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Spike protein a major health threat, warns mRNA vaccine inventor

ROBERT Malone, the doctor who invented mRNA vaccine technology, has warned the vaccines are “very dangerous” because of an unforeseen cytotoxic (toxic to cells) effect of the spike proteins encoded by the vaccines. The same doctor has also spoken out against the widespread suppression of common drugs like Ivermectin, that is a repurposed and proven treatment for COVID-19.

The vaccines are now linked to at least 5000 deaths (higher estimates are 10 times that) in the US including deaths of teenagers, who do not need the vaccine because children to teens are almost entirely non-susceptible to the infection. But vaccinated teens are reporting heart inflammation (myocarditis) from the vaccines and young pregnant mothers, abortions. Many post-vaccination deaths are reported as unrelated to the vaccines.

Dr Malone went public on a widely followed YouTube channel Dark Horse, hosted by husband and wife biologists and free speech advocates Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying of Portland, Oregon. Also appearing with Dr Malone was engineer and entrepreneur Steve Kirsch who has been researching adverse reactions to COVID vaccines and sponsored a group to promote COVID treatment with repurposed drugs such as Ivermectin.

Both Dr Malone and Kirsch, who has published articles in TrialSite News exposing the COVID vaccine dangers, warn that the spike protein cleaves off the cell and travels throughout the body including to the heart, brain, lungs and ova in females. Kirsch says medical authorities are not acknowledging the 50-times increase in myocarditis and pericarditis in teenagers.

“We are being told it is a ‘safe’ vaccine so adverse effects are attributed to another cause so it looks to everyone like nothing is wrong. There is deliberate suppression of early treatments,” he said on a BitChute page running the discussion.

Dr Malone said in a normal vaccine development situation there is rigorous animal testing that would have picked up the spike protein problem. “We absolutely should have known and understood that,” he said. “I received a (Pfizer vaccine) data package and reviewed it on behalf of TrialSiteNews and I was very alarmed by what I saw.

But Dr Malone’s alerts to the FDA were dismissed on the basis of insufficient evidence and media have been ignored as the vaccines are pushed relentlessly as “our only hope” through governments by the global pharmaceutical complex and its crooked front man Dr Tony Fauci, who is now the subject of a Bill sponsored by Republican members of Congress to sack him. Kirsch calls Fauci the worst mass-murderer in history.

Dr Malone is not anti-vaccine and in fact took the Moderna mRNA vaccine, as did Steve Kirsch, apparently before becoming aware of the dangers involved. Weinstein is taking Ivermectin as a COVID-19 prophylactic. Kirsch attempted to get National Institutes of Health support for a steroidal drug called Fluvoxamine, confirmed in a large phase 3 trial (standard of evidence) to be very effective against COVID. Kirsch said the NIH did not even respond and neither did the Gates Foundation or the WHO, when informed.

Kirsch also referred to Ivermectin and a report by Dr Tess Lawrie of South Africa, done three months ago and referred to the WHO, but again, ignored. “Tess Lawrie created this report and these guys did nothing. They sat back and said ‘Well Tess, it’s not peer-reviewed, nobody’s going to peer review it so we don’t have to do anything.” Kirsch said the study was subsequently peer reviewed, submitted to a medical journal for publication.

His frustration was compounded when he presented evidence supporting Ivermectin to the top Indian health authorities. “They said we believe in evidence-based medicine. I said here’s all the evidence. Here’s the systematic review and meta-analysis that you need. That’s the highest level of evidence, look at the evidence, and the response is ‘Well the WHO and NIH don’t say so, so sorry I’m not interested’.”

Dr Malone said the Ivermectin was “the sticker” for him. “I just got another report of a physician in Africa who had championed Ivermectin and there was a regime change and now she’s being threatened with being put in jail.”

Covid mRNA jab causes 210 deaths Australia, 12,184 in Europe, 5165 in US

People For Safe Vaccines Update 8 June 2021

Losing the Plot

Hollywood has on many occasions depicted deadly outbreaks of highly contagious viruses that threaten the existence of humankind. Some even go so far as to suggest the creation of bio-weapons to disarm, terrorize and obliterate humankind. So, with this common plotline, it is no surprise that the arrival of COVID-19 quickly provokes many frightening thoughts of an impending doomsday.

However, in the real world, persistent reports have implicated the same Wuhan laboratory that detected SARS-CoV-2 in the production of bio-weapons. Intelligence dating back to 2015 reports weaponizing the SARS virus, backed by ex-Wuhan lab scientist and whistleblower Li-Meng Yan, and fuelled by Chinese government resistance to international calls for an investigation into the origins of SARS-CoV-2.

Adding further developments are the incendiary claims of certain international scientists that SARS-CoV-2 is of unnatural origin. The plot thickens, but I will remind you that we are not talking about a film script here.

Although a purified isolate of the virus has not yet been produced and the viral spike protein comes from a computer-generated model, the COVID-19 vaccines are all designed using this CG spike protein as a template, to protect against a virus that has not been properly defined. What if the spike protein was designed to lead vaccine manufacturers to unwittingly produce a bioweapon disguised as a vaccine?

It sounds like the plot in a Hollywood doomsday flick, but many credible U.S., U.K. and Australian reports have warned about the threat Chinese companies, as ‘fronts’ for the CCP, may pose with their technology, surveillance and harvesting of genetic information. And given China’s use of covert operations to attain power, one cannot afford to ignore the real possible risks.

Given the high number of vaccine related deaths and adverse reactions, together with ‘breakthrough’ COVID case reports, their failure to adequately prevent infection and transmission, the lack of safety and efficacy of these experimental vaccines and especially the damage being caused by the spike protein, one can only conclude that something is terribly wrong.

In Australia between January 1st and May 23rd 2021, there have been 210 deaths and 22,031 adverse reactions reported. And we cannot be certain that all adverse events are being reported. Interestingly, this week’s TGA report makes no mention of these prior deaths. The entire section has been removed and death is not even listed as an adverse effect of special interest!!!! Even Spielberg couldn’t make this stuff up.

In the US, between December 14, 2020 and May 28, 2021 there have been 5165 deaths and 294,801 adverse reactions logged in the VAERS database. When compared with the reported adverse reactions to the flu shot, this is an increase of 190%. Again, it is estimated that between 1-10% of reactions get reported in the US. Just as disturbing is that deaths from covid-19 in the vaccinated population more than tripled in one month.

In Europe up to May 26, 2021 there have been 12,184 deaths and 1,196,190 injuries. At the time of writing, data on covid-19 vaccination adverse events in the UK does not seem to be readily available to the public, their government site indicating a Freedom of Information request is needed.

If the virus was designed for hostile purposes, could it be that our government is committing multiple criminal and civil contraventions of the U.N. Biological Weapons Convention as enacted in Australian law?

Because this is not the plot out of a Hollywood movie, and there is enough evidence now to warrant an investigation into the bio-weapon claims, People for Safe Vaccines has requested the Department of Foreign Affairs get involved and investigate the aetiology of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and an immediate suspension on covid-19 vaccine rollout pending the outcome.

As the plot continues to twist and complicate, we will continue to unravel, deconstruct and report the truth in the simplest way possible, applying necessary pressure where it is needed, because evidently the plot has been lost, and this particular show cannot go on.