Deranged feminazis want to kill more babies

BY Jim O’Toole, Townsville Bureau

UK serial baby killer Lucy Letby has evoked public outrage for killing seven babies in the hospital where she worked. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, naturally, has led the media condemnation calling her a monster among other descriptions usually applied when on a crusade of righteousness, otherwise masking their support for abortion.

ALP and Liberals no better than convicted UK nurse Lucy Letby when it comes to killing babies

Letby used devious methods of killing the youngsters such as injecting air or insulin into their tiny bodies. There is no mention of using forceps to cruelly kill a live nine-month old baby in an abortion clinic as Australian nurses and doctors do when performing thousands of abortions each year. Do we then judge the Australian medical industry as callous killers too? On the face of it, much more callous than Letby.

What about the Labor and Liberal Parties for introducing abortion policies? Can their members be classed as cold-blooded baby killers too? It seems to us anyone involved in the killing babies at birth is a monster of immense magnitude, deranged and driven by pure evil.

The Queensland Labor Party in 2018 voted unanimously to allow full-term killing of precious babies. Three members of the Liberal Party supported Labor. NSW Liberals introduced the same policy several years ago. This is murder at common law and an abomination under God. The political duopoly is no better than the British nurse.

MSI Abortion Clinic, Gold Coast. Where is the signage? Address: Suite 5, Level 1, 2 Boston Court, Varsity Lakes QLD 4227

The duopoly must be removed, voter fraud notwithstanding, but unfortunately the only political apparatus in Queensland capable of kicking out these vile murderers is an amalgamation of One Nation, Katters Australian Party and United Australia Party, all of whom possess Christian values. The only thing stopping a new party is personal egos of the leaders.

It is indeed a terrible tragedy for Queensland that we face another term of the baby killers of the UN-controlled ALP or the Deep State-puppets of the Liberal National Party.

Cairns News will not be supporting any of these parties during an election campaign unless they bury their respective hatchets, amalgamate and do something positive for long-suffering Queensland people.