Field McConnell … out of probation.


DOCUMENTS obtained by UK media company The Daily Mail from the Virgin Islands government have confirmed what former US Air Force officer Field McConnell and his associates revealed two decades ago in the immediate post 9-11 years – that a global network of high-level extortionists employ pedophilia and other sexual scandal to blackmail, extort, compromise and control governments and captains of industry and commerce.

Reports so far in the Daily Mail do not really expose the depths of evil of this network of human scum who also make a business of spread betting on the body counts from the various “tragedies” they engineer. The satanic nature of their activities, or at least of an elite at the top of the pile, has been revealed in the notorious Rothschild 1972 party pictures and more recently in the designs of high-level fashion houses like Balenciaga.

In March this year, McConnell appeared as a physically and emotionally broken man in a US court after being incarcerated, put under house arrest and probation and generally harrassed by notoriously corrupt Broward County (Florida) law officials following his arrest on November 4th, 2019. Broward County is known as an epicentre of pedophilia. McConnell was arrested, aged 70, in Wisconsin but extradited to Florida.

At his March appearance McConnell’s probation was terminated, possibly as a “compassionate gesture” after his wife died of cancer while he was in jail for several months. He was forbidden to visit her.

McConnell had been charged with three counts of felony cyberstalking. He was due to speak at a Hear the Watchman conference in Dallas in March 2020. McConnell’s time in prison was hard on his mental and physical health, and he has developed a condition that has attacked his appetite and ability to gain proper nourishment.

In 2006 Hawkins set up Abel Danger, and his and McConnell’s investigations inevitably led to Broward County and in particular a celebrity lawyer named Kim Picazio, apparently a frequent defender of pedophiles and implicated in crimes in a lawsuit by “conspiracy theorist” Timothy Charles Holmseth who Hawkins described as “a sinister character”. Picazio apparently convinced Florida authorities to go after McConnell for cyberstalking but recently emerged to help in his release.

McConnell had apparently been targeted by Holmseth and set him up with a false text that landed him in trouble with Picazio. His world literally fell apart. Confusion fuelled by disinformation reigned. Things were looking up for McConnell earlier in 2019 when he reunited with wife Denise and spoke with New York videographer/journalist Jason Goodman. But things took a downward path again in November that year after the arrest.

So, confirmation that the slimy Epstein extortion operation encompassed people like Bill Gates, Prince Andrew, JP Morgan Bank and the Obama-Biden political apparatus is not news to anyone who followed McConnell, Hawkins and others through their Abel Danger radio show. What they revealed was worse than what mainstream media will admit, even now.

McConnell came to the fore as a 9-11 investigator with a great deal of credibility. He was both a Marine Corps fighter pilot and commercial airline pilot for North West Airlines. He also knew one of the airline pilots who disappeared in one of the jets ditched as part of the 9-11 grand deception carried out by NORAD under the cover of the Operation Vigilant Guardian military exercise.

McConnell revealed that airliners were all effectively drones, capable of being hijacked and operated remotely through a device called the QSR11 uninterruptible autopilot. Despite his attempts to properly alert authorities to the potential abuse of this equipment, he was ignored. There was only one “believable” 9-11 narrative – an attack by “Al Quaeda” terrorists.

The Abel Danger team also took on the still “unsolved” mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines MH370, providing an almost unbelievable scenario involving, again, a hijacking with the QSR11 device and a plane swapping exercise at the Indian Ocean island base of Diego Garcia.

No, big Boeing jets don’t just disappear without trace. Neither do they “melt” into buildings with which they collide. But big, dramatic narratives don’t die easily.