Port Arthur Shooting coverup revisited


26 Coincidences Which the Media and Officials Cannot and Do Not Want to Explain at Port Arthur – Can you explain them?

  1. Martin Bryant got the Tasmanian authorities to have a 22-body refrigerated morgue truck available for his handiwork.Specially built and the only one in Australia, advertised for sale afterwards. YEAH RIGHT ! read YEAH RIGHT after each point .

2 – The actual advertisement:


Vehicle for Sale. Genuine Enquiries only. Yellow Chevrolet 350 V8 truck with refrigerated body, holds 22, this vehicle was primarily used as the disaster vehicle in the Port Arthur Massacre. This vehicle is currently for sale and all reasonable offers will be considered. The vehicle has value as not only a refrigerated unit for body removal, it is the only one of its kind in the entire country. The memorabilia value of it for anyone making a movie/series or writing a book on Port Arthur is limitless. Not only would the purchaser be getting the disaster vehicle, but the whole Port Arthur Story would be given as well.This vehicle is currently for sale and all REASONABLE OFFERS will be considered.

  1. Nelson Brothers in Victoria had special big-job embalming equipment “manufactured ready for the incident.” Why did the government specially order such beforehand? YEAH RIGHT !
  2. Martin Bryant organised for senior Port Arthur staff to go away on a Work Seminar so they wouldn’t get hurt. YEAH RIGHT !
  3. He managed to get Royal Hobart Hospital to have their Emergency Plan in place two days before the massacre so things would run smoothly. YEAH RIGHT !
  4. He managed to get Hobart Hospital to have a Trauma Seminar timed to end at the exact moment he started shooting so they could patch up all the wounded quickly.
  5. He arranged for helicopter pilots – usually unavailable – to be available that Sunday.
  6. He managed to kill the Martins of Seascape with a firearm when he was at a service station 57 kilometres away.
  7. He decoyed the local police to be at the opposite end of the peninsula at the exact moment the shooting began.
  8. He managed to fool staff at the Historic Site into believing he arrived at 1.15pm when in fact he was there at 12.45pm.
  9. He managed not to look like himself – as if wearing a woman’s wig – when being filmed in the car park by tourists.
  10. He wore a face mask making his face look pockmarked when shooting in the cafe.
  11. He arranged for a suspect black van to appear outside the Broad Arrow Cafe afterwards so people wouldn’t think it was him who did it.
  12. He managed to get Sally Martin to run around Seascape naked that afternoon and make it appear she had been killed that morning.
  13. He managed to shoot a rifle from upstairs at Seascape when he was downstairs talking to police on the phone.
  14. He had infrared night vision eyes.
  15. He managed to shoot from two Seascape buildings at once during the night of the siege.
  16. He managed to stay in a heavily burning building shooting and yelling at police and get severe burns only on his back.
  17. He managed to have the world press to have a convention in Hobart on the 30th April so there were plenty of reporters on hand so he would get better than usual media coverage.
  18. He managed to make it appear ASIO was behind the incident.
  19. He managed to make it appear Tasmania Police had fabricated and tampered with evidence.
  20. He managed to get the Tasmanian DPP lie to the Court about his activities.
  21. He arranged for the media nationwide to display his photo to witnesses to influence them; and to print false stories about him and get Channel Nine To fabricate a video – all while in custody.
  22. He fired two shots at 6.30pm at Port Arthur while he was under siege by police at Seascape. And fired from the right hip by a left hander. 4 more like him and we could take over the entire world.
  23. If you believe the official version, his marksmanship was fantastic – twenty head shots, from the right hip, in 90 seconds!A movement of 3 degrees would have missed at 3 -4 meters.
  24. There are only about 100 shooters that good (better than Olympians) in the world.

All done by an intellectually handicapped young man with an IQ of 66 and the mental age of an eleven year old boy ? The whole event was planned and announced in Hansard 2 years earlier – Why – to disarms us. Bryant was never given a proper trial. Prime Minister Johhny Coward prevented it! All previously arranged. He should replace Martin Bryant in jail!

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About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understand the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head this year.

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  1. Why has he never had a trial? What law has been used to prevent him from being put on trial?

  2. I agree that this investigation must be re-opened and Martin Bryant be EXONERATED

  3. You say about John Howard PM’s dishonesty in relation to the 1996 Port Arthur atrocities.

    I suggest to also research & look at the historical tangled web of other actual facts such as the now former Prime Minister John Winston Howard MP & former Treasurer Peter Howard Costello MP were both well trained by experts in the art of ex-parte fraud, deception & falsehoods crimes misused to pervert & defeat the course of justice from when both before politics they were both employed by and as Mallesons Stephen Jacques lawyers (MSJ) lawyers.

    It seems that it was a prerequisites to be patently dishonest & corruptly a fraudster to even get such a job at MSJ. And to become a MSJ partner they had to be EXPERT DISHONEST FRAUDSTERS. No wounder in 2012 the MSJ partnership ceased to trade!

    In fact until 1995 Stanley Howard an older brother of John Winston Howard was a senior MSJ partner & was the Chairman of the MSJ partnership & therefore Stanley Howard was the head of the MSJ partners strategically committed decades of very Organised Crimes.

    Some of which MSJ partner’s Organised Crimes I myself have witnessed first-hand adversely on the receiving end via absolutely strings of endless false accusations created & manufactured by MSJ partners & then regurgitated & dishonestly misused by Telstra’s internal MSJ partners who were also secretly full time Telstra officers of the Commonwealth when in 1996 under Prime Minister John Howard MP & Treasurer Peter Costello MP their officers of the Commonwealth corruptly committed crimes very sick minded on their parts as officers of the Commonwealth engaging in fraud & perjury by falsely asserting utterly false & fabricated allegations trying to implicate Myself in threatening to do Port Arthur murders.

    All that was another MSJ partnership & Commonwealth departmental collusively predatory boycotting & industrial sabotage by corruptly dishonest tactics all committed wilfully by them as a powerful cartel of Organised Crimes on each of their parts just to keep concealing a systemic 1800 prefix phone fault to dishonestly conceal & avoid paying to Me a very price sensitive restitution of property that in 2018 is fully owing to me, and is accruing from 1993.

    Then in 1995 the politically appointed David Martin Hoare while also still an officer of the Commonwealth of Australia as the Telstra Chairman, HOARE replaced Stanley Howard as the Chairman of MSJ. So HOARE was from 1995 not still just the politically appointed Chairman of Telstra, but HOARE was politically allowed to also become the Chairman of the MSJ partnership and to also be a director of the powerful former Commonwealth agency called Comalco. Hence even more Organised Crimes by a cartel of interwoven experts!

    In late 1999 to keep perverting justice that cartel bribed & paid corrupt dual income bribes as were paid to the SECOND HIGHEST LAW OFFICER of the State of Queensland for him to in-exchange provide special corrupt favours. Hence that dual income Solicitor-General definitely misled the trial judge in 2001 as was repeatedly stated by the 2002 Court of appeal by each of three (3)Appeal Court judges in 2002.

    Despite this the moonlighting dual income bribed corrupt Solicitor-General has since been repeatedly fast tracked by politically elevations & he is a current purported HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA Judge who was thereby corruptly politically further rewarded. So yes, I do not doubt that Martin Bryant is a political prisoner, since 1996, when all the facts are actually laid out like you have well done in your article today, congratulations, keep up the good work.

    By the way in 1996 I most definitely was not in Tasmania, nor have I ever owned any guns or rifles etc, nor have I ever threatened to do any Port Arthur murders, nor would I.

    But I find it interesting as did my 1996 false accusers as officers of the Commonwealth did they by their own false allegations did thereby evidence they have guilty minds over their highly paid actual crimes?

    But, it seems that if you are a P.A. to the CEO of Telstra in those days then they were judicially & politically protected & in 2018 are still politically protected when it was them who had falsely & sickly made up such unconscionable & unethically dishonest false assertions, all tactically & strategically designed to simply, harm & defraud anyone they chose to harm, simply because they held respected & influential public funded positions of trust, backed by unlimited federal funds . Hence 1996 was historically an era of politically motivated & was all politically supported corruption, still being covered up by ongoing decades of ever expanding ingrained political & judicial Organised Crimes.

    By the way in 1997 those 1996 falsely fabricate sick minded officers of the Commonwealth’s allegations were engineered & are totally vexatiously but were made up by corrupt Telstra officers of the Commonwealth by & via a (then secret) another MSJ partner who was dual income employed as a Telstra officer of the Commonwealth full time within Telstra; but when those false public servants false allegations were tested under oath in the court, then their false affidavits & their materially false Complaint each never come up to muster in Court & their oral evidence contradicted their affidavit sworn statement, as were prepared by a MSJ partner ready for them to sign their name to those falsehoods as if they had written it.

    In fact is correctly Court found & was then Court of Appeal also upheld that MSJ & Telstra officers of the Commonwealth collusively & falsely had fabricated a bogus Complaint & bogus Affidavits to result in having Me Wrongfully Arrested in December 1996. All was perpetrated unlawfully via Queensland Police for the cartel without any Warrant & without any Police interview & without any valid cause.

    All was committed strategically for a public debt owing to Me ingrained public service designed debt payment avoidance tactics, all was illegally perpetrated to avoid making global stock market disclosures & thereby to avoid paying Me in restitution of My property as is still owing to Me as a Casualty of Telecom (CoT) Case matter from 1993. Which debt owing in restitution of my property arose due to a major systemic fault on the part of the Commonwealth of Australia via its Commonwealth Telecom-Telstra exchange by Telecom-Telstra for the Commonwealth having supplied My businesses with a 1800 number that was not fit for purpose for a prolonged period. So in 2006 Costello & Howard stacked & rigged the running of the ASX, ASIC, ACCC & ACMA with Ex-MSJ lawyers to conceal their insider trading & market manipulation frauds committed during their Telstra three share float frauds.

    Lets jointly bring on a Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate the Port Arthur atrocities & to also for that RCI to additionally fully investigate into all herein outlined Judicial & Political types of decades of corrupt Organised Crimes, involving corrupt frauds, deceit, deception, perjury by officers of the Commonwealth, bribery of officials to pervert justice in exchange, misappropriation of federal funds, kickbacks to politicians, & all suspected other criminality & insider trading & market manipulation frauds & any other forms of potentially any other indictable crimes committed over at least the last quarter of a century.

    • Absolutely this needs to come out and all the scum involved need to go to jail and the people of this country have their constitutional rights restored under the original constitution of 1901 which is still the law of the land but is simply ignored.

  4. This is why we the people must force the issue into the open and get the truth out for don’t be fooled this is the season of false flags and they will try and do it again to finish off the job.

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