Letter to the Editor

Labor and the communist lackeys will without any doubt whatsoever steal this referendum, if it’s being run by the AEC then we’re definitely f…… no matter what the polls say. I can see Albanese saying after it passes that it was an act of God that the Yes vote won but every self respecting Australian already knows this referendum is going to be railroaded through by whatever means necessary and no criminality will be spared in carrying out the WEF agenda to void our sovereignty and make us all slave laborers again.

We are headed back to prison colony days and there is no democratic way to stop this rampant corruption other than a massive uprising of the people to force these corrupt politicians out of office.

They have invalidated their right to govern by serving a foreign power and they should all be tried for high treason. It sickens me every time I think about what this referendum is going to do to the Australia we all know and love and it will take an act of God to prevent these corrupt criminals from stealing this referendum.

From Shaun