Rampant car theft in Cairns and elsewhere could be stopped dead in its tracks if Australia adopted the Singapore criminal code which allows for public caning instead of jail sentences, suspended sentences and fines for theft or destruction of private and public property.

Brazen car thieves in Cairns posing for a Facebook post

Community advocate Mr Jeff Madison from the Brisbane suburb of Wynnum said he had visited Singapore and examined its justice system which he said has seen the country reverse socialist-inspired crime waves decades ago.

Public caning of offenders would soon stop car theft, a community advocate claims

The outlawing of parental discipline saw the country decline dramatically into lawlessness and juvenile crime which was curbed when President Lee Kuan Yew introduced a new criminal code for which he was widely criticised, but in reality it turned the tables on organized and juvenile crime, today making Singapore the economic model of the world..

Drug dealers were given the death penalty and juveniles and adults were publicly caned for crimes against private and public property.

“The new criminal code thwarted the Masonic catch and release policy and today there is little crime,” Mr Madison said.

“When I walked the streets of Singapore there was no graffiti, no rubbish on the streets, no crime gangs, no homelessness and certainly no car stealing and the people were very friendly.”

He said the current situation in Aboriginal communities was a direct consequence of the abandonment of policies of assimilation of Aborigines into the wider community as equals, a guarantee they already had under the Commonwealth Constitution  of Australia.

Earlier this month anti crime campaigner Perri Conti with a burnt out car, toured Cairns suburbs displaying the faces of the socialist Labor left Member for Cook, Cynthia Lui and Cairns Labor MP Michael Healy. Pic Cairns Post

“These assimilation policies were opposed by the Australian Communist Party and the Jesuit anthropologists who were wanting to implement racial division as a means of them being able to keep Aborigines in backwardness, squalor and poverty towards achieving their goal of impeding the development of Australia as a prosperous nation state,” said Mr Madison.

“Aborigines are being used by these people as pawns as witnessed with the Voice agenda which will cripple any initiative of any future government in Australia and will allow the UN operatives to use the Aboriginal card to cripple any national development projects by implementing bogus environment initiatives such as climate change.”

Cairns police have recorded 129 cars stolen so far this year.