Dear Premier Newman,
and State Premiers
If you were hoping for a long career in politics, you have just destroyed it by introducing mandatory sentencing and the draconian  “VICIOUS LAWLESS ASSOCIATION DISESTABLISHMENT ACT 2013” .
Whoever advised you to introduce these outrageous Laws should be sacked immediately, because he/they obviously have no idea of the ideology and the laws of a Constitutional Monarchy, or rather despise them.  These bureaucrats and advisers enjoy the thought of being at the top of a totalitarian government coming our way, should this continue.
Sad to say, all dictators dispose of their cronies once they have complete power and if anyone has ever studied Stalin, they should know that.  As you know “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.   The fools who support mandatory sentencing have no knowledge of history, something which was intentionally removed from the education system in Australia.  It was mandatory sentencing which caused hundreds of able-bodied young men to be shipped across the world for stealing a loaf of bread.
Your actions will be responsible for destroying the Coalition and the Socialists will be elected next time (as planned in the NEW WORLD ORDER)both Federal and State, unless you repeal these obnoxious laws and make amends for your foolhardiness.
The Coalition have a hard enough time fixing up the financial mess that Labor left us in, without introducing unnecessary draconian laws,which threaten the very freedom we hold so dear.  Australian are a very tolerant people, but you have gone too far this time.
The upper house needs to be reinstated back into Queensland’s government.  We must have been all asleep when that happened.
As Professor Suri Ratnapala, from Queensland University said:
“ When a government loses respect for its Constitution, and the people lose respect for their Government, you are treading on dangerous ground”. 
That is what happened in my country (Sri Lanka) and 100,000 people died and it took30 years before it was over”.     Those words sunk deep down into my soul and I hope you have ears to hear and eyes to see.
Ms. Bev L. Pattenden
Grafton. 2460.