New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins dutifully following in the footsteps of his predecessor Jacinta Ardern meets with WEF Chief Klaus Schwab and Chinese leader President Xi.

NZ PM and socialist Chris Hipkins getting his marching orders from the WEF on how to refine his planned Smart Cities program and how to further dominate and curtail New Zealanders’ freedom.

Hipkins stopped off at a World Economic Forum meeting dubbed summer Davos – the annual meeting of the New Champions, according to Newshub.

He met with the main man, founder Professor Klaus Schwab, and joined a panel on the state of the world two days ago.

“We would like to see a world that is open and outwards looking. There is a trend in some parts of the world to be more inward-looking,” Hipkins said during the panel.

The Prime Minister also squeezed in a side meeting with the Vietnamese Prime Minister. 

It was all in preparation for today’s main course – small talk turned big talk.

It’s the pinnacle: Hipkins meeting with Xi.

It’s taking place as the Government back home hoses down Australian reports of Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong’s tense meeting with her Chinese counterpart in March, described as an hour-long haranguing.