Thousands of vaxxed Canadian children dying suddenly as MSM looks away

The Stew Peters Show reveals on video children dead from symptoms denied or replaced with spin doctoring all have been COVID vaxxed ?

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Chris Hutchison

    the only person in australia to have a plan to get rid of this corruption is Ricardo Bosi, australia one please all people in nsw, please support Ricardo and his team ,in the nsw election later this month,,his plan will get our country back..

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  2. This one: “By Infowars/newswars” Nicely follows the above 5 video’s.
    — Powerful Report: Bill Gates’ Next Big Pandemic To Target Children.
    Catastrophic Contagion round-table exercise by WHO and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation simulated response to deadly new pandemic.

    “They are all Bloody SICK…”

    The evidence, data, documents and testimony clearly demonstrate without a doubt that the Covid-19 Pandemic was a planned global fraud on the entire world. A Two year investigation proves Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and others are using pandemics, wars and chaos to fulfill their agenda of depopulation and total world control.
    Bill Gates has in the past and now in the present many times clearly stated “There will be another pandemic.” If we do not arrest Bill Gates immediately there will be more death and destruction coming to humanity.


  3. The above documentary has got 1 large video total 5 Hours and 43 Min.
    If you want 1 video at the time to watch at your leisure, total of 5 video’s, please go to:
    Never Again Is Now Global – Episode 1 – Here We Go Again On Steroids.
    Never Again Is Now Global: Part 2 — Anyone Who Wants To Start A War Has To Lie.
    Never Again Is Now Global – Part 3 – Breaking the Veil of the Real Conspirators.
    Never Again Is Now Global – Part 4 – This Time Around We’re All Jews.
    Never Again Is Now Global – Part 5 – Never Give In – Never Give Up.
    Each video about 1 Hour and 8 Minutes.

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  4. Their is some light far away, but it looks things will get worse before they get better.

    “The world is ending, buckle up.”

    If what is happening now and will happen is not stopped, the world as we know it will cease to exist. This is NOT an exaggeration, but a rational truth.

    Exactly what this will look like, no one knows, but we can certainly guess, and it’s only the details that we’re not sure about. The broad outline suggests that there will be a relatively small group of unelected officials who will control the world. This is already happening, but most people don’t realize it. And those same people don’t realize the magnitude of the spread of this cancer, writes Todd Hayen.

    Of course, most of us who read an article like this have suspected this “ending” for quite some time. Now we can be pretty sure it’s happening. There are many clear results from this agenda, but again, it hasn’t affected the average sheep enough to feel it directly. Many people do indeed die and many more are sick as a result of the “vaccines”, but not enough for the average sheep to notice, and when they notice they are quick to attribute it to some nonsensical reason which the “those in power” push down their throats.

    This will only get worse as time goes on. More things will happen that are obvious to us, but not to the sheep. It can reach a critical point where the average sheep realizes it was wrong, but like the boiling frog metaphor, they can all die, or worse, without ever connecting their suffering to what we already know – a conscious and deliberate attempt by a relatively small group of elites to control the world.

    As a result of this control, the rest of us will lose all or most of our freedoms, we will most likely be culled to a very small number, and that small remaining population will live a very limited and difficult life providing services and labor , and possibly worse, for the top 10%.

    So how do we know what we know? How do we know what’s around the corner? I would say “what do we know that could possibly happen”, but I’m pretty sure this is going to happen, it’s really not a possibility. Perhaps the rate at which it happens can be variable, and perhaps the form it takes will hold us back for a while and only seem so bad after many years. The world is already a mess, and again, most people think it just “happened” that way. This agenda has been going on for a while.

    So, back to the question: how do we know?
    Watch this documentary in the above webpage, (Click on, Never Again)
    and you’ll get a taste of some clear clues.

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  5. Rob, They* all love the money coming in…


  6. Pat from Vic, I’m sorry Pat but history will repeat itself. Because they all* will say again, “I was following orders.” All = health ministers, politicians, medical professionals, and even your local Bunnings** store, and so MANY more. They** maintained tracing you, “Have you had your Vaxx yet?” And they* all* followed orders and made money…

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  7. CBC Toronto (a Big Corporate Jew Media Honker if ever there was one) gets their downtown office front plastered with pictures of Vaxx victims – about which they have maintained silence and run the government CoVID Correctness right over the top of these mounting numbers.

    Scroll down for embedded video


  8. The MSM is silent because the MSM in general is no longer functioning in the interests of the people. According to current standards if it ain’t with the people it must be against them.

    Fact check the MSM spinmeisters yourself for a few weeks and find out how much you’re being gaslit and damaged. You’ll be surprised how much they butcher the truth to suit.


  9. kevmudskipper

    All I have to say is I love Cairns News as I will not use any of the corrupt media outlets , its people like tonyryan43 and heaps of other like him that can put things into words that make common sense and the truth . I wait everyday for my Cairns News to turn up and you lot make my day so THANK YOU TO EVERYONE OF YOU , YOU ARE THE REAL AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE THAT WE NEED TO GET THIS GREAT COUNTRY BACK SOMEHOW .AND GO BOSI/ GURU / JACKIE AND FRANK AND THE OTHER FIFTEEN GOING FOR THE UPPER HOUSE IN THE NSW ELECTION YOU LITTLE BEAUTIES GO GET EM .

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  10. Tried going onto your contact page but it did not work. Saw a very enlightening video interview by a American soldier who went to the Ukraine to help them fight the Russians. After a few months he defected and now is helping the Russians. He said the CIA is involved with Ukraine. Sorry I cannot make a link to it but if you go on today’s Geller Report and look up the title AMERICAN FIGHTING FOR UKRAINE DEFECTS TO RUSSIA. BLOWS WHISTLE ON NAZISM; WAR CRIMES. The website gives links to the video which is on RT. I have someone seeing me on Monday that knows how to make links.The soldier’s story would make an exciting movie. I will try to give it to AUSSIE COSSACK too.

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  11. Child Sacrifices in our time!! based on satanic rituals etc. unfortunately Evil does Not stop until we do it. Save the Children.

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  12. Well, if they go along with and abet genocide, they will also conceal the resulting deaths. If this is not the darkest period in human history, I do not want to see what is.

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  13. tonyryan43, Your LAST line. Good one…No forgetting and no forgiveness. But Tony most people* have problems with that, “They* often comment, you must give forgiveness.”
    They* say also you must be Christian-like and forgive. Not knowing the Christian god Yahweh is the same as the Jewish Yahweh… If people cannot put 2 and 2 together we will never get out of this Bloody mess. It is still like 3 years ago: Lockstep ANGST control, and people are still under this Spell… When they* will brake the spell it will be too late…
    And The W E F knows this…

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  14. Thousands Of Vaxxed Canadian Children Dying Suddenly As MSM Looks Away.

    Don’t worry things are about to get worse… “AND MSM WILL AGAIN LOOK AWAY.”

    WEF says it’s time to legalize sex and marriage with animals to promote inclusion.
    The World Economic Forum has ordered infiltrated governments around the world to take immediate steps to support a controversial new initiative that should revolt any sane person, Newspunch writes.

    “The World Economic Forum is now calling for people to be given the right to marry animals in an effort to promote diversity and inclusion.

    Spain is the first country to pass new legislation that takes huge steps towards this initiative. This is not surprising when you consider that Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez is both an outspoken socialist and an Agenda contributor to the World Economic Forum. Within Sanchez’s Socialist government, the pro-zoophile law was pushed by WEF staffer Ione Belarra Urteaga, the Minister of Social Rights and 2030 Agenda.

    That’s right, Spain is so infiltrated by the WEF that they even have a minister for the 2030 Agenda.

    The world was already on a slippery slope with all the gender and pedophilia craziness, (study your copy of the Talmud) but Spain’s new animal welfare law decriminalizing sex with animals is a whole new level of craziness.

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  15. Believe it or not, so many people STILL desperately cling to the notion that everything about c-vid was simply unbelievable incompetence or negligence.

    Why do they believe something they consider unbelievable! Are reality and observable evidence really that hard for them?

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  16. You know, it’s hard to feel sorry for the sheep who insist on denying anything that sounds like a conspiracy theory in spite of the evidence. It’s easier to dismiss these things and get on with entertainment and work.
    As I always say to them: Always wear a mask! Trust the science! Don’t forget the booster!
    I love a sunburned country, a land of sweeping plains,
    And judging by the last officials, so devoid of brains,
    A land of pollies, police, officials and half a dozen genders,
    I seems that Aussies are on such zombie-like mind benders.
    Australia today, and all the West demonstrates the truth of the delusion in Bible verse 2 Thessalonians 2:11 “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:?

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  17. As far as I can see, there is only one way to stop this.

    The courts, political arena, police, media, and all other “checks and balances” of civilisation have been corrupted. As Pat notes, some have been lured into honeypots and then videoed in compromising situations. ie blackmail. Others are lured by power and greed. Still more were told, comply or we will kill you and your family.

    So, please, abandon any silly notions of presenting evidence to the Courts, or to any other arms of government. They now belong forever to the enemy.

    There is one path to freedom. Every member of the armed forces has family. You or your friends are that family for some serving member. Approach that soldier and ask if he or she is a patriot. And by patriot, do they mean loyalty to the politicians or to the people of Australia?

    Explain the position to them. Ask them to choose whose side they are on and then help we civilians take back our country. If we select a particular date in the future this will provide focus. Our banner must be “All Authority resides in The People”. Then we arrest every politician, media editor, and bureaucrat who forced this genocide and infanticide on us.

    Then, and only then, do we go to the Courts. We then try and execute every single last one of these vicious criminals. No forgetting and no forgiveness.

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  18. The organizers of this plague that was deliberately let loose around the world are not the slightest bit remorseful and some are still lying trying to promote the jab. It is hard to come to terms with the fact that the people we trusted are either stupid or evil , or both.

    Let this be a lesson never to be forgotten. Take time to learn all the names of the people who forced and coerceed , trusting citizens.into cmplying with directives , orders commands. The people who stopped families from sharing time with dying loved ones, Remember the woman who lost one of her twins?.

    Let us not forget.. The powers that be think it will all be washed away by the sands of time ? There are some who will carry the results to their graves.

    The perpetrators of this culling program really believe the common man/woman are like dumb animals, just ask Yuval Harari for example.

    I resent like hell the fact that my niece/ godchild is now struggling to survive since she had the Pfizer vaccine. She did not want to have it, but she was told she could not see her dying father if she did not. I cannot see her living long nor in a healthy manner. Who in the hell cares ? The heads of ” HaHa, Health ” Departments ? The nurse ? Of course not ! She means nothing to them.Well she sure does to me. And this is no damn conspiracy . There is still a faded looking sign outside the chemist shop saying ” Covis Vaccinatios.”

    Do you reckon they care.?

    From now on mums and dads who let their kids have these shots will have themselves to blame.

    I am sorry for anyone who has suffered bad effects or who in future may also.

    Do not let them , the media so-called health experts frighten you.Please.

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  19. In Britain, heart attacks have now been downgraded to headache level status, ambulances will no longer respond to heart attacks as an emergency situation.

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    Dr. William Makis has been reporting on children and teen deaths linked to pharma drugs pushed by politicians and their bureaucrats for a while.

    It’s non productive Peters mentioning conspiracy theories.

    Makes me wonder if Dr.WM’s article was gaining traction and someone is paying Peters to put the breaks on.

    As soon as conspiracy is mentioned the sheep majority go bahhh, idiot conspiracy theorists.


  21. If what the genuine medical scientists tell us is correct, there is going to be rapid increase of sudden, no reason for it, unexplianable deaths in the coming year;

    Some “experts” have suggested that The unfolding Climate Emergency is to blame


  22. Mary, Pat is right. There is no way the drs, Health Mins & pollies don’t know what is going on by now.
    What are the possibilities? 1. some of them got wined and dined a bit too hard and ended up in uncompromising situations with photographic or video evidence to hold against them? 2. some just want the easy money? 3. some in the medical profession view the public are as pieces on the chess board (like Prince Harry and his body count in Iraq), bodies are there to experiment on for the greater good. Our problem in their eyes is the plebs don’t see the bigger picture.
    There’s work to do to expose the attitude of these entitled murderers.


  23. Mary said – “None of them did their homework on the Covid vaccine jab.”

    Yeah they did, Mary, they really did.

    Has the penny not dropped yet?

    The problem is they ALL got paid off ahead of time to do EXACTLY what it is that they’re doing. Just ask Smirk or Skerritt how much they’re worth now (hint – it’s WAY more than they’d ever get from a LIFETIME of working on their grubby government salaries, HUNDREDS of times more in fact).

    That’s why, at some point, every last one of these treasonous genocidal mongrels is going to be strung up from a lamp post.

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  24. The exact same situation applies here in Australia.

    How many Australian parents have happily killed their OWN CHILDREN on the orders of their fake “government”?

    WE may not know the actual number, but it is HUGE.

    And what’s more – THEY know, and their DOCTORS know, and all of them have to look in the mirror every day for the rest of their lives.

    Granted, the so-called “medical professionals” couldn’t give a rat’s arse so long as they get paid their big fat salaries and big fat juicy bonuses – Hell, they’d even kill their own grandparents and chop them up for dog food if you paid them – but you’d at least HOPE that the parents might have some regrets.


  25. This is criminal. Why aren’t these health ministers and politicians, TGA held to account? None of them did their homework on the Covid vaccine jab.


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