Splash pool at Aurukun for kids who are unable to safely swim in any local waterways due to large numbers of crocodiles

By Jim O’Toole, Townsville

Four Far Northern Queensland tour operators who make money from showing naïve tourists cute and cuddly man-eating crocodiles infesting every bit of surface water from Maryborough to Papua New Guinea, have offered rewards to catch the persons who killed two crocs several weeks ago at Daintree.

Cairns News will counter their stupidity by offering a substantial reward to any person who reveals the identity of any informant who dobs in the shooters.

Croc-mania has been going on for long enough with idiots donating money to look for croc shooters when hundreds of cars across the far north disappear on a weekly basis causing utmost social upheaval to elderly people and small business owners tying up scant police resources indefinitely.

Home invasions cause terrible angst in home owners when occupants more often than not get injured or killed. The loss of transport to young people who scraped and saved to buy their first car to enable them to get to work or university is devastating.

Maybe the car thieves and home invaders should be fed to crocs?

The mother earth worshippers would do a much better community service by putting up rewards to help police catch the Mr Bigs controlling kids involved in the stealing of thousands of cars in the state every year.

In April Cairns lost 80 cars to apparent organized car theft. We can only suggest the croc huggers lose a car or two or get caught up in a vicious home invasion which might re-calibrate their woke wisdom.

Townsville has lost 639 cars so far this year to theft, which is unsustainable. There are no data on how many have been recovered.

There are tens of thousands of salt water crocs and even more freshwater crocs infesting every waterway in north Queensland. One property on Cape York, a long way from any coastline has reported salties in one third of its stock water dams and many others in tiny creeks and seasonal waterways.

Stock losses are reported to be substantial and this writer has seen in recent times maimed cattle and horses in paddocks north of Townsville that were fortunate enough to get away from marauding crocs.

Where are Animals Australia or the RSPCSA?

A property owner in the Lower Gulf told Cairns News some years ago that 63 plastic cattle ear tags were retrieved from the stomach contents of a large croc.

We do not imagine the family or friends of the latest crocodile victim from Laura would have a favorable opinion of rewards for croc shooters.

Oblivious tourists launching boats from ramps, creek banks or beaches on Cape York are playing Russian roulette with their lives.

Stories of crocs grabbing dogs during boat launching on the Cape are now far too numerous to remember.  We only have to ask members from any Aboriginal community on the Cape how many dogs, and in some places, horses, they lose to illustrate how croc numbers are way out of control.

Labor Member for Cook (Cape York) and indigenous woman Cynthia Lui after years of complaints about croc numbers keeping kids out of any water, salt or fresh on the Cape, was forced to provide, wait for it, ’splash pools’ in communities so kids could swim safely and hopefully not get eaten by a croc.

There are at least four communities with splash pools so far costing several million dollars and ongoing.

Every community is situated on the coastline and has a nearby river.

We have been told councils do check these splash pools before allowing kids to use them.

This readers is just more of Labor, Greens and Daintree insanity.

Editor: Two readers have offered to contribute a reward as mentioned.