Polls suggest Labor Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk will lose the 2024 election

Letter to the Editor

The reality is that many people still support Qld Labor for other reasons that affect them directly in their own electorates.
Having a bloated public service helps, as does Government backed Unions who promote Labor ad nauseum to their diehard members.

The reality is that it was under a Liberal Federal Government that ‘Operation Covid’ was rolled out.
Many will never vote Liberal again.
It was on their watch that they created a “National Cabinet” of Communist-like control.

In Qld, Anna played her cards, hedging her bets. Not too hard, not too soft….just right?
It was her attack dog Deputy and her now gone Health Minister who read the riot Act, but not so much Anna.
It’s possible that’s what people will remember.
Anna didn’t have that McGowan arrogance or Dan Andrews thuggery.
She let others do the talking.

The issue of the clinical trial gone wrong is that most people don’t even know that it did.
They don’t even know there was secrecy around their data, which there was.
They were not told where their data was going, even those collecting it didn’t know.
If clinical trial participants didn’t ask then, they will probably not ask now.

Perhaps they think their data was like handing credit card details over the phone.
Once the purchase is made, the data is destroyed.

If anything, they need to ask if those details were destroyed as most businesses would be expected to do, and if they were not destroyed, then why not?

It was just testing for a coronavirus wasn’t it?
Or was it doing a scrape and collect of DNA?
Or was it a delivery system given they were not just ‘cotton ball’ swabs?
This was no ordinary nose swab test. These ‘swabs’ went way up the back of the nose entering into the deep crevices of one’s passageway.
It was risky, it was invasive and it was totally unnecessary to test for a ‘coronavirus’.

32,000 excess deaths out of 25 million people will still not be enough for some people.

Everyone gets cancer and blood dyscrasias and myocarditis and strokes and dementia and auto immune diseases at all ages now don’t they?
That’s normal isn’t it?

If people actually believe that, I wouldn’t be too sure of anything.

From Dandy