gillard2Dear Ms Gillard,

Let me explain something to you, and I know you will read this:

I have been studying politicians since before you were born. I knew great and poor Prime Ministers personally, from Menzies to Howard.

I knew their traits, their foibles, their strengths and hidden weaknesses.

But each nurtured a common, unbroken thread; they all honoured their high Office. Each was respected, if not liked. Each was Australian and decent in essence.

You, Ms Gillard, are different. You will never legitimately stand beside those who have gone before you.

If you worked at my corner store, if you hadnt aspired to be something youre so obviously not, I might quite like you.

I know you wont believe this Ms Gillard, but I wanted nothing more than to be proud of Australias first woman Prime Minister. You have destroyed that.

You simply dont get it, do you Ms Gillard ? This is not about policy or Left or Right… its not about sexism, misogyny or any other vile adjective you use.

Its about YOU !You are emboldened by the fake infatuation of the minority who need you. You are deaf to the majority who dont want you.

When you were nine years old Ms Gillard we had another controversial Prime Minister called John Gorton.

I recall like yesterday, a Party room meeting on March 10, 1971. A motion of no-confidence in Gorton’s leadership was tied precariously at 33-all.
Realising his Party’s predicament he immediately gave his casting vote against himself, effectively removing himself from Office.

He realised the marginal satisfaction with his role as Prime Minister was potentially caustic and effectively handed the Prime Ministership to my good friend at the time, Bill McMahon.

He then voluntarily suffered the ignominy of accepting the position of Deputy PM to Bill.

That was the stuff of John Gorton. And thats difference between a decent person and you, Ms Gillard. You would not have done that.

Dont try to pretend you possess that high tier of honour. You simply dont. I happen to know you dont because your selfish ideological agenda are far more important to you than the station of your Office.
Your barbs of misogyny completely miss me, Ms Gillard. I happen to love women and I always will.

You see Ms Gillard, it is not at all about gender nor any other of your nasty labels and no, I dont give a damn if you are a crook.

But I do give a damn if you are a crook AND my Prime Minister.

Larry Pickering