Letter to the Editor

There’s no way I will let them touch my child or me and my family. Theses people are so evil when are they going to realize that they can’t just force another human being into a death sentence that is what it is. They’re so blinded by their greed selfish ambitions they’re already dead themselves as it is, they don’t have life anymore, life is precious we are all here once to live life to the fullest.

Not to be cut short because of a person or a bunch of corrupt pharmaceutical industry and their puppets timeframe agendas. We can turn the heat up and turn the table around on them with people power and I believe that God Almighty Jesus Christ Holy Spirit. Will and are protecting us. Here in the Northern Territory we have never had a coronavirus case in Our Aboriginal communities so they are trying to figure out a way to bring in the disease and affect us.

It’s not working so they are trying get rid of us with the jab. They have targeted us so they can try and take over our land up here. They have been making deals with Northern Land Council they have been fracking without our knowledge on the land allowing people to fish in our waters giving vouchers to tourists that comes up here. This government is disgusting.

from Rosemary Timber