Australians won’t cop the sale of our country

6 November 2015:

Bob Katter Means Business
“Bob Katter means business”

KAP Leader and Member for Kennedy Bob Katter has responded angrily to comments by the Trade Minister on radio today that the TPP would encourage Asian investment in Northern Australia, saying the Australian public would not accept the sale of their country to foreign corporations.

“This Minister got clapped for his Free Trade deal by the Prime Minister – and the Prime Minister was thrown out on his head not long later.

“You should have got your message there, Mate.

“In Queensland, the biggest landslide in the State’s history occurred because the assets were sold by the ALP Government.

“Yet the LNP were so stupid that they went into the next election advocating the sale of our assets to big foreign corporations.

“What you call foreign investment, we Australians spit upon.

“Because we know what it actually is – it is reducing us to serfs working for foreign landlords.

“The LNP might work for foreign landlords, but the people don’t,” Mr Katter said.

Andrew Robb – Trade Minister

Mr Katter also slammed the Minister’s comments that to attract Asian investment water allocation was required – something that Australian farmers are desperately short of.

“This Minister is so brainless that he cannot see how idiotic that statement is.

“The LNP approach has been to give water rights to five or six big corporates, and everybody else gets nothing.

“If anyone thinks that the people of the North are going to stand idly by and see their water resources given away to foreign corporates, they’d better think again.

“We need to get out of our globalist corporate thinking and start looking after the people of Australia,” Mr Katter said.

Following the sale of the Port of Darwin to a Chinese corporation, Mr Katter will shortly be introducing legislation that will prevent assets of economic strategic importance or defensive importance being sold to foreign corporations.