Labor member for Cairns gives a false warning about a viral shedding woman

Local News

by Jim O’Toole in Cairns

The Labor member for Cairns, Michael Healy has been completely bamboozled by Queensland Health by parroting their misinformation about the PCR test for Covid infections.

Labor member for Cairns Michael Healy has been worked over by the Premier, Dr Jeanette Young and Queensland Health parroting more Covid nonsense

Healy told an equally gullible ABC Radio disc jockey this morning a Covid vaccinated woman who flew on a Jetstar flight from Adelaide to Cairns on October 25, afterwards onto Darwin was “potentially infected” with Covid after allegedly ‘lighting up’ Cairns and Mission Beach areas

Of course she was Mr Healy she had been infected with a virus she did not previously have from a nasty injection and was viral shedding like a dog sheds hair.

The PCR test she took in the Northern Territory is as reliable as a BOM forecast for Cairns. Just as they do in Queensland the NT health department would have had the widely discredited PCR test vibrating on 35 to 40 cycles which will record a sore toe in a garden gnome.

The CDC in the US is pulling all of their PCR testing equipment off the market in December because it was never designed for viral infection testing.

What will the intelligentsia of Queensland Health use then?

Mr Healy and the ABC are conditioning the Far North for the Premier’s planned Covid outbreak on November 18 hopefully with a potential spin-off resulting in more jabs for hapless residents who so far have resisted the deadly shot.

Give us a break Palaszczuk your game is over at least for Far Northerners who fortunately have one of the lowest vaxx rates in Australia especially in Aboriginal communities where you have peddled the deadly jab to no avail.

They have done their own research. Few take notice of your rubbery data.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Thank you Jim O’Toole.. Absolutely spot on. Their house of cards is now pretty much ground zero. Lovin it.


  2. It’s the same dressed up narrative of ‘mandates’ and ‘directives’ none of which are worth a pinch of earth at law. Nothing these compulsive, subservient fellationists spew *intended double entendre* makes any sense any more, it’s like watching Laurel and Hardy being shown to three year old kids, its mildly amusing,

    The only thing amusing is watching the kids laugh at it.

    The rest is just insulting to intelligent people.

    Its that almost compulsive need to get out there and make the public addresses that makes me laugh.
    “Got to make sure the sheep get their daily dose of doom and gloom/fire and uh, mmmmm, covidstone” to keep them up to speed with the uuuhhh program, right?”

    The best thing people anywhere can do is turn off their televisions and revisit that sacred Utopia of thinking “does this make sense or add up?”

    question everything,
    accept nothing presented as the “truth” (due diligence)

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  3. The injections should be prohibited from being marketed and pushed by the politicians, media and the medical mafia as vaccines.

    The only similarity with vaccines is the needle and syringe. Where is the ACCC and its advertising and marketing fraud oversight committee? lol


  4. & selective to boot


  5. Thank you va121, you made my day, needed a laugh. Yeah mate, that must have been one hellava “explosive fart”. Rocketing!

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  6. Its not only these slimy politicians pushing the jab its there own mob on these radio stations pushing the jab big time they are broardcasting this every minute of the day to go and get the jab . They have to be held accountable for what they are doing to there own people .

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  7. It’s a crass, vulgar and transparent attempt at manipulation of the public. Unfortunately, the public seems to buy into it.

    The DUOPOLY members have run their course and exposed themselves as nothing more than shills. Anyone who votes for them again needs a little reality therapy.

    Forget the duopoly labels and fancy stories, vote for someone who is prepared to stand up for YOU rather than their party brokers’ and their own interests.

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  8. Fascinating bit of detective work Val. Ed

    Hello Ed,

    There are several points in that report that are of interest:

    Healy told an equally gullible ABC Radio disc jockey this morning a Covid vaccinated
    woman who flew on a Jetstar flight from Adelaide to Cairns on October 25, afterwards
    onto Darwin was “potentially infected”

    This blows their whole “Jab is good for you and good for your neighbour bullshit”

    Of course she was Mr Healy, she had been infected with a virus she did not previously
    have from a nasty injection and was viral shedding like a dog sheds hair.

    So yes she would have been potentially infecting a potential 150 people (seating capacity of an Airbus A320, used by Jetstar on this route)

    So hang on, she spent three hours on a plane where the air conditioning system ensures that everyone gets a bite of your Adelaide farts but they are stating that she “lit up” Cairns and Mission Beach.
    What about the potential 150 people on the plane with her for 3 hours? They would be blinding people if continuing with the retarded “lit up” analogy that QHS used.

    Who are these people trying to convince?
    This is total horseshit and to those of us aware of their game this is becoming rather predictable.

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  9. Poleshuks[1] (Ukrainian: Поліщуки, romanized: Polishchuky, Belarusian: Палешукі, romanized: Paleshuki, Russian: Полещуки, romanized: Poleshchuki) are the people who populate the swamps of Polesia (Polesie, also Polissia).

    Seems that Trump missed one or two of the Khazarian swamp dwellers. 🙂

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  10. Fascinating bit of detective work Val. Ed

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  11. Palaszczuk is as phony as her “French” pronunciation of her “Polish” name. She can’t handle the truth 🤡

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  12. There is no way anyone can catch SARS-Cov-2, Nouvelle Corona Virus or Covid-19 or whatever they are calling – it was never isolated from any human tissue and shown to be infectious and transmissible. The CDC has admited this on THEIR OWN WEBSITE. They have not got a sample of the virus that all the fuss is about. What they do have is a bio-tech S1 spike protein synthesis where the lab has jigged the spike protein and the ACE2 receptor common to all natural corona viruses. They have increased its disease making power. That is what has been patented. And to catch it you have to be injected with it and your DNA recoded so you can make it. Then it is infectious and transmissible. And their are different varieties of it – that is why they have to call it a variant and not a mutation because only a natural virus that you catch (like the common cold – corona virus) mutates.


  13. So the woman flew from Adelaide (SA) which has ZERO, current active Covid cases to Cairns (NT) which has 4 active cases in the state, correct? According to the Covid tracker for Australia (a lesson in how to track Bulls!t) the last active case in SA was reported on the 3/11/2021. So from this absolutely faecal news item it would appear that SA exported their only active case to the NT (It appears they have exported their gold egg laying goose).

    How did they let that little nugget escape/

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  14. I like the line up every politician in Australia expect Australia United, and jab them one after the other in plain public view for all to see, open the vials in plain site for all to see they are not receiving saline injections, jab them 1,2,3 times and watch them drop dead.

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  15. “record a sore toe in a garden gnome.” – ha – I like it!


  16. NSW procedures use 40-45 Cycle Threshold in their laboratory PCR procedures. The Doherty Institute cites CDC and WHO data which states that anything at 35 CT or greater must be “retested”. Presumably retesting at 40-45 CT would again require further “retesting” and so on and on to an infinite number of re-testing “tests”.

    And NOBODY seems to find that ridiculous? Apart from the fact that PCR procedures actually test for NOTHING and ARE ALSO “EMERGENCY APPROVED” JUST LIKE THE INJECTIONS! That’s quite some “Sciencetology” in action. 🙂

    Especially since the inventor of the PCR procedure clearly denied the procedure was a test or a diagnostic tool of any kind. Nevertheless, the Scienctologists have declared it the “gold standard” even though it cannot identify ANY virus. Go figure!

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  17. Well said Jim. I am sure all states will still use the PCR test, so they can keep scaring people with their FAKE numbers.

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  18. John Rodney Brown

    Line up Every Politian in Australia except (Australia United) and Jab them all 10 times each so we know they will get the right one not a Placebo.
    I am sure they will just love this.

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  19. “To no avail”? I’ve read reports of bussing Aboriginal people, including children, to innoculation centres – some of these from Cairns News. Enough “avail” to worry local leaders, certainly. Where are the wokeflakes now?



  20. So…. They’re getting ready for the next outbreak by saying that woman that travelled from Adelaide to cairns? I think we are more than ready for their bullshit. Haven’t they learnt that Far North Queenslanders are not stupid…. Except for councils and mps of course.

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