theorists” is: –

    A theory is an unproven thesis, since a lot of that which is being discussed here CAN BE PROVEN, it is not an unproven thesis.
    That makes you comment a conspiracy theory.


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