Translated by Cairns News translator from Yevgeny Prigozhin’s video which he released independently before western forces and media twisted the story to suit Ukrainian, NATO and US propaganda:

Yevgeny Prigozhin: To ensure no fake media I’d like to answer a few questions. On the 23.06.23 we enacted our righteous movement. Wagner is the foremost advanced fighting force in Russia if not the world, experienced, motivated, armoured fighter that have undertake many missions on behalf of the Russian Federation and only the Russian Federation around the world and not only in Russia but countries like Africa and the Arab world with good results. Currently we are operating in Ukraine achieved outstanding results.

To counter the intrigue and ill considered discussions; Wagner was supposed to cease to exist on the 01.07.23 following a meeting of our commanders the determination was delivered to all of our fighters. No one decided to sign up to the Russian army because it would lead to the complete loss of Wagner fighting abilities. As these experienced fighters would have been wiped out as cannon fodder by not being allowed to exploit its fighting potential, fighting experience.

Those that decided to cross over to the Ministry of Defense (MoD) were the minority. The men decided to save the entirety of the Wagner fighting force, as a whole all options to save Wagner were considered but in the end none were realised we were unable to identify an alternative structure and retain our ability to deliver results. We were categorically opposed to that which they wanted to do. Subject to the decision to transfer Wagner’s into the MoD and based on our position regarding the closure of Wagner it was decided Wagner at the most unacceptable moment we nevertheless loaded our equipment onto flatbed trucks collated all things essential inventoried everything and the decision made to move out as a column on the 30th June into Rostov and publicly handover our gear in Rostov.

Disregarding that Wagner had shown no signs of aggression our column was struck by a rocket attack and straight after choppers hit out position as a result about 30 men Wagner men were killed, some were wounded this triggered a meeting of commanders whom decided to move out immediately I said straight away no aggressive actions but if we are attacked then we’ll consider this an attempt to destroy us and we’ll respond accordingly.

Vladimir Putin and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko

The entire march lasted 24 hours one column headed for Moscow the other to Rostov. Within 24hrs 780 kilometres were covered in both directions, not one soldier was killed along the way (ground based). We regret we were forced to respond to the airstrike as they were dropping bombs and rocket strikes onto our position within 24hrs we covered 780klm, 200 klm from Moscow. All military facility’s along the route were countered no one died this was one of the goals of our mission some of the Wagner men were wounded, two men died that joined our mission from MoD of free will. All knew the end goal this was not to allow the demise of Wagner and to bring to account those persons through there lack of professional conduct, allowing a huge number of mistakes when entering of the Special Military Operation.

This required community and was supported by all the military service personnel that we encountered. We stopped 200klm short of Moscow covering 780klm in both directions. We stopped at the moment when the first storm unit refocused its artillery and pre-targeted local positions at which point we knew a lot of blood would be spilled. Therefore we considered that the demonstration we gave was sufficient hence we decided to turn around. Two important factors;

1. We didn’t want to spill Russian blood

2. We only demonstrated our right to exist with no intent to swap out the countries acting powers. At this point Lukashenko extend his hand and offered to find a way to ensure that Wagers could still function under a legal jurisdiction. Our column disbanded returning to their field camps. During our demonstration we exposed many of the issues that we had previously discussed including serious security issues within the countries security structures as we were able to counter all of the military facilities and airports we encountered along our route. Within this 24 hours the distance we covered was comparable to the distance of the starting point of the Russian military operation on the 24.02.22 (SMO)to Kiev as it was to the distance near Moscow.

If the actions taken on the 24.02.22 at the start of the operation were undertaken by a subdivision trained to the level of the special operations forces, level of moral readiness like Wagner’s then possibly the SMO may have been completed within a 24 hour period. We understand there were other issues at play but we showed that the level of organisation that the Russian army must meet and when 23/24.06.23 we travelled through Russian cities the peaceful citizens met us with Russian flags and emblems and flags of Wagner they were overjoyed when we passed through and past many still write and support us. Some are disappointed that we stopped, other than our fight to exist they saw the fight with bureaucracy and other enemy’s that exist today in our country these were the main questions that I can answer today to bypass the Russian and foreign MSM.

Because of the injustice we started our march along the road, we did not kill a single soldier in 24 hours we stopped 200klm short of Moscow, we fully occupied the city of Rostov the people were happy to see we showed our master class and what the 24.02.22 SMO should of looked like. We had no intention of crushing the existing regime and the lawfully appointed leaders and we turned around so as to not to spill the blood of Russians.