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How vaxx shedding and the jab is making people very sick

Dr Elizabeth Eads on Shedding and effects of Vaxx

Interviewed by Greg Hunter. Cancers are increasing due to shots which disregulate FUS in the toll receptors so cancer is left unchecked. One woman had 2 shots + booster and got pancreatic cancer – her unjabbed twin sister did not. Ryan Cole says cancers are up 2000%. The Expose article of May 15 says US Govt. and CDC strongly suggest fully jabbed are getting AIDS. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome is not only caused by HIV, also radiation, chemo, leukemia, malnutrition, drugs, medications and now vaccines. The U.K. and Canadian Govt studies back this up.

Adverse Events rapidly escalating In 2021 Cancer with associated AIDS up 1119%, AIDS up 1145%, herpes up 1180%, encephalopathy up 1781%, AIDS associated bacterial infections up 2247%, sepsis up 2024%, myocarditis / pericarditis up 33,715%, cancers overall up over 2000%. Fully jabbed young adults have a 73% increase in heart attacks / strokes, 92% higher mortality rate compared to unvaxxed. Dept of Defencs says myocarditis up 2800%, cancers up 900%, infertility (both genders) up 500%, miscarriages up 300%, neurological disorders up over 1000%, demyenated disorders up over 1000%, M.S. up 600%, guillaine-barre up (progressive paralysis) 500%, HIV up 500%, pulmonary embolism (blood clots in lungs) up over 400%.

 How to destroy a country? Take out their military. It’s happening.

Spike Protein studies

The Stanford surgeon did lymph node biopsies and found the s2 (spike) protein up to 60 days later. Another Stanford study showed s1 (spike) protein in the bloodstream for 29 days (Moderna). Another Stanford study showed s2 segment of the spike protein remained in cell membranes for 4 months (after 2nd dose). The spike protein is moving around in lymph, blood, organs, going to ACE receptors in lungs, heart and liver, causing inflammation (=hepatitis). It’s not infectious hepatitis it’s the T cells attacking the spike. Not hepatitis A, B or C, just inflammation of the liver causing organ failure causing children to need liver transplants. The immune system is being destroyed by these shots. CD8 counts are plummeting after 3rd and 4th shot and we need T cells and CD8 cells to attack spike, bacteria, fungus and cancer cells that are multi-drug resistant and difficult to treat.

Her Protocol: Vit D, zinc, omega 3, quercetin, NAC, glutathione, Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), chlorine dioxide (CL02) for long haul / vaxx-injured and ozone gel which protects you from being bombarded through the skin with spike proteins that jump, dimethyl glycine Immune Formula 200 ( and CDS from KB Labs.

 (Logon to and see Ivermectin successful in cancer studies as well – 10 billion prescriptions and only 4 deaths = very safe 0.4mg /kg at compounding pharmacies 1.87% Ivermectin)

Shedding – the boosters are double-dosed so those people are the most likely to shed. Lymph node studies show imaging and staining of spike proteins moving around. They are shed via fecal, oral, respiratory, breastmilk and sputum and shared with those you live with, family members, and can go into waste water. The nanolipid coating around the spike protein allow it to JUMP from person to person, enter the skin, pass into the capillaries and from there the blood.

Some jabbed people say they feel great. Not everyone who got the jab will get sick – 5-7% are kill shots. A Pfizer whistleblower told her nobody knew what was in the vials but Remdesivir was made in the same lab. The 80,000 page dump of Pfizer explains what is in the shots. There are 3 spike protein patents and the mRNA in the shot slowly releases spike (could be a week, a month, a year). We don’t know if they aerosolised the spike proteins or did they use drones like Ukraine is doing (according to the U.N. Council). People could have a delayed cancer or auto-immune system disorder (lupus, M.S.). Of those with myocarditis 5% have a very poor 5 year survival rate. So eat healthily and get well in order to keep the spike factory in check and your immune system strong. They are planning 6 shots so that is double dosing the spike. You could have a cascade of blood clots, myocarditis etc. Most studies show mild symptoms. AstraZenica and J & J are adenoviruses and they still make spike proteins. If one spouse got the shot and the other didn’t treat both. Quercetin and NAC helps with inflammation and removing spike. A healthy immune system takes care of the spike. The nanolipid covering the mRNA can move into cells and destroy the mitochondria – the cells have no 02 or energy resulting in chronic fatigue. It can also cross the blood/brain barrier and inflame neuronal brain cells which mimics dementia / Alzheimers. So we are seeing a lot of cognitive decline and encephalopathy (acute onset of inflammation that looks like a traumatic brain injury during autopsy). Car accidents are on the rise. Over the last 2 years we have lost 7 points of IQ. Another long-term consequence is a prion-like disease in the brain.

What we can do

We need people calling their Senators or Congressmen about this WHO Treaty going forward and bring it back to a vote because it is bypassing our constitutional safeguards. Please download and read your state constitution so you know your rights. Please sign a petition at – share it with your doctor, anyone in healthcare and your friends. (I signed and there are only 201 signatures)

These countries signed on to the WHO treaty: all of the EU, Austria, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Columbia, Canada, India, Japan, Monaco, Montenegro, U.K. and U.S.A.

Dr Robert Malone’s group, the Global Covid Summit (GCS) with 17,0000 doctors brought up 10 points of objection (see ). We need this pandemic to end, the Emergency Use Authorisation to end, We’ve already proven fraud on so many levels, fraud with covid, the PCR test, the patents, the covid shots and their contents, VAERS and the underreporting, CDC, advertising by the media of these bioweapon shots, and multiple RICO violations. We need our Attorney Generals and Sheriffs to step up and we need arrests NOW. We can’t wait for Nuremberg 2 indictments to be served. it’s time for this to end. 

18 million Australians so far smart enough to refuse deadly Covid jab

Federal and state governments are in a frenzy as more people refuse to take the deadly, experimental mRNA gene therapy.

Millions are being spent right now on newspaper, radio and television advertising and it seems to no avail.

All states’ Jewish Premiers have pulled a ‘Delta’ scam campaign at the start of school holidays to cause more fear hoping to coerce more victims into taking the experimental jab which most politicians have not had in spite of careful video takes showing them being vaccinated with mRNA poison. PM Scott Morrison’s televised jab, according to hospital staff actually was from an insulin syringe.

More businesses will be forced into bankruptcy as the Chief Health Officer in Queensland Dr Jeanette Young rolls out dodgy PCR tests.

Townsville has been ordered to close down by the Queensland Premier after doing it tough for several years since the closure of its nickel refinery and is still suffering from previous Covid shutdowns.

The dumb, willingly stupid ABC and other MSM think by having health workers vaccinated the virus cannot spread. Abundant medical evidence shows that the virus spreads easily after vaccination by shedding.

The National Cabinet is dreaming if it thinks it can force aged care workers to be vaccinated with a deadly toxin. Fortunately we still have a Commonwealth Constitution of Australia which aged care workers can rely on:

51  Legislative powers of the Parliament

(xxiiiA)  the provision of maternity allowances, widows’ pensions, child endowment, unemployment, pharmaceutical, sickness and hospital benefits, medical and dental services (but not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription), benefits to students and family allowances;

covid-19 vaccine tile

There it is health workers. Even the threat of a Constitutional challenge to forced vaccination would stop them in their tracks.

Don’t bow down to Deep State’s genocidal vax program. Keep yourself and your children safe from the megalomaniacs of the political parties and unions. Say NO! – contributed

Experimental gene therapies using Lipid Nanoparticles

Letter to the Editor

Here are 5 Doctors top of their field they are critical thinkers with a round table discussion and Dr Larry and Dr Tenpenny are telling their colleagues that these shots are not Vaccines, exactly what I have been saying they are Experimental Gene Therapy Toxins and using Lipid Nanoparticles that act like Borg nanobots from StarTrek as they have WiFi capabilities which can send and receive transmissions its possibly why women are having irregular menstrual cycles, miscarriages and dried up milk ducts all from the Spike Proteins.

Here is the proof of the pudding that hundreds maybe millions pretty much everyone who takes this poison shot that the injection site attracts magnets which means that the Lipid Nanoparticles are reacting towards the magnet.

from Question21


Start social distancing from vaccinated victims or get sterilised from shedding

from Truth Unmasked

COVID gene therapy affects women greatly and negatively affecting menstrual cycles of unvaccinated women

It is well known that, when women live together or spend time in close proximity, their menstrual cycles naturally synchronize. While that is a natural phenomenon, what has been happening recently is decidedly unnatural. Chloe Angeline (“Self-Healing Mama”), who works as a holistic reproductive practitioner and doula, and is in touch with fertility and pregnancy communities, put out this video last week warning people, especially women, to be careful of other women who have been COVID vaxxed. Unvaccinated women have been suffering intense and negative period pain just by being around COVID vaxxed women. She suggests that the COVID vaccine is directly related to infertility and sterilization. Here is what she said:

“Women, in their menstruating years and not, are experiencing severe side effects from people around them having received this jab. We’re not quite sure what’s happening here; it’s happening too quick for us to really know … we’re having women miss their periods, we’re having women have the most excruciating periods of their life to the point where they are bleeding so profusely that it is completely out of character. Women who are in menopause have gotten their period back … in this community, something that is well known is that if a women bleeds, and she is postmenopausal, that it is cancer.”

“This is about standing up for the health of humanity … something is happening behind the scenes and they are coming after women’s health … it is significantly dropping men’s sperm counts … they are trying to sterilize us … we’ve seen miscarriage go up by almost 400%.”

Nurse warns of stillbirth

“A lot of people want to call it shedding, but when people think of shedding, they are thinking … of the weakened viral [vaxxes] but that’s not what this is. This is gene therapy that is causing your body to make these spike proteins, this is mRNA gene therapy, this is … human experimentation, this is not anything that’s been done before. It is in fact altering the human makeup of the body … that process starts in the human body and doesn’t stop. It’s coming out in their breath, it’s coming out through their pores, so spike proteins … this is what is causing reproductive problems in people, this is what is causing sterilization of people.

Women … and men … who have come into contact with people who have had this [vax] … have suddenly become covered in strange bruises … women as young as 10 years old starting their periods early, 11 year olds getting 2 periods in a month, people getting severe migraines … people having clots the size of their fists, people that were in menopause for years suddenly having severe periods … men [whose spouse had the vaccine] go to bed and wake up covered in bruises.

There’s a risk of people having stillborn or damaged fetuses if they’re around people who have had this [COVID vax] because it can affect and cause miscarriages … There’s no way of knowing if the human body will ever shut off this mechanism of producing the spike proteins, so the people that get the [vax] may produce them forever …”

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