Letter to the Editor

Just get some footage of the the people that are supposed to be supported by the voice..at the Howard Springs former Impex workers camp where they were transferred to after the houses we built them in Emu Point were flooded.

Howard Springs quarantine facility south of Darwin

$600,000 damage..to the rescue facility
Classic of biting the hand that feeds you..and this never stops..and there were govt paid courtesy buses taking hordes to the Howard Springs drive thru to stock up on grog..
For more damage..lounge chairs in the pool, every TV pulled off of the wall, almost all windows smashed..
Floor boards ripped up..
600k worth of damage..and they were guests??????

Ram Raid at the help yourselves Bottle-O Howard Springs Tavern

What are they going to do to the facilities that we provide them at their home when we rebuild the water soaked homes..for them to live in paradise again..at the rivers edge..
One word..I have..accountability..
My co worker built schools and houses for them and they had to lock their tools up in like Vatican security..just to finish the job..
An audit of expenditure quoted by senator Price..would be a start. By someone like Dick Smith or a retired accountant …like ..KPMG?
But it has to stop..stop stop..
And the racist remarks on the football field..are not racist at all..
Maybe prejudice.. But you look like you look..and spectators pay a lot of money to vent their frustration at games..
Omg..if Leigh Matthews did not get blood off of the football field every week..he had not played hard enough..
Food for thought.
Kind regards Tom, NT

NT News

April 6, 2023

Significant damage has been done to the Howard Springs Centre for National Resilience currently housing flood evacuees, the deputy leader of the opposition has suggested.

Northern Territory MLA Gerard Maley Pic NT News

Nelson MLA Gerard Maley submitted written questions to the government on Thursday, in hopes of prompting government admission on his otherwise unverified claims.

In a Facebook comment Monday, Mr Maley said he was “concerned about the damage done to the Howard Springs camp” and had not yet received a response from the government.

He was responding to an anonymous post that echoed several claims made by people who allegedly knew workers at the facility afraid to speak out for fear of losing their job.

Mr Maley raised concerns on Mix 104.9 on March 15, saying it was “complete chaos” at the facility.

Chief Minister Natasha Fyles visited flood-impacted residents at Howard Springs facility near Darwin where they were treated like Royalty. Picture: Pema Tamang

“It’s been my understanding (it) has been extremely damaged to a point where some parts of the (centre are going to be) condemned,” he said.

“There seems to be no measures at all in relation to controlling alcohol,” he told Katie Woolf.

Mr Maley alleged there had been assaults and domestic violence at the facility, and police had established a domestic violence safe house.