This letter to Juliar Gillard is from a legal advocate calling on the Federal Government to fix our corrupt judicial system

Dear Julia Gillard,

Not only in Africa but here in Australia we have a Charles Taylor situation. We do not have people chopping off the hands and feet of victims, and no widespread and systematic rape, but we do have a widespread and systematic attack on the civilian population of Australia by our own governments, largely by the neglect of the Commonwealth and it failure to enforce the laws it makes.

We have a totally dysfunctional Federal Supreme Court calling itself the High Court, peopled by superannuated fools, who have abolished the Queen from all process issued out of there. We have Stefan Nystrom a Swedish national but a human being nevertheless, deported by a heartless and un- compassionate Immigration Minister, in 2006, and a current Minister who is failing to allow him to return. The Federal Court of Australia is also totally dysfunctional. We have an Indian National, one Harpreet Singh who has spent around 90 days incarcerated by the State of Queensland and refused bail. We have Ian Henke imprisoned arbitrarily in a Queensland jail. We have James Peter Rech similarly imprisoned in Victoria. Two of these prisoners were refused a writ of habeas corpus, by State Judges. They can do right but choose to do wrong. At least the Supreme Court Registry in Victoria and Queensland will file process. The Federal Court of Australia is pure evil and will not file an application.

We have arbitrary and totally dependant Judges who must rely on their various State Paymasters, who are Judges and Magistrates throughout the Commonwealth, paid by either the Commonwealth or their respective State. It is imperative that you act. Restore participatory democracy to our Commonwealth. Have your Australian Federal Police actively enforce S 268:10, 268:11, 268:12, 268:20 and 268:23 Criminal Code Act 1995 even against your Minister for Immigration. He is being an arbitrary and dependant Judge, and so is Nicola Roxon, your Attorney General who is refusing to pay the claims arising from sixty years of maladministration in the Registry of the High Court.

Judge Justice Chief Justice de Jersey in Queensland and Judge Justice Emerton in Victoria are both primary offenders. They may be unwilling to accept that as members of the legal profession, they are part of the widespread and systematic attack on the civilian population of the Commonwealth by its own governments. However when not if they are hauled before the International Criminal Court which could probably sit safely in Australia they will have no defence whatsoever and should face seventeen years imprisonment because that is what the Parliament of the Commonwealth says is the punishment. It is not the Democrats( now defunct after attempting to abolish prayers in the Parliament of the Commonwealth) who should be “keeping the bastards honest” but the presence of fully functional “courts” as a court of Judicature not Courts of Judiciary with (arbitrary and dependant) Judges and Magistrates. The Irish hated this system with a passion. We Irish and Scottish in Australia agreed to the Constitution, but we have been robbed of its benefits.

The Liberals are just as dangerous as some of your people. They favor benevolent dictatorship, just as your group does. Fix it and leave a legacy, even if the light you see at the end of the tunnel, is an oncoming Liberal Train smash heading your way. Call in the Commissioner Australian Federal Police and tell him to put a man or woman in every Court to comply with your obligations under S 51 Placitum (vi) Constitution and execute and maintain the presently ineffective laws of the Parliament of the Commonwealth.

Peter Alexander Gargan