When people were calling mobile phones of passengers on the plane and the phones were ringing out,,,seven hours later,,, even when the plane had gone off civilian radar,,,, the turbine engines were transmitting information back to the producers of the engine,,,,, the Malaysian military were still tracking the aircraft…….NSA will know exactly where the mobile phones were of the passengers on the plane,… Plus or -50 m..( it is interesting to note that this has not been mentioned on any of the news reports very strange)

It is common knowledge that every mobile phone call is recorded and stored even from 10 years ago.

The majority of mobile phones today have a tracking mechanism so with a mobile phone is stolen it can be tracked down to the exact location where the phone is.

The latest mobile phones and iPads,..have a system in place,… So that when the mobile phone or Ipad is switched off,,,,they can be pinged and be switched back on again,…. This information came to light between East Timorese and the Australian government deal on oil, RE Timorese have made allegations that Australia was spying and eavesdropping via the mobile phones.

With the latest mobile phones and iPads,…even when they are switched off and the battery is removed,… They can be pinged and will send an ID back even without a battery in them.

To prevent any of the above being done to your mobile phone or iPad,… You need to put them in a Faraday cage,… This process has been proven and tested.

Let’s get back to flight 370,……. why were there no phone calls made from the passengers,…especially when they realised they were not going overland.

There were numerous reports from locals in the Maldives of a low-flying huge aeroplane,.. They could even see the windows and doors on it and it was making a loud noise,… They have never seen this before,… That is for a plane to be so low and making so much noise.

Here is the strange part,…. When that people realised that their plane was of course and flying out over the ocean rather than across land,… There would have been heaps of people on that plane switching their mobile phones on or they may have already had their iPads or mobile phones on, attempting to call the ones, to inform them about their plight,…

Why were there no phone calls from the passengers to love one’s.

We need to keep in mind at this point the plane was still flying,… This is proven from the information that was being pinged from the engines, back to the manufacturers of the turbines,… The plane was still sending information from the engines seven hours after it went off civilian radar.

Let’s use our common sense,….you’re on a plane flight,… The plane is gradually turned around in the air show that the passengers do not feel it and heads off in a westerly direction,… Half the people possibly would have been asleep by now,… Others would have been watching movies,….. there would be a fair chance that 10% of the people would have still had their windows open,…they would have realised that they were no longer flying over land at two hours into the flight,… At this point we need to keep in mind they would have been flying over land and small parts of ocean,…. from lights on islands etc in the area,…if you have flown over the area you’ll know what I mean.

This 10% of people would have realised that something is going dramatically wrong when a now flying over open ocean,… With no lights coming from little islands and so forth,… They are no longer flying over land,… Where you would see countless villages on an endless basis with streetlights and house lights etc,…All the way over Vietnam and to China.

For people who have flown over the area they’ll know what I mean,…

Two hours into the flight,..that 10% of people who most likely would have had the window shutters open,.. Would see that they are not going in the intended direction,… There would have been people with a compass facility on the iPad,.. Even a GPS,.. They would realise that they are not on the correct path,… So what’s the first thing you would do call loved ones,…." we are in a plane that is going in the wrong direction please help us",…. isn’t it very strange that there were no phone calls to loved ones after two hours into the flight when people would have realised that the plane was going almost in the opposite direction and flying out over ocean rather than overland.

When the plane first went off correction and people realise,.. this there is a fair chance they would have still been in range of mobile phone towers as they would have had an in line for transmission signal with nothing to block it.

So if no one appears to have made a phone call to love one’s on the ground about their plight approximately 2 hours into the flight,… What did they do to everyone’s mobile phone or iPad on that aeroplane so that they could not call out???. OR what was done on the ground in the telecoms to all phone calls coming from that aeroplane,… Keeping in mind they would know the mobile phone numbers of every passenger on the plane,… They could easily be blocked,… I worked in Telstra for 16 years and I am fully aware that you can block individuals from making outgoing calls.

The smoke is getting thicker and there are more mirrors.

This plane was not carrying a whole heap of holidaymakers,… It had 20 people on this aeroplane that were high profile people,….

Four people on this plane,..had applied for a patent on special technology to make planes in visible to radar,..

4 of these 20 people stood to earn millions if not billions when their patent was approved,…that is they were would receive 20% each and the parent company "Freelance",..would receive the other 20%,….

The way it stands now,…Freelance is smiling as these four people appear to have disappeared and will not be making a claim,… Very strange,…

We often talk about false flag events,…flight 370 has given a great opportunity to particular countries not mentioning any names,… Who now have an excuse to have heaps of military ships in the area,…very convenient.

The smoke is getting thick and more toxic.

Both the pilot and co-pilot have been demonised,..and they allowed four people on, who had fake passports, what a joke,…just imagine you show your passport and they realise it’s a fake,.. will you be on the aeroplane flight, definitely not.

Why did they allow four people with fake passports to board the aeroplane,.. There is something smelly under the desk.

So now we have people from the ground who called their loved ones in the aeroplane and the mobile phones rang out,…NSA will know exactly where those mobile phones are at the time they were ringing out,.. If the mobile phone had been snuffed,… Keeping in mind to snuff the latest mobile phones and iPads even with the batteries removed,… You would have to have them in a Faraday cage,… How many people do you know that keep their mobile phone in a Faraday cage???

So here is the big question,……….NSA would have been able to ping the majority of these mobile phones even with the batteries removed, and the mobile phone would have pinged back,…….

To stop loved ones on the aeroplane from calling their loved ones on land,… Was special technology being used to JAM all these mobile phones.

What does the NSA know that they are not telling us???

The aeroplane was still flying seven hours after the civilian radio contact and civilian radar was lost,…but the military radar was still tracking this aircraft…… what does the Malaysian military know that they are not telling us.

AWACS technology the majority of countries have it ,… Did a particular country use this technology to cloak the aircraft???

Dozens of reports came from Local People in the Maldives of a huge passenger jet flying low making lots of noise and they could see the windows and doors,…and this was very strange as they had never seen this before,..

The smoke has gone thick and green,….. Israel has closed all its embassies all over the world(the Australian Israeli Embassy is closed today 26/3/14, according to the answering service ..’for a holiday’) ……false flag event coming up.

Please do not believe this information, check it out use your common sense.