Letter to the Editor

Special attention is made to the list of Senators who voted against a Senate inquiry into C19 jab victims.

To those who voted on the yes side, your common sense and bravery is to be applauded. All 29 of you voted for and with the people you represent.

Senator Gerrard Rennick who supported a vaxx inquiry and Dr Melissa McCann. A class action, organised and crowd-funded by Queensland GP Dr Melissa McCann, has been filed in the Federal Court of Australia against the Australian Government, Dr Brendan Murphy, and Professor John Skerritt on behalf of people who have been injured by Covid-19 vaccines.


To those 30 that voted NO against the inquiry, your names and faces will be imprinted and remembered by all who lost their loved ones to these experimental toxic jabs. As they will be by the many hundreds upon thousands also maimed, harmed and injured by these toxic shots !

You are all aware ( or should be ) of the Dr Melissa Mccann case that is before the courts as we speak.. This courageous Doctor is representing many many cases of very real harm and injury that has occurred from these toxic C19 jabs.

She also uncovered that TGA hid cases of children dying after receiving their C19 shots.

TGA’s response- We couldn’t have the public losing trust in the C19 “jab” ( won’t call them Vaccines ) roll out ” WHAT THE ?

How can we have “ proper consent” when the TGA who are supposed to ensure Medicines are Safe, are hiding these facts from us !

You are all COMPLICIT in all DEATHS, MAIMING, HARM and INJURY that has and will continue to occur from the continued coercion and promotion of these “experimental” Jabs as “safe and effective “.

THEY are NOT safe and certainly are not effective.

As one of the 29 who voted yes Gerard Rennick has said, they promised “Safe and Effective” what we got was ” Sudden and Unexpected “.

You will be judged by those you are ” supposed” to represent. They are mad and rightly so, you have betrayed all of us.

The truth will be exposed ( when the complicit MSM media can no longer hide it ) and when the public are truly awake –

Looking the other way will not be an excuse.

Doing your job will not be an excuse.


Good health to all.

Phil Chippendale