Catholic men on the march in Newtown, Sydney, against so-called Pride Week activities.

SYDNEY’S Middle Eastern Catholics have had enough of the so-called “Pride Week” of parades featuring homosexual and transgender decadence and debauchery and subtle grooming of children brought to so-called book readings by naive parents.

A group of the Catholics, marching under the banner of Christian Lives Matter, walked through Newtown with a noticeable police escort, to pray and stop at some of the gay clubs along the way where some words were exchanged.

“Last night Newtown played host to the annual angry incels who refuse to get therapy parade. The aim of the parade is to intimidate the broader community into joining their cause,” one of the presumably gay Sydneyites tweeted.

“Incel” is a term of abuse used by homosexuals to describe normal people who don’t indulge their every sexual urge like dogs on heat with the nearest member of the same sex as soon as the opportunity presents.

Another limp-wristed gay boy otherwise known as comedian “Pauline Pantsdown” messaged his followers warning that the group was meeting around the corner from the World Pride Oxford Street Festival. “Usually their “rosaries” end with a march … somewhere … take care folks!”

The founder of Christian Lives Matter, Charlie Bakhos, said the persecution of their faith is uniting so many to turn to prayer and unity against the LGBTQ agenda. “Let’s continue praying for Australia and conversion of lost souls.” he posted on Instagram.

The very masculine group of devout Catholic men no doubt terrified the pansy community who have no shame about mocking Christ and the church, as did one of their sewer-dwelling performers Reuben Kaye on The Project TV show. The disgusting comments forced The Project’s anchors to make a long apology the following night after public outrage.

And that is just what these purveyors of perversion want. Their most diabolical operation however is their global assault on children by conning undiscerning parents to bring their children to so-called “trans library readings”. These parents don’t realise that by exposing their children to “indecent material” they are breaking the anti-grooming laws contained in the Criminal Code Acts of the Australian states.

So the cultural Marxists who push gay and anti-gender ideology use naive parents to negate by default laws that protect children from sexually deviant behaviour. But even the laws of Victoria, where gay and transgender ideology is pushed by the education system, prohibit grooming of children.

“Many perpetrators of sexual offences against children purposely create relationships with victims, their families or carers in order to create a situation where abuse could occur. For this reason, parents, carers or other family members who have been targeted by perpetrators in order to gain access to a child are also victims,” an explanation of the law states.

Simply exposing a child to indecent material is part of the offence. In NSW, Queensland and Victoria the offence covers an adult engaging in conduct that exposes a child to indecent material or provides the child with an intoxicating substance with the intention of making it easier to procure the child for sexual activity.

While the latter is highly unlikely to occur at a transgender reading, transvestites have indecently exposed themselves or presented themselves in blatantly sexual performances.

The Victorian offence also prohibits an adult from engaging in any form of communication with the intention of facilitating sexual conduct. “This is not limited to exposing the child to indecent material or providing them with an intoxicating substance and may include such acts as inappropriately giving them gifts or favours with the intention of engaging in later sexual activity.”

In the US state legislators are pushing back against the LGBT revolution. In Texas State Bill 1443 would ban from school libraries any books that have characters who are of the same sex in a relationship. It also bans transgender characters and other sexually deviant behaviour.