Northern Territory Labor trying to get rid of Aboriginal communities

Letter to the Editor

There’s no way I will let them touch my child or me and my family. Theses people are so evil when are they going to realize that they can’t just force another human being into a death sentence that is what it is. They’re so blinded by their greed selfish ambitions they’re already dead themselves as it is, they don’t have life anymore, life is precious we are all here once to live life to the fullest.

Not to be cut short because of a person or a bunch of corrupt pharmaceutical industry and their puppets timeframe agendas. We can turn the heat up and turn the table around on them with people power and I believe that God Almighty Jesus Christ Holy Spirit. Will and are protecting us. Here in the Northern Territory we have never had a coronavirus case in Our Aboriginal communities so they are trying to figure out a way to bring in the disease and affect us.

It’s not working so they are trying get rid of us with the jab. They have targeted us so they can try and take over our land up here. They have been making deals with Northern Land Council they have been fracking without our knowledge on the land allowing people to fish in our waters giving vouchers to tourists that comes up here. This government is disgusting.

from Rosemary Timber


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. That the round-up of community by covid security coppers for mandatory vaxx should fall upon Aboriginal communities first is very troubling. This is a depopulation exercise but the Communist Takeover wants to get rid of the Aboriginals first. Undoubtedly this is a land matter, but I think ultimately, it is a sovereignty matter.


  2. A retired nurse asked this today. “Why do the protected need protection from the unprotected by forcing onto the unprotected the protection that did not protect the protected in the first place” Hold the line we will be the surviving remnants of humanity when the ghouls have overplayed their evil depopulation plan.

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  3. Rosemary, phone me on 0497162210.or

    Tony in Darwin


  4. Stay strong in Jesus Christ and true in the Holy Spirit for your people and your land. Rosemary. The Australians who are going on to victory over this thing are with all of you.

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  5. Thank You dear Rosemary. I am saddened for you as people, calling you dear Ones, The Cradle of Humanity! for me to live here in Australia it is still an honor, for you as a People of the Land are Here! Those sold their Soul to the Dark Forces and will not see the Light!

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  6. Hi Peter this is bad. Can you send us any footage of the Brisbane rally we can’t find any online. And if we could get hold of the GP’s would be excellent. Editor

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  7. mordecai john of the cross

    hi im apalled by disregard for treatment .this system they are working in is the framework of defiling gods created miracles us all made in his likeness .these people have no regard but to antichrist power to rule and dominate .little they know christ the reserected great i am has already stamped crushed the devils head in .and defeated these plans repent and be saved as the flood came in noahs day so will fire come and consume the enemies .this age .be encouraged rosemarry and mob .theres power in prayer let us rise up in unity

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  8. Hi Rosemary.Stay strong. many will stand with you.My family in Victoria , had the jab, scared to death, Now three are seriously affected by adverse reactions. Most of my family here , say no way.I sure hate the thought of their prison camps , But if the worst comes to the worst…….Look after your family.


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  9. Yes Rosemary they have sold their souls, puppets to the globalists. Obviously don’t realise GOD sees and hears everything! “GLORY TO GOD…. HALLELUJAH”

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  10. If there anything I am sick of, it is politicians and so-called health experts. They are liars and they are totally boring.Not to mention brainwashed clones following their masters.Not to mention moneygrubbers, One could wonder , do they have terrible things to hide ? I mean there has to be a reason they are behaving as they are. No normal person would carry on this charade for this period of time without being bribed or coerced .
    I have not met one person who has had Covid.I have 4 members ,of my other side of the family ,who are suffering adverse re-actions.
    The vaxxed in my family were scared into it. The propaganda has been brilliant. . I never dreamed so many people would fall for it. To people who have not had it , please consider m you will wipe out your natural immunity. I am not an anti vaxxer I will not have a spike protein injectionn.No experimental injection for me, I have a compromised immune system.

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  11. John Rodney Brown

    I think everyone will be happy to get the Jab if every Politician gets 10 Jabs First and then we will wait 3 Years for all of them to Die and Then……………

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  12. Glad the Aboriginals are awake to the evil going on.

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  13. A GP speaking at yesterday’s Brisbane rally described how 90% of his patients now are suffering from Covid-19 vax reactions. Another broke down describing his experience and now being struck off while sticking to his Hippocratic Oath of 20 years ago. Yes there are plenty of good doctors & nurses fighting for us so we all have to pitch in every day now to win!

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  14. Yes, the plight of the Indigenous peoples and their Communities are endangered, manipulated, coerced into believing it is necessary to be vaxxed, thru bribes and fear propaganda. They are enticing their own Indigenous healthcare workers, Elders, and as mentioned the Northern Land Council (NLC) to push the vaccination. It’s very real, and extremely frightening to see, and know the extent of the Gobalists plan. Lurnpa and his fight is heartening, as he bravely walks through the shadow of death to fend for his people’s lives and liberties for all.

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  15. Never in our history other than the ‘false wars’, have people come together so tightly across every race, colour, creed, class and belief system. The NWO sicko’s may well have planned and succeeded at shocking and disgusting division, and yet, the power and bonds forming between ‘the filthy unvaxed and their reluctant friends who have been forced), are like NO OTHER EVER.

    We will die on this hill if we have to. We will be in arms with our original Australians, Muslims, Christians, the unemployed, the rich, the poor, white, black, brindle, no matter what, we will not back down.

    Rosemary, thank you for this letter.

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  16. A great letter, written from the heart.
    Stay strong Rosemary.The majority of Australians feel the same way…we have to unite and support one another.
    Once they jab you, Covid will be in your midst, because it is carried in the jab.It is not a vaccine, it is a therapeutic treatment that only lasts for a few weeks.
    We had no cases in Albury last year.
    Since vaccinations started, vaxxed people are dropping like flies here.

    Bill Gates is the originator of all our misery.He believes in depopulation and has been doing it for years, using vaccines.
    The deaths and damage he has caused in 3rd world countries is outrageous.It is worthwhile looking at his history.
    India banned him on a couple of occasions because of deaths after being jabbed.

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