WHO warns new plandemic is coming

By Lyndesy Symonds

Based on the tea leaves and the rather bloody entrails, I think the folks who chew the fat over here at CN could have confidently predicted that the Senate of the Australian CoVID Regime of the United [Communist] Nations would not be investigating any deaths o f suspected 30,000 mRNA vaxx victims.

WHO Director Tedros Ghebreyesu warns of a coming new virus that is worse than Covid (vaxx)


They are a corporation and such an investigation would give them a big fat splat on their ESG rating . The Handlers and Minders of the National Cabinet would jerk their chain before you could say: ‘CoVID Vaxx!’ Operation CoVID Shield is still rolling and they are rolling to the next pandemic.

It would stand to reason. The spike protein of the mRNA vaxx is bio-engineered to be recombinant both for injectees and those who pick up the shedding from the injectees. The spike protein toxin combines with other viruses endemic in all communities and this simeball is rolling. Eventually we will get a ‘Mother of All Viruses’ pharmakeia recombinant from this Big Abortion, Big Organ Harvesting, Big Bio-Tech, Big Pharma, Big Vaxx Combine.

So. Yes. There will be a pandemic (a real one) because a critical mass of the global population has been injected with it.

In the week that was, Ethiopian Gook terrorist Dr Tedros is putting the Ghebreyesus up the Wazoo of the 76th Annual World Health Assembly in Geneva. They are HellBent on a Global pandemic treaty by 2024 that all members of the United [Communist] Nations will have to sign. They have kissed the Claw.

Yes that includes Russia and China and the other BRICs.

Russia has a guarantee from Klaus to be the Hub of the 4IR and they will have have to get their ducks in a row: CBDCs, Social CR score control grid, Certificate of Vaxx ID (CoVID), etc. The Western ZOGs thoroughly subverted by the Communist Revolution and now undergoing Satanisation at the hands of the Real World Order of Judaic Supremacy will naturally sign. Pope Francis ‘we must obey the UN’ Bergoglio will sign – as will all the heads of the World Council of Churches and big judeoXtian umbrella orgs. The Heads of all the umbrella orgs of the other subverted religions will do likewise. In the Bible, this conglomerate is styled: ‘The Whore’ as featured in the Apocalypse.

The Bible – especially the Douay Rheims version (which contains the books of the Septuagint (removed by the Protestants) and the Book of Enoch are the guidebooks for nations which have rejected Jesus Christ and our resulting Troublous Times. In the vision of St John the Revelator, The Whore rides the Beast to power.

Here’s that little hellspawn Tedros on this subject.