Senator Rennick took on the big pharma big shots and paid the price.

THE Queensland Liberal Party’s ranks of limp-wristed, left-wing “progressives” have ganged up with the party’s corporate big guns to oust a senator who has distinguished himself in standing up against government violations of basic human rights, the big pharma mafia and their mRNA vaccines and woke big business pushing the global green, indigenist agenda.

That senator is Gerard Rennick, who his party colleagues voted out of his No. 3 pre-selection spot for the next half Senate election when they convened in Brisbane on July 7th. Rennick’s dumping was immediately applauded by the Tesla-driving green zombie Minister for the Environment Chris Bowen, whose stupidity is equalled only by Adam Bandt of the Greens, former NSW Liberal Environment Minister Matt Kean and the gaggle of Teal women.

Bowen posted the following on Twitter over the weekend: “Climate change denying, vaccine disputing ⁦@SenatorRennick has lost preselection. Good. But it is extraordinary that @PeterDuttonMP would endorse someone who spreads such dangerous misinformation. Peter Dutton is the alternative prime minister from the alt right.”

Rennick’s position will be filled by former a LNP treasurer and political hack named Stuart Fraser, no doubt well known to and under the control of the LNP’s “big boys”.

Bowen’s post was followed by a stream of other celebratory comments from Labor-Green-Teal zealots, whose views echo the many so-called Liberal Party moderates, in reality those who have drifted way off to the left. As pointed out by One Nation’s Senator Malcolm Roberts, key Liberals like good ol’ Johnny Howard and Malcolm Fraser, have pushed leftist policy for a long time, particularly in the environmental realm.

Fraser led the charge with Australia signing all sorts of UN treaties through the 1980s covering gender and environment and then the Howard Liberals signed the country’s farms over to the dictatorial vegetation controls of the Kyoto Protocol in 1997.

Roberts, speaking at a Gold Coast meeting in support of Sandy Roach, the One Nation candidate for the Fadden by-election, said “Rennick was a very good senator”. He also referenced the Victorian Liberals who kicked the young conservative Moira Deeming out of the parliamentary party “for speaking up for the rights of women and children”.

Rennick was wide awake to and outspoken against the environmentalist scam, which must have grated on the woke Liberals, otherwise known as “the wets”. It’s an appropriate label, because these are the types who wet their pants every time “climate scientists” come up with some report warning of ecological apocalypse.

Rennick also exposed the corrupt TGA under the management of the diabolical $800k a year Senior Executive Service bureaucrat Prof. John Skerritt. UK medical researcher Dr John Campbell was “startled” by what Rennick revealed and featured his Senate briefings on his YouTube channel, such as the January 2021 TGA Nonclinical Evaluation Report, obtained after repeated FOI requests, that showed Pfizer vaccine tests on monkeys had shown the mRNA shots to be basically ineffective. Rennick doggedly pursued TGA and other health bureaucrats over the multiple omissions and weaknesses revealed in the report.

Contrary to attempts by the Nine News-owned Sydney Morning Herald to smear Rennick as some sort of whacky, amateur scientist, he was the only senator able to give a microbiological explanation of the workings of mRNA vaccines and the problems with them. Most of his speech on that was carried in full by Dr Campbell.

This must have been a real thorn in the side of the Morrison Liberals who, under the direction of Skerritt. Jane Halton and others who were taking orders from the WHO and Bill Gates, were getting exposed very early in the game thanks to Rennick and his supporters.

The Herald gleefully jumped on the Rennick story last week, signalling trouble ahead for the not-quite-woke-enough Peter Dutton. “Rennick’s loss means Opposition Leader Peter Dutton, who wrote an endorsement for Rennick, will no longer need to deal with the negative media attention attracted by the maverick’s conspiratorial claims,” the paper reported.

The SMH, in its typical snooty, condescending tone always reserved for “right wing political mavericks”, tried to discredit Rennick with just one throw-away line from one of his speeches to the Senate in 2022, in which he said COVID vaccines were unsafe and ineffective. Rennick, referring to the biochemical process in mRNA vaccines, said part of the process was “like when you’re cooking sausages on the barbecue and you see blobs of fat merge together”.

The SMH went on to claim he “compared COVID jabs to AIDS”, another out-of-context grab. This according to the uppity newspaper, prompted “widespread backlash including from conservatives such as 2GB radio host Ray Hadley who labelled Rennick a “complete and utter dickhead”.”

And then the paper also laid into Rennick over some controversial comments concerning the action of convection and gravity and their effects on the atmosphere. That issue is highly complex and Rennick appears to be partially correct in claiming a role for gravity in atmospheric heat exchange.

So the senator’s preselection dumping appears to be a payback operation by the Liberal National Party’s chiefs and their corporate sponsors, who are up to their eyeballs in woke causes and the most corrupt public health operation in world history.

But the Queensland Libs were politically savvy enough to read loud public sentiment and according to the SMH resolved “to force the ABC to be a patriotic broadcaster, a ban on surgery to change gender, and an audit of sexually explicit materials in state schools.” In other words, a few throw-away resolutions on hot-button items to keep the conservatives happy.

The SMH then shifted its focus to Senator Alex Antic “who is close to Rennick and shares many of his views and is attempting to dislodge former minister Anne Ruston in the top position of the South Australian Liberal Party senate ticket.”

The federal Liberal heirachy and their corporate sponsors will no doubt be focusing on Antic too. It was the SA Liberal Party in 2021 that tried to block 150 alleged “right wing Christians” from joining the party that produced progressive dimwits like the former premier Steven Marshall, who with Labor-Green support successfully pushed a bill legalising abortion to birth – a despicable practice that now leaves newborn babies dying on hospital tables.

But given the presence of large numbers of religious conservatives in the SA Liberal Party, getting rid of Antic might not be so easy. Antic not only upset the establishment with his defiance of the Covid lockdown and mandate atrocities, but also came out strongly on the Smart city activities such as data harvesting by councils.

The Liberal National Party is riddled with a cocktail circuit of chardonnay socialists who should simply quit and go join Labor or the Greens. But of course, those parties are beneath them and should they really feel compelled, they can now join the Teals, who have respectable blue-blood backers like the Chaneys and Holmes a Courts of Western Australia, where the parliamentary Liberal Party incidentally, has all but collapsed to just two MPs.

And then there’s the disgruntled bunch of Liberals who back the Voice, like the Sydney MP Julian Leeser, formerly Shadow Attorney General and Shadow Indigenous Australians Minister. Leeser collaborated behind the scenes for years with the scheming Jesuit Marxist Senator Pat “Fat Cat” Dodson to develop the Voice scam. The “oh so principled” Leeser spat the dummy and quit the front bench when the Liberals gave official support to the No campaign.