One Nation claims 18C protects Muslims

Malcolm Roberts One Nation

Race-hate speech laws must be changed so people can ‘call out’ Muslim terrorists, perverts and child mutilators, a One Nation senator has told parliament. Malcolm Roberts says Australian Islamists are the real beneficiaries of section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, comparing restrictions on race-hate speech to ‘Stalinist repression.

If your Muslim Sudanese neighbour is engaging in female genital mutilation or your Syrian Muslim cafe owner is a terrorist building a bomb or maybe just the Afghan Muslims in the public housing flat next to you are molesting small children, chances are that you are afraid to speak out,’ he said.’Ordinary, decent people are simply afraid to speak the truth.


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Patriot activist publishing information to Australians government do not want known

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  1. Neville Bryant

    It is criminal that he is alone in parliament with this comment. Politicians must speakout about it to change this un Australian law, they are directed by world opinion from TOXIC UN instead of their constituants needs.

  2. 18c is undemocratic as well as being discriminatory as it stands. Why should Aussies have to put up with being called names by an arrogant minority ? Disgusting on the part of the government. Trouble is, the stronger the Muslims become, the weaker our government will be.

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