Footage of the Australian Army marching through Adelaide’s CBD has gone viral, with some social media users branding the scenes “disgusting” and “scary”.

Soldiers from the 1st Armoured Regiment, accompanied by two Abrams battle tanks, marched along King William Road from the Torrens Parade Ground to St Peter’s Cathedral on Saturday morning.

The ceremony marked the transfer of command and relocation of the regiment’s sacred flags from Lone Pine Chapel at Darwin’s Robertson Barracks.

“Am I the only person who finds this terrifying?” wrote Saturday Paper journalist Claire Connelly.

“Lovely bit of casually-encountered weekend trauma for anyone who’s ever been brutalised by authority.

“Nice,” said author Maxine Beneba Clarke.

“When did we become North Korea?” another Twitter user asked.

Soldiers marching in Adelaide on Saturday morning. These soldiers were unarmed, a common sight around Australia. Last year soldiers taking part in an army exercise on Cape York Peninsula and Torres Strait were forbidden to take their rifles because Islander people might have been offended.

Would they be offended if invading Chinese or Indonesian soldiers started shooting at them?
Australia might have the most professional soldiers in the world, but the ABC has done irreparable reputational damage to the SAS after dragging them through the mud with allegations of their killing of unarmed Taliban forces in Afghanistan.

The abilities of effeminate senior officers and the LGBTQ agenda of the military should attract much more scrutiny than demonised SAS members.

Furthermore how has the military gotten into the position of having to ask state police if they can carry their rifles on exercise or while travelling on the state’s highways or roads? It has nothing to do with state governments of state police. Police in most cases forbid the army to carry their rifles and in some cases we have been told by soldiers they had to hand in their rifles to the local police station if staying at a regional town overnight.

Federal law controls the military. This writer when in the school army cadets many years ago would carry home on public transport a .303 SMLE rifle ready to go on weekend bivouac. I never raised an eyebrow among other travellers.

It just goes to show what has gone wrong with our country after years of Marxist conditioning by the Labor Party and it’s bum buddies in the media.