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Labor member for Cairns gives a false warning about a viral shedding woman

Local News

by Jim O’Toole in Cairns

The Labor member for Cairns, Michael Healy has been completely bamboozled by Queensland Health by parroting their misinformation about the PCR test for Covid infections.

Labor member for Cairns Michael Healy has been worked over by the Premier, Dr Jeanette Young and Queensland Health parroting more Covid nonsense

Healy told an equally gullible ABC Radio disc jockey this morning a Covid vaccinated woman who flew on a Jetstar flight from Adelaide to Cairns on October 25, afterwards onto Darwin was “potentially infected” with Covid after allegedly ‘lighting up’ Cairns and Mission Beach areas

Of course she was Mr Healy she had been infected with a virus she did not previously have from a nasty injection and was viral shedding like a dog sheds hair.

The PCR test she took in the Northern Territory is as reliable as a BOM forecast for Cairns. Just as they do in Queensland the NT health department would have had the widely discredited PCR test vibrating on 35 to 40 cycles which will record a sore toe in a garden gnome.

The CDC in the US is pulling all of their PCR testing equipment off the market in December because it was never designed for viral infection testing.

What will the intelligentsia of Queensland Health use then?

Mr Healy and the ABC are conditioning the Far North for the Premier’s planned Covid outbreak on November 18 hopefully with a potential spin-off resulting in more jabs for hapless residents who so far have resisted the deadly shot.

Give us a break Palaszczuk your game is over at least for Far Northerners who fortunately have one of the lowest vaxx rates in Australia especially in Aboriginal communities where you have peddled the deadly jab to no avail.

They have done their own research. Few take notice of your rubbery data.

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