Queensland embraces Pauline Hanson after interview with 2GB


This interview on Monday 21st November 2016 by  2GB’s Chris Smith. He asks  Pauline how she is gathering escalating political support across the nation.  She is targeting the next Queensland election  suggesting a large scale ” Dump Trump” styled  campaign to get rid of the ruling duopoly.

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  1. One nation will take every seat in Australia >The people are finely waking up to the high level corruption in this country and are revolting against the current politians

  2. Go Pauline.
    Contact Andrew Wilkie, associate with the Katter’s and make up with Ed Cullerton, they are on the same page ,focus on the true original Commonwealth Constitution, the rule of Law that it espouses and we will have a powerful third political force in Australia and a true democracy of living flesh and blood under one aussie flag, and free.

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