Qld Govt says it owns rainfall once it hits the ground on your property

Lakeland farmers have been told they no longer own the water after rainfall hits the ground on their properties.

Desperate for irrigation water to keep their banana crops alive the State Government delivered a mortal blow preventing farmers from building any more dams over 50 megalitres capacity without applying for an expensive licence.

Mareeba-based Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy officer Patrick Huber broke the devastating news at a meeting of Lakeland farmers recently.

Mr Huber stressed that water caught in domestic rainwater tanks was safe from government hands but any other water belonged to the State.

Releasing the Draft Water Plan for Cape York Peninsula he said overland flow had to be protected and the department would soon require land owners with existing dams, large or small, to supply dam measurements and capacities to the department.

Within 12 months of receiving the information the DNR would then issue a licence for the water and install meters on all private dams to get an idea of water usage.

Qld farmers under plans by the Department of Natural Resources will soon be paying for their own water stored in their own dams on freehold property.

When questioned if the reason for water meters was to charge landowners for their own water, Mr Huber said there was no mention of this in the draft plan.

It was pointed out that other Labor states began charging farmers fees for private water storages more than a decade ago but DNR staff denied this was their intention.

The Draft Plan allowed for total usage of only 2.5 per cent of the entire water availability on Cape York, which did not impress the meeting.

In the Normanby Basin which includes Lakeland, “the Draft Bill allows 2000 M for general use but has allocated 16,000 M to indigenous groups because they are the largest landowners under the Cape York Peninsula Heritage Act,” Mr Huber said.

“If farmers require more water allocation they can buy it from various indigenous bodies at commercial water trading prices.”

The Plan allows for a total of 516,350 M of unallocated water across Cape York.

Lakeland stud cattle breeder Bill Reddie questioned why no more dams could be built saying he had lived at Lakeland since the 1980’s.

“There is more water going down our gullies than 30 years ago which could be caught,” Mr Reddie commented.

Weipa grazier Mr John Witherspoon said he was angry the DNR had not provided any allocation in the Watson catchment or allowed more water for farm usage across the Cape.

“The State Government is right out of touch with the Peninsula and we should be demonstrating against them over taking away our water rights and charging so much just to apply for a licence with no guarantee of getting it,” Mr Witherspoon said.

In attendance at the meeting was Katters Australian Party candidate for Leichardt, Dan McCarthy who questioned the reason for restricting land owners access to the vast amount of fresh water on Cape York thus preventing any further agricultural development.

“I am very concerned about the overarching policy of only allowing 2.5 per cent of water that falls on Cape York for farming,” Mr McCarthy said.

Katters Australian candidate for Leichardt(Cape York) Dan McCarthy says KAP policy is that landowners own water on their properties, which has been held at Common Law since Federation.

“The government needs to make up their minds. They are restricting access to a mere 2.5 per cent of rainfall that falls from the sky claiming any more would be detrimental to the environment, yet on the other hand they squeal like a stuck pig that runoff is killing the reef.

“We are blessed with abundant water during the wet season and we should be encouraging land owners to capture more water rather than the State Government persecuting them for using a natural resource.

“It’s disgraceful situation that legislation is leading towards farmers having to install meters on their own dams on their own properties which will lead to them having to pay for their own water..

“We are constantly told that runoff is killing the barrier reef but farmers want to capture water runoff.

“KAP policy is that farmers own any water that falls on their property so how is it they can eventually charge farmers for their own water? – contributed


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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. WHY do Queenslanders vote Labor back in, time after time, when they see the ridiculous laws they make and the corruptness that goes on?
    This is all part of Labor’s Marxist plan to drive our farmers out and make Australia a 3rd world country.We are headed that way.
    The sensible plan would be to build more dams, as Katter’s party stated, and catch all that water in the wet season.VOTE LABOR OUT!

  2. I forgot to add….they will be wanting to tax the air we breathe next, because it’s THEIR air? Something has to be one to stop the ruination of our once Lucky country by fools!

  3. Jeffrey C Sill

    Fee Simple Title look it up. also ask the Politicians if the legislation has been lawfully Assented by a lawfully appointed Governor, answer NO. Therefore the is no law put a sign on your gate warning any Government Officers and or contractors not to trespass. If you are taken tot Court you just ask for the lawfully sworn Oath of Office, they can’t because they didn’t swear a lawful Oath . Case dismissed.

  4. peter schuback

    I have had this out wu=it’s the once again. , Last time at a meeting in Gracemere Queensland . If they own the water they own the damage their water does , another thing is that water that is directly caught in a dam or rain water tank does not hit the ground . Govenment can not claim to wn the water if they wont accept the responsibility for the damage done by their asset. 9the water 0

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  5. I note the majority still vote labour so will the government credit the freehold land owner when it doesn’t rain

  6. What rubbish, read the Australian constitution, section 100, this is an attempt to pervert the course of justice ie, the main and founding law in Australia the Constitution.

  7. Form a water users association as a not for profit organisation, pool resources SC Mark Robinson in Sydney or SC Maurice Byers will be smart enough to stick the Constitution to these un- Australian traitors.

  8. This is absolutely sick agenda 21 at work in this country a UN pushed program and sponsored by the big mega banks to bring this country down and depopulate the earth by some 95% by there own admissions this is crazy and it must be stopped at all costs before there is nothing left of not only this country but civilisation as a whole. People get off the couch turn off the TV while your watching reality TV and master chief your losing your country to these crazy scum bags who are targeting your very lives and are planning to take not only you out but your family as well stand up get in the fight and take action you need to be waking people up and lighting the brush fires of liberty in every human being you see and deal with on a daily basis.

  9. Steve southen

    Take them to the high court.where does it state that they own the rain .
    Where does it state you have to have a lic yo build a dam on your own property

  10. RESEARCH QUERY: When, where and In what Circumstances( Drought 2001-09?) did the Idea of ‘Gouging’ Farmer’s for Water gain traction? In Sydney?? Please Research this and Post the Answer c Wikipedia!!!

  11. It is time to “drain the swamp!”

  12. Keith McConnell

    These dams are the bery reason that the entire Murray/Darling catchment is suffering. Everyone wants to dam all the water, use it or sell it. MASSIVE cotton growers which once produced product have become water dealers as they have illegally altered water courses to divert water and pumped rivers dry.

    Whats the problem you ask? The poor bastards downstream who drink that water that flows there now have to pack up and move, sell the farm which is now worthless and watch the land around them become unarable. Now the inland desert spreads as the natural water course has been altered. Now cattle producers inland cant have cattle because there artesian bores have dried up and every time it rains the water never goes where it once did.

    Now the alternative… the government builds it’s own damn and floods all this land which you had your farm on which is now worthless. Now they control the outflows and whocan buy water and where.

    Seems like a simple solution to a simple problem. I need more water to expand/secure my business so I’ll just build a big fucken dam. Therefore the solution is much more complex as are tge requirements for each peraon that relies on the catchmemt. Look North to Cubbie stations gigalitres of storage holding back water which runs through 4 states and south to Qld/Nsw border, the robbery at the tax payers expense sanctioned by a useless federal agriculture minister.

    Open your eyes, follow the money and dont just blame Labor… the country deserves better

  13. This is a completely rediculous concept. Cocky’s already have it hard enough in general. Why should the government be slugging them for water they capture on their own land? This government needs a good kick up the ass. How much more unrealistic do they want to make things?

  14. Peter O'Brien

    Yeah air tax next! Don’t breath to deep it’ll cost ya a fortune!!!

  15. If the Government says it owns the water then ANY damage caused by THEIR water must be paid for so when a flood occurs 100% of the cost is by the persons that own the water That will drop insurance bills for floods. Also just a small matter of section 100 of the constitution
    100. Nor abridge right to use water
    The Commonwealth shall not, by any law or regulation of trade or commerce, abridge the right of a State or of the
    residents therein to the reasonable use of the waters of rivers for conservation or irrigation

  16. God is the only one who owns the rain get real government you are not God and you will answer for your inconsiderate and blatantly hardheartedness towards those that suffer, give the farmers a little of what you earn a month and it would make a difference. You are a selfish and cruel when it comes to looking after our own people struggling compared to making money.

  17. What a bunch of idiots these politicians are. I hope they take ownership of the weeds that are nurtured by their water and pay the land owner for their eradication.

  18. That’s what carbon trading was all about: taxing the air we breathe. They’ve already been there. The (((Global Bankers))) who supported and enabled this must have been laughing into their bagels.

  19. Why don’t they just ban farming altogether and be done with it as they are making it impossible for Farmers to produce anything.

    Don’t they realise pretty much everything they put in their mouths comes from a farmer.

  20. What the heck!!!?? If this is truly happening then being an Australian makes me embarrassed!

  21. Can I just say to everyone in Queensland and all over the world the government DO NOT own rain water not anywhere in the world.

    This is a bunch of jumped up politicians who are trying to con you by making up rules to make money from the very people they are suppose to represent. It’s not rocket science to know that rain water is a natural source and no one has any claim of ownership.

    Don’t let them get away with this….Stand your ground! What Mother Nature provides NO ONE owns. Don’t be fooled by the men in suits who are lining their own pockets with your money simply because they make the rules that allow them to do such things. Always remember there are more of you than there are of them and you have the numbers and the power to put a stop to this madness.

  22. If they own the water when it hits the ground then they are legally responsible for the damage caused by it ..

  23. This is absolutely disgraceful!

  24. I took the then federal Ministers office, Baby Joyce (WHO WOULDNT TALK TO ME) to task on a dam and was informed by his 2 IC that Australia no longer controlled the water resources in Australia.
    I informed him of the Australian Constitution, (and don’t forget Quick and Garren”s notes that are a must read to understand how the Constitution was formed and how it works) and that we had not had a referendum to change the Constitution. He was quiet, I then asked who does control our water, the conversation ended abruptly with no answer.
    I recorded the conversation in its entirety for my personal safety and think I still have it.
    If this is true then this is treason, I would be a hanging judge.

  25. Tell the premier Bill has battled like Christ to get Labor over the line federally and this shit doesn’t help Labor or the farmers in their endeavors

  26. This qld minister should be placed under investigation because the rain is for ever one and just not for the minister of mining resourses to do as he pleases infact the water natural environment resourse shouldn’t have anything to do mining I’m amazed at the political situation in this I think our economy doesn’t need greed at this point in stage and the prime minister of our counrty should get his head out of this man’s asshole and do something instead of shagging the mining minister. This country is supposed to be the land of freedom and opportunity not oppression wake and smell the shit you people got us Australians in. Amen GREED IS NOT TOLERATED

  27. Our government is seriously demented, they’d sell their granny got an extra dollar. Quit this insane stupidity now, you are already questionable, now you are just the laughing stock of humanity except we are not laughing. Talk about killing the golden goose.

  28. Morons !

  29. Thank you John, well said! Ed

  30. Thanks Keith for a balanced view! Ed

  31. Fracking needs copious amounts of water and if farms build large dams then coal seam gas mining can’t go ahead because there may not be the water available! It’s all about the Mining!!!

  32. If we the ordinary workers who are affected by these idiot people making up ridiculous laws and rules to keep themselves in work in the cities were to take control of and cut off the water that supplies the city so that their pet animals died and they had to flush the loo with a bucket imagine the wailing and backlash that would occur. Our fathers mothers ect. fought for this country and these clowns are destroying the legacy but I feel not for much longer. You can only poke the beast so many times before it will bite.

  33. Refuse to pay. God supplied the rain, not the govt. The land owner dug the dam, not the govt.

  34. The Government then also owns the pollution in the air that infects us all. This opens a can of worms that the Government wouldn’t like opened. If the Government owns the water they are fully responsible for all flooding & therefore owes money to many families.

  35. The government is overstepping it’s mark once again. Their urge to represent ‘OTHER’ corporate ‘persons’ is admirable but treasonous. When will they come clean and just come out and say “WE ARE GOD AND YOU WILL SUBMIT TO OUR DEMANDS”???
    If YOU voted for ANY of them YOU are the problem.

  36. Common law needs FULL reinstatement across the nation as these so called ‘leaders’ are “unrepresentative swill” unless you count large multinational corporations.

  37. Luke Hargreaves

    On the other hand we have immeasurable volumes of water running out to sea in a wet season event such as a cyclone which is far in excess of environmental needs and this could be redirected to all inland areas and even the Murray basin. I totally agree the demand has outgrown the resource so rather than fight it out about who gets what lets be visionary and re purpose the flows that we have to meet all current and future demand. This Utopian view that we must return to fully functional natural systems where man is the beast and can not exist is total bullshit, we are meant to improve the environment not just let dog eat dog. The Feds are bound to the foreign sponsored Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Act and this must be repealed before we can solve these issues.

  38. If the government state they own the rain that hits the ground, then make the bastards responsible for the damage and grief caused by drought and flood. Make them pay for your losses.

  39. That is disgusting and unfair.

  40. I’m hearing you there! Problem; How do we stand our ground?
    The bulk of the country clearly has no idea which is easily confirmed by them VOTING for either of the majors, or even greens, and Pauline etc.
    They are representative of others who do not have our best interests in mind but tell you they do.
    We, who are old enough, have all seen their lies yet continue to vote like it will change things. IT WILL NOT! Get over R v’s L politics and realise its all a SHAM! Vote your neighbors dog in…… they have no knowledge of corporate politics, reserve banking, fractional lending and insider trading….. Just like most of the people here.Your guts tell you something is wrong, it is. WHAT TO DO??

  41. These persons are playing the NEW WORLD ORDER playbook.
    Agenda 21. Look it up. You may be dazzled by its verbage or horrified by its actual connotations, depending on your comprehension of language. Some ‘persons’ are in control of EVERYTHING. You are supposed to be a mindless ‘pleb’ that is still arguing about any minor deviation among ‘people’ served up by mass media outlets that in the end is meaningless with the ‘powers being exerted upon you’ and your family, friends and the rest of society.
    Us against them……. That has been the new paradigm for over 50 years. WAKE UP FROM YOUR INERT POLITICAL SLUMBER. Or be ruled against your will, robbed like Mafia stooges and criminalised by our treasonous government so called ‘representatives’. I expect not much action from Cairns newspapers in reporting federal reserve being a ‘private owned corporation’ or that all BANKS ‘CREATE MONEY FROM THIN AIR’ every time they make a ‘LOAN’. They, as many others are afraid, afraid for their interests is the simplest term. They cannot risk attack from the oligarchy, or their actual owners. I feel bad for the people among you that ‘want’ clear and real journalism but can be ‘stifled’ by editors who know what it means to tow ‘the line’. Honesty in our corporate and business community has been so badly eroded that WE don’t believe a damn thing you/they say. Anyone agree with anything suggested here?

  42. Please define third world country according to you and also tell me why do you think australia is not one ?

  43. Perhaps the farmer could charge the government a fee for holding that water that the government owns?

  44. Thomas Harrison

    The government need to pull their heads out of their asses and stop this bullshit there is a simple solution to the water problem its simple redirect the storm water from going to the ocean and build water pipes pumping water to the outback from all the major cities with purification stations along the way bringing water to the farmers and creating heaps of job opportunities at the same time stop hurting our farmers as they are the backbone of our once awesome country but we are loosing everyday . .

  45. When will people wake up , The so-called Queensland Government have no power to do or say anything the thing to do is send a letter warning that they will be trespassing if they come onto your land that includes the drive way to your Home. Queensland is a rogue State No upper House no Crown authority and it’s run by The Mob, the same as the other States they have been taken over by the Mafia. .

  46. Well said Thomas. There is a problem called Rothschild Bank which is demanding governments pay back interest and redemption. The Marxist Qld Govt is trying all the Stalinist strategies to kill off farmers and small business.Ed

  47. Just another tax on our farmers by an inept corrupt Union controlled gov

  48. Great to see someone who hints at the real puppeteers of this entire anti-Australian govt together with their (((international bankers))). The root source of the hidden destructive power that rules this country must be identified and routed to put an end to this and all other treachery to Australians.

  49. Ridiculous, soon they will own “Heatwaves”, that grows your crops. Bunch of thieves, rain comes from the skies, where it lands is up to nature not man and who ever receives this rain water is the owners of the rain. No fees should apply at all. Some people think they are “GOD”. What a JOKE!

  50. How did these dictators get power ??? CORRECT … the people voted them there …. I will leave it up to you to workout how to remove them … Sub Editor

  51. And the lord said smile and be happy, things could be worse. So I smiled and I was happy and behold things did get worse …. Sub Editor

  52. What a laugh, does this mean that the water landing on the ground that now belongs to the government is then claimed as a tax deduction on the amount evaporated ?

  53. I tried to get my name struck off the electoral role by telling them that I won’t be party to political dishonesty by being held responsible for voting the mongrels into office by having to vote and was told by the AEC that that was not possible unless I died .

  54. A management fee perhaps ?

  55. Bloody ridiculous
    Dont consent write in affidavit of truth The Lord
    God gifted you the wayer from the heavens
    And you thanked him for his gift Amen
    The govt must rebut
    They cant rebut

  56. So, if they own the water as soon as it hots the ground, this makes them liable for flooding and damage caused by their property?

  57. Governments “own” nothing.

    This story is nothing new, It is the same old or a similar story.

    When will we learn?


    * Governments are elected by men and women (by citizens inhabiting a state) to properly “manage” the body-politic, the infrastructure and the resources of a state, for the Crown.

    * Nation states and all states within are an equal subject of the law that binds all under the Crown. (Of ‘persons’ and ‘legal persons’.)

    *All nation states or states are a legal person.

    * Departments of all states (that are managed by governments) are manned with men and women who are part of the body-politic. Under all nation states or states that answer to the Crown.

    * Men and women (as farmers on their own property) have an inherent (common law) Right to water that falls on their respective properties.

    * All men and women are sovereign of our own person.

    “We are blessed with abundant water during the wet season and we should be encouraging land owners to capture more water rather than the State Government persecuting them for using a natural resource.

    “It’s disgraceful situation that legislation is leading towards farmers having to install meters on their own dams on their own properties which will lead to them having to pay for their own water.”

  58. Good one Ross. One only has to look at the High Court precedent established by J Isaacs, Commonwealth v NSW, HCA 1923 and we have the exact definition of land ownership held in fee simple which includes rainfall and soils. It is the common law of Australia yet each corporate state government has legislated against it. This precedent was again upheld by J Kirby in the Mabo decision. Until we drain the Canberra swamp there will be no change.Editor

  59. Yes and we need a court precedent set here. Unfortunately outside of Queensland. Here we have the best judges the corporation can buy.Editor

  60. Generally speaking, it’s likely that you own the property underneath and around your house. Most property ownership law is based on the Latin doctrine, “For whoever owns the soil, it is theirs up to heaven and down to hell. So they can go to hell if they think they are taking our water so they can bugger off the bastards a government run by housewives all useless

  61. And I here by charge you 200% stupidity tax. 10% having to put up with your bulshit tax and a f…you you are our servants, but have forgotten levy. $10 000 per servant per day of stupidity. Further stupidity will result in being turkey slapped 24/7.

  62. Nathan Dunning

    Tell em they’re Dreamin!

  63. The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act-Section 100
    Nor abridge right to use water
    The Commonwealth shall not, by any law or regulation of trade or commerce, abridge the right of a State or of the residents therein to the reasonable use of the waters of rivers for conservation or irrigation.

  64. Robert C Coward

    The Australian Constitution Protects the Peoples Right to Water under Section 100 but only from River, It did not think a Government would claim it from other sources The masters want to turn WATER INTO A COMMODITY ITS ABOUT CONTROL
    The only way I can see to challenge Government claim to control water is to research the Preamble to the creating of Sec 100 of the Constitution. to see what the intention of the creators of the Constitution was

  65. Robert C Coward

    PREAMBLE and SEC 100 AU CONSTITUTION and Fee SIMPLE Govern Water Rights in Australia

  66. Christopher Campbell

    What a load of shit these government arsholes sit in their ivory spending our money on useless shit
    When are we going to stand together and get rid of these useless bastards

  67. Rediculous, the government should be ashamed of themselves. Capitalising on what is their fault, for not putting dams and catchments in place. Shame on you.

  68. Under the UK commonwealth law it belongs to the people of Australia not the government and trespassing on some ones private land is trespassing so how dose a thieving goverment claim wits on your propriety , it would be greAt to see how thay would fare in a QUEENS CORT WITH A JUDGE HO HAS SWORN ALEGENC TO THE QUEEN , ITS OVIES THIS FUCKED UP FEDERAL AND STATE GOVERMENTS ARE A LAW ON TO THEM SELVES AND NOT FOR THE PEOPLE HO PAY THEIR WAGES TO ADMINISTER FOR US , FOR THE GOOD OF AUSTRALIA NOT OVER SEAS POWERS WITH HOW MONEY , TALK A OUT TREASION THIS IS IT IN A NUT SHELL

  69. My 12G says you don’t. hahahahaha

  70. Not on my land they don’t. Just tell the control freaks their days are numbered. New government Anning Hanson Katter Palmer in the majority and a full tip out of deadwood restructure and shut down of unions and disconnect from the seat shining UN and redirect funding away from rubbish climate change to deal with reality is simple logic really

  71. Madeleine Cannon

    If thd gov ownd the water then they have to be liable for any damage it causrs – as on flooding. Sue them

  72. I would like to see their ownership license secondly if they think they can do this then the farmers need to charge these morons storage costs and that could be very expensive

  73. Brendon Wymarra

    Common Law? Aboriginal LORE! GOVERNMENT BULLSHIT! What next? The AIR we breath and you ass holes in government tell us we need to pay tax! ? Aboriginal LORE! Welcome to OUR COUNTRY! FREEDOM!

  74. If they own the free water from the sky then they can pay for the floods and cyclone damage as well when it falls from the sky

  75. Anthony murphy

    Ok, if those arseholes “own the water”, tell them you do t give them permission for it to fall n your property and you will charge them with interest on any and all rain that lands on your place. Maybe that will shut em up

  76. Wake up sheepole ! We are being ruled bye city slickers thats all in a bluddy system or a sceme ! Stand to gether ,make a difference or even raise to arms! The future of our children are at stake
    and so the rest of Australia! Focus more on important matters😠

  77. Brendon Wymarra

    What a pile of horse shit! The government claims ownership of everything. Well how about our rights under international law and our traditional lore? Our ownership of our Allodial Lands and Seas are well before the fraudulent government’s claims so please do yourselves the common courtesy and stop with the BS. Go protect the long list of pedophiles you the government are aware of whom are your foot soldiers in our communities causing problems, spying and reporting back to you. The truth is about to be dealt!

  78. We will need to charge the government for water storage,
    Cost of mowing our lawns after their water made it grow, any drainage or property damage caused by their water and roof repairs and damage caused by their water forcing its way into our house.
    My hourly rates for water storage is $500 an hour.
    If dont want to pay than dont deliver your water to my property or it will be seen as an agreement of contract.

  79. Townsville and North West property owners should send a bill to the Comrade Premier Annastacia for the devastating flood damage in February.Editor

  80. Gayelene Cocks

    What a croc . If I was the farmer I would be invoicing the government for storage costs of water on my land . Apart from the fact that they pay rates on land they own and most of the time have no infrastructure supplied. This rain comes from god as a gift and the government has no claim on it .

  81. Gayelene Cocks

    Well said. And thought out . I hadn’t considered the damage all their water could cause

  82. Charge the government for the creation and upkeep of the dams and plumming. The charge them for the destruction of property eg errosion.
    With the caption at the bottom of the bill “Acceptance of service is acceptance of contract”.

  83. So does that mean we can sue them when there is a flood?

  84. In short yes but not in a Queensland court.Editor

  85. Who promoted them to “GOD’S RIGHT HAND”. YELLOW CHARLIE WILL BE FLYING FLAG HERE VERY SOON, u betcha balls!

  86. Haha! What a joke of a world. It’s hell, we are ruled over by pedo child sacrificers!

    Time to cleanse the infection!

  87. So the government owns the water once it hits the ground well when it floods they can come and take all their water of the land that is inundated

  88. Totally agree JOhn.

  89. I’m interested to know if the government own the water can you charge them rent for your land when flooding occurs at any price you see fit Is there a trespass charge to be had if your stock is out on the road you are responsible for it and damage it causes ? Loss of profit because the government could not hold its water hmmm. Court might be interesting

  90. Removing the Crown from the Parliament & introducing the Australia Act were both illegal , the only way that it could have been legally done was by a referendum & we did not have that……

  91. So if the government owns the rain once it hits the ground, that owe me for repairs to my ground caused by their product. Corrosion of my horse paddocks and driveway, and damage to my cars and trucks as a result of the damagr to the driveway. I bet they don’t want to owe that though??

  92. Water on your property is yours and should always be with Aussie landholders not the indigenous people Aussie landholders as the Katter Party member says water on your property is yours and no one else’s build your big band and bugger the state Labour government

  93. The water run off to the reef is full of chemicals and nutrients that affects the reef not fresh rainwater!

    They will be charging us for the air we breathe next!!!

  94. Hi Joann now farm runoff is or has ever been toxic. Nitrogen fertiliser dissipates into the air in hours. It is the urban runoff, everything from sump oil to grey water and car wash detergents entering the stormwater system and flowing onto the reef, but the main reef along the east coat of Qld generally is at least 50nm from mainland. So much of the Greens/ALP scaremongering is simply to attract hundreds of millions in grant moneys for left wing universities and dopey, dodgy academics.Editor

  95. Balanced view???????? Cubbie Station only harvests water in large floods and only when the government says it can, so they capture water that would otherwise end up out at sea. Now you want to steal that water off them. Green eyed monster it seems. By the way they can’t release any water anyway as they are also out of water. DROUGHT. Why don’t you show some integrity and check that out and do an unbiased report. TOO HARD BASKET is it.

  96. If the property owners new dam is going to block natural flow of water to a river, Government storage Dam or natural water trapment for native animals to drink from, then I could understand the Government getting involved to stop this. If none of this is going to happen then leave the property owner alone to store water to feed his animals, plants, farm and family.

  97. they vote labour because they are bra inwsshed by the left wing media and the seats have been stacked with public servants to ensure labour never loses

  98. Not everybody is a scientist but the correct use of measurement units by journalists is a very basic expectation.

    Lower case “m” is “milli”, x 1/1000.
    Upper case “M” is “mega”, x 1000000.
    Litre uses upper case “L”

    The use of “ml” is “meaning-less”.
    1 mL = 1 cc (cubic centimetre)
    1 ML = 10^9 cc = 1000 m3 (cubic mitres)

  99. Thank you it all helps, from the not-paid, overworked editorial panel

  100. Not sure what you are on about Gary. Can’t find any mention of Cubbie station in this article. Ed

  101. Time to make a decision people .remove the labor gov. Tell the lib the new rules lock up the greens and start to run this state properly don’t like it get deported! You think me extreme nah extreme is where I come out and start blowing heads off. For real!

  102. Who didn’t?

  103. Sorry, I don’t believe that any government @owns” what it doesn’t produce – especially water that falls from the sky and finds its way directly onto my roof or property. If that is the case, legally, then when I suffer any damage from a flood then the government will be sued for their property causing damage to my property. Seems reasonable to me

  104. Jo-Anne Vanderwerf

    This is so wrong, our government is trying to kill farmers in Australia, paying for water in dams they built with there own money, wake up you stupid people, the government needs to build more dams for all the people to use freely, No charges in this Drought ridden country. If you can make it green we will end up all better off,

  105. well if the QLD government says they own the rain that falls on your property, every write to them and state that as its the government thinks it owns the rain fall on your land say this in a letter or email to them.

    I do not want your water falling onto my land , there for you must take steps to stop the rain falling on your land . should you ignore this, then I have no choice but to charge you ten Million Dollars for every inch of rain you claim is yours once it falls on my land or part thereof and invoices will be sent to the QLD government with payment for these invoices to be paid within seven days of the rain hitting my land or you will be in default and the interest will be compunded at 20% per day utill the bill is paid. and should you ignore this, we will put as many dams as we like on our properties and use the water however we please until you comply and pay us for you water that lands on our properties. and never pay them for your dam water as you will use it as compensation for them not paying the Bill.

  106. Love this – if they want the water they can collect it before it hits the ground – put up or shut up I say. Like the previous post charge the Queensland Government if it then falls on your land – and I believe that charging interest is an awesome idea. If there is a flood or major water damage through heavy rain or rivers bursting their banks – is the government going to come and sort out any damage

  107. This is utterly disgraceful for our government representatives to betray their constituents in this way. Politicians are there to look after the people who put them in their position and are servants to the people: How dare they assume such a position of corrupted authority. I say sack them immediately. Let’s have an election and let the people decide.

  108. They vote Labor because, as the Newman experiment proved, Labor has so many people feeding off the public payroll that they have guaranteed themselves a permanent electorate.

  109. Mob of robbing bastards

  110. This is pure greed no wonder there is a drought God will not strive with man forever He shut off the rain and result was a seven year drought. 2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face. And turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

  111. U government u dont own the fucking rain its coming down from the sky u just can’t own everything u dumb twats who died snd made u god ffs grow up imbiciles ur pathetic as humans this is the worst and stupidest thing ive heard in my life get a life because it sounds like u need one

  112. God bless America help us keep our land safe from others country Amen 🙏

  113. Thanks Mr Ross Israel Folau has been attacked by dark forces from around Australia but just maybe he is right.Editor

  114. Hear hear to that.

  115. ArchAngle Michael

    Then they are wholly and solely responsible for all damages caused by said rain and also 100% responsible for providing it directly to your dam in the time of drought with no cost of transport. So if this cock sucker wants to do this let his department pay for both lack there of and excess of, with flood damage you need to nominate them as the responsible party when you make the claim. Let the insurance company stick it too them.

  116. ArchAngle Michael

    I love this nice move. All you would need to do is have a sign on your property to make it all legal and notify them.

  117. This is outrageous ! When you think it can’t get any worse, it does !

  118. Actually they do already.its called the carbon tax.we breath in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide .

  119. Ashamed To Be Australian

    Good job government. Kick the farmers while they’re down. dumbest, stupidest, most ridiculous pile of nonsense

  120. And owners should be charging the government for any water that comes from their and not the other way around.

  121. Only way i can think of stopping all in government, is we as the people and the peoples constitution next election, every person in australia write no vote of confidence
    On all politician in our country, if they can have votes amongst themselves with vote of no confidence on certain pms and have them thrown out of office, why cant we do this ???? As these dickheads are employed by us we the people . Yet they make us cow tow to them, when it should be the otherway round . I advice everyone go and sit in at question time in Canberra parliament house and listen to the kindy kids . No joke because thats exactly how it is .

  122. The reason they vote the same thugs are because people watch too much TV, and who owns the TV stations? So most independant candidates don’t have the money to advertise and push.the Cooperations have the most amount of money to put towards their campaign and advertising and these cooperation own Labour, Liberal, and the Green party. If you continue voting the same over and over than eventually you have a government who is in not for the people but pushing the agenda of a foreign cooperation this is high Treason people!! These Cooperations are taking your rights away because you don’t know your own rights. We have a Constitution that can’t be changed without people’s referendum!! So why does the government want to HIDE this importanterested book from us? Because this book protects our soveringhty and our common law….but over the last 50 years the Australian government has slowly hidden this book from schools and libraries. They even re-wrote it ( Also an act of high treason against the people of Australia), so Our Nation and our Constitutiin has been unlawfully hijacked by the American cooperations while the people slave and are fast asleep. If people do not vote people who uphold our Constitution 1901 than we will be sold out and we will lose all our rights and soveringhty. ..and it’s because of YOU the pepole who let it happen..please Australia wake up and vote the GAP party or One Nation or any other independant..but DO NOT vote the same Cooperations who are taking your resources and rights away

  123. the queensland govt is lying, they own nothing and any minister who claims they own water need to be ignored, arrested for abuse of office and removed. No one owns water irrespective of what any sociopath masquerading as a politician has written on paper. End of discussion

  124. Diabolical!

  125. So when the land becomes inhabitable and the farmers move on where will the government get their income. Government is letting down the people we need the most as a community, our farmers. Yet they give away huge amounts of water to foreign owned mining companies etc..country is ‘going to the dogs’. Privatised instead of managing their potential businesses to run as profit making. (If a private company finds it viable to buy then there is a profit to be made you’d think?). So now it seems Government has to rely on licensing everybody to the hilt. If our farmers can’t produce and manufacture companies all move overseas to keep costs down and we have more imports than exports we are not going to be a strong country. We should also follow New Zealand’s lead and put a decent limit on foreign ownership too.

  126. Maybe make the state government pay for these dams and the land for which they are built on and let’s see what happens. Governments need to get back to running the state and get out of making rules and legislation that will get more money out of the very pockets that already over pay them for being the public servants that they are. They supposedly work for us. Not the other way around

  127. You are literally spouting nonsense if you think this is a labour/liberal issue. The operative words here not noticed by anyone is ‘owned by the State’ – W. T .A. F. Last I looked, we, the people, are the State. If you are not noticing the ‘creeping fascism’ in language and laws then we are all doomed to be ruled by it. Give it 20 years our ‘state :)’ wont look anything like the coming ‘State’. We should all be very worried. Learn from history. This has all happened before.

  128. It’s your water. You charge for it.

  129. This is ludicrous let the farmers have the water
    Jail the corrupt government

  130. Joan Scheerlinck

    That is the biggest load of crap I have ever read just another way to make the struggling farmers struggle more ,who the hell comes up with these rediculace ideas 😠

  131. God sent it to us he owns it! How dare they charge for what is given freely

  132. It is a United Nations issue because treacherous Australian politicians signed off on Agenda 21 agreement in 1992.

  133. Talk about kicking people on the ground, how many hits do farmers take standing up, now kicking them on the ground, do you sleep at night, let me tell you poor farmers don’t, this has to be a joke, some one tell me it’s a false post.

  134. Your efforts and recording needs to be made public – especially to the appropriate lawyer!!

  135. They want to get farmers off the land and have it for mining or sell it to the Chinese!

  136. It’s the smaller details that leave you questioning the accuracy of the story and the quality of the journalism… Megalitres is a capital M, this story refers to millilitres most of the way through…

  137. Disregard last comment re head in sand, to may posts out there, and that pot I was thinking is a crime what government does to the small farmers, was related to another post expecting where your comment from. But now we have the right post, No one but no one has the right to own and put a cost on rain water falling on land regarding farmers if your down playing you may as well have been involved on this decision, if you think this is ok it’s obvious you just turn on your tap in the kitchen and your got water like the rest of us, how lucky have we got it, think you better think of the farmers,

  138. That government needs to be sacked what a Stupid Demented assholes the are

  139. Well said. Turn TV off and stop the blind belief that voting traditionally can solve our problems. Time to acknowledge our true Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia and to hold these corrupt puppets to account….. TREASON

  140. And we are all expected to vote in perpetuity for clowns making rules and burdens for those who risk their own finances and labour feeding people and creating GDP & then pay the same clowns their wages === does it make sense.?.. clearly it has to change ..

  141. Carmel Danziger

    Keith McConnell, I think you are getting the two types of dams confused. The dam that this article speaks of is a water storage facility ( ie a hole in the ground) that collects rainwater on a property when it rains & then stores it for ongoing use when there isn’t rain.
    The dam you speak of is a dam that is built on a river, a much larger water storage facility.
    Two very different things.

  142. A natural gift for everyone who needs it, this should not be regarded as a commercial commodity(real money). Licensing is governor whole selling his power and authority for (virtual, imaginary) money without doing any work.

  143. I’m f@&king speechless. Idiots. We need to store as much as possible on land.

  144. If the water landing on the ground belongs to the Government then surely they can be sued if someone drowns in it. They should also be held responsible for any flood damage. If they own it hold them responsible for it.

  145. Read the constitution. No one can buy sell trade water in this country. It is there for the farmers,people to use as it flows past.

  146. Who’s going to make all the money out of all this won’t be the farmers.

  147. Robyn Henderson

    You are kidding thought they were supposed to be looking at ways to cope with future droughts
    Oh dear just more Bullshit

  148. Yep. Its a tough job informing those who cant see whats right u der their noses.
    Well writen and well said.
    You give me hope there are more awake people out there

  149. Just shoot the fuckes if they come on your property they are nothing but parasite scumm that have no right to tell you what and when you can do stuff on your owne property… fucking gouvernments all and i mean all of them need a bullet to their heads… they are no use to the very people who pay their wages! You dont no longer get to tell us what do do you work for us you fucking scumm. Not the other way around! Rain belongs to everyone. I dare you to even step foot on my property and tell me what i can and can not do! Youll go missing fast blood n bone for plant food… the governments time is comming to an end very soon! Because the population of Australia has had a fucking gut full of you white collar pieces of living shit….

  150. Tell them to get fucked and start paying half of your mortgage payments

  151. OK. If the government owns the water once it hits the ground then how about recompense for flooded properties from YOUR water.Can’t have it both ways.

  152. I suggest to people in North Queensland the quicker you get rid of labour the better off your state will be

  153. I totally agree with you James these pollies forget that we are the boss we put them in their positions and we can damn well take their positions away from them

  154. This has to be the biggest load of shit I have ever heard. Water that falls on an individuals property should be theirs and if they are smart enough to build damms to save it they need a pat on the back. The government needs a kick up the ass. The plan to install water meters and charge for the water is outrageous. Next they will be charging for the sun to those who have solar panels. We need a bloody big shake up in the government. Too many of them are lining their pockets and don’t give a shit about the people.

  155. Get the beaurocratic bull shit out of the issue of water. Leave farmers alone. The government’s have miss managed so much of our water resources already. Look at the Murray Darling basin, areas sucked dry. Water rights sold & traded to overseas investors. It is criminal. Get the UN out of Australia.

  156. Sheila you are magnificent! Editor

  157. How can your government charge u for natural resources which they have not collected, purified, pumped, irrigated in any way and they land does not belong to government. In short they have not been involved in anyway.
    A good case for the courts I think?

  158. It’s all the big cities woke votes mate

  159. hardtomakepassword

    We actually vote for them god save us Australia wake-up

  160. Dont these idiots realize that the charges will be passed onto the consumer.
    If when we have floods then the state government will be held responsible for any damage done by their water,as stated it is theirs.

  161. Do you think it will be different with liberal
    They are both toxic……..

  162. This goes back to brigalow corp qld if you read it say queenslanders own nothing all passed without consulting the public

  163. SteamTrainFitness

    It seems to me, now they have sold all their viable and income producing assets they are looking for the next quick dollar to help fill their depleted coffers (depleted by waste, mis-management and gouging – of which both sides are guilty). Get this one off the ground and then sell it to an overseas investor who doesn’t give a rats about the Aussie people. What will they come up with next?? It is time for some massive change. As Will Rogers once said: “There are people running Governments who shouldn’t be allowed to play with matches.”

    And I also love what Ayn Rand said: “A society that robs an individual of the product of his effort … is not strictly speaking a society, but a mob held together by institutionalized gang violence.”

  164. Your a bunch of scumbags

  165. In New Zealand natural supplies of water is owned by nobody and it is illegal to sell it to annyone. Even bottling plant are not charged for untreated water. I believe the constitution of Australi states something similar.

  166. Correct Pat water on a freehold property belongs to the landowner at common law.Editor

  167. What bloody planet are these wankers from ?
    Do these fu@k wits think they are God ?
    NO body owns rain !
    Tell the brain dead twats to piss off !
    I know I bloody well would !

  168. If the Qld government owns the rain once it hits the ground, then aren’t they then ‘responsible’ for it just like we are responsible for stuff we own. Being responsible means that you are then liable for anything that is affected by the ‘rain’ they now own because it is on the land (not that they own all this land). So if responsible and liable I am gathering they are then going to ensure that any damages done by this rain that has hit the ground, are fixed – after all they own it.
    Realise very simplistic argument, but you can’t own something without being responsible for the entire outcomes not just the ones you find the easiest.

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