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Thousands of vaxxed Canadian children dying suddenly as MSM looks away

The Stew Peters Show reveals on video children dead from symptoms denied or replaced with spin doctoring all have been COVID vaxxed ?

Aussie Cossack Update 25th June 2022

Viewers Comment: Never in my 67 years of life did I think I would ever see the injustices that are being perpetrated upon ordinary Australians like Simeon just for speaking truth. We have corruption and obscene power right through our countries government, health, education & judicial systems with one objective only, to crush the voices of anyone who dares to have a free thought or action that doesn’t fall in line with there oppressive narrative. A world that I will be happy to exit when my time comes.

How a nation of anti government duopoly rule be so vigorously attacked by the people who then vote their returned dictatorship under their endemic corruption is amazing.

Australian NSW Police: Utterly Compromised

Friendly Jordies delivers a devastating blow to the overpaid NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller, henchman to PM Mossison being his next door neighbour.

Exposing corruption, unlawful practices for mates, this copper is a bloody disgrace when it extends across his instructed enforcers.

NSW Deputy Commissioner Mal Lanyon, paralytic drunk, was found lying in a street of NSW Goulburn, then swearing and abusing Ambulance officers trying to assist him. Commissioner Mick Fuller denied any evidence of misconduct by this officer – case closed. Friendly Jordies deliver factual evidence exposing his lying under oath.

Seems we have the best police force favours can buy

Kathy Jackson Interview about her day with the Royal Commission

Video by Shane Dowling of Kangaroo Court blog that is compulsory viewing – how the unions, the Labor Party and Bill Shorten are running their corruption under Mafia rules ….

Bill Shorten into corruption “up to his neck”

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